Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- Common Route + True End + Overall Thoughts


This is set in the future after a “final war” basically destroyed the earth and now the world is polluted since 3000 years ago and the lifespan of humans have decreased more than half. A girl named Eve has been living in a place called the Neosphere for 3000 years with an AI robot named Cradle.

Okay so the reason I put the true end with the common route is because the true end, is essentially a common end in which it doesn’t really deviate into a route. So common route + this end makes a more common end in which Eve doesn’t end up with anyone and it just concludes the entire story. Otherwise, just don’t read past it if you want to read the other routes first because where I cut off is essentially where the common route ends because routes start pretty late into the common route.

So the story starts out with this guy named Sud who lives in the slums and takes jobs he barely gets paid for cause he’s such a do gooder. He’s taking care of someone he calls his little brother but is not related by blood. He’s dying anyway though and wasting money on medicine isn’t going to do anything because the air is polluted and killing his lungs. The only real way to save the sick is to rid the world of it’s polluted air and make it clean again.

Sud meets a guy named Atharva who knew his deceased dad. He wanted Sud’s dad to show him a place within certain coordinates to meet someone so he asked him to help instead. He offers money as a reward but Sud refuses. He then says he can save the kid he’s been taking care of too since he claims the person he’s trying find is part of an ancient civilization and it’s possible with their power they can purify the polluted land. They suddenly hear banging at the door since Atharva is being chased and he tells Sud to trust him. So with not much a choice, Sud escapes with him and takes him to the coordinates around the mountain top where this supposed ancient civilization is supposed to be. Atharva presses a button and…nothing happens. Soon they’re surrounded by military and before they’re ambushed, the ground starts rumbling and they’re thrown into the sky. They’re suddenly in a giant city and thrown into the water. Sud sees a girl swimming before he falls unconscious.


The point of view switches to Eve, and she’s taking care of both Atharva and Sud after saving them from drowning. She’s excited to see someone in the Neosphere (the civilization she resides in) since there hasn’t been another human there for thousands of years apparently and she’s been with an AI named “Cradle” who watches over Eve and manages the Neosphere. So she goes back to her house to find that both of them already left and finds them near the lake she often goes to. Atharva suddenly hugs her and says his brother “Rig” was right and his efforts weren’t in vain. Cradle, the AI that manages Neosphere, whacks him away from her and puts a shield around Eve just in case he has some sort of virus or pathogen.


Sud explains he wants Eve to help him cure the land beneath them which is full of polluted air and it’s possible she can save people from dying. Eve doesn’t actually understand the concept of death though because she and Cradle have been the only ones in that land for 3000 years so he claims. Suddenly, after they eat some of Sud’s ration he got from a friend, a robot “golem” suddenly appears from the ground level. They try running into the forest to escape from it, but more mini robots start to appear. Sud and Atharva try to fend them off while Eve runs away, but one of them tries to attack her. Just before it does, Sud takes the hit instead. She realizes that this the sort of “death” he was talking about earlier. After she screams in despair a giant robot appears and Cradle says it’s name is “Tier Blade” and they must pilot it.


Suddenly they’re transported to the cockpit of the Tier Blade. Sud is no longer hurt though even though he was shot because the Tier Blade has the power to heal injuries. It’s the same sort of weapon as the golem their fighting built by the so called “ancients” and Cradle asks for them to pilot it. (depending on which route you go for first, either Sud or Atharva will be the pilot of the tier blade) They keep getting hit though since they have no idea how to control it. So after getting hit numerous times they pretty much just yells at it to move and it finally does. Eve then decides from there she wants to help them so people don’t die and she doesn’t feel the sadness she felt when she thought they were going to die in front of her eyes.

So with no way to actually get back to the lower land, they go to the tower where tier blade is to find a clue as to how to get back there using some sort of equipment the ancient civilization may have. Apparently there’s a ring that attaches to the pilot and that allows them to call for Tier Blade but only the chosen pilot can use it. Apparently Atharva is being chased by the military after escaping his home he was basically cooped up in and has a sort of memory from 400 years ago. He doesn’t understand why though and finding “Eve” was the clue to figuring it out so his brother Rig sacrificed himself to let him escape. Anyway, they don’t manage to find much, but they notice a healing medical pod in use that may have another being from the ancient civilization basically hibernating in there.


So in the meantime, the two of them decide to stay with Eve in her house to take shelter from the rain since there’s scheduled weather that occurs in order to keep the nature alive. So they build a tent and when it gets dark and starts to rain, they all end up sleeping together. Sud is all “how did we end up in this situation?!” but Eve doesn’t even care cause she’s never slept with anyone else but herself and Cradle before so she loves the company. Next day, they try fixing up Eve’s home. Sud makes her a faucet to drink from and Atharva who has literally no homemaking skills whatsoever (since he’s been cooped up inside), attempts to fix the leaking roof after falling off of it and hitting his hand with the hammer lmao. Unfortunately, Cradle suddenly senses someone teleported there so they summon Tier Blade.

