Cendrillon PalikA – Ulen Muller


Ulen (CV: Uchida Yuuma) is a resident outside of Tokyou who loves to read and is very fascinated by things to research such as the curse of Tokyou. He’s also prone to being self-centered and doesn’t care about love.

Hairi decides on asking Ulen to help her solve the curse so she visits him in the same building she met him before. She insists on making tea to talk to him and then explains she has a method to undo the curse. Ulen pretty much just shoots down everything she says but shows interest when she shows her proof of her power in her eye. He believes her method is nonsense though since he himself is researching the curse. Hairi tells him thats amazing of him and he gets slightly embarrassed saying she’s strange. So Hairi tells him she wants to solve the curse but he basically tells her to have something in return for him.

So Hairi thinks upon it until her friend Eris recommends she gives him a special book limited to Tokyou. So she goes to the library and Ella recommends her one. So Hairi brings the book to Ulen who is immediately eager to read it. He ends up reading it all and then tells Hairi he’ll cooperate since a promise is a promise. He tells her she should read the book as well and she leaves saying she will. After that, Hairi is called by Ulen by a white crow but it ends up being a “test” to see how long it takes for her to get there. Hairi says its fine since it was good exercise but then Ulen makes a comment about her eating cake and decides to lift her to weigh her much LOL. So he picks her up and tries to check her weight while Hairi yells in embarrassment for him to put him down.

Unphased, he finally puts her down and even Shien lectures him. Ulen then says he knows the difference between men and woman but wonders why she’s so soft since Shien isn’t lmao.  Shien says its obviously because she’s a girl and Hairi stands there embarrassed but Ulen is just confused lol. After that, Hairi comes back to ask Ulen to help her enter the clock tower so he writes a letter to a friend who goes by a pseudonym ‘Ash’ who will help her and has a black crow send it off and they wait for a reply. Meanwhile, Hairi asks what Ulen likes to eat so she can make him food to thank him and she tells him hot dogs and minestrone cause its single hand food whereas he can still read a book while eating lmao.

Next day, Hairi finds out from Ulen his penpal Ash left a key hidden behind the clock tower and a map as well. Hairi goes there and finds a note along with the key near a flower. It states to bring “Zoe” aka Ulen one of the flowers and so she picks one and goes inside the tower and when she reaches the very last door, she uses her power to move the needle a minute and returns to give Ulen the flower. After that, Hairi comes back to the church to find Ulen lecturing both Shien and Klone. So they use her as bait to get away while Ulen gives Hairi a crash course on Tokyou’s curse. They discuss the origins of curses and how there was another civilization that was possibly cursed as well but need to gather more info to understand it.

After that, Hairi is sent a white crow with a message from Ulen to come. She ends up bumping into her friend Eris who says she’s going to invite her brother, whom she likes, for tea. So when Hairi makes it to the church to see Ulen, apparently he only called her so she could make tea and that she’s late. Hairi is clearly annoyed but doesn’t let it show and says she should try making it himself. He asks why she’s late and she then tells him she was consulting her friend about a love ordeal. He then goes on a tangent about how love is pointless and a waste of time while Hairi tries to defend it. He then decides to prove she’s probably easy to take advantage of so he grabs her and pulls her close. He measures her pulse and notches how her heart rate goes up the moment he touches her but acts like he feels nothing. And yet… Right when she leaves he questions why his heart rate was higher LOL.


The following day, Ulen asks Hairi to stop trying to move the needle of the clock tower since even though it may undo the curse, he wants to try and figure out another way. So Hairi tells this to Gall who is more than fine with it which catches Hairi off guard. Regardless, she informs Ulen and they decide to meet up at his so called “base” where he likes to think. Hairi also prepares hot dogs and minestrone for him lol. Klone and Shien are there too and they end up having a discussion about their first love whereas Ulen claims he’s never had one lol. After this, Hairi visits Ulen again and he confronts her since he heard from Ash the clock tower needle moved. Hairi tells him she didn’t move it but did have a dream in which she did. Ulen doesn’t believe her though and kicks her out, telling her to never come back.

