Shiro to Kuro no Alice 白と黒のアリス – Kanon


Kanon (CV: Hanae Natsuki) works as a hatter in town. He has a sharp personality and doesn’t care much for people. He also loves sweets and is good at sewing.

Chapter 1

Luna goes to school and gets criticized by Kanon about the fact she’ll never make do here and be a good student like her mom. He points out how she never changes her outdoor shoes and Luna gets embarrassed and annoyed at him. When he leaves, she tells Snow she feels like Kanon has a sort of hostility around her but he tells her she’s nust imaging it. During class, Kanon skips the test to go have a tea party on the roof with Nello. Luna decides to join them with Snow during her lunch break. Luna acts tsun about wanting to eat the sweets and Kanon invites her saying its more annoying watching her stand there lol. Kanon says he was only forced into coming into the black world but he can go to and from each world unlike Luna. She tells him she’ll definitely go back to the black world but Kanon just mocks her and says she was already replaced and tossed aside. Snow tells Kanon to chill out on the insults and confirms that she’ll be able to return to her world. Kanon just says its possible she may be able to go back. Before leaving, Kanon tells Luna she’s a queen who can’t do anything for herself and to not bother relying on him to help her out any.

Because of Luna’s conversation with Kanon about not being able to be on her own, she decides to go shopping without Snow accompanying her. So she walks in town by herself and suddenly spots Kanon coming out of the convenience store. He spots her noticing she’s by herself and Luna is funnily proud about it. Although he mocks her and says she’s like a child who never wants to lose. Luna gives him a comeback though saying he’s the child since he’s smaller than her lmao. He gives her a cream puff saying he had one too many and Luna comments on how all he eats are sweets. Kanon points out she only eats strawberries and how there may be strawberries in the store but she’ll never know since she’s too afraid to go in. When he leaves, Luna manages to go in and buy a strawberry shortcake lmao.

The next day, Luna has a home economics class where she has to sew a mascot. She doesn’t finish by the end of class (since she has no idea what she’s doing lmao) so she stays after to finish it. Kanon happens to come in hearing she stayed after and sees she’s failing spectacularly at sewing. Luna keeps telling him to mind his own business so she can finish, but Kanon loses his mind at how wrong she’s doing everything lol 😂. He gets fed up to the point of where he decides to take her mascot and sew it himself. Luna is so amazed by the outcome that she disregards his insults and says he’s amazing. Kanon gets all tsun and says anyone could do it, she just sucks at it lmao. She tells him he’s still talented nevertheless and Kanon shyly says he could teach her some of her skills so he can make more cute mascots 😍.


So Kanon takes out some fabric he bought and makes a whole bunch of cute mascot bears. Luna finds them super adorable and asks to have them. He mutters to himself how he didn’t think she’d be so pleased by it, and when she asks what he said, he gets cutely tsun about it and says its nothing. So they clean up and Luna accidently pokes her finger. When it bleeds, Kanon almost gets entranced by her blood so he tells her to cover it up. After that, Luna turns in her project to the teacher, who’s very impressed. Luna feels bad since she didn’t really make it, but Kanon tells her its fine. She thanks him again and says when she goes back to black world, she’ll buy a hat from him. He says he can also make clothes so she asks for a dress. But even though he says hell no to it, he says he may just make one to kill time. 👀

Chapter 2

During class, everyone sees Luna’s mascot that was made by Kanon. Rumors start to spread of how great Luna is at sewing, but it was technically Kanon who made it. So Luna decides to consult both Snow and Kanon about it and asks Kanon to teach her how to sew properly since she has to make a dress next. Kanon tells her he doesn’t want to, but is forced into it when Snow tells him the more Luna is able to adapt to the white world, the quicker he can return to the black world. So he finally agrees to help her.

The next day, Kanon helps Luna with making her dress after class. He insists she starts with something simpler, but she wants to do a design that her mother would’ve worn. Kanon says he understands, but will have to help her everyday to finish it. Luna thanks him again and Kanon tells her she’s never thanked people much before so he’s surprised. He teases her for finally growing up but then tells her to get her hands moving so she can start her dress. So a few days pass and Kanon constantly helps Luna after class with her dress. When she accidently cuts the cloth wrong, he uses magic to essentially reverse time 5 seconds earlier for an object to return it to normal. He gets out kettle to start tea then takes off his hat and has little minions or dwarfs come out and help work on sewing. Luna is interested in them so she picks one up and pokes at it lmao. Kanon tells her to stop and so she finally puts it down. He then takes out a strawberry tart to eat and Luna asks for some. He keeps telling her no though and tries to hide it from her.