Suddenly a strange guy named Row appears in a robot that looks similar to Tier Blade and says he’s been looking for Eve all this time and yells out for her to die with him. He goes on about how it’s really him but Eve claims she doesn’t remember him and tells him to stay away. He finally goes full on yandere and keeps asking how she could forget him and starts attacking Tier Blade. One of his golem guards even tell him to retreat for now but he just blows them up and says he’s still busy talking (lmao this guy is fo real). He keeps asking what they did to his Eve and starts duking it out. Unfortunately, even when they get the advantage by gaining a weapon, Row’s robot is surrounded by a purple aura and stands back up after being knocked to the ground. Tier Blade’s power runs out, and they’re teleported out of it and back on the ground.


As Row approaches Eve, she tells him to stay away and he tells her to look at him so she’d remember. She pushes him away though and so he gets pissed and starts choking her. Both Sud and Atharva try to stop him, but before they can do anything, a guy appears and shoots Row in the head. It doesn’t kill him though and he just starts beating his head and telling himself to heal. Then his underling named Carmine literally forces him to retreat by teleporting them away. Eve asks who the guy is who saved her, but even he doesn’t remember who he is since he was the guy in the treatment pod and being resurrected by Cradle.


They find out by Cradle his name is Yajur, and even though he was ressurrected, he still hasn’t fully recovered his memories. He immediately starts flirting with Eve though saying it was fate they met and both Sud and Atharva whack him after telling him to gtfo lmao. Although, regardless of his personality, he’s actually skillful in repairing and that’s exactly why they wanted to bring him back in the first place; to repair the Neosphere. First they need to fix the power supply, the construction machinery, and the holes in the ceiling.

The next day since repairs will take more than a few days, they need to procure food. So they clean the entire food plantation that hadn’t been cleaned in… literally 3000 years. So after they clean up they feel dirty so they decide to all bathe together on Tier Blade. Eve starts splashing water on Cradle and almost stands up without her towel which makes Sud completely freak out in embarrassment. Atharva is all “lol who cares” and has only read about women’s bodies in books and asks to see Eve’s body more out of pure curiously. Sud flips the fuck out though and tells him there’s absolutely no way she’ll be doing that. After Yajur gets interested as well, Sud just fucking loses it and Tier Blade flips them upside down into the lake lmao.


So they head down these long ass stairs towards the Neosphere’s generator to fix it, or rather for Yajur to fix it since he naturally has a knack for it even after not remembering how he ended up there in the first place. Anyway, he manages to fix it so the power is back on. Atharva is thankful they can use the elevator so they don’t have to use the long staircase lol. Apparently next they need to find the “Queen” repair robot who can function all the construction machinery to fix the holes in the sky’s dome. So when they find where it is, it starts attacking and treating them like intruders. They get trapped and try to run away but suddenly as Eve is about to be attacked, she manages to melt the robots just by touching them as well as healing her injuries.

They manage to escape outside but the “Queen” appears in a giant blob of goo about the size of Tier Blade. So they have no choice but to summon Tier Blade and fight it. They manage to beat it though after hitting the queen’s body and dismantling the gooey body. So they can finally control the “Queen” in order to repair the Neosphere. Eve gets a strange memory of a girl though and starts questioning why she’s been alive for so many years. Meanwhile, Carmine (a guy working as Row’s lieutenant) does some research on Row and finds out he’s been alive for at least 1000 years so he probably has a body that may not be human.


So they manage to repair the holes within the Neosphere’s dome. They’ve basically repaired the Neosophere completely now, so they plan a picnic together to celebrate on top of Tier Blade. Yajur manages to make an artificial sunset and they promise to watch a real sunset together once they fix the pollution in Sud and Atharva’s land. Meanwhile, Atharva is terrified of heights so almost ends up falling off Tier Blade lmao.

So the next day Cradle confirms all systems are go and the Neosphere is able to descend to ground level and should take about half a day to reach it. Unfortunately, Sud realizes he has no idea how to actually purify the ground and Eve has no idea either. They ask Cradle what sort of power Eve holds but he says he can’t answer since its confidential. But when Eve directly asks, his system lags and he answers saying she needs to use “nanomachines” which are like invisible machines she can create that can decontaminate the ground. However, if she does succeed, her mind and body will disappear. Everyone starts flipping out and Cradle reveals the truth. Eve’s life support is running on nanomachines so in order to purify an entire land she’d have to use up all of her nanomachines inside her or rather–her entire life force. Sud is completely livid he didn’t say anything but he just speaks in a deadpan voice that it was confidential.

