Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- Sud


Sud (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) is an energetic do-gooder who takes tasks in order to gain money even though he takes on more than he can swallow. He follows Artharva on finding this person who can purify their land that’s been polluted.

If Sud is the pilot, he actually confesses to Eve in one of his events (which seemed kind of out of place imo). In the common route, scenes are dependent on who the pilot is, so when Row appears, the one fending him off is typically the one who’s route your on. So while his development may seem fast in this review, it’s really because all the events that happen are still in the common route.

Sud is the one who travels to the Neosphere along with Atharva in order to find a way to pollute the ground and save his brother. He gives Eve a picture of what the world below them used to look like. It was a keepsake of his father, but he doesn’t mind giving it to her since if she’s able to purify his land, he’ll be able to see the blue sky all the time. In one scene they build the tent together and when Eve gets really close to him he gets all blushy (it’s pretty cute ;w;). One night Eve can’t sleep one night so she goes off into the forest and finds Sud there. He’s not used to hearing nature since its all basically dead due to the pollution where he lives. They then find a bird that fell out of it’s nest and try to put it back with Eve being carried by Sud. She loses her balance though and falls on top of Sud lol. Although it confuses Sud that she sees all this nature but has never seen a dead corpse before.


The night before they’re about to go back to the ground where Sud lives, Eve goes to talk with Sud. She thanks him for teaching her so much and brightening up her life. He asks what she wants to do after she purifies his land since she’ll be free to do what she wants. She doesn’t know but he offers for her to live with him until she figures out what she wants to do. She wonders why he’d offer such a thing to her and he confesses he’s in love with her. She doesn’t understand the meaning at first but she soon realizes and says she wants to be with him too. He says he’ll always protect her and introduce her to everyone he knows back on his land as well.

They’re interrupted when the same robot that looks like Tier Blade appears with Row in it. Eve and Sud are transported into the robot and begin to fight him. He goes on about dying together with Eve and so Eve starts getting confused and starts wondering if her purpose is to die. So Sud tries to fight him but lacks power to protect Eve. He starts coughing up blood which leads Eve to believe he has the disease that people have back in his polluted home. A red screen then appears in Tier Blade and Cradle states it deems the user, Sud, unqualified to use Tier Blade. So both Eve and Sud are teleported out of Tier Blade.


Soon Row realizes they’re not in Tier Blade anymore and decides to search for them. Sud can’t move at all but thankfully Atharva and Yajur arrive to help them. They flee to the engine room of the central tower. They’re safe there for now so Sud explains his condition. He also has the same disease as his brother he’s taking care of. He apologizes to Eve since he believes its his fault they’re in the situation they’re in now because he had a thought of not wanting to die and that’s probably what made him not qualified for Tier Blade. So they’re thankfully safe while in the engine room since it’s impenetrable even for Tier Blade, but they’re completely surrounded by Row’s robots and can’t stay in there forever.

Row appears on screen and tries commanding Cradle to open the entrance but before he listens, Eve tells him to stop. This makes Row realize she really is “Eve” since Cradle listens to her commands. He questions why she doesn’t remember him and asks Cradle what happened, but he keeps repeating its confidential and won’t answer. Sud gets pissed at Cradle for hiding everything since the beginning so Eve butts in and demands an answer about the entire truth. Cradle’s system goes haywire and he starts saying her order is absolute before basically erroring until his system combusts. Row is about to attempt to use nanomachines to get in but someone behind the door stops him because they have another method of opening the door. And surprise be had, the door is opened but not from the outside. Yajur is the one who opened it and shoots Sud.

When Sud wakes up, Cradle is there and tells him he was restarted by the Queen and both Eve and Atharva were taken away by Row. Sud was shot but after Cradle was restarted, he healed Sud. He also finds out it was Eve who gave him the order to not reveal the truth of her or her presence on the Neosphere. Anyway, Cradle tells Sud their location but it will be tricky to reach them since Tier Blade can’t be used and they have almost full control of the Neosphere.

