7’Scarlet – Yuzuki Murakumo + Secret Route


Yuzuki (CV: ) is the owner of the hotel. He’s the only son of Murakumo family; the most influential family in Okunezato. He treats most of the staff coldly and doesn’t show much emotion.


Ichiko enters Yuzuki’s room to help clean. She ends up spotting him arranging flowers. He tells her that his grandmother taught him how to before she died. He then kicks her out of the room and tells her to get back to work. The next day, Ichiko is forced to give Yuzuki his meal by Yuki. So she goes up to his room and lets herself in. She opens the door to find Yuzuki half naked lmao. Apparently he was trying to change into his yutaka. Ichiko realizes he has a bad fever so she decides to take care of him and feed him porridge lol. That night, she nurses him to good health and manages to get his fever down.


The next day, Ichiko overhears Yuzuki arguing with his father. She doesn’t know why though and Yuzuki refuses to tell her anymore. That night, Ichiko ends up getting lost and spots the vigilante group running around looking for someone. Yuzuki, dressed as a member of their group, grabs Ichiko and hides her. He tells her to forget everything she saw and to make sure she doesn’t let herself get seen. Ichiko tries to question it, but Yuzuki doesn’t tell her and just says its for her own sake. The next day, Ichiko goes into Yuzuki’s room to find it was ransacked by Karasuma. He ends up knocking her out with a handkerchief to her mouth (prob with chloroform lmao).

When Ichiko wakes up she’s in an abandoned shack with no one there. She hears someone break open the door and Yuzuki manages to find her and help her. Unfortunately, Yuzuki is suddenly knocked from behind by Karasuma who appeared again. He ties him up and forces him to listen as he tells Ichiko the truth about him and the vigilante group and how they kill the undead. Yuzuki finally speaks and tells him that Tsuzuri, his wife that was killed, was an undead. Karasuma starts beating him up again telling him they just kill innocent people but then Yuzuki finally speaks about the truth of what happened.


Yuzuki and the vigilante group were persuing a woman who’s another undead. Yuzuki managed to find her and she promised she wouldn’t kill anyone if he let her go. Regardless, her last request was to make a phone call. She called her husband, Karasuma and told her feelings for the last time. She told him to forget about her and live his life to the fullest. Soon the vigilante call out to Yuzuki so Tsuzuri has to hang up. She thanked Yuzuki for helping her and that her role has ended so she doesn’t mind dying. Yuzuki tried to save her regardless, but the vigilante ended up finding her and Yuzuki was no longer the leader of the group. After despairing, Karasuma lets Yuzuki go and tells him that the “congratulations” she said at the end of the call to him was for him publishing his first novel.

On their way back, Ichiko asks how the undead are ridden of. He explains that normally they would bring them close to fire and salt them in order to rid them. Their body glows and scatters into what looks like purple petals. Although, Yuzuki’s mindset on the dead are different after Tsuzuri. He believes they spawn by clinging desperately to life and can only truly pass on after accepting their death. Otherwise, they’ll continue to live by killing other people. What Yuzuki wants is to have these people accept their deaths and to move on. So they both head back to the hotel as if nothing happened.

A few days later, Ichiko encounters Yuzuki one night and they look at the stars together. Ichiko starts to feel sentimental about her brother and starts crying saying she hasn’t been able to do anything to find him. Yuzuki comforts her by hugging her and telling her she’s wrong. He says he’ll help find her brother and Ichiko basically realizes she probably likes Yuzuki lol. The next day, Yuzuki and Ichiko decide to look for clues about her brother together. They end up talking to Yasu and he explains that her brother came to visit the town a year ago. He raised suspicions among the vigilante for saying he was a traveler but knowing so much about the town. Which is why they kept a close eye on him. They saw him head into the forbidden valley filled with flowers. But by the time the vigilante arrived, he disappeared and no traces of him were found.


After that, another dead body from the vigilante group was found so Yuzuki decides to investigate. Ichiko who was worried doesn’t end up hearing from Yuzuki until one night where he knocks on her door. He tells her to meet him outside and they go to his father’s place. Ichiko ends up asking so many questions that Yuzuki mimics her voice and wonders why the hell she asks so many questions and wants her to just be quiet and follow him lmao. When they meet with Yuzuki’s father he basically rambles how Yuzuki has been nothing but a disappointment after losing his position as leader of their vigilante group.

Ichiko says fuck it and back talks Yuzuki’s father, telling him he’s wrong about Yuzuki. She believes Yuzuki is trying to protect their town by saving the dead and allowing them to “return to the dead” rather than exterminate them. Ichiko leaves (rather dramatically lmao) after calling Yuzuki’s dad “father” After that, Yuzuki is all embarrassed by how Ichiko totally stood up for him and gets shy but mutters he’s happy. Ichiko tries to get him to repeat what he said but he gets sulky and grumpy about it lol. She also mentions how she thought he was taking her out on a date and Yuzuki flips out saying that it’d be strange of him to suddenly call her out on a date in the middle of the night lmao.