Just before they head to ground level, Row appears on his Tier Blade. Atharva is transported on his Tier Blade but not with Eve, so he can’t control it. Row then appears in front of Eve and grabs her. He asks Cradle what happened during those 3000 years and why she doesn’t remember who he is. Cradle isn’t able to respond and malfunctions saying it was Eve’s order. Atharva, Sud, and Yajur then decide to protect Eve from him but then Yajur suddenly shoots Sud. So Atharva and Eve are captured but Atharva manages to escape. Suddenly a guy named Arcadia appears and claims 3000 years ago he’s wiped out the entire humanity of the he’s been looking for Eve as well. He missed the chance to eradicate both Eve and Row as they were the past living beings on earth. He claims he was given a mission by god to simplify the world. Eve decides to ask what truly happened in her past and Row decides to explain since he owes her that much. He reveals a body of a girl who looks asleep and tells her to touch her hand and she’ll understand everything.


Flash back to 3000 years ago, Eve (shown as a blonde hair girl) leaves to go visit her brother, Gill, who just came back from the battlefield. Row and Eve are royalty, as well as friends, and it seems like Row’s knights know he has a crush on her but he’s just too moe and shy to progress their relationship (aw he’s so cute I can’t). Anyway, soon Row will have his father’s leadership position but has no self-confidence in himself. But Eve believes someday he will become like his father he just needs to continue to study. Apparently in this era a great war happened years ago where AI’s were created and rebelled ao it was forbidden to ever use that type of technology. Although apparently creating this technology really lowered their power supply and the war still continues even now. Even androids who have information planted are created so more manpower is ensured for pilots and technicians.


So one day Eve is called to the Capital her uncle (aka Row’s father) to escort a new knight named Yajur around the Capital since her uncle doesn’t have the time to. As she escorts him, he speaks to her and says how their enemy, the Singals (I honestly have no idea what spelling thats supposed to be) are supposedly doing a secret development on new weapons. And as war rages on, it gets harder for Eve to visit her brother. And since the Singals are getting getting closer to harming their land, they have no choice but to execute the plan to evacuate the people to an underground shelter, the Neosphere, which should hold 100 million people. All living beings are evacuated while “pseudo-humans” stay behind. Not only that, but Row, the son of the Union leader, is to become the appointed “leader of the human race” and become immortal through the use of nanomachines. Row is afraid to take on that role even when Eve encourages him. But he tells her that one more person can go through the procedure and he choses her. He starts sobbing and says he’s terrified of living for so long year after year but believes he can endure it if she’s with him.


So both Eve and Row receive the nanomachine treatment to obtain immortality and lead humanity. And soon they have to evacuate to the shelter like everyone else. On their way though, an explosion occurs in the manor. Apparently Elise, one of Eve’s servants, lied about her brother already going to the shelter. Instead, he rides off on Tier Blade to fight the Singals. Eve tries to chase after him, but Elise forces her to evacuate. When she wakes up, she’s on the Neosphere. It manages to start rising from the ground, but not long after, poison gas appears all over and Eve inhales too much and falls unconscious.


When Eve wakes up, there’s no one around at all. She finds out from a robot she meets named, Cradle, that everyone died from the poison gas that was used and killed everyone except for her. She lived because the nanomachines in her body healed her as she slept for a whole year. The land she used to live, is nothing more than a barren wasteland and Row is nowhere to be found. So as a 100 years pass Eve decides to bury all the dead citizens of her civilization while looking for Row in the process. 300 years pass and she ends up burying 100 million people but there’s still no sign of Row. After 400 years, Eve starts losing it and tries killing herself on multiple occasions, and 100 years after that, she completely loses it and her mind due to the overload of memories in her brain. The nanomachines inside her go rampant and she even turns into a giant monster. Cradle has to calm her down, and when he does, she asks him to remove all of her memories. So her brain was transferred to a new, machine body, with all of her former memories gone.


-True End starts from here-

So the Eve now and past Eve the are basically the same person, but still feel like separate entities. Row wants to take the current Eve’s brain and give it back to the former Eve’s body so he can restore her to the original Eve. Sud suddenly sppears inside Tier Blade to save Eve. He’s now able to use Tier Blade without her because he remembers in the past he was one of the Knights no.12. He tells Row that the “server” Arcadia speaks of taking them to indeed has no grief but aside from that, it has no happiness and nothing to offer. Row isn’t convinced but then the past Eve begins to speak from her capsule. She tells him that she still wants to live together with Row and that the Eve now is right. Row tries to stop attacking altogether, but that’s when Arcadia steps in and takes control of Row’s nanomachines and makes them go out of control. Eve then decides to break the capsule the past Eve is in and release the light nanomachines as her consciousness then starts to fade.

