7’Scarlet – Sousuke Tatehira


Sousuke (CV: Sawashiro Chiharu) is a (megane) medical student who relies on logic and is very book-smart. He often makes jokes but no one can ever tell unless he mentions it was a joke lol.

Ichiko invites Sousuke to go to the festival with her so she meets him in the library. He talks about what he was reading (which was too difficult for Ichiko to understand) then tells her he hopes to find out what is so fun about the festival. When they go there though Ichiko suggests some food to eat and Sousuke keeps saying he can’t eat any of it lmao. Eventually they go to a gold fish scooping stall and Ichiko shows Sousuke how to scoop goldfish.


Sousuke finds it amusing and ends up overthinking the entire concept in order to do it. He ends up figuring it out and winning them goldfish. Ichiko asks if Sousuke is having fun since he never smiles often but he tells her that he indeed is having fun. So after Sousuke tries some of Ichiko’s candy and makes a kid cry due to his insensitive comments lmao. They then go back to the hotel together and Sousuke tells Ichiko he doesn’t mind helping her find her brother.

One day Sousuke decides to help Ichiko find clues about her brother. They go near the shrine and hear a commotion so Sousuke gets her to hide in the shrine with him. They end up in a questionable position so Ichiko is very self conscious about it lol. Sousuke sees the commotion but doesn’t tell Ichiko and tells her to stay quiet and look away. After that, Ichiko is anxious about Sousuke who isn’t present when Yuki tells everyone there was another incident. He suggests they disband their occult group and be wary of the incidents occuring.


Next day Ichiko is worried about Sousuke so she decides to visit the forbidden area in the mountains. She searches until dawn but doesnt find anything. She’s encounters the vigilante group who demand answers as to why she came to a forbidden area. Sousuke appears and intervenes and they resist quietly. After that, Sousuke tells Ichiko that he used to go into the forbidden mountains as a child and actually grew up in Okunezato and left when he got to high school. He cut ties with his family though and only came back to see how things were. In addition, he tells her that the person who died that night was his father.

That night Sousuke tells Ichiko about his past regarding his father. He snuck out one night to see where his father went. He caught him dragging a man out of a diner and saying he’s going to get rid of him. Sousuke was too scared to follow him to the mountains but heard the man screaming. After that, Sousuke got lost and was soon found by his father. After that though, their relationship was never the same and Sousuke couldn’t understand why his kind father would kill someone and still live a normal life.


The next morning both Ichiko and Sousuje go to a cafe together to discuss the rest of his story. He tells Ichiko that the day after his father killed someone he went to the forbidden mountains to search for clues. He ended up in a field of purple flowers and saw someone there. The man looked as if he was a dead man living and had made eye contact with Sousuke. This terrified Sousuke so he ended up running away as fast as he could. He told her the man looked like her brother, based on Ichiko’s description although is unsure and has no solid proof. They also find out another body was found by the mountains.

The next morning Sousuke suggests going to the forbidden mountains to search the area alone. Ichiko decides screw though and ends up going after him. Unfortunately, Ichiko ends up getting lost after someone seemingly cut her thread she tied around a tree to track the direction she was going in. Once she gets scared, Sousuke suddenly appears and scares the bejesus outta her. Sousuke is surprised she followed him but is thankful she’s okay and hugs her after getting sentimental about his dad. After that, they encounter the vigilante group that they saw before. Sousuke hears them talking about his father, Shinryuu. He demands answers and since he’s the son of Shinryuu they decide they’ll meet him at night to reveal the truth to him.


That night, they go to the Murakumo mansion and meet Yuzuki’s father, Kyouji, the leader of their clan. He tells them about the vigilante group known as the Shisougumi, a group that rids the “living dead”. Not many people know this and the dead always revive within the rainy season of the year with no explanation as to why. However, they all were victims that were part of their vigilante group. Kyouji then asks why Ichiko is here and she explains about her missing brother. He then shows her a notebook he found with her brother’s name on it, Hanate. He figures he was most likely killed by the dead but no body was found. So, he asks the both of them to think about joining their group so to take revenge on the dead and warns Ichiko that she’ll be targeted.


That night, like Kyouji predicts, Ichiko is attacked in the middle of the night. She ends up running to her room and locking it. Its then Sousuke hears her scream and yells at her to open the door. When she does, she immediately hugs him, terrified of what just happened. After that, he stays in her room and she explains what happened. She believes the culprit is in the hotel since the doors were locked from the outside. Ichiko still wants to help Sousuke find the culprit though and they embrace on the bed after Sousuke confesses he’s fallen in love with her.


Sousuke and Ichiko finally decide they should cooperate with the vigilante group. Back at the hotel they have a going away party for Hino and Kagura leaving the town. They start discussing the incident and how there may be a culprit among them. Karasuma then appears and demands that they show proof they’re not an undead murdering people. This leads to Yuki suggesting they play a game to proof why none of them are undead. Sousuke manages to narrow it down to Kagura since he was the only one who had to unlock his door when returning to his room after the attack since he wasn’t there in the first place. Kagura keeps trying to lie but ends up slipping out that he heard the bell of the clock but the one on the 2nd floor is broken so he could only mean the one on the 1st floor, meaning he was there when Ichiko was attacked.


Kagura finally stops hiding and pulls out a knife, laughing hysterically. Yasu called the vigilante group so they appear to restrain Kagura. He ends up breaking free though and tries to stab Ichiko. Sousuke manages to push her aside and take a stab in the shoulder instead. Kagura is finally restrained but when Sousuke tries to ask if he killes his father, he doesn’t give him an answer. A few days later, Sousuke’s injury heals since it wasn’t a serious injury. Ichiko and Sousuke go to the mountains and Sousuke tells Ichiko about the time he helped her when she was young and lost in the forest. He shows her a flowerbed of purple flowers and they kiss. In the normal end, Ichiko and Sousuke exchange numbers and promise to go on a date for scones lol.


Thoughts: IM SO CONFLICTED CAUSE I WAS ON THE FENCE ABOUT HIM BEING MY FAVE BUT… idk. His route would’ve needed more content with him to be my fave. Sousuke reminded me so much of Kent (but why am I not surprised). I was hoping for more romance scenes with him and I definitely felt like he didn’t get enough. The most fluff part was Sousuke and Ichiko at the summer festival. Not to mention most of these routes were pretty short in the first place but, eh. Its the route that reveals more plot though so I think in that sense its more interesting than Hino & Isora’s. I just wish there was more content cause this boy is just so quirky. I can imagine more scenes with him being great.

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