悠久のティアブレイド Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Fragments of Memory- Summary/Review


The FD for the original game that takes place both in-between and after. There’s “fragments” of the past which is in between 30,000 years or so, “after stories” for all original characters, and then there’s an “Eclipse” story which takes place after the “True End”.  There’s some fragments that I kind of skimmed over since it seemed irrelevant but I summed up some more plot orientated stuff.

non-spoiler thoughts



Row is the commander of his base and has Eve by his side. Although there has been shortage in food lately. Aina’s mind ( who is now in Cradle’s previous body) tells Row and Eve about an unfamiliar signal they’ve received. It’s located on the moon in an area called the “quiet waters” from the golden age. So basically, Aina wants to explore the moon and find out what exactly this unknown signal is. So she already gets the Tierblade ready and Eve mentions how she doesn’t want to involve her sister aka the other Eve who now lives in the slums with Sud and the others. So they depart a few days later on the Tierblade.

After setting the Tierblade on autopilot, Eve gets out her homemade lunch for her and Row to enjoy while Aina makes a comment on how they brought too much stuff acting like its a vacation lmao. After that, they finally reach the moon and spot a temple rather than civilization. Soon they encounter unfamiliar readings and a Tierblade appears with an unfamiliar man piloting it. He immediately attacks them so they try to fight him off. However, its too strong and even when they use their nanomachines, the man using the other Tierblade also uses nanomachines which shocks them. They realize its definitely a model powerful model unknown to them and they’re no match for it.


So they end up getting blast by the unknown Tierblade. When Eve wakes up, she and Row can’t move as their nanomachines slowly regenerate their bodies. The man comes out of the cockpit and kicks Row yelling at him to wake up and uses his nanomachines to get Row conscious. In the end, he takes Row, Eve, and Aina with him. Not knowing what his objective, Eve believes it has to do with the fact they have nanomachines. And because the other Eve has them too, she’s worried she may be targeted as well. So Eve tells Aina to activate tierblade to go back to earth as they’re taken away by the mysterious man. When Eve wakes up, she’s greeted by a man named Elysion (エリシオン) who is an AI that governs the moon. He puts Eve to sleep and told to unlock the fragments of her memory.



1015 – Gill saves Eve after her parents were killed in an attack. He persuades the union to keep her with them and promises to become a true knight that will protect her.

1017 – Row and Eve meet

1023 – Else’s past and how she joined the knights.


1024 – Row trains with Frou to become stronger.

Eclipse 2


Eve is now living with Sud and Atharva. But as per usual, Sud is continuing to do tasks without getting proper pay for them. Because of this, Atharva gets super salty at him for drying out their expenses 😂. Unfortunately they’re running out of food supply and have to work harder to grow things. Eve then offers to help out as well so no one starves and Yajur suddenly speaks up telling everyone to stfu and better get some shit done or Sud’ll have to sell his organs to get money lmao. That night, Eve has a dream of Neosphere and ends up seeing a vision of what happened with older Eve and Row. She gets a bad feeling about it so she goes outside thinking they may be on the moon.

Cradle appears and asks why she’s up so late. She tells him about her dream and he seemingly acts like he knows something but tries to lie. Suddenly, there’s a loud crash after something falling. Sud, Atharva and Yajur all wake up to go find out the source of the crash. When they arrive at the site they find Row’s Tierblade. But the cockpit is empty and both Row and Eve aren’t in it. This leads Eve to suspect her dream was right so she gets Cradle to reveal the mission Row and older Eve went on to go to the moon. So, Eve decides she’s going to go there and help her sister. Everyone else immediately jumps on the bandwagon and agrees to go with her (while Yajur gives a tsun reason). 😂

So a few days later Sud and the gang use Row’s Tierblade to go to the moon. With six bodies they all end up crammed in the cockpit with Sud piloting and all their luggage having no where to go lol. Finally, after a week they manage to get to the moon and find the same temple that was in Eve’s dream and Sud, Atharva, Yajur, Eve and older Cradle all cautiously head inside. As they go further inside the temple they soon hear rumbling. Cradle reports black nanomachines outside of the temple and they start attacking the temple which ends up making the ceiling break and rubble falling everywhere.



