Shiro to Kuro no Alice 白と黒のアリス – Snow


Snow (CV: Masuda Toshiki) is one of the Queen’s aides and the older twin brother of Rain. He’s friendly to everyone and has a calm personality.

Chapter 1

Snow walks with Luna to school and is usually popular among the girls (even though Snow doesn’t acknowledge them). After school, Luna meets Snow who was observing the flowers. He embarrassingly admits he likes to talk to them lol. After that, Snow heads to the white world and has Jack escort Luna. She studies hard in order to be a good student like her mother and even better than Airi. When Snow gets back, he tells Luna the black world still isn’t stable. Luna asks about Airi and how she’s doing as queen. She tells him no one could be queen like her and how she didn’t kill the gardener. She actually believes Rain did it, but has no proof of it. She gets mad at Snow and says that he’s just rabbit who will do whatever to save the country and doesn’t care about her feelings.


Snow tells her she’s wrong and actually sympathizes. He tells her about his father and Rain when they were young. Apparently his father was a skilled warrior and had high expectations for him and Rajn. He wanted them to train to use a sword but unlike Rain, Snow was more interested in reading books and such. So in order for his father to acknowledge him, he trained to train using a sword. However, the one who was always better was Rain. His father praised him more and more and soon Snow wasn’t even acknowledged no matter how hard he tried. Snow laughs pitifully saying it was boring story Luna tells him it was a boring story because both of them are the same annoying rabbits to her. Snow repeats this and laughs, thanking Luna. He tells her he always felt like he needed to be superior so hearing that made him feel better and pats her head. She then gets him to help her with her homework.

The next day, Luna goes to school and Nazuna and Miu talk about how they bought their lunches from the convenience store. Luna asks why a “convenience store” is and they’re in shock she doesn’t know lmao. They ask what Luna brought for lunch and Snow comes to deliver it to Luna, making them wonder what exactly their relationship is. Nazuna asks if she really hasn’t been to a convenience store and when she says she hasn’t had the chance, Nello suggests they go there after school. Luna says she’s not mentally prepared and Nazuna is all “lol what”. So after school they head to the convenience store together. Snow lectures Luna like a mother with things like “don’t take candy from strangers!” which makes Kanon make fun of her for literally being a queen who always relies on Snow to do everything.


So they all requests items for her to buy and because of her pride, Luna goes into the convenience store. She thinks of payback punishments for Kanon and Nello like Kanon’s teeth rotting from all the sweets he eats and putting Nello into a tub full of fish so he stinks lmao. She sees all sorts of different things and begins collecting all the items everyone requested. Meanwhile, Snow starts to get worried since she’s taking a while and so they head over to check out the situation. There, they find Luna arguing with the clerk as to why she can’t buy the ‘water’ she’s holding. He tells her its because she’s a minor and what she’s holding isn’t water but alcohol lmao. So she leaves there embarrassed by this and everyone teases her for her mistake.

After that, Luna goes to Snow’s room to speak with him and have tea. He says she really did her best today and Luna jokes punishments she had planned for Kanon and Nello. Snow then asks what sort od punishment she’d give him, and she says she’d make him do her homework lol. She asks Snow what he’d dislike or what he’s afraid of and he tells her he’s afraid of losing her or seeing her get hurt ((smooth man)). Luna then remembers she had a carrot cookie she bought for Snow at the convenience store and gives it to him. Snow is super happy about it since she’s never given him anything before and thanks her while Luna gets all tsun about it. Snow then invites Luna out tomorrow to a cafe to have a date 👍. When Luna leaves, Rain comes to see Snow and reminds him not to get so easily swayed by his emotions and to do whats right for their country.

The next day, Snow and Luna come out of the cafe after eating a parfait together. Snow notices some cream still stuck to her face so he wipes it off with a handkerchief. Luna gets tsun about how she could’ve done it herself and says she’s not a child. Suddenly, Luna gets a strong urge to drink blood. Thankfully she snaps out of it but Snow takes her to a bench so she can drink some water. He immediately notices she thirsts for blood and asks if she wants to drink his. She declines though saying that if there’s a chance for her to return to the black world, it would be best to not drink blood. Snow hesitantly agreed and pats her head, saying he knows just how hard she’s trying.

