あやかしごはん ~おかわりっ!~ Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~ Suou


Suou (CV: Noriaki Sugiyama) is still his usual cat-like self just very ラブラブ and open about Rin being hers. This route is more about Suou involving himself more with a human look on life in order to match Rin’s lifestyle.

It was March and everyone was eating Sakura mochi together. Suou then suggests they go to “that” place and drags Rin off. Uta gets curious and wants to follow them. Though Hagi’s like “Oh no you don’t” and thinks it’s obvious they’re going on a date. As Suou and Rin are walking together she asks if Suou’s okay and not to push himself to hard. He says he’s fine since he’s an Ayakashi and tries leaning on Rin. He grabs her waist and Rin starts laughing cause it tickles lol. He thinks she’s too skinny and wants her to fatten up more so when he lays on lap her she’ll be more comfy LOL. Soon they visit Suou’s father’s grave from 150 years ago. They decide to clean around the grave and Suou speaks in front of the grave. He says that he was finally able to find the person special to him after all these years. Rin then introduces herself as Suou’s lover. She says Suou is no longer lonely anymore and she plans to make many memories with him. On their way back they meet a lone villager who warns them of a white nekomata. Rin tries to comfort Suou but he says it’s all in the past. He knows Ayakashi is a strange existence for some humans. And he was able to meet Rin so his life wasn’t so bad in the end. On their way back Rin makes plans for spring break to go watch the cherry bossoms with Suou. She also mentions how the new school term is starting up as well. Suou doesn’t have much interest in it wants to make sure he’s never separated from Rin.

It’s finally Rin’s third year of high school. So Rin has to fill out her future course form. Rin wants to enter university and work in a public office in the village. Suou then sneaks up from behind and wonders what the heck she’s writing. She explains it in detail about how it’s a future plan form and it undeniably goes over Suou’s head. He then asks for Rin to lend her pen to him and writes down something. Rin doesn’t know what the heck he wrote and Yomi suddenly comes over to explain it’s a character in Ayakashi language. Rin then asks what he wrote and Yomi’s like “You sure you want me to read it?” and Rin’s all “Yep!” and apparently he wrote “Rin will become Hana Suou’s bride” pfffffttt. Suou’s completely proud of himself and Rin is just embarrassed. Rin tells him to erase it though and write in their own language. But apparently Suou can only write in Ayakashi language. So Rin decides she’s going to help him learn their own human language. Suou doesn’t want to but then Rin gives him an ultimatum of wanting to live with her in human terms. Hagi is all “Ooh, burned” but basically if he’s going to live in a human world he’s got to abide by human ways.

So Suou practices writing characters and it looks so bad that Uta makes fun of it. Though Suou then tells him to write and apparently Uta is just as bad and his looks like chicken scratch as well LOL. Rin is then reminded of when Suou told Hagi that he was an Ayakashi. Hagi is in literal shock and when Suou shows him his tail and ears he literally flips out and asks to touch them ((lol)). Suou is obviously relieved he’s so accepting and Hagi is so happy he starts hugging Suou ((it’s so cute I stg)).

Afterwords, Rin walks home with Suou. She wants to pick up a book for Suou so he can learn to write better. When they get to the bookstore Suou automatically has an urge to rip the books apart lol. So Rin finds some books to help Suou though he shows some clear reluctance to it. The next day at school Rin tries to help Suou practice writing. Suou asks about who taught Rin how to write and she tells him that her elementary teacher and mother helped teach her. Rin says it made her happy when her mother was pleased with her. He asks if she’d be pleased with him if he’s able to write and she she would be. So Suou shyly says he has no choice but to work hard too. After a couple days though Suou starts getting more reluctant and hard to work with. Rin consults Gin about it and he suggests she does an exchange diary with him. So the next day Rin tells Suou about it and even reads outloud what she wrote in it. Though Hagi explains the diary is something that should only have exchanges between the people using it so shouldn’t be read aloud.

A little while later Suou writes in the exchange diary and gives it to Rin. Though all he wrote was that it’s been warm so he’s sleepy lol. Rin tells him it’s too short though and Suou suddenly loses interest in trying it. Hagi then suggest all of them do the exchange diary instead of just Rin and Suou. So they go by the order Rin, Suou, Hagi, Yomi, then Uta. So Rin continues to practice writing with Suou in the unused classroom and they read aloud what everyone wrote. After reading them all Suou finally has the motivation to write more. Suou then suddenly licks Rin’s cheek ((a kitty kiss!~)) and says he’s going to write she tasted like pudding LOL. Rin’s all “you sure like sweets” and Suou says he does but he likes Rin the best. And when Rin says she’s not food he says he knows but he gets a good tasting of her lips ((OOHohoh he went there)).