When Eve wakes up she finds just her and Sud while everyone else is split up. They decide to keep going since the path back is closed while hoping the others are okay. On their way down, Sud decides they should take a break since they’ve been walking for so long. Sud insists that Eve rests while he keeps watch but then Eve protests since she can just use her nanomachines to keep herself less tired. Sud then talks about how he feels unreliable like how her nanomachines protect her but he hasn’t been able to. Eve assures him that it was thanks to him she’s alive but Sud thinks about how things may have been different had he won in the battle 3,000 years ago or had been as strong as Gill. He apologies for being all depressing and decides to rest.

After that, Eve finally manages to use the communicator to speak with Atharva and the others who are also heading further in the temple from a different path. Cradle tells her they’re almost at the bottom of the temple so they tell each other they’ll meet them there. Suddenly the black nanomachines come back so Eve and Sud keep running forward until they reach a large door. Unfortunately, it’s locked but then the same man in Eve’s dream appears and makes the nanomachines disperse. Eve tries to ask about her sister and Row but he ignores her and challenges Sud to fight him instead.

They duke it out for a bit until Sud starts to remember something while fighting him. Eventually he gets the upper hand and knocks the guy on his knees. But he just gets up again after his nanomachines heal him. Sud then comforts him and says he remembers training with him before and his real name is “Yuri”, one of the Union Knights No. 11 who was in charge of Gill. The man confirms he is but no longer goes by that name and now calls himself “Dezoid”. He remembers Sud though and he tells him how Gill always thought of him as a lucky charm because it was his “luck” that got him where he is. In the end, he uses up his nanomachines and disappears but before that he tells him Row and the other Eve will be fine and gives Sud access to use his Tierblade. So Sud uses the Tierblade to fly out of the temple and off of the moon.



Artharva gets split up with Eve and they end up hiding in a room from the black nanomachines. They find a dead body with a sort of machine from the Golden Age next to him. When they look at it, it shows a projection of the universe and a planet. This makes Artharva sentimental about those who lived are forgotten and then remembers a diary he got from his brother, Rig. He never wrote anything in it because he lived the same life but now he realizes what it was for. Eve takes the opportunity to take it from him and try and draw Rig. He tells her she’s completely wrong in his appearance though and Eve confirms that even though they’ll forget everything and die someday, Artharva still has his memories now. They then meet with the mysterious AI named Elypsion before more nanomachines appear. He claims he’s “related” to Arcadia but his atmosphere is completely different. Regardless, he helps protect them from the black nanomachines and they’re saved by a Tierblade controlled by Sud.



Eve and Yajur get split up from Sud and co. so they walk for hours down the temple until they decide to rest. Eve talkd to Yajur about how Yajur hates her sister because she and her family basically killed his comrade in war. He explains he won’t forgive her but he’s not looking for forgiveness either and he’s not out to kill her anymore. So after they nap, they walk down the temple again. Suddenly, the man named Dezoid appears and attacks Yajur out of nowhere. He taunts him to kill him but Yajur doesn’t do it because he knows thats what he wants. Dezoid finally stops fighting and gives Yajur the ring to his Tierblade to give to Sud. When they summon it, they leave.

Fragments II


4012 – Sud keeps telling Eve what she’s doing is too dangerous since she’s a girl and Sud says it over and over again making Eve annoyed he’s saying he’s worried because she’s a girl. Sud doesn’t realize this at first until he consults Cradle. He then apologizes to Eve and says he was honestly worriee because she’s “Eve” not because she’s a girl. She forgives him and he falls into the lake with her lmao.