Chapter 2

One morning while Luna and Snow arw walking to school, Snow notices the plants in the flower bed look slightly withered. One of the girls gardening department notice Snow interested in the plants and starts gushing about how she’s noticed him and how popular he is. Luna makes a comment about how plants are so interesting and the girl completely ignores her existence (making Luna annoyed lmao). So Luna decides she’s going on ahead and Snow follows her. When they get to class, her friends tell her rumors of them dating her spreading since they were seen at the cafe eating a parfait like a couple. Luna immediately denies the rumors and so does Snow.

Suddenly Minette appears and tells Snow the girl from the gardening club wants to meet him. Luna gets curious and goes to see what they’re talking about. She overhears her trying to get Snow to join the gardening club but he declines saying he’s too busy. She then shifts the conversation and asks if he’s dating Luna, which he denies. He also tells her if she can tell everyone to bot spread the rumors and she helping agrees she will. This makes Luna obviously jealous but denies her feelings in the most tsun way. She bumps into Minette who tells her she’s clearly jealous that Snow is so popular.

After school, Luna purposely leaves Snow to go to town by herself. She realizes she feels mad about him being surrounded by girls. Suddenly she starts coughing and has an urge for blood again. A man suddenly appears and asks if she craves blood, calling her a queen. She realizes he’s from the black world and he says he can save her before leaving. Jack soon appears who was sent by Snow since he was worried about her. He gets her a drink to stop her thirst and then escorts her back to the dorm. There, Snow was waiting for her return. She tells Jack not to tell Snow what happened, but Jack tells Snow anyway afterwords.


Snow visits Luna in her room after that even with Luna telling him not to. He insists for her to tell him why she’s upset and she starts to bring up how he talked to the girl in the gardening club. Just before he can explain, Luna starts craving blood again. Snow insists that she drinks her blood since in this world she won’t go mad anyway. So finally Luna stops trying to endure it and drinks Snow’s blood. After that, Luna feels ashamed of herself for not being able to endure it but Snow tells her its fine since he told her to. Nevertheless, he promises to always be by her side no matter how badly she thinks of herself. He also finds out she was mad he was talking to that girl and tells her he was only trying to stop a rumor that may have possibly upset her.

Chapter 3

Snow brings Luna to the park to cheer her up and Snow has a fun time observing the plants. He tells Luna he’s able to understand them kind like how he understands Luna and how she was interested in eating a crepe at a shop they passed by. Snow then notices a large flowerbed with many different kinds of flowers. He mentions how back in the black world they could only grow roses, so he loves looking at the different kinds of flowers. He also has the ability to make a flower blossom by touching it, which amazes Luna. He tells Luna about the language of flowers that are symbolic meanings given to flowers by people in the white world. This makes Luna bring up the past where Snow promised to always protect Luna and made her a flower necklace.


Luna gets hungry so Snow suggests they go get a crepe liked they planned. As Snow goes off to buy one for him and Luna the guy who encountered Luna before appears. He introduces himself as a merchant named Asagi and tells Luna that Snow is her enemy. Luna laughs at the very thought but Asagi basically tells her she won’t be able to go back to the black world but if she goes with him, he’ll make her queen again. Just then, Snow appears and intrudes their encounter. They both already know each other and Snow tells him to leave. When he does, Luna tries to ask why Snow knows him but he hides the truth and says he’s sold a few things to him before. Even so, he tells her to keep their encounter secret from Rain and to pretend their encounter never happened.

Due to Rain being concerned over Luna’s actions and how it may affect the black world, he visits the white world as a student to keep an eye on Luna. Naturally, Luna and Rain don’t get along and Snow has to tell Luna to not provoke Rajn so much since he’s keeping an eye on her. During their lunch break they all go to the roof together and Rain makes a comment on how Airi will probably be a better queen than Luna. He shows her the state of the black world and Luna realizes that Airi feels the same as her being in an unfamiliar world. This makes Luna tell Rain that she does intend to go back to the black world and become queen again for the sake of herself and her sister.

