Re:Birthday Song ~ Translation Project ~ UPDATE [MARCH]



I’m sorry it’s been a long time since an update! These past months have been very busy for me. I’ve been working non-stop and the free time I get I like to spend it playing otome games or relaxing, haha (when I’m not translating that is). Anyway, onto the updates. This’ll be quick, since there’s nothing too major to cover here.

Common – [34/82 scripts] (41%) [insertion: 20%]
Ame – [46/46 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 100%]
Kairi – [38/38 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 100%]
Yoru – [59/59 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 5%]
Syun – [46/46 scripts] (100%) [insertion: 100%]
Nami – [3/46 scripts] (6%) [insertion: 0%]
Omake – [0/5 scripts] (0%) [insertion: 100%]

Overall (rough) translation completion percentage: 70%

Also, reminder to those interested in playing this, I WILL NOT TOLERATE NOR AM I ADVOCATING PIRACY WHATSOEVER. So here’s some good news for you all, you can now import certain games on Amazon JP now. So, if you want to play this when I complete the patch please BUY THE GAME. This would be about $65 USD through amazon which is pretty cheap considering. Anyways, thanks for the support but just know updates won’t be that frequent. I just thought I should write up a quick one.