4012 – Atharva can’t sleep so he goes into the woods to find Eve there. He tells her about how certain sounds can make you feel calm like a “hearbeat” so Eve listens to his heart and falls asleep lol


4012 – Yajur tells Eve he gets jelly of her treating Sud and Atharva so nicely so he wants to get some love too lmao. He tries to explain his jealousy and Eve decides she’ll pet his head to make him feel loved lmao. Yajur laughs at her and tells her to only do that for him.


4025 – Row and past Eve visit Atharva’s home where he was confined and had cloned brothers. Row promises to someday convey his condolences to Atharva and thank him for finding Eve in the first place.


4025 – Row and past Eve visit Sud and co. to help farm. Row has difficulty with doing manual labor which is the price he pays for being immortal because he can’t grow any more muscle than he already has. He also can’t grow taller either which Sud makes a comment on lol. So imouto Eve decides to help out and ends up getting dirt on her face. Row points it out, then suddenly Sud, Atharva, and Cradle are all saying they’ll help remove it. In the end, Row wipes it off for her and when she thanks him, he blushes. Everyone notices this and gets bitter af saying he’s two timing because he already has past Eve (lmaooo). He denies it though and says its instinct when obviously she looks so much like his Eve and wants to protect them both. Yajur burns Row hard after saying he tried to kill her though, making Row feel like ass but thankfully Eve tells him its okay considering his circumstances.


4025 – Eve and past Eve decide to hold a celebration party for Carmine for his promotion. They eat lots of good food that he’s never had before while in the military lmao.

4025 – Atharva and Sud end up arguing because Sud accidentally gave some canned food to kids not knowing it was his. So they argue for a while while everyone bets on who’ll win. In the end, they end up knocking over one of Eve’s treasures so Eve gets pissed at both of them and kicks their asses lmao.

4025 – Carmine brings alchohol while visiting Yajur and the others. No else has ever tried it so they all gain an interest it. Yajur is all lol dont give alcohol to the kids but they all prove they’re of age and Eve even says she’s 3000 years old (making a valid point lmao 😂) decide to share it after Carmine makes them a hearty meal.

Eclipse part 3

Eve and Row wake up after seeing many memories of the past. Elypsion, the AI that has been governing the moon, explains about how the nanomachines have invaded his quantum circuit and once they fully take over, they’ll fully eradicate humanity. So in order to stop it, he wants Row and Eve to help him toss his core into the sun where the nanomachines won’t be able to regenerate. Meanwhile, Sud and co. fend off the nanomachines with no idea what the heck to do. Suddenly they’re contacted by Aina and one of the previous models of Cradle, called Cradle ONE, who tells them that Row and past Eve are heading to the core so they need to fend off the black nanomachines in order to give them time to destroy the quantium circuit with the nanomachines corrupting it.

Row and Eve head to where Elypsion’s Quantum circuit is and find a giant mass being corrupted by black nanomachines. Aina realizes that a ton of data of Elypsion is still within his QS. In other words, destroying his QS will mean killing him. Elypsion then appears and tells them he’d hope to deceive them until then. He didn’t want them to hesitate in tossing his QS into the sun so he lied. This leads to Eve and Row not agreeing to having him sacrifice himself so Row comes up with a plan. He contacts Sud and co. and tells them what has happened so far and they all agree they’d rather not have a sacrifice be made.

So while Sud and co. try and fend off the black nanomachines, they get bombarded with more attacks and can’t fend it off any longer. Not until suddenly Eve hears the same voice in her dream and powers from the Neosphere react to the Tierblade. Suddenly it converts the Neosphere’s power into Tierblade and creates a new form called “Orbital Tierblade” instead of “Eclipse”. Because of this new power and Eve and Row weakening them, they finally manage to wipe put the black nanomachines. Meanwhile, Row and Eve are holding hands near the core and converted a third of the erosion of the nanomachines into their own body to temporarily stop it. Elypsion tells them they just delayed the inevitable since it’ll start happening again in 1,000 years but Row and Eve decided they’re going to try and find a way to stop it until then.