Chapter 4

Luna overhears Snow and Rain arguing in their room about Luna causing harm to the black world or Airi. Luna decides to intervene and tells Rain she will not allow herself to harm Airi. Snow brings up a special book that was missing a page that may have something to do with Luna being able to go back to the black world, but Rain tells him not to get his hopes up about it. Nevertheless, he leaves saying he’s still anxious about Asagi’s movements. When Luna beings up the fact she’s familiar with him, Rain demands to know if she came in contact with him. Snow convinces him she hasn’t and manages to trick Rain before he leaves. Apparently Rain is suspicious of Luna being in cahoots with Asagi so he’s being as cautious as ever to keep the two away from each other.

So Luna gets frustrated and asks Snow to drink her blood in order to reduce the power of her “Alice”. Snow refuses though and Luna leaves the room pissed. She goes back to her own room and decides, well if he won’t drink my blood I’ll just cut myself instead! So she cuts herself with scissors and Snow can smell her blood while she’s washing it in the sink so he immediately hurries over to her. He yells at her in a frantic calling her an idiot for doing something so foolish. Luna yells at him to just drink her blood then cause she’ll just cut herself anyway. So he finally does and Luna passes out from anemia. When she wakes up, she’s laying down with Snow beside her.


He tells her she fell unconscious due to anemia and that she told him not to leave so he stayed with her. She ends up falling back asleep in his arms though since she’s already so comfortable. The next morning, Snow makes a special breakfast for Luna in the cafeteria. Minette teases him since he can tell Snow drank her blood due to how much energy he has, but promises to keep it a secret. After that, Snow and Luna decide to skip class to relax for the day. They go to the convenience store and Luna picks up some snacks. She acts unusual the entire time and is much more conscious around Snow. When they visit the park, she finally realizes she’s in love with Snow.

As they walk past a waterfall, Luna looks into it and sees Airi in the reflection. She speaks to her for the first time and asks if she likes being queen. Airi says she doesn’t know but wishes Luna was with her. Soon, their communication ends and Luna can no longer see her. Apparently due to their thoughts being similar and while they were both looking into a reflection, they could briefly communcate with each other. So both Luna and Snow eat candy together and get teased by Kanon and Minette when they find them there.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile in the black world, rumors of the cursed queen are being spread thanks to Asagi. Now riots and misfortunes occuring in the black world and causing chaos. Rain finally decides they can’t risk this any further and admits they should rid of the threat to the black world which is Luna. Back in the white world, Luna confides in Miu and Nazuna and they cheer her on for Snow and her. When Luna and Snow visit Minette and Kanon during their tea party, Snow gets called out by Jack. Minette also tells Luna about the rumors of the cursed Queen spreading in the black world, which reminds Luna of what Rain had said about her existence being a threat to Airi.

That night, Luna realizes that the one to kill her will probably be Rain. She also suspects he was the one who spread the rumors about her being the cursed queen and killed the gardener to force her into the white world. Since she can’t sleep, she leaves the room and finds Snow who is keeping guard of her. He offers to get her warm milk to sleep and tells her to stay in her room and wait. So she waits in her room and when she hears footsteps, she opens the door and almost gets killed by Rain. However, Snow immediately appears to protect her and stop Rain.

Rain and Snow fight each other but Snow ends up getting the upper hand due to the strength he gained from drinking Luna’s blood. Snow refuses to kill Rain though and Rain mocks him for being too naive. Luna then yells out that Snow isn’t like Rain and wouldn’t kill someone so easily. However, thats when Snow reveals that he was the one who killed the gardener. This shocks Luna and she yells out at him that she hates him and shouldn’t have trusted him. Rain then tries to lunge at Snow and they start fighting each other again. Luna then runs out of the dorm upset and Snow calls out to her.

