Cendrillon PalikA – Natra Peony


Natra (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is a resident of Tokyou as the gatekeeper of the Tokyou entrance and the younger brother of Rindo (whom he also has a major brocon for).  He’s loud-mouthed and speaks his mind but he’s also pretty dense at times.

Hairi tells Natra she wants his help in going to the clock tower. She explains how she needs to move the clock to 12:00 since its stuck 5 minutes before. However, she can only move it a minute per month. But Natra immediately declines her offer saying his brother wouldn’t like it. Hairi then realizes his brocon is too strong so she asks advice from her own brother, Shion, who basically tells her getting a girlfriend is what would make him pay less attention to her lmao. Hairi then talks to her friend Eris about it (who likes her brother) and she advises Hairi to charm him and win his affection to make him do her bidding lol.

In the end, Hairi decides to carry out the so called “honey trap’ plan. But first she asks Ella about Natra which makes him think she’s in love with him lmao. She tells him she’s not so he suggests she talk about his brother since he’s a huge brocon. So Hairi decides to scout out Rindo and see how he reacts with others. He catches her watching him so she reveals she wanted to try and get to know Natra better. He suggets giving him gummy candys that are soda flavored lol. After that, she goes back to Natra and starts to talk about how amazing his brother is so he’ll talk to her. He asks why she wanted to know about his brother and she tells him its because she wanted to become friends with him.

Natra is super happy about this and tells her she should’ve said so sooner and already wants to hang out with her (this guy is hilarious pfft). He shows her around the city even with Hairi thinking ‘why’ since she grew up there lmao. She then gives him some gummy soda candy since its his favorite which makes him super giddy like a little kid lmao. So after getting along with Natra, Hairi encounters him while she’s about to buy gummy candy (and he suggests cola lmao). He invites her to a cafe that Rindo had taken her to before and they both buy cheesecake and coffee to go. They eat it at a spot that Natra likes.

The next day, Natra visits Haitra at her shop this time and meets her friend Eris who already doesn’t like him. Natra then meets Haitr’s brother, Shion, who he ends up getting along with. Natra tells Hairi to call him “Natra” instead of “Natra-san” and says she should visit him and his brother sometime. All the meanwhile Hairi is unsure when to ask about the clock tower since that was essentially why she became friends with him in the first place. When he visits her the next day helps her in her shop for a while and a woman comes in asking if her watch can be fixed. Hairi takes the watch to her brother who says he should be able to fix it.

Finally, Hairi visits both Natra and Rindo at their home. Of course, Natra officially introduces Rindo to her (even though they already met lol). He then takes her to his room to show her his special treasure which is a teddy bear he keeps locked in a treasure chest. Apparently his brother gave it to him when he was young and he keeps it locked up so it’ll never get lost or stolen. The next day, Natra invites Hairi to the forest where he shows her a lake he likes to play in. They splash water at each other and Hairi asks how old Natra is in which he responds 23. This surprises her since she thought she was older. He then tells her she’s cute when she’s laughing and Hairi gets so flustered that she splashes more water on him lol.


One day, Hairi decides to finally consult Natra about entering the clock tower. So she asks again but he says he can’t since his brother wouldn’t like it and he values the word of his family more than a friend. Hairi then hypothetically asks if a lover could convince him but he still says no, but if it was his wife, he would consider it. Hairi finally realizes she doesn’t want to lie any further so she doesn’t try to persue it. But, Natra then suddenly suggests if she becomes his fiancee, or wife to be, he’ll consider it. Hairi is super confused, but accepts. So next day, Natra meets with Hairi and decides that he’ll give priority to her and take her to the clock tower.

They go through a back entrance that Natra knows about and walk through a couple doors until they reach the center. Hairi feels anxious about Natra going against his brother’s wishes but he tells her its fine. So, she uses the Astra to move the clock hand by a minute. She asks if Natra is okay to do it again (since she can only move the clock’s hand a minute every month) and he agrees to continue to accompany her. As they walk back home, Hairi tells Natra about seeing something called an Iris Moon since he’s so interested in constellations and he happily agrees to see it with her and thanks her.