Meanwhile, Eve and Atharva are chained up in the central tower of the Neosphere. Yajur is watching over them, and Row comes in to try and talk with Eve but she still lashes out at him. Suddenly a guy named Arcadia appears and claims 3000 years ago he’s wiped out the entire humanity and that he’s been looking for Eve as well. He missed the chance to eradicate both Eve and Row as they were the last living beings on earth. He claims he was given a mission by god to simplify the world. Eve decides to ask what truly happened in her past and Row decides to explain since he owes her that much. He reveals a body of a girl who looks asleep and tells her to touch her hand and she’ll understand everything.


Flash back to 3000 years ago, Eve (shown as a blonde hair girl) leaves to go visit her brother, Gill, who just came back from the battlefield. Row and Eve are royalty, as well as friends, and it seems like Row’s knights know he has a crush on her but he’s just to moe and shy to progress their relationship (ae he’s so cute I can’t). Anyway, soon Row will have his father’s leadership position but has no self-confidence in himself. But Eve believes someday he will become like his father he just needs to continue to study. Apparently in this era a great war happened years ago where AI’s were created and rebelled ao it was forbidden to ever use that type of technology. Although apparently creating this technology really lowered their power supply and the war still continues even now. Even androids who have information planted are created so more manpower is ensured for pilots and technicians.

So one day Eve is called to the Capital her uncle (aka Row’s father) to escort a new knight named Yajur around the Capital since her uncle doesn’t have the time to. As she escorts him, he speaks to her and says how their enemy, the Singals (I honestly have no idea what spelling thats supposed to be) are supposedly doing a secret development on new weapons. And as war rages on, it gets harder for Eve to visit her brother. And since the Singals are getting getting closer to harming their land, they have no choice but to execute the plan to evacuate the people to an underground shelter, the Neosphere, which should hold 100 million people. All living beings are evacuated while “pseudo-humans” stay behind. Not only that, but Row, the son of the Union leader, is to become the appointed “leader of the human race” and become immortal through the use of nanomachines. Row is afraid to take on that role even when Eve encourages him. But he tells her that one more person can go through the procedure and he choses her. He starts sobbing and says he’s terrified of living for so long year after year but believes he can endure it if she’s with him.

So both Eve and Row receive the nanomachine treatment to obtain immortality and lead humanity. And soon they have to evacuate to the shelter like everyone else. On their way though, an explosion occurs in the manor. Apparently Elise, one of Eve’s servants, lied about her brother already going to the shelter. Instead, he rides off on Tier Blade to fight the Singals. Eve tries to chase after him, but Elise forces her to evacuate. When she wakes up, she’s on the Neosphere. It manages to start rising from the ground, but not long after, poison gas appears all over and Eve inhales too much and falls unconscious.

When Eve wakes up, there’s no one around at all. She finds out from a robot she meets named, Cradle, that everyone died from the poison gas that was used and killed everyone except for her. She lived because the nanomachines in her body healed her as she slept for a whole year. The land she used to live, is nothing more than a barren wasteland and Row is nowhere to be found. So as a 100 years pass Eve decides to bury all the dead citizens of her civilization while looking for Row in the process. 300 years pass and she ends up burying 100 million people but there’s still no sign of Row. After 400 years, Eve starts losing it and tries killing herself on multiple occasions, and 100 years after that, she completely loses it and her mind due to the overload of memories in her brain. The nanomachines inside her go rampant and she even turns into a giant monster. Cradle has to calm her down, and when he does, she asks him to remove all of her memories. So her brain was transfered to a new, machine body, with all of her former memories gone.


So the Eve now and the past Eve are basically the same person, but still feel like separate entities. Row wants to take the current Eve’s brain and give it back to the former Eve’s body so he can restore her to the original Eve. Sud crashes in though much to their surprise, piloting a golem. He attempts to rescue both Eve and Atharva. Unfortunately, Yajur outsmarts him and forces him to surrender. Row then reveals that Sud, Atharva, and the rest of the people who live on the ground are not human. They what they used to call “pseudo-humans” they have seemingly human flesh but no real brain.

Sud is shocked but just as Arcadia is about to eradicate them, Eve makes a deal to basically sacrifice herself as long as he spares Sud and Atharva. Sud starts crying and says they promised to see the sky together and Eve apologizes for not being able to keep that promise. So they knock him out and he’s blindfolded before taken back to his land in the slums. He meets up with Carmine and goes to the mountain top where he first made it to the Neosphere. He despairs over wanting to save Eve and then his ring starts glowing and he sees a vision after hearing a voice asking if he wants to save Eve.