While alone outside in the park, she feels vulnerable and confused on who to trust. Suddenly, Asagi appears and basically tells her “told you so” about Snow being her enemy. So he tells her to go to the black world with him and she does. When they make it there, he takes her to his place and lets her sleep there. He prepares clothes for her and tells her he’ll come for her in the morning. She doesn’t know if she can really trust him, but feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere anyway. When she wakes up, she decides to sneak out of his room to check out the situation of the city for herself.

So she uses the curtain to slide down to the lower floor and talks to some guys about the state of the black world. She manages to find out from the citizens that Asagi’s comrads were the ones who spread the rumors about the cursed queen. In addition, Asagi’s plan all along was to abolish the queen and reign the government and also giving everyone a sort of medicine using her blood that’ll make everyone happy (or hypnotize them I guess). Realizing this, Luna decides to try and escape back to the white world and apologize to Snow. Meanwhile, Snow wakes up in the white world after falling unconscious from his injury. He immediately searches for Luna but realizes she’s most likely in the black world and heads there.

Chapter 6

In the black world, Luna is being chased by Asagi’s men. She manages to run into Asagi who tells her she shouldn’t have left since he told her it was dangerous outside. But she tells him she knows of his plans already so Asagi says fuck it and grabs her. He tells her she’s basically going to become her blood mule to make a medicine that will give everyone special blood while he rules their new country. Suddenly, Snow appears and demands Asagi to let go of Luna. He uses her as a shield though so Snow can’t attack but Luna decides “nope” to that and bites his arm, making him let go. He manages to shoot her in the shoulder though and soon more of Asagi’s men appear. However, Luna blocks Snow and spreads out her arms and protects him, refusing to move or let Asagi shoot him. Suddenly, her blood activates her powers and it makes Asagi unable to move and all the other soldiers bow to her. Snow and Luna take this opportunity to run away from them.

Luna apologizes to Snow for saying she hated him and realize what he did was all for her sake. Snow then takes Luna to they castle and they enter a secret room in the library thats meant only for the queen’s servants. Snow decides to show Luna the book that reveals basically every queen before her ended up going mad and either got killed or ended up killing each other. They also find out the missing page was taken by someone who can use magic. However, before they can find out anymore, they decide to leave the castle since they can’t make it to the mirror to get back to the white world. So they head into the forest and soon it gets dark. Snow suggests they hideout for a while so they can cover their tracks.


Luna then realizes that because of all this, Snow is a traitor and can no longer live in the black world. And because she feels bad about it, she tries to convince Snow to kill her and save himself from being a traitor. Snow is all heck no to that and the reason he’s gone so far for Luna is because her existence is necessary for him and she loves her. Finally, they’re both able to realize their feelings. Luna confesses that she loves him too and the both of them kiss. After that, they realize the same thing that happened to Luna, may happen to Airi. And if it does, eventually another person with the blood of “Alice” will appear in the white world and the cycle will repeat. So, Snow asks Luna if she wants to stay in the black world or go back to the white world.

White end


Luna decides that its best they go back to the white world. Snow tells her it is always possible that Airi will avoid awakening to her powers and going mad. So they’ll hold onto that faith and know Rain will look after the new queen, Airi. After Luna gets Snow to drink her blood, they head to the castle and encounter Rain who immediately tries to stop them. But thanks to Luna’s blood, Snow cuts Rain down and tells him they’re going to the white world and never come back to the black world again. When Snow and Luna get back to the white world, they graduate from high school and Snow becomes a botanist and has his own botanical garden. He made it to look like the blaxk world for Luna, who’s his assisstant. He asks to marry her and promises he’s all she needs and doesn’t care about the black world anymore.

Black end


Luna decides she doesn’t want to leave Airi to share the same fate as the previous queens. So she wants to find the missing page with Snow. Meanwhile, Luna’s stomach growls so they decide to take a break and eat the candies that they had before. This reminds Snow of what Kanon told him about the evening being banished in the black world by his ancestor and how there used to be one. Snow then realizes that the page in the book disappeared because it represented the evening. And so when the evening was gone, so was the page. So if they they get the evening back in the black world, the page will most likely be restored. This would take an extraordinary amount of power though so Luna tells Snow to drink her blood.


