Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan – Shougo


Shougo Ukai (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) is the son of the Prime Minster and was actually affected by one of the maremono books (on the same day as Tsugumi’s brother) that made him try to commit suicide. Due to this, he’s shunned so he stays with the Fukuro to be protected while deciding he can be a complete asshole to everyone cause he’s a rich bocchan. ((don’t worry though, he’s actually the biggest tsun the world)).

So everyone’s relationship with Shougo starts off pretty sour. Tsugumi wants to try and get him to at least say hi to everyone but he’s got pride the size of a planet. One night he and his servant Arata drive in a fancy ass car and Shougo is all, “don’t you touch my car. You’ll get finger marks on it” lmao. Regretfully, Tsugumi isn’ t able to make much progress getting him to greet her. Though even with his snarky remarks, he still manages to sometimes feel bad or awkward about it.

So during a patrol with Hayato, Tsugumi learns of the crows and how maremono are auctioned off to people from Kuina and Hayato. They also find out some bigwig committed suicide with a book in his hand. They come back to Shiori asking Tsugumi if she can dance. And apparently Shougo was invited to a birthday party at Nachtigal. Basically its the whole situation with maremono bring sold and fake ones being fabricated.

Next day they find Arata cleaning for Shougo cause he ain’t gonna do it himself. Though Arata just tells him he’s stilk in a lot of pain from what happened and to take it easy on him. After that, Tsugumi mentions to everyone how he had been turning his music down lately much to his reluctance before. They find she seems a bit overly happy about it though lol. So once they come back from their patrol that night, Taro brings back rice crackers from his hometown. So every one enjoys them in the living room and once Shougo arrives, the whole mood dampens.


Taro’s optimistic personality contrasts Shougo’s uptight bocchan one, so once he’s offered a rice cracker he gets pissy and says shit like that is stupid. He starts more shit by saying chattering on about such things ar meaningless and that he hates this apartment and mo one understands his paaaainsss. Hayato pretty much loses his shit after that cause he grabs Shougo by the collar and starts yelling at him for thinking he can be an asshole just cause he’s nobility or whatever. This pisses off Shougo and he kicks him away saying he’s barbaric and runs away.

Next day Tsumugi is patrolling on her own. She goes to Sasagoi’s shop and he rants about them bot doing shit while books are being burned outside his shop. He gives her a sexism banter after she just keeps apologizing and tells her to go back to her all girl’s school. Bummer. Anyway, after leaving his shop, she spots Shougo’s car parked near Kuina’s shop. Once she comes in she spots him there and calls out to him. Apparently he likes buying music there but gets tsun fuck when Kuina points it out. He also ends up cleaning when Tsugumi gets back and he gets pissy when Hayato points it out and throws the broom at him.


That night, they discuss about the constant rumors and suicides due to the maremono. Shougo starts burning random books to rid of them all from the world I guess. Next morning Shougo surprisingly greets Tsugumi and asks if she dislikes living in a household where she has to do everything on her own. Tsugumi tells him she likes living there and the people too, including Shougo. This catches him off guard so he gets shy about it lol. She says she’s like to get along with him better so she hopes she can talk with him more. He gets super tsun about it but reluctantly says he doesn’t talking to her here and there ((in the most tsun way possible I might add)).


Next day Tsugumi and Hisui encounter, or rather, see Mozuyama near Sasagoi’s shop. They tell Shiori when they get back but she immediately has business afterwords and leaves for a while. That same night, Tsugumi is about to take a bath and low and behold, Shougo walks in just as she took her blouse off lmao. Needless to say, there was some awkward silence, then screaming from both sides LMAO. He slams the door and runs away and thats when Shiori appears wondering if Tsugumi saw a rat ir something. Tsugumi tells her what happened and she’s all “you sure he wasn’t peeping?” yeah well, judging by thay scream thay obviously wasn’t planned lol. So when she gets back to her room she sees a note on her door that says, “My apologies. I didn’t see anything. Please forget this happened”.

Next day Tsugumi is off duty so she decides to go to the greenhouse. There, she finds Shougo fixing the birdhouse that broke. He’s a bit startled at first but gradually talks to her some more. He gets defensive when Tsugumi says he’s kind, but apologizes after lashing out on her. That night Shiori aska Tsugumi to come downstairs in order to meet a guy named Yoshikiri Takuma. He’s apparently a newspaper reporter (who knows Tsugumi’s friend) and had some things to discuss about a case regarding the recent suicides.