So after that, Hairi continuously tries to visit Ulen but he refuses to see her. It continues on for months and eventually Hairi gives up but then when she finds a book on the civilization that was previously cursed, she decides she needs to show Ulen and heads to the church while making notes of it. She waits for him to come out for hours and says she won’t leave until he does. Eventually, a monkey appears and steals the notebook that Hairi wanted to show Ulen. She runs into the forest to chase after him, but it gets dark and when she finally catches the monkey, she has no idea where she is. Ulen eventually comes out to find Hairi not there, but Gall tells him he recieved a white crow informing him that Hairi was lost in the woods. Ulen realizes her life is in danger since she needs to get home by 12:00 and goes to find her.


When he does, he calls her stupid but was really worried about her and hugs her, thankful she is okay. They hug for a while and Hairi shows Ulen the notebook she discovered. Ulen realizes he really does need her around and hugs her again. After this, Hairi visits Ulen who invites her to the church again after a while. After reading the notebook she showed him, he’s deciphered that the one who wrote the notebook was the one who implemented the curse on this old ancient city of theirs since angry and hatred are the sources of the curse. The writer claimed it was thanks to an “angel” they were able to use the curse.


Meanwhile, Ulen starts to become interested in Hairi’s glass shoes that she always wears. He grabs her foot while she’s sitting and looks closely at it lol. When Ulen asks where she got the shoes, she tells him she got it from the wizard, Gall. He tells her to be wary of him since he was the one who made her move the needle of the clock tower in the first place. He then takes off her glass shoe and breaks it onto the ground. After that, he takes out another glass slipper that he received from Gall with a message saying the glass slipper will be the key to granting his wish. So he hopes he can continue to rely on Hairi since she’s his key to success.

After that, Hairi takes a book to Ulen at his hideout. He notices her lips are dry, just as Ela pointed out earlier, and gives her lip balm and even helps her apply it too 😂. He ends up doing it for a while since its harder to do on someone else and Hairi is already embarrassed so she decides to close her eyes. Just as Ulen’s face seemingly gets closer and they share an awkward silence, he finish applying it (but is clearly flustered since he was holding his book upside down 😄). After that, Hairi and Ulen realize they know nothing about this so called “angel” and Ulen goes into a mania mode where he’s frustrated on figuring it out. Ulen then goes on about how he was always interested in research and finding out new information through books which made him out to seem “unusual” to most. He also feels bad about dragging Hairi along into his research since he’s mainly doing it for himself, not the greater good. But Hairi doesn’t mind and is in fact happy to help and feel useful.


So Hairi does more research about the so called “angel” in the library. She gets help from Ela who suggests she look in the children section of books. In doing so, Hairi finds something in relations to the angel. A being called “harmony” which what was written (but smudged out) in the notebook they had before. Hairi shows this to Ulen who praises Hairi for obtaining this info but Hairi says it was thanks to Ela’s suggestion. Ulen then starts to get jelly and demands she tell him who is more reliable. He gets tsun as heck when she says he is but then he starts grumbling about the fact she addresses him differently than Ela. Hairi then realizes his jealously and when she points it out, he gets even more tsun but then realizes it must be true lmao.

After that, Hairi starts talking to Ulen about the future when they resolve the curse. Ulen says she’ll probably just forget about him after she finds a boyfriend and gets married but this leads to Hairi confessing its impossible because she loves him. But Ulen tells her again he is not interested in romance so Hairi gets upset since he’s basically had contradicting feelings of jealously which confuse her. Just as she leaves crying, Ulen stops in his own thoughts and grabs her. Hairi is shocked to find he is crying because he doesn’t understand why his chest hurts. Hairi tells him he’s in love in love with her and he finally realizes what love is and doesn’t dislike it.


Aftwr that, Ulen asks to meet Hairi privately in the forest. He tells her that even though he doesnt understand romance very well he can’t deny his feelings and wants to be her lover. Hairi of course agrees to it and then suddenly pushes him into the water as payback. She tries to help him up but then Ulen grabs her arm and thrusts her in the lake as well. He again says be dunno what this kanjou is but wants to kiss her and so they kiss. After that, Ulen tells Hairi he’s going to go to the town that was cursed called Ishinomiya. But since it takes a few days to get there, Hairi can’t come because of the curse that condemns her to Tokyou. Ulen says he’ll go there and report any findings to her.