When Eve wakes up, she’s in the server world where Eve’s mind is stored. She begs the past Eve for help and tells her she can have her brain so she can take over. But the other Eve tells her to have hope with her so they can both live and destroy Arcadia together. When Eve wakes up, she’s still her same self and has more power than before because the past Eve is helping her. She destroys Arcadia’s Quantum Circuit aka his brain, and destroys him… Or so she thought. After they’re about to leave, she hears Eve’s voice tell her its not over yet. Arcadia appears with a weapon of mass destruction that he used to eradicate humanity.

After that, suddenly Atharva appears and Aina– in Cradle’s body while Cradle is in his human body. But it’s actually not the same Aina from before who died 3000 years ago. She left behind a copy of her knowledge as data and so this Aina in Cradle’s body is the remains of her built into an AI. Meanwhile, before the final battle, they make repairs to the Tier Blade while Carmine and Atharva head into the facility where the console is and find Yajur waiting for them. And then, Eve, Sud ,and Row depart to space as they prepare for the final battle.

As they reach space, they locate Arcadia’s ultimate weapon floating in space. They begin to face off with the help of Row and Aina. Apparently he’s using some sort of deteriorated nanomachines from the pollution to give himself power. Carmine and Atharva also manage to defeat Yajur and Atharva tells him he’s taking him with them whether he likes it or not. So with no other options, Row and Sud decide they’re going to attempt to attack his core no matter how slim the chances may be. Row starts to attack first but Sud intervenes and is easily shot down by Arcadia. Just then, Row’s Tier Blade gets back up since Sud transferred over to his unit. They manage to force him out of his own machine after using nanomachines to hack from inside.


Eve manages to wake up in the cockpit of the other Tier Blade and she and the past Eve manage to aim towards Arcadia who’s outside of his machine, and break his core by directly ramming into him. They finally destroy Arcadia and escape the damaged Tier Blade. Eve then realizes that her brother is inside Tier Blade (or rather his combat data is). Before Aina died she implanted Gill’s combat data into Tier Blade. When Eve realizes this she calls out to the broken Tier Blade, but Sud tells her they have to get out of there as she’s taken back to earth along with the others and her brother’s spirit tells her it’s okay.


A year later, the pollution is gone and greenery is back. Sud, Eve, Cradle and Yajur are living in the same town together (Yajur’s shitty personality is the same though lmao). Atharva and Aina come back and so the whole gang is together. Except for Row who is out along with the past Eve (now that they both have separate bodies, Eve calls her “older sister”) to visit her brother’s grave. His sword was left behind so she goes there with Row to tell him she’s alive and well and living that future he wanted her to live so badly. So the past Eve, is together with Row. So future Eve basically has her three guys harem while the past Eve has Row of course lol.


Music: The soundtrack is beautiful and I’m still debating to actually buy it tbh. I love the opening and ending songs. They’re certainly fitting to the game’s atmosphere.

Artwork: I think what draws anyone into this game is the beautiful artwork. It’s actually the reason I wanted to buy this game in the first place. I mean, seriously, it’s gorgeous.

Overall Thoughts: I didn’t really know what to expect when jumping into this game. At first, I thought the setting was an RPG setting because of the whole chronicle part. In the end, it turned out to be a fantasy-mecha type game that’s actually more darker than it seems. It plays out to be an innocent story, but when you get to the backstory, you realize how dark it is. And the mecha actually threw me off at first, but it’s not entirely mecha-based. It actually has an equal amount of action to romance… I think? Although sometimes, some of the fights felt a bit dragged out and literally there are times you think a battle is over… but it’s not. There’s actually quite a bit of fighting believe it or not, I just didn’t summarize all of it. If I did, I’d be typing all day. Aside from the constant copypasta with certain scenes, I really liked the story for this game. This will honestly only make more sense if you read the rest of the routes so I recommend you read those reviews first before reading the true end lol. Like I said, I put it together with the common route cause it all pieces together in a sense. Though some things make more sense if you play other routes.

Everyone is great though I’m still struggling who I like best. Some routes story-wise were better than others, but then certain characters were more of my taste. Like, I really enjoyed Yajur’s route but he’s not really my type of guy (then again he’s pretty misleading). Also copypasta of the same flashback in every route, and it sort of has the same template too which leaves for less story somewhat. Either way, it took me a while to beat this game, but then again without distractions it’d probably be a pretty quick play. Recommended order for routes though are Sud -> Atharva -> Yajur -> Row -> Cradle -> True End (obvs) Also, this game is very straightforward. It’s not hard at all to get into routes and getting platinum was fairly easy tbh.

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