喧嘩番長乙女 Kenka Bancho Otome – Common Route


Hinako Nakayama lived as an orphan and never met her biological parents. One day while trying to make it to her entrance ceremony and runs into her own twin brother she’d only coincidentally met. He claimed he hurt his foot when running into her, so he wants her to go to his entrance ceremony as him. His school is known as Shishiku and his name is Onigashima Hikaru. Due to his constant blackmail, Hinako agrees to pose as him at the entrance ceremony.

So when she arrives at the school she encounters lots of fighting. Apparently this is the type of school to have battles at the entrance ceremony every year to decide who’s the top fighter. One of the guys, Totomaru just start beating the shit out of everyone and calls out to Konparu who’s just like “this shit is a waste of time” and leaves. He then calls out to “Hikaru”, or rather Hinako, to come out and fight him. She doesn’t reveal himself, but apparently he doesn’t know what Hikaru looks like supposedly cause he asked Hinako if she’s okay when it looks like she’s spacing out lmao.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット (2)

Once she arrives to her class some guys try to pick a fight with her but Totomaru stops them and tells them to back the fuck off. Its not too long after that he ask her name. Conveniently enough, he picks up her student ID card that says “Hikaru’s” name and finds out who she is (well he thinks she’s a he but you know what I mean). He immediately wants to fight her after finding out and so they brawl it out. But Hinako is a fighter and kicks his ass to next Tuesday.

She runs away and finds Hikaru in her school uniform. Apparently he went to her school in her place. He explains they’re actually blood related siblings that were separated at birth. Hinako stayed at an orphanage while her brother was taken in by a yakuza family. Although, Hikaru doesn’t want to be involved with the fighting, and since Hinako took martial arts he believes she’ll do just fine taking his place. He pretty much forces her to attend and so that’s that.

Next day, Totomaru admits his defeat and acknowledges Hinako as the top fighter with him as second best lol. Now that words got out that she beat him, everyone wants to fight her now. One day she encounters a little boy getting bullied by high schoolers ((lol wtf they struck a child)). Hinako confronts them but he manages and runs away. Konparu then arrives and scares them away. Hinako thanks him but he played the cool tsun and says “I didn’t do it for you, they were just in my way.”

Totomaru pays Konparu a visit in his classroom and tries to fight him again. Soon some guy in Totomaru’s middle school shows up and says he’s a gonna be the top on some battle royal among the top 10 in all classes. He fights Hinako and loses his shit lol. Back in class, Totomaru says he’ll always have her back since their friends. And Hinako didn’t realize he viewed her that way, so she thanks him. This catches him off guard and he gets a dokidoki feeling in his chest lmao.

One day Hinako gets “abducted” after school. She’s taken to Hikaru’s house and he tells her he wants her to leave with him. They didn’t get to experience much time as siblings and he doesn’t want her to be alone. Just as their having a touching moment though, Totomaru slams on the door lmao. She tells him it was just her family who did it no need to worry LOL. Later, Hikaru explains he wants Hinako to essentially dominate the school and become a “bancho”. It’s a tradition in his family for this sort of thing, and if she does it in his stead, he’ll give her life back essentially lol. So while her brother does things like hanging out with her girl friends or getting his nails done, she has to do actual training to get stronger.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット (3)

One day after school, a guy name Kira grabs Hinako’s waist and asks if he’s really Onigashima Hikaru. Soon Totomaru arrives and he leaves. He doesn’t know what he wanted with her, but he decides its best to worry about Konparu for now. Apparently Konparu has a big family (2 brothers and 2 sisters). Not long after, they supposedly called to the warehouse to fight Konparu, or so a note claimed. Although they were apparently set up because that guy they beat up before was threatening Konparu’s little brother and claiming Hinako and Totomaru forced him to. So since they can’t explain the misunderstanding, they gotta settle it with their fists. After Hinako fights him, Hebi reveals it was all him and suddenly Kira appears to scare him away lol. Konparu apologizes for misunderstanding and his brother thanks them for helping him. Konparu also admits Hikaru as the top first year. So they all become buddies, yaaaay.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_3 (4)

Its been a month since Hinako has attended Shishiku high. She’s now the top of the first years but gets a lot of shit because the yankees don’t believe someone so skinny and wimpy looking could beat Konparu. So now that exams are coming up they need to study. So they decide to hold a study session at Hinako’s place. She gets all excited about it and I feel like Totomaru starts questioning his sexuality lmao.