On the night of the concert, Ichiko decides to wait in the hotel for Yuzuki. While waiting, Kagura comes by and greets her. He starts acting strange and shows her pictures he took of her with a red glow in her eyes. He explains she’s a rare type of albino which is why the vigilante have been watching her closely ever since she came to Okunezato. He tells her that by killing her, he’ll have eternal life and will no longer have to keep killing to stay alive since he’s an undead. He starts laughing hysterically and chasing her with a knife. Thankfully, Yuzuki arrives and saves her. Another man appears dressed in the vigilante clothing and ties Kagura up while heading to the forest.

When they arrive in the forest, Yuzuki decides there’s no comprising with Kagura since he merely killed for satisfaction so they caught to rid of him rather than let him return on his own. The man in the clothing removes it to reveal he was actualy Sousuke. Hoping to get revenge on his father, he decides to ask Kagura why he murdered him. Although, while Kagura admits to killing, he was only ever interested in killing women and didn’t kill Sousuke’s father. While Sousuke is in shock from hearing this, Kagura manages to escape from his ropes since Sousuke is bad at tying them and stab Yuzuki in the stomach.


Just before Kagura can kill Yuzuki, Karasuma appears and stabs Kagura in the leg. He manages to make him disappear by throwing a match at him as he fades away into purple petals. Yuzuki asks why Karasuma helped him and he explains that it was because he allowed his wife to give him her final words and congratulate him. He tells him they’ll most likely never meet again and says goodbye before thanking him. Meanwhile, Ichiko stays with Yuzuki to keep him awake while Sousuke gets a first aid to treat him. He tells her he didn’t believe he was qualified to love someone so he kept his distance from Ichiko but ended up falling in love with her. They both end up kissing and confessing but soon after they both end up falling unconscious.


When Ichiko wakes up, she’s in a hospital room. She finds out her brother is dead and when Yuki tells her that Yuzuki woke up, she runs to his hospital room and hugs him. She tells him about her brothers death and how sad she is about it. Yuzuki realizes that humans may be weak but need someone to be there when times are tough. So he promises to always be with her and fill the hole in her heart from losing her brother. She asks what his regret was before he fell unconscious and he tells her it was that he wouldn’t be able to kiss her anymore lol. So they kiss and both tell each other how much they love each other. In the normal end, Yuzuki ends up dying and Ichiko stays cooped up in the hotel to mourn his death.


Thoughts: YUZUKIIII you were such an ass at first but of course you just have to warm up to him. All I could hear (thanks to Miki Shinichiro) was Hijikata while playing this route. I really liked how forceful Ichiko was in terms of Yuzuki’s sass (she wasn’t gonna have itttt). She also back talked his dad which was pretty good. Yuzuki was so cute though omg hes tsun in the best way. In regards to the plot of the route, it definitely reveals a lot and finally learn about why the hell Karasuma is so damn bitter. Although, I do wish we could’ve saw more backstory with Yuzuki. I felt like they built it up for a flashback to how their secret vigilante group started but, meh. I guess Yuzuki is literally the only one that Ichiko didn’t meet when she visited Okunezato. But gosh Kagura is such a POS pls go away forever.


Hanate (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) is Ichiko’s “older brother”, or rather, that’s what Ichiko was meant to believe. Ichiko gets a letter that is addressed to her with no sender. It tells her to meet her in the tunnel and trust no body and so she goes there alone. She ends up getting attacked by Kagura but oniichan–Hanate saves her by kicking his ass and running out of the tunnel with her. She hugs him and asks where the hell he’s been and he apologizes again and again. Finally, he starts to explain to Ichiko his circumstances and the truth of the undead.

12 years ago Hanate was reborn as a dead person. And, year after year red flowers bloomed in the forbidden forest full of purple flowers. The red flowers determine how many undead will awaken so Hanate would watch as the vigilante group formed and started to eliminate the dead. Also, the undead can only see in monochrome and can only see the purple flowers and blood in color. And due to a certain power he obtained, he was able to discern the dead and didn’t have cravings to kill as he continued to live. The reason for this is because he was able to kill a certain “bait” that gave him eternal life without having cravings to kill. So basically, he’s been living more thousands of years.

One day, he followed a woman who came back to life as she wandered around just for the hell of it and mere interest. He noticed she bought a kitchen knife so he knew she was going to look for her first target. As he followes her, he noticed he spotted a little girl drawing on the ground with chalk. That girl was Ichiko, who was one of the “baits” that allow them to live eternally. Luckily for this woman, her first target was Ichiko. Suddenly, Hanate gets an urge to save Ichiko and comes out from hiding to distract Ichiko from the woman. He pretends to be delivering around the area (since he’s acting as a deliver man) and introduces himself as Hanate to Ichiko. She called him oniichan which stuck and so thats how they first met.