Eclipse Epilogue


Row and Eve are living on the moon while learning new things about the Golden Age from Elysion/Cradle One ao they can try and figure out a way to stop the nanomachines from going out of control. Aina tells Row and Eve she spotted another signal like before but this time its in a direction of where Eve’s older brother, Gill, went. Aina decides she wants to leave and explore since she’s in the body to do so. Eve doesn’t like that she’s leaving and almost saw her as a mother figure, but Aina reveals she made a promise with her brother that she’d protect her until she was able to live on her own. When she asks if she still needs her, Eve finally realizes she doesn’t and bids her farewell.

Earth Epilogue


Eve is living like a normal human being now that she’s sealed her nanomachines into Tierblade. She’s also still living with her harem, Sud and co. but now doesn’t have to worry about world destruction! But she promised Eve she’d live normally instead of destroying her if something happened within the next 1,000 years. In the very last epilogue, 1,000 years later, a girl is being chased by dark nanomachines and is saved by a boy in the Orbital Tierblade. He looks like a Row/Eve hybrid (so their son maybe) and tells her he’ sorry he’s late and gives her his hand.

After Stories


Sud (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) – Eve decides since her hair is super long anyway and she wants a sort of “resolve” she gets Sud to cut her hair next to the Tierblade. After that, it’s been about a year since Eve left the Neosphere. Now she’s living with orphan kids while Sud works hard in the fields with his brother to grow new crops from the seeds they got from the Neosphere. Unfortunately for Sud and Eve, they haven’t been able to see each other as much because of this. Not only that, but whenever Sud tries to get her to notice him, she doesn’t realize it lmao.


So that night Sud’s brother persuades Sud to talk to Eve and try and spend more time with her. He invites her to his room and asks how she’s been doing. They both continue to praise each other for their hard work but then Sud decides to invite Eve out the next day. Before they can do anything else though, otouto cockblocks them lmao. He tells Sud Carmine has contacted him and when Sud talks to him privately, he reveals the army is headed to his town. After being told this, Sud wakes up from a nightmare of the town being destroyed by the military.


So Sud meets with Eve to go on their date together. They visits lots of shops and Eve collects more “garbage” lol. After that, Eve thanks Sud for taking her out and Sud feels bad he hasn’t spent a lot of time together. Eve tells him to show his ring though and he shows him hers saying the ring is a form of their bond and how they’re always connected. She kisses him on the cheek and has her ring touch his. Sud then says he wanted to kiss on the lips but just as they’re about to… They’re cockblocked by otouto again. He tells them its urgent though and go home with him.

Apparently the military is headed towards their town for what Sud tells them to “secure personnel” because with Arcadia gone, they lack soldiers produced and have to grab people from their town. So Sud helps to defend their town and manage to fend off some soldiers. Unfortunately, its only a temporary measure and Sud can’t guarantee the safety of all citizens. Suddenly some random guy or war veteran or whatever tells Sud he should use his Tierblade. Albeit it was broken he suggests having mechanics fix it up. Sud, having no other option, decides to have them attempt to do so with fighting as a last resort.


One day as Sud explains to the citizens that the ship may or may not be fixed, large golems appear before their barricade. A man on a megaphone tells them to surrender by sunset. But the citizens decide they don’t want to listen and a boy (fucking up everything) decides to throw a rock at one of the soldiers telling him to gtfo. But of course that just provokes him to shoot but Eve manages to take the blow instead and gets shot in the leg. But since she no longer has her nanomachines, she can’t heal like she used to and she starts crying in pain since she hasn’t endured pain of getting injured like a normal human in such a long time.