So on the day Hairi’s supposed to see the Iris moon with Natra, she consults her friend Eris about her whole “fiancee” thing. But since Hairi is not sure on how she entirely feels, Eris tells her to just wait it out and see how she feels later. So when Hairi goes to meet Natra, he doesn’t show up even when she waits hours for him. Eventually, Hairi decides to go beyond the gate to look for him and thats when he spots her. He gets mad she was about to leave so late but then apologizes since he couldn’t make it. Natra had business with his brother and prioritized him but now his opinion was starting to change and he wanted to prioritize Hairi.


So Natra and Hairi decided to go to the library to investigate about the curse. Natra reveals that the key on his neck (that he used to open the gate of the clock tower) is a key to releasing the curse. Meanwhile, Natra ends up getting too close to Hairi so when she looks away he gets confused and pulls her face back lmao. Ella teases the two for trying to kiss in the library but Natra is completely clueless lol. So next month, Hairi goes to the clock tower with Natra again and moves the needle another minute. However, Natra seems down and Hairi addresses that she’s worried so he decides to take her somewhere.

Natra takes Hairi to a giant cherry blossom tree where he used to go to with his brother. He tells her that he and Rindo are blood related but were in separate families, hence the different family names. Hairi says she could tell since their eyes are the same and says his eyes are beautiful. Natra then says she’s even more beautiful, making Hairi blush lol. She asks what he wishes for and he says he wishes for his brother’s wish to come true since that is his happiness. But Hairi tells him if he does truly have a wish he hopes he tells her someday so she can make it come true. Natra remembers he received a letter and only one pair of a glass shoe that looked similar to hers. He tells her he’ll give her any glass shoes he receives since they suit her best.


The following day, Natra invites Hairi to his place to eat along with Campanella whom she is taking care of. After eating a lot of fish, Campanella gets tired and Hairi says she should probably leave. But Natra suggests they sleep together so Natra, Hairi, and Campella all sleep together lol. Natra tells Hairi he feels like a family when he sleeps together since he used to do it when he was young with his family. So eventually they both fall asleep while holding hands. Hairi eventually meets up with Eris and admits she doesn’t know what she wants to do in terms of her relationship with Natra. Eris tells her she should cut ties with him before it gets out of hand and Hairi agrees. Unfortunately, Natra overhears this and tells her that even though he had fun being with her, if that’s how she feels then he won’t associate with her anymore and leaves.


Hairi immediately chases after him but he tells her he doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. For a few days she can’t find him, but she eventually finds him at the cherry blossom tree where he took her before. She apologizes for everything and admits she did originally become friends with him so she could enter the clock tower. However, her feelings about him were not a lie and she did enjoy being with him. She then starts to reveal secrets about herself like how she secretly eats a ton of sweets or how she broke her brother’s cup and bought a new one to replace it. She also tells him her parents died because of the curse hence why she wants to undo it so badly. Natra finally tells her he believes her and reveals to her that the reason he doesn’t want to undo the curse, is because his brother is using it to do bad things and he wants to abide by his wishes.

When Rindo hears from Natra that he told Hairi he’s been doing something bad in secret, Rindo is visibly upset about this. Next day, Hairi receives a letter from Natra to meet him at the cherry blossom tree around 11:00 PM. However, when she arrives she is greeted by Rindo instead. He tells her he intends to keep her quiet now that he’s found out her secret, (literally in that sense). Just as Natra appears to try and stop him, Rindo poisons Hairi and she falls unconscious. She wakes up in her room after Natra brought her back there and explained what happened to her brother. Now, Hairi is more or less paralyzed in her body and can’t speak.

Natra visits Hairi and apologizes saying its his fault. Hairi writes on a pad and paper to tell him not to blame himself and if she didnt lie in the first place he wouldn’t have had to reveal his secret. Hairi eventually gets checked out by a hospital but they don’t know the cause and can’t cure it. All the meanwhile Natra confronts Rindo and tells him to cure Hairi. However, he refuses to do so saying that she’ll reveal everything if he does. So Natra visits Hairi again and brings her tea and chocolates and Hairi asks if they can eat them together. After this, Natra decides he’s going to try and convince his brother to give him the antidote for Hairi’s poison.

So Natra goes to see Rindo but instead of giving him the antidote, he tells Natra to bring Hairi to their home so they can closely monitor her to make sure she doesn’t reveal their secrets. Natra refuses, so he decides to not associate with him and reveals he only stayed with him because their interests were the same and would be better off without him. Natra is in shock and goes back to see Hairi. He starts crying telling her how he couldn’t convince his brother and that he feels like he’s failed her since he couldn’t get the antidote. Hairi tells him its okay and comforts him as he cries by her side and that’s when she realizes that she’s in love with him.