The next day is the night they plan to infiltrate Nachtigal. It’ll be Shougo, who was invited, and Tsugumi as his partner. Shiori goes over the plans with Tsugumi and assures her to be careful. So she dresses up in a beautiful dress and Shougo in a nice, snazzy suit. Everyone gawks over her outfit but Shougo just stays silent and Shizuru asks if he’s gonna compliment her on her outfit. He gets pissy and tsun over it and says it’s too revealing. Of course, this leads to Tsugumi thinking it doesn’t suit her, so he gets tsun as fuck and basically says she looks good but can’t beat the tsun within.


Once they arrive arrive at Nachtigal, they encounter Takashi and his wife, Shouko. Shougo plays Tsugumi off to be his fiancee, while he rambles on about Shougo’s dad. So, after they leave they encounter a guy named Owase who clearly likes to see Shougo pissed cause not only does he mock him the the incident, but he also asks Tsugumi to dance with him. This gets Shougo jelly so he’s all nope and grabs Tsugumi’s hand and dances with her. Their legs get tangled and their faces get pretty close to each other causing awkwardness and embarrassment lol. Anyway, they dance for a bit until Tsugumi manages to reach a hallway where she finds Sasagoi enter a suspicious pathway. She knows it’s dangerous to go alone, so she decides to report back to Hayato and the others first. Unfortunately, she loses sight of Shougo and encounters Owase again. He’s persistant as hell even with her using the excuse that her feet hurt and she doesn’t want to dance. Suddenly Shougo appears and tells him to back off cause they’re leaving and so he grabs her arm and they leave the place.

Tsugumi reports back to Shiori about how she saw Sasagoi enter a room without any attire, and she praises her for a job well done. That same night, Tsugumi comes to the greenhouse after a bath and starts singing to herself, hence how Shougo knew she was there. She tells him that she just got out of the bath and so he remembers when “that” happened so he gets all embarrassed about it lol.

The mood kinda takes a turn though cause Shougo starts getting upset and saying he knows everyone in the apartment hates him and that he’s just a piece of evidence for his attempted suicide. Tsugumi tells him thats not true and she definitely cares about him, as well as the others. She tells him about her power to see maremono and what happened to him also happened to her brother on the same very day. Shougo can’t believe such a coincidence could happen and apologizes for being insensitive. He also mentions how the dress didn’t look bad on her per se. Tsugumi questions it and he’s all “it didn’t suit you at all–!” and just as she”s about to be disappointed, he adds, “–after all, a dress that I chose would be much better!” lol completely covering up the insult with tsun. He also tells her to drop the formalities when she speaks with him, so she starts calling him Shougo instead of Ukai-san.

The next morning Shizuru decides to flirt with Tsugumi and Shougo gets annoyed and tells him to stop or he’ll call the police lol. Tsugumi also tries to invite him for breakfast, but Shizuru’s constant teasing annoys him so he leaves. That night Shougo leaves to go to a salon ((it’s a gathering of intellectuals to discuss about politics essentially)) that Takashi is sponsoring but doesn’t want Tsugumi to tell the others. Regardless, she ends up telling Hayato anyway. Tsugumi gets worried, and decides to go on the look out. Thankfully, nothing happens and he returns safetly.

Next day, Shiori tells the group she believes they can take advantage of Shougo going to these salons as a way to infiltrate Nachtigal. So during a patrol Tsugumi spots Shougo at Kuina’s shop again (even though he said he’d bever come back lol). So she invites him to that cafe she always visits. He struggles between getting beef stew or croquettes lmao. So she decides to ask if he intends to become a politician after graduating and he says after the incident with him and that book, there’ s no way he could plus he don’t care no more. She visits Nachtigal that night and encounters Takashi. She does play around though and tells him who she is and that he’ll be uncovered sooner or later. But he’s all, “Goof luck with thay, byee” and leaves.


Next day Tsugumi decides to make beef stew on her day off for Shougo ((since he couldn’t decide on croquettes of beef stee yesterday)). It’s cute as fuck cause he’s really glad she’s making it for his sake, regardless of his tsun attitude lol. Anyway, he decides he wants to help and pretty much grabs the knife from her and starts peeling potatoes. He starts asking what sort of hobbies she likes and brings up her singing. He heard her sing in the greenhouse and liked her voice. So after a while they enjoy a beef stew made by both her and Shougo.