Soon the vigilante group started to notice Ichiko and how she was a sort of “bait” for the undead because one of their undead captives spilled the beans on their secret. They ended up calling the special people “albinos” because the way to distinguish them was the reddish pigment in their eyes when a picture was taken of her. This is what drew all the undead to her because they could see the red in her eyes. As time passed, Hanate wished for the safety of Ichiko. He also realized he and the bed of flowers were essentially the same and if they were to wither he’d die and vice versa.

One day, he came to visit Ichiko again and apparently Kagura had been watching her since she was a kid (creepy dude) and even threw her into a river. Hanate managed to save her but decided to town is way to dangerous for her to stay in. So he decided to take her out of Okunezato and back home. He had a sort of power that allowed him to alter memories of those around him. So he made her believe he was her brother until she grew up to her current age. He started to get anxious about the flower field since its basically his life force, and headed back to the town before telling Hino to promise to protect Ichiko. Ichiko actually met Hino in Okunezato but forgot because Hanate got rid of Ichiko’s memories of the town.

However, when Hanate went back he was knocked out and imprisoned by the vigilante group. They tortured him and interrogated him, asking who he was and where he came from, but he wouldn’t talk. They even tried looking for undead markings but because he killed a “bait” the markings disappeared. As a year passed, it was then he heard about Ichiko coming back to Okunezato and escaped his captivity to find her. Ichiko is in disbelief at first but starts to remember more memories with him. She hugs him and says as long as he’s with him she doesn’t need anything else. Hanate then tells her about Kagura and how he threw her into a river when she was young (this is why she was scared of swimming).


Kagura died then came back to life and been targeting her ever since thanks go the Iwanagahime curse. Flowers continue to bloom and more undead appear since Ichiko still lives (this is why the undead were much more frequent as Ichiko continued to live) They notice Toa and Yua talking outside and Hanate tells Ichiko that Toa is actually a dead person and is looking for a place to die. He also warns her that they can’t go back home since Kagura knows where she lives. They both finallg confess they wanna be together forever and even if Ichiko becomes all old, Hanate will still stay with her.

After sleeping, Hanate wakes Ichiko up to leave since he can sense they’re being chased by Kagura. They head up the hill to try and escape via another route. Hanate decides to show Ichiko the flowers since she can smell them from a distance so they head into the cavern that leads to the purple flower field. Unfortunately, Kagura was waiting there as he tracked them down. He starts trying to coerce Hanate for him to let him kill Ichiko so they can become eternal brothers lol. But Hanate is all nope and realizes the only way to keep Ichiko safe is to rid of what is cursing her, the flower field, which is essentially his own life. He tries to set it on fire but Kagura stops him and they end up in scuffle. As Hanate manages to pin Kagura down, he yells at Ichiko to set the flowers on fire.


Ichiko can’t do it though, so suddenly Hino appears and grabs the matches. He lights the match and throws it onto the flowers. Kagura screams and disappears since the flowers are connected to all the undead. Hanate also started to disappear. Ichiko called out to him as they held each other (Hino also silently left to give them privacy lol). Hanate says he’s no longer needed since Hino’s grown and has the power to protect her. He also says she’ll forget all the bad memories now. They kiss as he starts fading and says he loved her. Ichiko says he’ll never forget him though and he disappears. After that, Ichiko is crying in the forest with Hino but doesn’t know why. In the epilogue, Ichiko leaves her house thinks she hears a voice saying “have a safe trip” before she leaves. It then shows a purple flower growing in her garden.

Thoughts: Ngl, I’m not sure how I felt about Hanate. I liked his personality (he wasnt a creepy oniichan route) but his route was so much text/flashback and not enough actual content. The whole story basically revolved around him (because he’s the reason Ichiko went back to Okunezato) and yet his route seemed very rushed and it was too much information all at once imo. I think it would’ve been better if there was more build-up cause the romance was just so quick and from the reader’s point of view its harder to see why Ichiko would fall for her onii-chan so fast but, okay… I also am not a fan of the oniichan routes so I guess that doesn’t help. I also don’t understand after living so damn long why Hanate wanted to suddenly protect Ichiko which it doesn’t explain. He just sort of has this random urge to protect her from the rest of the zombies. Makes me wonder what he was doing in other routes while he was held captive. Its not like he was dead the entire time… just captured. IN ADDITION, the boy doesn’t even get a happy end SO WHY BOTHER Ughhh. Honestly, I think I would’ve been fine if Hanate’s route was just part of Yuzuki’s as the canon route. He fades away in the flames anyway. Also thanks for letting me know how much of a creepy shit Kagura is lmaooo.

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