The next day, Nazuna begs Luna to help her out with her sewing and Luna admits that it was Kanon who helped her in the first place. After hearing about this, she and everyone else decide to watch Kanon get his help. Because of this, tons of students go to the home economics room to see Kanon sew. Luna manages to squeeze her way in and finds everyone trying to sew. Kanon is annoyed knowing its Luna’s fault everyone heard he can sew. Even Jack tries to make Luna a mascot, but it ends up looking a monster and Luna is creeped the hell out by it lmao. She feels kinda bad about it though and accepts it, thanking him (making Jack flip out due to happiness). Minette suggests putting it in her room since it’d make Jack happy and Kanon comments on how she better not put it next to the one he made (since Luna said she’s put the mascot that Kanon made in her room). And Minette makes a comment on how he must be jealous so Kanon flips out saying he’s not. Snow also says he and Luna are seemingly close lately and they both say their not in unison lol.

So afterwords, the home economics teacher asks Kanon to be the director of the handicraft department. Kanon keeps telling her he doesn’t want the position, but she won’t have it any other way. Everyone else starts calling Kanon ‘director’ and tell him how happy they are for him since he seems to like being in the class. Luna mentions how he’s admired by everyone, but Kanon mutters how they’ll all be gone eventually anyway before leaving. The next day, everyone is having tea and sweets in the home economics room. Luna steals Kanon’s cake as punishment for the way he talked to her so he calls her a useless queen again and she calls him a useless hatter lmao.


The next day after class, it getd pretty late and both Kanon and Luna are left. Kanon is making handkerchiefs since ran out of them in the black world. Luna tries to see how he’s making them but he tells her to go away sinfe she’s annoying. He ends up pricking his finger and when Luna sees the blood, she immediately wants to drink it. So she instinctively takes his finger and licks his blood. Kanon gets flustered and tells her not to (roles are super reversed here lmao) but Luna gets a bigger urge to drink blood. Kanon tells her to get a hold of herself but she ends up biting the bare skin of his neck. He groans (or moans lmao) in pain and tells her thats enough. When he finally pushes her way, she realizes what she was doing and apologizes. He tells her its fine but should try harder to endure it like he doe before. He leaves telling her to get some air and she feels embarrassed.

Chapter 3

Luna goes up to the rooftop to get some alone time and sees Nello up there. She tells him she feels like her power may be weakening in the white world and he tells her the only way to find out is to use her power in the black world. He tells her he could find a way to take her to the black world, but in return, he wants a little bit of her blood. She tells him she needs some time to decide to he gives her until tomorrow. The next day, she decides to do it since she’s already anxious about the state of the black world and her position there. So she puts a bit of blood into the vial that Nello gave her. When she leaves, she tells Kanon she has something important to do and can’t make it to their sewing class. When she gets to school, she greets Nello and gives him the blood.

So he takes her to where the mirror is that connects the worlds and the two mirror guards Dum and Dee are there. Nello tells them he’ll trade them the queen’s blood if they let them pass so he throws it towards them and they go after it. Although apparently it was merely paint, not blood (which makes Luna wonder what he wants to use her blood for). When they get to the black world, Nello takes her to where he deems will be a safe place to hideout since she can’t go to the castle. But on their way there, Kanon stops them and tells Nello to hand over Luna’s blood. Nello gives back her blood and sighs in disappointment that they got caught. He teases Kanon for being quick to find Luna and Kanon gets all tsun about it lol.

After that, a few soldiers head towards them, claiming they smell something sweet. Kanon and Luna hide in an alleyway until they leave and Kanon then realizes Luna had a cut on her arm which is why her blood scent was so strong. He directs her towards his hat shop to hideout for now. When they get to his shop, its full of many different kind of hats. A mouse boy named Latte was tending to the shop and Kanon has to wake him up a million times lmao. As soon as he notices a sweet smell (Luna’s blood) Kanon tells him to go home for now since he can take care of the shop. So when he finally kicks him put, he tends to Luna’s wound.


Kanon lectures Luna for leaving with Nello and she apologizes again since she knew it was stupid, but needed to confirm her worth and the power of her blood. As Kanon tries to wrap the bandage around the room, Luna notices he’s enduring the scent of her blood. She tells him its okay if she wants to drink her blood, since he looks like he’s in pain. Kanon refuses again and again and then finally he gives up and says it was because of her he’s doing it. So he can hold it in no longer and begins drinking her blood. Afterwords, he tells her she should be happy because her blood still has power and feels it after drinking it.