Anyway, on the day they’re supposed to come over, Hinako readies everything. When they finally arrive she offers them drinks and snacks right away since she’s never had friends over for a study session before lol. They all agree that she’s not manly/yankee enough so thwy decide they study to make her learn more yankee type ways of acting. Soon Konparu and Totomaru start fighting and Konparu makes Hinako join in a wrestling match and pins her down lmao. Hinako gets flushed due to him being so close and Konparu is all ??? but Totomaru says fuck it let me join and BODY SLAMS THEM BOTH LOL. Hikaru’s bodyguard, Haruo comes in hearing all the ruckus and sees both Konparu and Totomaru on top of Hinako. Needless to say, he is bot pleased and beats the shit out of them lol.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット (7)

So some of the yankee guys from school continuously pick fights with Hikaru and Totomaru even after school. Although after they leave, they get atrackes by some guys from another school. Apparently they’ve been attacking yankees from other schools. So, they decide to do some investigating themselves. Just when they split up, Hikaru is confronted by the guys emblem hunting. Unfortunately, the numbers are too much and she’s surrounded. Thankfully though, a guy named Houou appears and helps her out by scaring them away. Apparently he knows Hikaru and claims he’s family. But since Hinako doesn’t recognize him, she doesn’t know how to respond as Hikaru, so she runs off.

So they report back and find out some guy named Tetsuo was the one commanding them to do so. Apparently Totomaru was close to him in junior high. So eventually Hinako asks Haruo about some other family Hikaru would have and he mentions Houou who is apparently Hikaru’s and her half brother born from a different mother. He left and never came back until now that is. Haruo doesn’t want him mentioned to Hikaru though cause apparently he never really liked him so much.

So Hinako and the team are on the lookout to find clues on the whereabouts of this so called Tetsuo. They eventually find out there’s someone even higher than Tetsuo named Sakuragi. This makes Totomaru figure out where he is and they find him by the river. They confront him and of course, he doesn’t listen, so Hinako beats the shit out of him. She tells him if he tries this shit again she’ll beat him up some more ((pretty badass lol)). So due to that, Hikaru has received a lot of recognition as the top first year. She also encounters Kira though who’s all “So when are you gonna put an end to this charade” basically.

After 4 months of attending this school, Hinako is getting completely used to attending this school. One morning Totomaru is playfully fighting with Hebi because he apparently forgot to record his favorite karate show. Thankfully, Konparu recorded it so all was good lol. So apparently the sports festival is coming up and they nickname it the fight festival. Or rather, a death parade. Basically it’s a fight between first years and second years, and Kira is on top for second years. One day Hinako visits one of her old teachers since he sent her a letter. He reminds her of a boy she’d ofter call “onii-chan” who’d always be by her side.

So when Hinako comes back to school everyone is lined up to greet the top of he 3rd years, Onigashima Houou. He surprised to hear that Hikaru is the top first year and when he confronts her about it, she’s all “its true, onii-san” and he literally blushes and says he can’t believe she’d call him that LOL this ain’t your typical siscon either… more of a brocon, actually.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_2 (4)

So finally on the day of the sports festival, all the 2nd and 1st years are fighting and playing different games vigorously. Eventually, after all the fighting, the 1st years manage to come out on top. But they won’t admit defeat unless, they do them a favor. So… Hinako and Konparu end up cross-dressing as cheerleaders, or rather, Konparu does. Well, he ends up looking like Hatsune Miku. Everyone flips their shit at how cute and girly they look that they literally try to take pictures or touch them. Konparu threatens to kill them each time though lmao. Even Totomaru can’t handle it though and is utterly speechless.

After the sports festival, everyone keeps trying to convince Hikaru and Konparu to wear something like a sailor uniform lol. Suddenly, Kira appears in front of Hikaru and tells her he’ll be waiting on the roof. Once she, Totomaru, and Konparu arrive, he immediately asks when she’s going to stop this farce and calls her “Hinako”. She denies his accusations of being someone else, but he also reminds her that he was the one who protected her when she was younger and she called him big brother. The guys back her up and say she’s no one else but Onigashima Hikaru. Thats when she herself holds her ground and tells Kira that she’s Hikaru. And so they battle, and Hinako kicks his ass. Kira admits defeat and recognizes her as Onigashima Hikaru and the top of the second years. But, he isn’t the only one she had to beat, there’s also someone named Mirako Yuuta she’s yet to defeat.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_1 (3)

So Hikaru decides to celebrate Hinako becoming the top of the 2nd years. Although just when they’re about to eat cake to celebrate, Hinako tells Hikaru there’s still one more persob she has to beat. This starts a whole fight with the two of them and Haruo says “ooooh catfight” and starts taking pictures LMAO. This immediately makes them stsrt arguing and Hikaru shows Hinako one of his favorite idol. Hinako recognizes him though cause he called out to her one time during golden week.

So it’s finally July and Hikaru has yet to meet this so called “Yuuta”. She meets with Houou who tells her that Yuuta should appear before summer ends. And that he’s surprised to see her so willing to fight compared to before. ((Its hilarious before she leaves she’s like “bye” and because he looks disappointed she says “bye onii-san” and suddenly he’s all happy again lmao)).