So Rin and everyone are finally wearing their summer uniforms. On their way to school they run into Suou and Hagi. Suou gets all embarrassed about seeing Rin in her uniform and finally admits it suits her and Rin gets embarrassed but really happy he praised her. Both of them end up blushing like cuties and Uta teases them for being so イチャイチャ in the morning. Rin then mentions what Uta wrote in the exchange diary and apparently someone ate his ice-cream. Yomi then asks if it was chocolate flavored and when Uta confirms it was, he rightly admits he ate it and it was delicious LOL.

After school Rin realizes she forgot her reference book in the classroom so she goes back to go get it. Unexpectedly though she encounters Kagesumi AKA that same black nekomata who attacked Suou before. She thought he’d turned into a mere cat but apparently while his power was absorbed he was waiting to recover. He doesn’t get how Rin and Suou could love each other being both human and ayakashi and finds it absolutely absurd. Suddenly Suou comes out of nowhere and knocks him back while grabbing Rin. Suou gets pissed and Kagesumi says he didn’t do anything. He then asks Rin to become friends with him so she can teach him this so called love between humans and Ayakashi. Suou tells her not to listen to him and yells at him to leave. He eventually does but says he’ll be seeing her again soon. Anyway, they eventually head home and Suou’s literally like “Wow, they were イチャイチャ all night!” but Rin does explain the situation and promises to look out for Rin in the future.

The next morning Rin and everyone encounter Kagesumi. They all protect Rin from him though and so he just runs off saying he’ll be back again. So because of that everyone is uptight as heck and are overprotective of Rin. So from there on out Kagesumi keeps coming over and over again. And one day while Rin and Suou are being completely ラブラブ Kagesumi completely cockblocks and says “So this the act of lovemaking” LOL. So it continues on for a week until Rin tells Suou she’ll try being friends with him. She thinks he’s probably lonely and wants to teach him what it’s like to have tomodachis. Also since Suou should be able to sympathize with him. He reluctantly agrees and so Rin goes to meet with Kagesumi. She tells him she’ll be come his friend. He’s so happy about it he gives her a big hug and Suou gets annoyed and tells him to back off since Rin is his lol.


So the next day everyone one eats lunch and realize they have another guest among them. And it’s no one other than Kagesumi who deicded to join them for lunch while in a human form. Everyone was cautious at first but Rin explained the situation to them. And just when Rin is about to feed Suou some fish, Kagesumi ends up eating it instead which makes Suou super pissed.

Soon Rin and Hagi have summer classes to worry about since their exams to enter university. Hence why they can’t enjoy their summer break much. Suddenly Kagesumi appears and asks what studying is. Rin explains it and he then asks what Suou plans to do. He’s been abiding to human customs so he ought to study like they do. Suou stays silent and then Hagi brings up the summer festival. Soon Hagi and Rin have their own summer classes to worry about in order to prepare for their entrance exams. They eat lunch together and Rin mentions there’s a university near her old home she’s planning on going to. She hasn’t talked about this to Suou yet though. So after their summer class, Suou meets with Rin since he’s lonely. They put their feet in the river to cool off on their way back. They start having an adorable bromance by splashing water at each other and laughing.

As days pass though Suou doesn’t pick up Rin like he usually does. And once a week passes it starts to make Rin anxious. Suddenly Kagesumi appears and scares the shit out of Rin. She mentions how Suou hasn’t been meeting her recently and he tells her Suou’s been at home by himself reading human books. This makes Rin curious and decides to go visit Suou. She finds him at his place thoroughly reading a book. Apparently Hagi let him borrow some books and a dictionary to help him read. He told him that he should think about his future with Rin seriously and he’d help him out. So Hagi told him about occupations and how you live as a human. But Rin basically tells him to take his time though Suou is anxious to catch up with Rin immediately. So since they’re hungry Suou shows Rin a garden he tends to with all sorts of vegetables. Apparently his father taught him since he was a farmer. So they make dinner at Suou’s place and have a delicious homemade meal together.

It was finally the day of the summer festival. Rin met up with everyone else but they all decided to leave Rin and Suou to have some alone time together. So they hold hands while walking through the festival. Suou gets a bit tsun about it saying she’d get lost if he didn’t lol. So they pass a shooting stall and Suou decides he’s going to win Rin something. He tries knocking down a stuffed cat for Rin and gets adorably frustrated when he can’t knock it down. He does knock it down eventually though and gives it to Rin. She decides to treat him to a meal as thanks and so he gets some grilled squid. After that Rin encounters a crying boy Ayakashi and when she tries to approach him she suddenly falls unconscious.