Chapter 4

After that, they try to leave to go to the white world. They notice riots starting in town and Luna realizes its probably sue to the affect of her coming back to the black world. Once they get to the castle, they encounter both Snow and Rain who are not happy to see her there. Rain confirms she’s to never come back to the black world again, admitting that they were lying the whole time about her being able to come back to the black world. So Kanon manages to take Luna back to the white world. Luna tries to convince herself she’ll be able to come back, so she needs to finish the assignment they started together. Kanon mocks her like usual and then feels a pain in his body. Luna asks about it but apparently he won’t see a doctor cause its a pain for him. He jokes and says its probably from her blood and Luna gets mad saying it’d be an honor for someone to drink her blood. He then smiles and says she’s better when she gets all worked up like that. Luna can tell he’s trying to cheer her up so she thanks him in her head.


The next day, Miu and Nazuna get Luna to convince Kanon to go shopping with her for more cloth materials. The next day they meet up and go to some shops to buy some cloth. Ryohei happens to see them and wishes them the best on their date. Luna and Kanon both emphasize how their not on a date and of course, both insult each other in the process lmao. So after they get their materials, they decide they want to hang out some more. So they buy crepes together and steal each other’s srawberries (too cute 😍). They also notice a withered flower which makes Luna think of herself, losing her powers. Kanon says its only natural things would die, and living forever would be far more sad when losing everything you love. Kanon gets really emotional about this fact and attempts to revive it thinking he can’t, but thanks to drinking Luna’s blood’ he’s able to revive it. Luna thanks him, thinking of it as a sign that she can someday become queen again.

Chapter 5

Miu and Nazuna show Luna a magazine that shows a new sweets shop with a popular pastry chef opened up. She decides to show it to Kanon, who shyly invites her in the most tsun way after school. However, during their sewing class, Kanon asks Luna about still wanting to return to the black world. She says she does but unfortunately she can’t do anything right now. He decides to cancel their outing and says he has business to attend to and apologizes. A few days later, Kanon stops coming to school and won’t respond when Luna tries to knock on his door.

One day, she finds him in the hallway and calls put to him. She tries to ask what he’s been up to but won’t tell her. Luna is worried he may be avoiding hee, so she decides to try and go talk to him in his room. When she does, he lets her into his room and asks what she wants to discuss. She immediately asks what he’s been doing but says again he can’t say. She wonders if he’s been avoiding her, but he immediately tells her she’s wrong. He changes the subject and asks how the progress of her dress is going. She’s still working on it and hopes to make it as a memento of her mother. Kanon then suggests using his magic to revive a memory of her mother and puts his forehead on hers.


Luna sees a memory of her mother and then Kanon shows her another memory of his own past. She notices that in one of them, he saw Luna’s mother before she was born. When Luna questions this, Kanon finally shows her the truth about himself in another memory. He’s habing a tea party with a past queen along with many others. Apparently that same queen stopped his time. So for hundreds of years, he’s been living without aging. Luna asks if there’s a way to stop the magic, but unfortunately Kanon hasn’t found a qay yet. Luna feels bad about it and immediately wants to try and find a way to help. Kanon knew she’d want to and so Luna leaves to try and find Snow who knows more about magic.

When Luna goes out to door, she finds Rain standing there and he asks if she wants to know how to solve the magic on Kanon. He says that Kanon simply needs to kill Luna. Apparently he just recently found this out and now found the opportunity to tell them. But not only that, he deems it more beneficial to the black world if Luna no longer exists. However, it can only be her generation that will dispell the magic and once a new queen reigns, it will no longer have affect. Rain tells her to think carefully about it and leaves. Kanon says he wants to be alone to think and so they both leave. Meanwhile, Kanon goes to and from the black and white world, conflicted on what to do since he doesn’t want to kill Luna. He finds a a handgun in his drawer back at the dorms, and wonders who put it in there.

Chapter 6

Luna consults with Snow again who basically tells her that there’s no other way and Airi’s ceremony to become queen is in 10 days. Realizing this, she decides to finish the dress she started thanks to Kanon teaching her all the skills she needs to know. Meanwhile, Rain tells Kanon about the ceremony of Airi’s reign. Since his duty of protecting the black world will be done and not risking Luna killing Airi, Rain is willing to let Luna die for that sake. Rain also planted a gun in Kanon’s drawer which pisses off Kanon even more and he tells him to never show his face to him ever again.

Once Luna finishes the dress, she receives a letter from Kanon to meet her at the top of the school building. Luna decides to bring her finished dress to show Kanon and heads there. When she arrives, she finds Kanon on the roof. She shows him her finished dress and he says it looks a lot like her mother’s. He tells her she must of came knowing full well he’s to kill her and she tells him she knows. He tells her she should’ve run away when she had a chance and calls her an idiot. Luna goes on though how she can finally complete her mission and die as a queen and release him from his curse. Kanon hesitates and Luna continues to provoke him, calling him a coward and telling him to shoot her.


