Akira (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is the stoic guy who hates socializing, rich people, and undressing in front of other people.

So the whole auction with the maremono is going on which is making more victims day by day. They hear one of the victims at the hospital fell off the roof (or possibly killed to be silenced) so this worries Tsugumi since her brother is there. One night, Tsugumi goes undercover to Nachtigal in order to find out about the crows selling maremono. So Tsugumi dresses up in her fancy dress (while complaining its showing too much boob!!!)

And so they go to the masquerade ball together and spot Takashi and his wife, Shouko. Takashi starts talking a storm to Tsumugi (and tries to get her to drink his special cocktail lol) but she refuses and runs away. From there, she meets up back with Akira and investigate the halls and find a VIP room for special guests. They don’t have time to investigate much so they eventually head back. Akira mentions he’s sorry about a comment he made asking if she’s ever slept with someone. And that they don’t just drink alcohol in that “special room”  which makes her realize how naive and sheltered she really is.

One night after one of her patrols, she runs into Akira at the movies. Coincidently, he was going to see the same movie as her. But as luck may have it, there’s no regular seats available and only couple seaters (a cliche situation but hey, its an otome game). So they are seated together and Akira gets so emotional over the movie that he starts crying. After the movie he tells her to forget what she saw cause he’s all embarrassed he a sap for such things lmao.


One night after one of her patrols, she spots Akira walking home in the rain. So she lends him her umbrella so he doesn’t get more soaked than he already has. He mentions how she had longer hair before and she’s go on about her brother and how she blames herself for his death. Akira tells her to stop blaming herself and that her short hair suits her anyway. When she gets back, Hisui tells her about another suicide that occurred. They also meet Tsugumi’s friend’s boss who’s also a reporter and trying to also find out whats the deal with the book stuff going on.

One night after Akira and Tsugumi’s patrol, she’s almost abducted and is saved by Akira. Because of this they take precautions on patrol and make sure she’s always with someone. One dya they decide to see another movie together, which apparently Akira had already seen previously and wanted to watch it again lol. They eat at the same old diner and meet Tsumugi’s friend there again. She teases them since they look like a couple but Akira soon mentions how Tsugumi was almost kidnapped and she asks Akira tp look after her. Right before they leave, Tsugumi cuts her finger which makes Akira sick to his stomach since he’s weak to seeing blood (due to some tragic incident in his past).


Eventually they get a trail on Nachtigal and find out he’s holding another masquerade party. They make a steak out to investigate outside Nachtigal, but with no avail. So aside from looking for books after their patrol, they would often go to the movies together. One night during the movie Tsugumi drops her handkerchief and just when she picks it up she’s faced close with Akira who also tried to pick it up. They end up holding hands that entire night.

Unfortunately, when she gets back she recieves a “love letter” from Takashi saying he wants to see her again. When she shows it to Tokimiya, it makes them realize they know her identity and that she’s their target. So because of the danger she’s in, Tokimiya gives her the choice of staying there or returning home. She decides she wants to say, and Akira starts suggesting he infiltrates Nachtigal on his own since he doesn’t mind risking his own life. Tsugumi is against this, but he calls her naive and she slaps him. She tells him she may be naive, but thats fine since she wouldn’t take dying lightly. He’s pretty much speechless after that and apologizes before leaving.


Next day they go on patrol like usual but that same night they encounter a guy who is apparently old friends with Akira. He asks to catch up and get food with him but Akira is anxious about Tsugumi leaving on her own. She promises she’ll be careful though and says she’ll head straight home. But to no surprised she of course ends up getting kidnapped anyway. She’s brought to Takashi’s room where he has her tied up and claims she didn’t respond to his “love letter” he sent her. She demands to know why he brought her here, and so he finally reveals he wants to make babies with her special blood of hers and tries to rape her (oh gaaaaawd). Thankfully, Shouko (his wife) appears apologizing on his behalf and lets her leave. Takashi also tells her that there’s a traitor among their group, and if she changes her mind she’s welcome to come back (yeah right lmao).

When she gets back she’s greeted by a worried Akira her asks her what happened. She tells him that he almost raped her after saying he wanted to her to bear his children, but also that there’s a traitor among the owls. He then pins her down and tells her that he’s the traitor and tries to rape her as well (girl can’t catch a break, huh?) thankfully her cries manage to get through but before he leaves he says he must listen to what Takashi orders him whether he has to murder or rape her. So he tells her that she should join the crows as well and that a black feather tattoo would suit her.