When she wakes up she finds Kagesumi standing there in front of her. Apparently he just took her for the fun of it to see Suou’s reaction. Rin says he must be pretty lonely to do something like that. But Kagesumi denies it and says seeing the two of them as human and Ayakashi disgusts him. Rin just tells him to be more honest with himself and if he’s lonely he should just admit it. She pats him on the head and he just denies it again. After he runs off Suou appears and pulls her hand away from Kagesumi. He soon runs off and Suou tells her not to stray away from him since he was worried about her. He also tells him not to pat him on the head like that since he may be friends with him but she’s still his. He doesn’t like seeing his woman touching other guys aside from himself. But Rin doesn’t mind him being jealous and promises that she’ll only allow him to touch her and so they kiss. They then watch the fireworks and Suou makes Rin promise that she’ll never leave him alone.


It’s finally autumn and the start of a new school term. Rin is busy preparing for her exams. Hagi gets so wrapped up in studies he drops out of the exchange diary they’ve been doing. As do the rest since Suou has learned quite a bit over time and doesn’t need it as much as he used to. So Suou asks if Rin still wants to write in it with him and she agrees regardless of being busy with her studies. During class Rin asks Suou if she can study with her friends and he doesn’t mind. They end up gossiping about her and Suou being completely ラブラブ. Though they mention how she has to part from Suou when leaving the village and going to school. That night Rin realizes she’s afraid to tell Suou this. Suddenly Kagesumi appears at her window and she lets him in her room. He wants to play but Rin tells him it’s too late outside. He then makes the excuse Suou comes over late but that’s because they’re lovers lol. He then asks to make him her lover so they can be close like her and Suou. He’s grown an interest in her and wants her to become his bride. Rin’s like “what the heck don’t say stupid things” and kicks him out of her room saying she needs to study. Kagesumi sulks but decides to leave.

Rin continues to study hard and one evening Suou makes Rin come with her instead of study with the other girls. Rin is completely confused but then Suou asks why her complexion is so bad. He doesn’t mind her working hard but he feels like she overworking herself. He then gives her a charm to help her with her studies. Rin thanks him but starts to feel bad for hiding the fact she has to leave the village. So all her bottled up feelings about it start pouring out and so she reveals to Suou that she’ll be leaving the village when she goes to university. She apologizes for taking so long to tell him but she was afraid of how he’d take it. He asks if that means she’d leave him alone and she tells him it’d only be temporary until she got back. Though Suou apologizes and says he’s going to return home alone to think to himself.

Time passes and it’s already winter. Suou disappears and doesn’t see Rin for days. When Rin tries to go visit him at his house he’s not there. Suddenly Kagesumi appears and Rin asks if he knows where Suou is. And so Kagesumi reluctantly agrees to help find his scent. Soon they find themselves in the village where Suou used to be. Kagesumi decides to leave at this point and Rin finds Suou at his father’s grave. She asks what he’s doing there since he hadn’t come to school and she didn’t find him at his house. He explains he wanted alone time basically and was talking to his father about it. Just before they leave though, the old man from before appears. Suou smells the faint smell of his father from him and Rin asks why he’s visiting the grave. Apparently he knows about that man who lived in the village with the white cat because he’s an ancestor of him. The old man tells about Suou’s father and how he was depressed after his wife died. But the white cat he lived with him had lifted his spirits. But then people found out he was keeping an Ayakashi and began to shun him. So basically the truth of the story is the result of his father’s death wasn’t an Ayakashi but his wife’s relatives burned his home down because they found out he was an Ayakashi himself.

Suou then loses it and starts choking the old man and tells him he’s lying. Rin tries to stop him but he’s completely gone so he starts choking Rin. She desperately calls out to him but he doesn’t listen and suddenly Kagesumi appears and helps her. He tells Suou he lost control of himself as an Ayakashi and hurt Rin. Suou screams out in agony and Rin’s consciousness fades to black. Rin’s consciousness is in compete darkness and she hears Kagesumi telling her man and Ayakashi don’t belong together and Suou almost killed her. He tries to convince her to never wake up because she’ll never get hurt again and won’t have to worry anymore.


In Suou’s point of view, Rin is still unconscious. Kagesumi put an art on Rin that’ll only allow her to awake when she truly wants to. So he leaves to take her home instead of leaving her with Suou. Suou comes home and wallows in despair. The next morning Yomi and Uta pay a visit to him while Uta is super pissed and asked what the hell happened to Rin. He starts yelling at him saying Rin’s important to him so he should man up but Suou doesn’t think he’s worthy of protecting her any more. This annoys Uta even more so he punches him and says he regrets leaving him to protect him. Yomi stays calm though and tells him if he wants to meet Rin she’s in her room.