After drinking a large amount of her blood. He uses his power to regain the evening that was lost in the black world. Everyone in the black world is in shock by the red sky so they’ve stopped chasing after Snow and Luna. The page that was lost then reappears in the book basically revealing that the secret to peace in the black world is both queens reigning. As in the two lights inbetween night and day, twilight, being the answer. When Snow and Luna go back to the castle, Rain apologizes for his actions and tells them they’re welcome to punish him to the death penalty for his actions. However, Airi intervenes and defends Rain. But Snow forgives him of course as well as Luna knowing that he only did what he did for the sake of his country.

So as a punishment, Luna tells Rain he must end all of his sentences with “pyon” (lmaoooo im dying omfg) which Rain finds absolutely ridiculous and says maybe the death penalty would’ve been better after all LMAO. That night, Luna goes back to her old room. Airi comes to visit her in her room and talk with her since they never had a real conversation until now. Luna asks if Airi is okay with staying in the black world and Airi tells her she was anxious about it at first but now that Luna is with her she feels better. She also realizes that Luna and Snow are a thing which gets her embarrassed. Luna then teases Airi about her having Rain and she gets embarrassed as well ((well obvs we know Snow/Luna and Airi/Rain are canon in each other’s routes lol)). So Airi decides to sleep with Luna that night.


On the day of their ceremony and official announcement as queens, both Airi and Luna are crowned as queens of the black world. After that, they have a celebration party with everyone congratulating them. Even Miu and Nazuna are taken there by Snow who told them they were dreaming and won’t remember anything when returning to the white world. In addition, Snow never actually killed the gardener and he was actually in hiding the entire time. He faked his death and if they never found a solution to Luna coming back to the black world, Snow was going to have him sent to the white world. So after formally greeting Luna, she tells him to plant all kinds of flowers instead of just roses.


In the epilogue, Snow and Luna walk in the forest alone together since they don’t get a lot of alone time together. Luna brings up them staying in the same room but realizes what that means and remembers what Minette told her about looking forward to them having children. HOWEVER, Luna’s idea of having children is when you sleep together a dodo appears and gives you the baby ((Oh My SiDEs!!!!)). Snow is so mindblown he immediately changes the conversation. So they sit by a flower bed and Snow makes Luna a clover necklace and proposes to her.

Black Bad end


Luna decides she wants to stay in the black world but she wants to discuss with Airi about everything in hopes that they can find a solution together. So her and Snow sneak into the castle towards Airi’s room. But once they make it there, Rain stabs Snow and kills him. He declares he’ll end it all here and kills Luna too.

White Bad end

Luna decides she’ll go back to the white world. But whem she and Snow sneak into the castle, Rain kills Snow but Luna escapes into the white world. After that, Luna works with Asagi to get revenge on Rain by killing him and dominating the black world.

Thoughts: I honestly didn’t think I’d like Snow that much but I ended up liking his route a lot?? I mean, he’s not my fave but I really liked his route and the outcome of it. His black end was so satisfying and we got to see Airi and Luna bond (it was so cute!!!). Also, it clearly indicated that Snow/Luna & Airi/Rain are like the canon couples. Especially when you unlock the… epilogue?? extra scene thingy. His route was clearly more wrapped up nicely plot wise compared to Rain. However, him killing the gardener really fucking confused me because the image used clearly indicated Nello killed him but apparently it was faked so idek I thought it was kinda dumb. Luna really made this route better honestly because she’s so full of pride and Snow just smothers the girl like her mama. Also Rain stop trying to kill your fucking family god dammit.   That bad end seriously depressed me like RAIN WHY?????? STOP IT. ALSO CONFIRMED THAT LUNA DOESNT KNOW WHERE BABIES COME FROM. I was laughing so hard at Snow’s reaction like, I guess you’re gonna have to show her?? eh///?? ?? Eh ??? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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