KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Camil


Camil is a 333 old vampire who likes to stay up late playing MMO’s despite being a vampire, he can’t stand the sight of blood.

During the house visits, she goes to Camil’s apartment which has literally no windows and just a large coffin and desktop computer. So he turns on his game called “vampire eternal story” which is the MMO he’d been constantly playing. So he shows her how to play for a while and ends up staying until almost midnight. Thats Camil’s life style though cause he stays up waaay late to play his MMOs lmao ((sounds like me playing otome games)).


During the sports festival, Koyomi notices Camil eating barely anything during his lunch break so she shares rice balls with him. As they eating she gets some rice stuck to her face and after directing her where it is (in latitude and longitude I might add) he instead decides to lick it off her face for her lol. She freaks out due to the embarrassment but he’s all “well I didn’t want it to go to waste”. Anyway, after that the stimulation of the sports festival makes him rage so he has to be tickled to normal. He’s so tired out after it, that he literally collapses on the floor…. due to hunger. So Koyomi lets him stay at her place to eat tons of plates of curry.

Later, Hinata-sensei gives Koyomi sunscreen to give to Camil since apparently as a vampire he’s very sensitive to the light. When she encounters him at his apartment, she forces him to study up but soon realizes he’s a math pro and apparently he already graduated university in the human world. After that, Camil remembers he wanted to light fireworks so they go outside and light some together.


During the cultural festival, Kaede and Ryo force Koyomi and Camil to enter a best couple contest so they can win a live cow ((llol what)). Anyway, Koyomi doesn’t mind helping out ((since it seems like Camil high as a kite anyway)) and so they both participate. Eventually they get called on stage and when the announcer asks a few questions like what Koyomi’s charm point is, he thinks he said save point lmao. Or date course, and he thinks he’s talking about a golf course jfc lmao. Finally, he asks some questions like when he first fell for her, which he gives a specific answer for aka when they first met. Then he tells him to confess his love but he says its too important announce now, but he’ll instead use action rather than words. And so, he unexpectedly kneels down to kiss her hand.


So they win the contest and the cow lol so they visit Kaede and Ryo who are now cooking the beef. Camil accidentally eats rare meat and the blood causes him to go on his outburst though as calmly as possible cause he’s still trying to eat the damn skewer as he’s being slapped to normal lol. On their way home, Camil seriously asks her what she thought of his confession, ao in other words, he’s looking for a reply. Unfortunately, Koyomi is unable to answer his feelings but he tells her it’s okay so as long as he gets his feelings across and that she always remembers them.


So a few days later Koyomi is completely out of it cause of what Camil told her. One day she sees a teacher and student holding hands as a couple and she’s all ???? until Kaede explains that its pretty normal for teachers and students to hook up at their school. So when they have a parent teacher conference, nurihiyon comes instead as Camil’s “guardian” as requested by his parents. They wanted him to go to that school for a change of atmosphere since he’s shown no interest in blood. Apparently he hasn’t even contacted his parents in 150 years cause they live in a castle with no internet.

So one day Koyomi encounters Camil and he helps carry her groceries home. They then make curry together and Camil tries to eat some rice off her face again lol. She stops him though and he notices her face is red and says she seems cute but doesnt know why. She’s all “how the heck should i know wtf man” anyway, he later returns home and Koyomi randomly bumps into the gatekeeper guy at the start of the game who has some sort of connection to Camil.

So there’s practice exams to take and Camil passes and asks Koyomi for a kiss as a reward. She gets all embarrassed and rejects him and mentions how he said he likes her but wants to get to know him better before giving him a direct answer to his feelings. So they start hanging out a lot after school and one day they spot Kazuaki (the gatekeeper guy) clearly tailing the two of them and Camil gets annoyed and tells him to keep out of their business while grabbing Koyomi’s hand and storming off. He then starts to lose control so Koyomi takes him back to his place. She manages to find…holy water. And splashes it on him in order to calm his tits.


Next day Camil gets more jealous when he sees Koyomi talking to the other guys like Akito. She also notices he’d been acting strange and doing things unconsciously like saying she smells really good or grabbing her hand. One day at school, Koyomi cuts her hand and Camil instinctively grabs her hand and licks the blood. He soon snaps out of it but doesnt even realize what he’d done. So his strange behavior continues and its obvious his vampire insticts are beginning to kick in but apparently the only blood he’s craving is Koyomi’s. He gets an check up from the nurse and he tells him that his sudden vampire instincts must be due to his infatuation with Koyomi.

So Camil’s health just gets worse and he tries to avoid Koyomi so he won’t crave her blood. But of course, one day after school, Koyomi patrols the school and notices Camil’s bag in the classroom. She eventually finds him sleeping in the gym closet. Though as shw walks in, she locks herself in with him. He wakes up and they try to get out but to no prevail. Koyomi tries to look for something to use and of course, cuts her finger on something else. The smell of the blood makes Camil lose his shit and try to suck her blood. Thankfully the nurse guy realizes they’re in there and opens the door. The bright light causes Camil to fall over and so he’s taken to the infirmary to rest.


So Camil’s condition gets better and he talks to Koyomi after school and apologizes for what happened. He confesses to her again and asks for her answer. She tells him she feels the same way and then he suggests that he drinks her blood so she can become a vampire. That way, they can continue to live together. So Koyomi takes time to think over her decision. In the meantime, Camil receives a letter from his parents telling him they want him to come home now that he’s regaining his vampire instincts. And that Camil is actually a vampire prince, apparently. So Koyomi manages to convince him to only go back once he graduates.


One night, Camil takes Koyomi out on a little excursion near a lakeside. They play a bit and Camil drags Koyomi into the water and embraces her. He tells her he wants her to make a decision on whether she’ll become a vampire bit she’s still not certain yet. The next day she calls her mom who basically tells her to do what makes her happy. So Koyomi decides she wants to be a vampire.


So one day after school she tells Camil that she’s decided that she wants to become a vampire. And so, just as he’s about to bite her, he decides against it. Basically, the Koyomi he fell in love with is human so he wants it to stay that way ((idk this is starting to sound like AyaGohan in that aspect)). He likes the Koyomi who smells like the sun since she, unlike him, can bask in the sun.  So yeah she’ll wait for him to come back for her after he graduates.


So in the epilogue, Camil comes to her room while she’s sleeping and wakes her up to surprise her. He says he’ll always be with her and confesses his love for her and giving her a nice smooch.

Thoughts: Overall, I’d say it was better than Akito’s route in some aspects. Well, I thought his personality was much more unique. Though Camil was such a derp that I could barely take him seriously at any given moment tbh. I actually liked it when he went kinda crazy for her blood cause it made things more interesting. Biggest complaint is that nothing really happened in this route. I guess because there wasn’t an antagonist, so it left no action to be had LOL. Also, don’t let his looks deceive you cause Ryouhei voices him like he’s high as a kite. Seriously, he looks like a ouji-type character ((AND HE IS A PRINCE LMAO)) but uhh… he’s really not. He’s a lazy af vampire who’d rather play MMOs all night than drink human blood lmao. Some parts were so hilarious though because of Camil’s comments. I just wish he spoke quicker and without that drawl, cause it got me on the verge of skipping his lines cause he took forever to say them. Aside from that he was a fun character and a better vampire than those damn Sakamaki ones jfc.

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