So after this Natra visits Hairi again and convinces her he’ll help her no matter what even if it means his brother will hate him. Hairi then finally confesses her feelings with Natra doing the same and kiss. After that, Natra decides to go to the library to investigate about a book on a so called “judgement day” to help find out about the curse. He encounters Ella who tells him the location of a protocol book for the “judgement day” which is under the cherry blossom tree he’d often visit. Natra goes there and obtains the book but Rindo finds him there. Natra reveals he intends to undo the curse and Rindo says if he really wants to save Hairi, he needs to kill the “him” who Natra sealed. which confuses Natra.


When Natra returns to Hairi’s place, she’s about to go out with her brother (on a wheelchair since she can’t walk) but he decides she should go with Natra instead. They go to the flower field where Hairi went before and talk about visiting different places when the curse is undone. They then open the Judgement Day book which reveals a picture they don’t understand. He also tells Hairi about what his brother said about killing the “him” he sealed. They figure out it has to do with the teddy bear that Natra kept in a treasure box. They decide to cut it open and find an antidote inside. So Hairi drinks it and is cured from the poison. After this, Hairi looks into the judgement day book and finds out there was something written on the back of the picture. Based on what was written, they most likely need two keys to a door in the clock tower. Natra eventually sees his brother again whom he tells he still intends to break the curse and be with Hairi. Rindo tells him he can do what he pleases and says he can see that he finally killed the “him” inside him.


Finally, the day to undo the curse arrives. However, Natra reveals the only way to undo the curse is if they have a said “black rabbit” who goes inside the clock tower to do so but will be trapped inside forever. And moving the clock tower’s needle apparently would not undo the curse. Natra is completely fine with this but Hairi tells him its not fine and she wont be happy without him. She hugs him from behind and tells him not to go. Suddenly, Rindo appears and basically reveals he lied to Natra and truly did care for him and has now come to fulfill his role as a brother. He thrusts Natra aside and tells him he’ll be the one to enter the clock tower. Natra screams to him he’ll save him and that he loves him. Rindo says he loves him as well and so, before bidding his farewell and giving his regards to Hairi for his brother, he goes inside. Natra locks the clock tower with the key and he cries as the curse is undone.


In the epilogue, Natra and Hairi are now officially engaged and now Tokyou is no longer cursed. Apparently Gall suddenly disappeared and Natra and Hairi still promise to try and save Rindo who is locked inside the clock tower.


In the 1st bad end, Hairi tells Natra from the start she wants to enter the clock tower and Natra gets pissed so he never talks to her again. In the 2nd bad end, Natra is super upset Rindo rejected him so he goes back to Hairi’s place and chokes her after saying its her fault his brother hates him. In the tragic end, Natra suddenly yanderes tf out and makes Hairi stay in the clock tower with him forever (wtf that was random af).  In the 3rd bad end, they burn the teddy bear with the antidote and so Hairi is permanently disabled. In the 4th bad end, Natra sacrifices himself so then when Rindo arrives, he kills Hairi. In the 5th bad ending, Natra undoes the curse on his own and paralyzes Hairi so she doesn’t stop him.


Final Thoughts: So, I actually ended up doing this route first so this kinda stamped my impression of the game in general (AND RINDO). Natra is pretty much what I expected and also a bit not what I expected?? I didn’t realize how much of a brocon he’d be tbh and I actually expected him to be a bit more of a delinquent-type. But he was actually pretty clingy and like a puppy that followed you around. Actually, he followed Hairi to the point where she found him annoying LMAO. I really liked how desperate he was to try and get Rindo to stop doing his sketchy shit (which you find out about in Rindo’s route) BUT I thought it was weird how the “betrayal” of his brother was merely a facade to have him figure out the truth of the curse. But if you play Rindo’s route, this kind of contradicts Rindo’s character. So seeing him suddenly be a messiah for the curse was kinda ooc imo. Overall, I did like Natra’s scenes though. He was really cute and I felt pretty bad for him when Rindo basically told him to fuck off (even if he wasn’t being serious). Which is why his bad end literally made no sense… I don’t even get why Natra would become randomly yandere… it did not fit his character at all.

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