Next day Shougo invites Tsugumi to go to a concert at Nachtigal. When she does, she spots Sasagoi writing something while Mozuyama is having a suspicious talk about somesort of drug in regards to the maremono. When she comes back to the dance hall, she encounters Owase with Shougo. He prattles on about her becoming his woman and how he can give her wealth for her family. This pisses of Shougo and he believes that the only reason Tsugumi came with him was to find a man to marry and save herself financially. Lol awkward.

Next day a “maremono” is found at Sasagoi’s shop but its probably an artificially created one that Mozuyama has been trying to make. So Shougo continuously burns more books. One night, Tsugumi believes she sees him burning a maremono. So she searches his room thanks to Arata. Shougo finds out and is not happy one but and feels like he’s not trusted. He yells at them and says he never wants to see their faces again before storming out.


That night, Shougo gets possessed and shoots Shiori. Thankfully, hearing Tsugumi’s voice makes him resist and gives Hayato a chance to stop him. Later, Tsugumi visits Shougo in his room. He wakes up and remembers what he did and starts crying. Apparently that wasn’t the only time he was brainwashed, either. Mozuyama had while he was in University and at Nachtigal because of how kind and sensitive he truly was. He was shunned after the incident, but when he came to where they lived he was accepted. And in the most tsun way possible he puts “blame” on Tsugumi for being too nice, fun to cook with, and a great singer. Not long after that, he confesses his love for her. She as well says she loves him and needless to say, Shougo can hold back no longer, and so they frickle fracked. Barely a day after that, he can hardly hold back his horny feels, cause he makes out with Tsugumi on a table more or less. I think what got me was the fact he wanted her to repeat his name cause he has this turn on with her voice lmao.


A couple days later, Shougo’s butler decides to betray Shougo and tricks them to ride in his car to visit the Prime Minister. Really it was all about money, and Arata was using Shougo and Tsugumi for ransom money. Soon they arrive at an abandoned warehouse where Sasagoi is. He explains he’d been writing books for Takashi. Owase then appears admitting it was all a ploy to take down Shougo’s dad. He was set up the entire time, and Owase wants to take control of Fukuro and make it look like Shougo killed himself. Thankfully though, Tsugumi has her knife under her skirt, and cuts both of their ropes. Its then they take their chance to free themselves. And just in time, Shiori and friends arrive to save the day. Apparently they tracked down their car due to Shougo’s dad calling them and figured out where they were. So the reporter guy gets proof of Owase’s actions and the police arrest him. Although, Shougo tells Arata he could’ve killed him whenever, but clearly he was hesitant as he struggled to shoot when Owase yelled at him to.


In the end, Shougo decides he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps when he graduates. He promises to bo longer burn books and wants Tsugumi to become his fiancee.

Bad end

Shougo shoots and kills Tsugumi before laughing like a maniac and killing himself.

Bad end 2

Shougo is shot and Tsugumi is taken in by Mozuyama as a human test subject.

Thoughts: Shougo was such an asshole that it literally made me laugh at times tbh. I mean he was tsun enough, but his sassy attitude was kinda entertaining. It reminded me of Togami from Dangan Ronpa, except I’m pretty sure Shougo is less of an asshole lmao. I’m glad there wasn’t an otouto end for him cause god knows I don’t need another one of those. Also I wrote it on my twitter but Shougo and Hisui are def my favorites in this game. Although I’d probably choose Hisui as my actual fave because I can’t say no to his cute innocent self.  Story-wise though, it wasn’t the most interesting imo. It kinda felt anti-climatic and Shougo’s butler’s betrayal seemed idk, ooc? I mean, he didn’t really show any hints to it, and he should’ve just stayed true to his betrayal instead of being like “lol whoops I don-goofed” cause let’s be honest, Shougo treated him like shit at times but he kept a straight face or apologized. I sit there wondering WHY he’d hesitate in killing him when he was an asshole to him most of the time lmao. I figured he’d just finish the job and strangle him. Anyway, aside from the plot, romance was pretty good. My favorite scene was him seeing Tsugumi strip and screaming like a girl lmao.

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