Finally, Kanon points the gun in his hand towards her asking if she really wants to die that badly. She tells him that her life no longer has any meaning and she doesn’t belong anywhere. Kanon says she can still live but she tells him she wants him to be happy. She says she had fun those days they spent together and Kanon agrees. He had a lot of fun but now it has to all end. She finally closes her eyes, prepared for him to kill her, but when she opens them he says he can’t do it after all. She asks why and he says that if he did kill her, his wish would come true. However, he can’t do it and wants Luna to live. He hugs her and tells her there’s no point to dispelling the magic if Luna is gone. He then kisses her and Luna tells him she loves him and in truth she didn’t want to die but to stay with him instead. Kanon starts crying and saying he’ll probably continue to be lonely and it was Luna who reminded him of those lonely feelings. She tells him she’s no longer a queen but he tells her she’s fine the way she is. He tells her he loves her and how he’ll always be by her side, no matter what (even when she gets old and wrinkly 😭😭).


White end


Luna decides to stay in the white world with Kanon. Three days later, Luna goes to visit Kanon in his room. After successfully submitting her previous dress assignment, she asks for help on the new one much to Kanon’s reluctance. Suddenly, she notices that Kanon has gotten taller. Meaning, in the white world, magic used on Kanon has become invalid so he’s started to grow again. Kanon is so happy he starts crying and hugs Luna. They talk about growing old together and having canes and its so cute I damn well teared up. 😭😭😭 In the epilogue, Kanon actually gets older and he and Luna open up a hat shop together after graduating. Kanon always gets Luna to tell him she’ll stay with him forever and Kanon gets tsun about it. 👀

Black end


Luna decides that she wants to return to the black world someday. So as time passes, Rain lets Luna and Kanon know that thanks to Airi becoming the new queen, things have gotten more peaceful in the white world. Kanon still wants to find a way to get Luna to the black world so he talks with Snow. He mentions how if she never started drinking blood and woken her power, she probably wouldn’t have gone mad and got banished from the black world.


This gives Kanon the idea to send Luna to her past self before she used her power. So, Kanon goes into Luna’s room and sucks her blood. Luna is confused, but then Kanon finally explains and Luna’s body begins to shrink. He used his blood to amplify his power and make her into a baby lmao whut. In the epilogue 16 years later, Luna is grown up and back in the black world. Airi is older than her but they share the roles as queen. One day, Kanon appears and offers Luna a collection of hats. He then shows her the dress she sewed 16 years ago. Luna regains her memories of Kanon and starts to cry.

Black Bad End

Luna is told by Rain she’ll never go back of the black world. And because she’s so depressed by this, she ends up speaking with her mother in the mirror and losing her mind. She acts like a queen in the real world and sits on a chair as her throne with Kanon there to pamper her.

White Bad End

Kanon goes to the black world one more time to close up his shop before he goes back to stay in the white world with Luna. But he ends up getting killed and Luna endlessly waits in the white world for his return.

Bad End


Luna runs up to Kanon and grabs his gun to her chest, forcing him to pull the trigger on her. When she gets shot, she slowly dies in his arms as he cries in despair. When she does finally die he loses his mind and starts laugh hysterically. In the black world, he straight up loses his mind and has all sorts of strawberry treats at his tea party. He constantly calls out to Luna who isn’t there and literally becomes a “mad” hatter. This was such an intense bad end… my poor baby!!! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Thoughs: FUCK KANON. WHY? BECAUSE HE RUINED ME FOR BEING THE MOST ADORABLE TSUN MOFO EVER AND MY FAVE. I loved this baby so much and Natsuki Hanae’s was mmMmmmmMmmm on those blood sucking scenes I just gotta say, thank you for high quality headphones. First of all, we got Luna who’s already a tsun and then you put her together with another tsun and you got tsuntsuns galore. Also, his backstory is fucking depressing and I don’t blame him at all for being a bitter person at first (bless his kind soul). ALSO, he’s really the one who’s the smartest of all these guys cause he’s lived the longest like the voice in the back of everyone’s head BECAUSE HE’S THE WISE OLD MAN. Ok but for real these two bickering is adorable and hilarious cause Luna just don’t give two fucks sometimes and they’ll literally just insult each other and then make up lmao. I personally love his white end the best and as for the black end… I didn’t dislike it but I found it kinda weird… I mean, Kanon basically saw Luna grow up and then he’s gonna have to watch her die while he stays the same so its honestly kind of depressing. I prefer the white end so much more because there’s an actual solution and HAPPY END WHERE EVERYONE IS HAPPY AND RAIN ISNT TRYING TO KILL LUNA A MILLION TIMES.  (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

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