Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan – Shizuru


Shizuru (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) is the typical flirt but also a well known author. He stays at the Fukuro mansion due to his connections to the cases.

So this route starts out with attacks going on at Ueno park. Apparently they find one of Shizuru’s books near the scene, so now Tsugumi wants to prove he’s innocent since the fingers are pointing towards him. Shizuru finds out about the incident and tells Tsugumi to be careful and to always have someone with her if she visits that same park.

One day Tsugumi goes to Shizuru’s room to give him a parcel that was delivered to him. In the meantime he asks why she’s not a fan of his books and she admits she finds them to depressing. But Shizuru believes the way he leaves them is happiness in itself. She doesn’t quite get it and he suddenly starts flirting again and tries to kiss her. Its then she smells the lilac smell off him and so she runs off annoyed. Although the smell reminds her of the attack since there were lilac flowers left in the victim’s mouth.


After no luck for searching for maremono one day, Shizuru asks Tsugumi if she can come with her to a dance party to gather data for writing his novel. He manages to convince het after mentioning how her brother is a big fan of his novels. So she puts on the dress he got for her and meets him outside the apartment. They go to Nachtigal together and Tsugumi gets all depressed that she’s not “mature” enough. Regardless, they share a dance together while Shizuru continues to flirt. He also mentions he likes wearing a lilac cologne.


The next day Tsugumi convinces Taro to let her work on the case, so as long she’s always with someone when she investigates. She also finds a maremono with little power at one of the shops she often visits. That same day, Shizuru is selling goldfish and goves Tsugumi one as thanks for always making him miso soup. That night she feels like someone watching her and it’s then Nabari appears and she tells him this. He tells her it most likely was the suspect of the Ueno case and to be careful.

Unfortunately, the same incident happened again but with seemingly no involvement with the maremono. Evidence is unfortunately still pointing to Shizuru so this makes Tsugumi want to investigate further. Tsugumi finds out that Shizuru’s first novel was a mystery one, and he was a pupil under an author named Moritsune who committed suicide. They believe that Shizuru probably just killed him though and Tsugumi tells them to stop making rumors before leaving the shop. She then encounters Rui who tells her one of his friend’s girlfriend was attacked so he wants to investigate the park with her. He says he’s a big fan of Shizuru’s work and wants to catch the criminal as soon as possible.

After that, she comes back and is greeted by Shiori. She tells Tsugumi about the author Moritsune and how he apparently drank poison as a result of a the goverment not allowing him to publish one of his books. She also believes Shizuru may have a maremono or one Moritsune’s manuscripts he kept as a keepsake. Apparently he heard voices saying “I’ll kill you” and his last book was about the same attack situation going on in Ueno.

She then leaves and Shizuru invites her in his room for sweets and tea. She tries looking around his room to spot the maremono but with no luck. He then suddenly kisses her and says he saw her with Rui go to the park during the night together. She gets pissed since obviously that wasn’t the case and she was looking for proof to prove his innocence. So she slaps him and runs off to her room and cries saying he’s an idiot and she’s an idiot for going into his room so late at night.


The next day she spots Shizuru buying a doll. The same night she meets up with her friend Masaki and they spot Shizuru with a woman who’s apparently an author. They gossip about her relationship with Shizuru and like any other female best friend, she’s all over the details. After that Shizuru startles her from behind and asks to walk home together. A man harasses Tsugumi and Shizuru (obviously) helps her out.

The next day the police come over and interrogate Shizuru again. Thankfully he has an alibi but is still under strict suspicion. She finds Rui at the library the next day who’s investigating as well. He tells Tsugumi Sasagoi was also a pupil of Shizuru’s teacher, Moritsune. After she leaves, she spots Sasagoi who points out that Shizuru is only drawing more and more suspicion.


The next day there’s another attack and Tsugumi immediately visits Sasagoi. He tells her about Shizuru’s relationship with Moritsune and how he does have a motive in killing him rather than his claimed “suicide”. Apparently Moritsune said his first mystery novel was boring and tore up that shit in front of him. So Sasagoi claims that after that, Shizuru vowed to kill him someday. And even know he still respects Moritsune’s final novel draft, so he believes it’s that novel’s hatred that’s controlling him to commit these crimes. That night, Tsugumi asks Shizuru if he has Moritsune’s novel and he says he doesn’t and that he burned it because he heard murderous voices from it. He let her search his room though just to be sure, and she doesn’t find it.


So for a few days Tsugumi walks around Ueno park at night as a decoy and waits for the culprit to appear. One night Shizuru appears and Tsugumi follows him. But she also finds Sasagoi there as well and he stabs Shizuru. Tsugumi intervenes but gets stabbed in the shoulder as well. Sasagoi admits to being the killer and was pissed Moritsune never liked his writing or that he got used to write books to use as weapons because no one ever cared to read his stories. So he decided framing Shizuru as a murderer would be easy to do since he had a motive like him. Thankfully Shizuru and Tsugumi’s wounds weren’t too deep and soon the police arrive to arrest Sasagoi.


A few days later Tsugumi visits Shizuru’s room and he gets mad because she was reckless for acting as a decoy and visiting that park. She starts crying saying she was worried and he hugs her apologizing for getting mad and just didn’t want them to get involved with the whole ordeal. Anyway, they end up playing a sort of guessing game with these candies and he blindfolds her with one of his gloves (it ends up looking like some S&M stuff going on) and feeds her candy. After that he asks if she wants to give herself to him and when she does, they frick frack on the floor (I think).


After that, they pretty much get freaky every night until one of those nights she peeks in his room to find him stabbing a doll. Apparently he really did have Moritsune’s book and it was hidden in the ceiling. It starts controlling Shizuru so Tsugumi ends up grabbing the book from him as it keeps chanting murderous words and throws it into the incinerator as he screams in despair. Finally, he explains to her he didn’t want to throw it away because it was precious to him. He always felt inferior to him and Tsugumi convinces him to write more books as they make out again. In the epilogue, Shizuru meets Tsugumi’s little bro, who’s a big fan of his books, and gives him an autograph. He tells Tsugumi to get married him already cause he doesn’t mind if Tsugumi is with him of all people (jfc this possessive otouto is annoying af). In the bad end, she ends up getting controlled by the book and stabbing Shizuru.


Thoughts:  I don’t even know where to begin at how bored I was. As you can tell, I barely wrote much because NOTHING HAPPENED. Maybe it was because I pretty much stopped playing his route completely to finish other games, but holy shit I was so bored…… I’m sorry but, Shizuru’s route was so disconnected from the plot that my interest level skyrocketed to zero. My biggest complaint is that this route dragged on way too much with the whole Shizuru-is-the-culprit crap. Not only that but the romance felt rushed, cliche, and just plain boring. Even though he was obviously the type to try and flirt with anyone, I couldn’t see how he was so charmed by Tsugumi or why he wanted to deflower her so badly idk. It was really all about proving his innocence yet in the end, he wasn’t all that innocent after all!! I mean yeah you barely know this guy but let’s go all out to prove his innocence.

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