The next day Akira acts like normal on their patrol but she runs into her friend and talks with her. She tells her she’s having issues with Akira and she tells him he can’t be all that bad of a person since he helped her once when a drunk guy was harassing her outside of the movies. Eventually, Tsugumi manages to tell Shiori what happened and that Akira is the traitor among them. Although she had her doubts about him, she’s sure there’s something else behind it since he could of captured her anytime but didn’t.

So shit starts getting crazy and the next day they find crow feathers everywhere outside of their mansion. Staged incidents with fake maremono start happening as well all to make the owls look bad. So before it gets out of hand, Tsugumi talks with Akira and suggests she goes with Takashi so they’ll stop harassing them and making matters worse. He tells her that his wife Shouko is infertile and can’t have kids so it makes sense why he wanted to bear her children. She still insists nevertheless and it baffles him as to why she’d sacrifice herself for a life like that. She wonders why he’d care since he’s part of the crows, so then he finally agrees that he’ll take her there if that’s what she truly wants.


But when he brings her there, he changes his mind and beats up a few of the crow guys. He then runs off to a taxi with Tsugumi and they go back to the apartment. Tsugumi tries to ask what he’s doing but he just keeps telling her to shut up. It’s then they meet up with Shiori who believes they should use Tsugumi as bait for Takashi. Shiori brings them to the meeting room and Akira speaks up from there. He says his father is Shiginuma Tsuyoshi and Takashi is his half brother from another mother. He intended to work as a spy and steal all the maremono the owls collected and bring them to the crows. Shiori says she’s glad Akira brought her back and thanks him.


After that, Tsugumi goes upstairs with Akira and asks him again why he did that. He finally says he’ll talk, but in her room. She asks him why she ran away with her and what’s truly going on in his heart. He pushes her down on the couch and tells her it’s his fault that Takashi’s eye has an eyepatch. His mother was a maid in their home and he visited their villa and met Takashi there. They played near the riverside while there was a flood and he got injured there. He was blamed by their family for not protecting Takashi and his mother ended up killing herself in the bathroom. She was in a pool of blood which is why blood always made Akira uncomfortable. So apparently he never cared if he died since he basically lived as Takashi’s scapegoat. But he doesn’t want Takashi to have her and wants Tsugumi to himself. So they both confess their love to each other while making sweet ol’ fashioned love.


So the next day they make plans to infiltrate Nachtigal and expose Takashi. They find him in his underground auction with maremono all around him. He goes on about how seeing the flames changed him but it’s not enough nope not like the power Tsugumi has. So he wants to make babies with her that will repopulate the world that he currently despises so much. So after their chat, he starts shooting at Akira. He gets injured but manages to get back up and slice his waist.


In the epilogue, Akira visits Tsugumi in her room after being discharged from thr hospital after getting shot. Apparently he got shot coincidently on his tattoo which symbolizes him cutting ties with the crows I guess. Anyway, they make love again and talk about how everyone is the same as usual and they should go travel to the moon together (lol have fun with that). Also Takashi apparently left the country with his wife never to be seen again, huh.

Bad end 1: Tsugumi goes back home but ends up getting kidnapped by Takashi anyway.


Bad end 2: Tsugumi sacrifies her body and chasity so Takashi won’t hurt her friends. Akira walks in afterwords and starts sobbing while apologizing over and over.

Thoughts: I actually didn’t mind Akira’s route and since I played it after Shizuru’s boring ass route, it was much more entertaining. Usually I’m all for the stoic characters but one reason Akira’s privilege of being my fave got revoked was the attempted rape because of course right after a terrifying almost-rape experienced, you’d want another experience like that right after just cuz the guy is jealous. Which is stupid of Akira being jealous imo cause Takashi had no feelings for Tsugumi he just wanted to use her as a baby maker. It obviously had to do with him being Takashi’s bitch and giving him whatever he wanted but it’s stupid to say “Oh, I may be loyal to Takashi but you is mine!!!” yeah… I get you’re the traitor and all but getting jealous over attempted rape ??? ?? ? What??? Well, aside from that he had some pretty cute moments. And I think he just had a lot of guilt and trauma himself cause of his mother’s suicide. I think I just need the FD already to see more of his cuter moments.

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