Before Sud can get pissed, Eve is taken back to their place to be treated. Everyone wants to just fight already but Eve keeps telling Sud not to and to just run instead. He won’t listen though and finally agrees to fight the military while everyone else escapes underground. So Eve and the rest of the kids leave to escape underground. But Eve receives a communication that Sud had most citizens evacuate but now he’s in trouble. So knowing he’ll just get himself killed if he fights, she rushes to his aid and manages to find him after coming out of a manhole. She finds him about to fight the enemy but keeps trying to convince him not to. Sud goes on about being a knight and having a sort of duty but Eve literally slaps him out of his knight duty phase and says she wants the old Sud back who is just the president of the slums.


Finally, Sud is snapped back to reality and realizes fighting wouldn’t be smart. So they all decide to run and manage to escape to the outskirts of the town which is now in flames. They have no choice but to find a new city and move on from there (luckily Sud’s lil bro brought seeds to plant as well). So Eve and Sud-tachi all travel to find a new home. Sud also thanks Eve for waking him up and they share a kiss.



Atharva (CV: Terashima Takuma) – Atharva wakes up from a dream with him and Eve in the Neosphere with Eve making flower crowns. Prior to him waking up, Eve had undergone a process to infect herself with a virus that would save the earth from contaminated nanomachines (essentially like creating antibodies for the virus which would make a vaccine??) so they can rewrite the code onto something not earth like a star. So, because of this, Eve had gone into a deep sleep. The doctor guy says she may not wake up though so Atharva connects himself (with his nanomachine brainwaves or something idk) to Eve’s dream so he can wake her up.

When he enters her dream, he immediately hugs her after seeing her and tries to explain everything. However, she tells him he’s acting strange and even calls him “Row” (lmao bad end flashbacks). He tells her that he’s Atharva and not Row so she calls him Atharva instead. When they go back to her same old hut to eat, they see Cradle (who is technically dead but alive in her dream). After that, he goes to the tower to find Tierblade or any of the others but Eve doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He urges Eve to wake up already but she again is clueless to what he’s trying to convey. In the end, Atharva just suddenly forgets what he’s doing and acts like he never mentioned anything. He sleeps next to her at her hut and comforts her after she has a bad dream.


After that, Atharva tries fixing Eve’s water pipes and ends up getting oil all over himself. When he goes to wash it off, he’s contacted directly by Carmine and Sud and his memories come back of him going into Eve’s dream. Carmine essentially tells him that a remaining entity of Acadia’s “vengeance” has over taken Eve’s dream and her nanomachines so she’s in an eternal slumber. Arcadia realizes there’s a sense of incogruity he must find and heads back to Eve’s hut. As Eve waits for Atharva, she falls asleep and when she wakes up, “Cradle” is there. He asks if she’s okay but then she hears Atharva again and starts calling him “Row” like before.


Atharva then takes out his sword and destroys “Cradle” whom he says is actually “Arcadia”. Eve, super confused, freaks out at him for killing “Cradle” so she demands to know whats up with him. Atharva again explains that she’s in a dream and needs to wake up and the “Cradle” she saw was actually Arcadia and his goal is to have her killed by her nanomachines. Just as she almost starts to remember, he’s suddenly attacked by “Cradle” aka Arcadia who gets up and knocks Atharva out. He then convinces Eve the only way to save him and for them to be together is to take him to the tower where the control room is.


When she takes him there, she’s about to go into a light (DONT TOUCH THE LIGHT!!) but just in time, Atharva manages to summon Tierblade after hearing Row’s voice. He and Eve are then transported into the Tierblade as Atharva tries to make Eve remember again. She again can’t remember anything but then after Cradle tries attacking and she sees Atharva make a certain expression, she remembers him and everything else. She then hugs him and apologizes over and over for forgetting about him. Then, now that she’s remembered, the dream world starts to collapse.