Rin continues to sleep in the endless black dream of hers. Her memory of Suou is fading and she wants to remember but feels pain when she tries to. So when Suou leaves his house to go see Rin, he bumps into Kagesumi. He tells Suou that meeting Rin isn’t a good idea and she won’t wake up right now because she’s running away from reality. He keeps telling him that’ll he’ll just continue to hurt Rin if he stays with her. So Suou turns into a cat to visit Rin’s room and watches over her. Gin notices Suou came in and invites him to eat dinner. Suou tells Gin he doesn’t believe he’s worthy for Rin since he hurt her and before long she’ll start to forget him. Gin says that regardless of that fact he still came to see her and their memories together will always remain intact. Suou then goes back to Rin’s room and tells her that even if he forgets him, he’ll always remember her. So Suou continues to visit Rin even though she still won’t wake up. One day Hagi visits and assures Suou she’ll wake up soon. He also says her sleeping face looks cute and Suou gets jealous and tells him not to look at her cause she’s his lol.

Rin is still unconscious and can’t remember who Suou is but remembers how important he is. Kagesumi continues to try and tell Rin to stay asleep in the black dream of hers, but she says she needs to be with them and begs to be returned to him. She’s enveloped by a bright white light and finally wakes up. She still can’t remember Suou’s name and picks up the exchange diary and begins to read it. Basically everything Suou had ever written was in it. And he writes how he’s constantly waiting for Rin to wake up and how he loves her. And so she finally remembers and calls his name. Suou, who’s sleeping beside her, wakes up to see her finally awake. He’s so shocked and relieved to see her awake that he hugs her and starts crying. Rin apologizes for not waking up and making him worry. Soon Gin and the others walk in and notice Rin’s awake. Rin is still being hugged tightly by Suou and he refuses to let go of her.


Finally it’s New Years Eve and everyone is cleaning and getting ready for a new year. Rin and Suou visit the shrine together and Suou asks if she’s afraid of him for attacking her. Rin admits that it was scary at the time but she accepts all of him and wants to continue to stay with him. Suou hugs her and says he loves her (he says aishiteru though cause he read the meaning in the dictionary LOL) and Rin says she loves him too.


After New Years Rin finally takes her exam with Hagi and passes. She encounters Kagesumi and thanks him for putting her to sleep out of worry for her. Kagesumi finds it ridiculous she’d thank him for that and merely wanted to try and toy with them so he could interfere with their relations. But regardless she thanks him for looking out for her ((I honestly idk why she’d thank him for that)). Rin then goes to meet with Suou for a little date. Suou takes her to a flower field and they lay on the flowerbed together and talk about past memories. Suou says he’ll become a more suitable man for her in the next four years she’s gone. So finally Rin is at the train station and about to leave for university. Rin promises to write Suou letters since she can’t write in the exchange diary.

Best End


Rin graduates from school and returns to the village. As many years pass Suou and Rin have children and start a family. One day Rin and her son and daugher go off to Suou’s farm to have a picnic. The children get so excited about eating their favorite food that their ears and tails come out. Rin then brings out her old exchange diary and reminisces on past memories they had together.

Good End


Rin comes back to the village after graduating university. Suou comes to pick up Rin and apparently starting working at a farm. They go back to Suou’s place and made a delicious dinner using Suou’s fresh grown veggies. That night though just as she’s about to go home Suou stops her and asks her to stay a little longer since she’s been gone so long. He then gets his freak on and starts kissing her and saying he wants to hurry up and start a family with her. So basically he wants to make babies and they make sweet love together.

Bad End

Kagesumi doesn’t take Rin back home and instead kidnaps her. There’s rumors of Suou hurting humans while Kagesumi keeps Rin in his own home and takes care of her while she continues to sleep and grow thinner.

Thoughts: Rin and Suou were honestly adorable together. Strangely enough I didn’t ship them that much in the first game because I felt like they lacked romance and interactions together. Though this FD makes up for that and they get a lot of sweet moments together. It kind of felt a bit anti-climatic though with the Kagesumi drama. But I’ll admit I played this route in bits at a time because I was so busy and didn’t get to get a feel for the drama all that well. I did like how Suou’s feelings were so genuine though. And they were honestly just really adorable half the time. Their kids were cute too and omg Suou looked hotter grown up lol. Too bad they didn’t have a wedding CG. They didn’t show an end where Rin dies either ((which I guess in its own way is good)). Anyway, overall I liked how this route played out. The CGs were consistent too and while I like Hagi, his route bored me at times.

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  1. hey do you have the guide of all route ayakashi gohan okawari? cuz, i always got Suoh good ending.. how can i got best ending?

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