When Hinako goes to school she notices a flock if girls surrounding the guy she met before. He “mistakes” Hinako for a girl but she of course denies it and asks to have a match with him after finding out he’s Yuuta. Soon Totomaru and Konparu arrive to back her up and tell him that she’s actually the top of their year and even beat Kira. And in beating him, will be top of 2nd years. He immediately changes his attitude after that and says being the top is worthless and a waste of time.

So during school they find out Yuuta is planning on performing a live show at their school. And when she tells Hikaru, he gets super excited lol. Pool classes are also coming up since it’s summer so Hinako has to avoid going as much as she can since she can’t wear a swimsuit. So the first day of their swim class, Hinako goes to the nurses office and pretends she feels sick. She ends up falling asleep there though and suddenly Yuuta appears. He notices her sleeping there and observes how she doesn’t look like a guy at all. So unfortunately, he still suspects her as being a woman.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_1 (2)

So Hinako comes to one of the swimming classes but doesn’t get in the water. Konparu asks if she’s still feeling sick and she says she is. Totomaru wpnders if she’s just skipping on it caus e she’s too lazy lmao. Once the two of them leave though, Yuuta appears. He heard that she hadn’t been attending swimming class and it makes him all the more suspicious. And so he tells her to go ahead and enter the pool to prove him wrong. She tells him to stop and then Konparu and Totomaru tell him to gtfo and leave her alone. One morning he embraces her in the middle of the school entrance confusing the hell out of his fangirls.

So, as fangirl bitches typically need to be bitches, word gets around from them that Hinako is actually a girl. Of course, Yuuta just tells her if she wants the rumors to stop, then all she needs to do is enter the pool. Konparu and Totomaru agree to that because well, they obviously don’t suspect her being a girl. Unfortunately, she can’t so it and the rumors continue to spread. But thankfully Haruo apparently comes up with a plan, and Hikaru tells Yuuta she’ll be attending swim class the next day and will prove she’s a man.

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_1 (1)

So, Hikaru actually goes to the pool in Hinako’s place. So it being actually Hikaru, he’s obviously a guy. When he noticed Yuuta he blushed and I died because he literally screamed he couldn’t undress in front of Yuuta amd he’s not mentally prepared LMAO. Hinako dressed as appears and yells at him to take it off and frees his chest ((LMAO THE CG WAS PRICELESS)). Thankfully it works though cause they all believe “Hikaru” is a guy. They also meet Hinako as a girl and find out she amd Hikaru are twins. Hence she has the guys asking for her number lmao. It kinda gets out of control so Konparu and Totomaru help her escape (and blush when she thanks them lol). Yuuta isn’t convinced though and is more pissed than ever.

Things are back to normal a couple days later. Apparently Yuuta’s sob story is that he had a best friend in junior high who betrayed him because he was jealous of him. So he decided to do a complete 180 and become an idol and be idolized by females, rather than males (I really don’t sympathize with this guy but eh). So the day of his live performance finally arrives and some guyd decide to to trash the place and beat up Yuuta, thinking he’s a pathetic lonely idol who doesn’t deserve the title of a yankee. But of course, Hinako and the gang beat the shit out of them all and help out Yuuta. Finally, Yuuta recognizes Hinako as the top of the 2nd years and apologizes. He finally realizes you can have friends rhat don’t betray you!

喧嘩番長 乙女 スクリーンショット_1

So during summer break they all go to the beach since Hikaru has a villa there. Hikaru and Hinako don’t go into the water of course but when Totomaru asks her or Hikaru, she feels bad lol. So she says she’ll split watermelons with him and the others. Once they split the melon, they decide to have a vollyball match to decide who gets the biggest piece. Afterwords, Hikaru keeps flirting with Yuuta and he just can’t find anything cute about him LOL. So later they’re trying to decide who should sleep in what room (Hikaru keeps trying to get Yuuta in his lmao).

Thoughts: That ends the common route. It was actually kind of long when you consider the constant battles and character event scenes. They kind of repetitive after a while though. I love the characters a lot and this was a great introduction to them. I honestly didn’t use a guide though, cause it’s pretty simple to get into a route. You have an “otome” meter and a “bancho” meter. But the only thing is it’s a pain in the ass to fill the meter according to the romance end or friendship one. I reeeally wish you could skip the fights because I’m constantly fighting to fill my meter up in order to do the friendship end. Aside from that though, the game’s system is pretty simple. And being a project diva fan, it was easy to do the rhythm game type battles.

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  1. So this was ALL a common route? and you haven’t picked one guys route yet?? woooooow that IS LONG lol especially when introducing all the characters XD

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