When they wake up, Eve and Atharva both are back in the real world and see Sud, Carmine, and Cradle who welcome them back. They successfully were able to proceed with creating regular nanomachines that could be extracted from Eve to save the world. In doing so, Eve had become a normal human with no nanomachines in her body. In the epilogue, Eve and Atharva go on a trip with Carmine and Sud. Atharva gets motion sick while riding the golem, so they stop as Sud and Carmine go ahead. Eve cuts herself on a can and remembers she doesn’t have nanomachines to heal her, so Atharva puts a bandage on her finger. She also gives him a kiss as they promise to go see the ocean together.



Yajur (CV:  Kondou Takashi) – After waking up from their 3 year sleep, Yajur and Eve now live together with orphans. One day Eve asks Yajur to give her a piggyback ride which she manages to force him in doing so. When they’re almost there (and Yajur forces Eve off his back) Eve bumps into a soldier who gets pissed. Yajur decides to kick their asses since they won’t listen to reason but before he can so anymore, Eve forces him to run away with her back to their home. Meanwhile, they meet with Sud and Atharva. They tell them that soldiers have been appearing lately and starting shit so they should be wary of them.


Yajur and Eve go out together and are encountered by a guy who offers Eve a job as a normal citizen aka a better job and security. But Eve declines since she prefers her life as it is. One day, after Sud and Atharva leave to help people find work, Eve and Yajur are left alone with the orphans. While out they’re attacked again by the same solider and Yajur kicks his ass again. After that, Eve takes a bath with Yajur (washing him lmao) and realizes Yajur hasn’t been as agressive and purposely didnt kill the soldier. He tells her it’s because he doesn’t think there’s value in killing people basically.


After that, their friend Maiko who takes care of the orphans starts acting weird. While Eve is in her room with Yajur to try and fix his coat, Yajur collapses in pain and suddenly Maiko appears with a knife in her hand. She keeps saying she has to kill the tall man aka Yajur. So Yajur manages to hold her off and they find a sort of needle that she was punctured with that turned her brain crazy. Yajur and Eve realize they’re being targeted so they hide while the soldiers break in, trying to fjnd them. They manage to trick them into thinking they escaped through a secret passage and come out of hiding.


After this, Maiko is in critical condition and Yajur believes they have no choice but to find them and ambush them; meaning he has to dirty his hands again. So with no other choice, Eve decides screw being mr. Nice guys and they prepare to go together. They then appear in the middle of the night in Tierblade and tell them all to gtfo of their town or they really will get killed next time.


So they scare the bejesus out of them and they promise to leave and never come back as long as they spare their lives. In the end, Yajur and Eve go back to their normal lives and the soldiers that attacked before were driven out of the city.



Row (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) – Both Row and past Eve are now living together where Atharva used to reside. The other Eve (who’s now in Cradle’s body) also lives with them and can now communicate better (without being able to talk though) and often plays with past Eve. One day, after playing, Eve goes back home where she and Row are living and finds Row half asleep reading documents to help rebuild a better country for them w/o Arcadia in addition to stopping the production of pseudo-humans. Eve notices he’s super tired though and lets him sleep on her lap. He has a dream where their nanomachines mesh or something (so he sees past events) and it shows Gil and her. It looks like she told him she “loves” him and then Row wakes up.

Not long after that, Carmine appears to tell Row armed troops have been making their move. They go back to Sud’s place where Eve stays and both Row and Carmine go to hunt soldiers. Past Eve tells them that the other Eve is now able to understand them better which makes Sud and Atharva happy (how depressing). So Eve decides to make food for them while Atharva has been teaching kids how to read. Meanwhile, Row is lost in thought about the oniichan dream he had and ends up getting shot. He expects he’d heal right away with his nanomachines but they don’t activate and he falls unconscious.