Sud was originally part of the Knights maintenance team 3000 years ago. He hated just being a maintenance worker since he didn’t feel like it suited him at all. One day he decides to use the robot simulator for fun and Gill (Eve’s brother and the Knights Leader) finds out and challenges him saying if be can beat him, he’ll let him join the Knights. He doesn’t think he’s serious though. But when he ends up winning, a few days later he’s given a sword and assigned as one of the Sacred Knights, No. 12. And the name he was given (instead of his letter name (SH-DO) was Sud.


So a year later when the evacuation is going on, Sud is in the Knights and the Singals are attacking. Aside from finding out Yajur was a traitor, Sud is assigned to the Tier Blade to fight in Gill’s stead. Eve tries to stop him from leaving (because she thinks he’s her brother) but he leaves to the battlefield before protecting her from a Signal weapon that attacks. They lose in the battlefield and die. Sud ends up in some sort of cyber space and finds out his data will be erased and reprogrammed into a slave for Singals. So his data is transferred over and over again until he’s who he was now.

Back to the present, Sud remembers his past life because of the trigger words used of “wanting to protect everyone”. He sees transparent forms of his former Knights, and thanks to their power, he’s able to teleport to the Neosphere. So as Eve starts to disappear with Arcadia and Row wiping Eve’s consciousness (so she’d become the former Eve) Sud appears in Tier Blade. He activates him with no more hesitation and fights with Row. Sud gets the upper hand before Row starts going berserk, but he stops to try and help Eve who’s still starting to disappear. In her consciousness she sees Sud and demands to know why he’d risk his life to come back for her. Sud hugs her and says it’s obviously because he loves her and wants them to both live together. So they kiss and Eve merges with the other Eve but keeps her own consciousness, as she becomes an actual human.


Meanwhile, Row flips his shit when he sees that the other Eve is now gone and he’ll never be able to meet her again. Arcadia decides to end this charade since Row failed anyway, and makes his nanomachines go berserk and completely merges him with his Tier Blade so he becomes one with the machine and disappears. Arcadia pilots this new row-bot ((lmao)) and challenges Sud and Eve. Unfortunately he’s just too darn powerful, but thankfully, Cradle arrives to help. He tells them to aim for his “core” which isn’t easy because it’s so small. But Eve manages to come up with a plan to use her nanomachines to repair Arcadia’s robot after damaging it; thereafter hacking it and being able to make him launch out from his robot and stabbing him where his “core” is.

They manage to defeat him but he still managed to leave a farewell gift that almost destroys the whole land essentially. They manage to stop it though with the other Eve and Row using up their nanomachines to purify the land. But before they escape, they bid their farewell to Cradle since he can’t escape with them since he doesn’t have enough data to spare. And so, they escape to the ground from the collapsing Neosphere.


A year later, Eve is living with Sud and both him and his brother were cured from the illness they had now that they have a clean, pure, land. Atharva has left to the captial and Yajur is MIA but most likely he’s probably dead. Eve decides to visit the site where the Neosphere fell and where Tier Blade is. It hasn’t moved an inch though since their final battle. So she and Sud sit together while watching the sunset. Eve is now a normal human being since she no longer has nanomachines present in her body.


In the tragic end, the other Eve doesn’t merge with the current one. And before Arcadia is destroyed, he uses his nanomachines (which are used to destroy) to erode Eve. She changes into her original robotic form so she has no human features. They escape the falling neosphere make it back to the ground below. The land is still polluted but Sud promises Eve he’ll find a way to change her back to her original form and says he loves her no matter how she looks (ending was so sad I teared up a bit 😭).

Thoughts: Sud was such a cutie!! I wanted more scenes with him though. This is another reason I struggle for who my fave was. I played Sud first but I was a bit disappointed with his relationship development with Eve. It was a bit too quick for me considering his confession was in an event scene lmao (something you could easily skip anyway). So that was kinda meh, but oh well. His story actually focused on the past a bit more since Sud’s past collides with Eve’s a bit. He really just reminds me of a Tales of hero tbh, lol. I have a bias for Ishikawa AND RED HEADED GUYS so it’s difficult when you really like a character but thought his route was okay. Overall I still enjoyed it because Sud is the only one in the whole group who has his life together more or less lmao.

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