Carmine takes Row back to Sud’s home where they treat him. They find out his nanomachines aren’t responding and Cradle hypotheses that its due to an abnormality or a conflict Row and Eve may be having since their nanomachines are connected. Eve doesn’t know though but did notice Row acting strange. Suddenly Row wakes up and tells Eve the truth about why he’s been acting so strange being that he saw a memory of her and Gill. Row explains the “confession” he heard but Eve tells him she doesn’t remember. But after reminding her, she realizes this was something he said to “Row” not Gill. She only confessed to him as practice for a play she and Row were doing when they were younger. This leaves Row super embarrassed and so Eve explains her relationship and past about her brother. She tells him not to doubt her feelings and pokes his cheek. She also wonders why he didn’t tell her about these dreams sooner but apparently its because one time he saw her naked 👀


After that, Row fully recovers and returns home. He wakes up in the morning to encounter a tired Eve and Atharva who had been up all night working on a story about their lives. Row insists on helping but Eve tells him its fine and he has his own work to attend to. After Atharva falls asleep, Row brings Eve tea and sits with her. He decides to help her out while she goes to take a shower. Atharva then wakes up and it becomes more awkward since they’ve never really been alone together. Row feels the need to apologize for making Atharva his memory bank but Atharva tells him he doesn’t need to and he only wanted to know the truth.


The next day, Row comes up with something and decides to contact Carmine about it. Eve can tell he’s acting suspicious though but when she tries to ask Cradle he tells her its confidential. The other Eve in cradle’s body decides to demonstate and ends up hugging Eve tightly. After that, Eve realized the Tierblade ring that was on her finger is gone. She decides to ask Row about it and he says he borrowed her ring to help maintenance Tierblade. Eve starts to speculate Row wanted to make a present for her birthday so she decides to get a present for Row too. That night, Row calls her out to speak with her privately and gives her ring as a gift. But before Row can say anything, he’s interrupted by Eve who gives him a gift. Thanks to a misunderstanding, Eve believes its a birthday gift and Row tells her its a purposal ring. He then finally formally proposes and thinks he gets rejected for a second when Eve apologizes for misunderstanding lmao.


After that, Eve goes with Carmine and has Cradle help basically rebuild a body for the other Eve. They successfully manage to due so with the help of Eve’s nanomachines and will be able to wake her up the next day. They tell Sud and Atharva this which makes them super excited and thankful. They also reveal they offically got engaged and so Sud brings them into a group hug, congratulating them.


The next morning, the other Eve is finally awoken and Eve immediately hugs her, welcoming her back and apologizing for everything that’s happened. Eve decides to call her oneechan and even reunites with Sud and Atharva. Eve also promises with Row to watch over Eve like Gill did with her. Finally, on the day of the wedding, Row and Eve get all dressed up and share their vows.



Cradle (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) Cradle now lives with Eve in his human body. One day while taking care of a baby, Eve tests the food by feeding it to Cradle lmao. After that, Carmine appears asking if Cradle wants to come with him to his facility, but Cradle declines because he wants to live peacefully with Eve. He does however request that Carmine build a human body for Eve who’s still in a robotic body. He agrees to do so and tells them her body will be ready to have her brain transplanted in a month. Prior to that, Eve and Cradle get ready to leave but Cradle gets sick so Eve has to nurse him.


Eve and Cradle use that time to talk about past events back when they were in the Neosphere together. After that, Eve and Cradle go to Carmine’s facility to get Eve a human body. After she does, Cradle decides he wants to have a kid so they can leave something behind to prove their existence. Eve agrees to it albeit not knowing how a baby is made at first lol. So 3 years later, Eve has her and Cradle’s child and is running from the military that wants to steal her baby. Cradle arrives just in time to save her though and threatens the guys chasing her to leave them alone or he’ll beat the shat out of them. In the shouta end, it’s literally copy pasta of the same thing but… when he requests to have a baby, Eve tells him he needs to mature more before that (like obviously this kid cant fucking reproduce yet wtf).


Overall Thoughts: Ngl, I was expecting more romance from this considering its a FD. So yeah… idk I felt iffy about this game. Some of the after stories were really boring to me because the plot was so meh. I guess I should really be surprised though?? This game loves to make up random things and reasons for why so-and-so is the way it is. But sometimes it goes to the extent where you can tells it is made up for the sake of a character being saved or whatnot. The first game was really focused on plot and the romance was lighter. Because of the whole fragment parts and chunks of story just being added in, it seemed like the whole after story part wasn’t given enough attention and felt too short.

First there’s Sud, who gets constantly cockblocked by his otouto so he can’t kiss or touch his gf (then he has to deal with stupid military drama). Cradle who’s route was very short AND weird (that whole wanting to have a baby EVEN with the shota was too damn weird for me). LASTLY, I think Otomate hates Atharva’s guts because he got the worse route in terms of being with Eve. Like wtf?? The poor guy can’t even date a real Eve its gotta be a fake dream Eve that calls him “Row”. Like his route wasn’t bad enough AND he was also shafted in the first game. This kind of pissed me off because I thought Atharva was a cute character that DESERVED SOME CUTE SCENES??? Even Yajur got more romance than him and he’s like the least romantic now that he’s this evil daddy or whatever. So yeah the treatment of the characters wasn’t that great… except for Row.

It also didn’t take long at all to finish any of these routes since half of the game consisted of the eclipse episodes and random scenes that were in-between the timeline of the first game. There weren’t really any memorable moments in any routes for except Row, tbh. Thankfully Row is my fave too and his route was super cute (that wedding CG was so cute). On the plus side though, I did actually like the way they ended the Eclipse story. It was interesting to see this great grandson of what looked to be Row and Eve. Maybe it could lead to another game in the same timeline but different perhaps? I wouldn’t mind if they did a new game with a new set of characters (like Psychedelica).

Story – If you enjoyed the first game’s story, this elaborates more on certain sub characters (the Union Knights) and especially Gill (which is no surprise since he was the 2nd highest rated character). Which was nice, but it really felt like a shoehorned plot because it didn’t particularly focus on anything else. The main “true” plot revolved around Elypsion which takes place after the true end, so a chunk of the story is revolved around that. In general though, don’t expect much from the after story plots. Being a FD, you expect a lot of cute scenes but it was really shafted this time around (except for Row).

Characters – The characters are the same for the most part, aside from Row who is now more moe than ever (since he was borderline yandere in the previous game). There was a few new characters too like the moon guy, but I wasn’t really fond of him even if he was integral to the eclipse story. My favorite sub character was probably Aina, because she felt the most real and sincere out of all the characters. I also really liked her relationship with Eve and her CG actually made me feel sad. Also, this game will make you appreciate Carmine a lot (he’s actually a sweetheart who likes to cook). They totally should’ve gave him a route.

Visuals/System – The system itself is pretty self-explanatory and you don’t make choices throughout the route (so you just read text). However, the whole timeline felt like an excuse to add extra things they may or may not have been necessary. The CGs were beautiful as always and there’s actually a ton of extra CGs to the point where I was thinking some of them should have been in the actual routes.

Music – The music was the exact same from what I could remember. The opening and ending songs didn’t really stick with me like the one’s in the first game so it wasn’t anything special.

Final Thoughts:  I did enjoy the original game for the most part, albeit the battle scenes are dragged on. But this FD didn’t really impress me that much. Also, don’t expect a whole lot of romance from it and the plot itself is kind of all over the place. I got to a point where I just accepted it, even if it didn’t make sense. I don’t think FDs can’t have plot or elaborate on more plot (I think that is a big plus if anything) but this game didn’t even feel like a sequel to me. If anything, I think they left room for another game, which could probably be about the future generation (which you see a glimpse of at the end). The best part of this game is definitely Row. His character was interesting from start to finish for me.  Anyway, aside from it being short, I think I could overlook that if the routes themselves weren’t so lacking on romance scenes. Some of the things that happened in certain routes just felt random and not really development with the characters themselves but just a random conflict that gets solved and the romance is shoved in. I would even be fine with this if the routes were longer, but they weren’t so they felt rushed.

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