Meanwhile in Tokyou, Hairi wakes up one night to see a person who looks similar to an “angel”. She follows after him until she reaches the cherry blossom tree. He reveals himself as Harmony, the one she and Ulen had been looking into. He revealed himself since no one had tried looking into his existence before. Hairi asks what causes the curse and he tells her its hatred as the catalyst and “seeds of hatred” from the tree in front of them. He then reveals that someone on her side is trying to create a new curse so she should keep an eye out. Hairi tells this to Ulen when he gets back and she tells him everything Harmonia told her. Ulen then reports on his info and apparently based on an article, they figure out “blood” was used to activate the curse with the help of the “angel” Harmonia & somesort of blood magic.

After that, they tell each other how much they missed each other and Ulen holds Hairi’s hand saying he hopes he can undo the curse soon so he can monopolize her at night 👀. She also tells him Harmonia said there was someone else trying to cast a new curse so they have to act fast. A week later, they visit the flower field and Ulen is slightly jelly he couldn’t show it to her first (since Shien did). They talk about how the curse could possibly be activated and then Ulen gets jelly again from (gettin’ weird yandere vibes sometimes 😬) about how she tries to be kind to everyone and he wants her to mainly look his way.

After that, Ulen has a dream where Shien says he’s going to marry Hairi and Ulen starts chanting how he’s going to kill Shien (yo wtf chill man it’s just a dream). After that, he becomes depressed so he sends a yandere letter to Hairi and she immediately goes to visit him in his room. He admits he’s worried af that someone is going to take her away since with the curse they’re usually apart. She reassures him and tells him even she’s worried about those sort of things but believes in him. Ulen then regains his composure and she leaves. After that, Ulen encounters Harmonia who gives him the “seed of hatred” and tells him to cast the curse. However, he tells him how he uses it is up to him. So Ulen tells this to Hairi but says he’s going to use it and tells her to trust him since he intends to try and use it to counteract the curse.


So on the day they decide to undo the curse, they meet at the lake where they fell in love. They plant the seed but before adding blood to it, Hairi remembers what Ulen said about other uses to cast a curse. They realize whats opposite from HATE is LOVE so after delcaring their feelings for each other again, they kiss and the “curse” to undo the curse is activated by power of love lmao. So, in the epilogue Hairi wakes up in Ulen’s bed now that she’s able to stay the night with him. Hairi takes Ulen on a tour on Tokyou for the first time but since Hairi doesn’t want to leave Ulen, she invites him to her place where they lay on her bed together.


In the first bad end, Hairi tells Ulen about how a monkey stole her research so he tells her to gtfo forever. In the 2nd bad end, Ulen loses his shit and drugs Hairi saying he’ll keep her forever.  In the 3rd end, Ulen goes yandere again and decides to curse Hairi instead so he can be her blow up doll that only looks at him (fuck me). She has hallucinations??? That Ulen is with her at all times so when he’s gone and Shien tried to talk to her, Hairi sees Ulen stabbing Shien but its actually Hairi killing him. They then live in their internal crazy curse forever I guess. In the 4th bad end, Ulen drowns Hairi in the lake after they fail to unravel the curse because he starts thinking she’s a fake. In the 5th bad end, some beast attacks Hairi in the forest and kills her after her glass slipper falls off and she turns to glass.


Final Thoughts: Ohhh Ulen……… I really liked his route at first. I could tell he was a tsundere/kuudere type but… then… the clingy yandere decided to come out to play and I decided to back the fuck away. 🙃 Yes, he got #1 on the poll and I totally would’ve agreed up until a certain point. I mean, yes, I understand this guy has literally no experience with love, but I don’t get how that would suddenly make him clingy to the point where he makes death threats to his friend. I mean thats a bit much right?? Then we get to his BAD ENDS and he curses Hairi so she fucking kills Shien. I mean, I’m pretty sure it was Hairi killing Shien?? because she saw Ulen as a hallucination.  Anyway, my point is I’m really disappointed because I REALLY wanted to like Ulen and his route could’ve been really great sans the yandere. I just don’t think yandere suited his character tbh. Aside from all that, his bad ends mostly consisted of Hairi dying or him going batshit craycray. Well, I guess aside from the yandere bits his route was pretty interesting. It involved a lot of “research” on both Hairi and Ulen so it was pretty plot orientated I guess. The sweet scenes between the two were cute in the moment too… I’ll admit though, Ulen’s laugh was SOOOooo great. Like dayum, Uchida Yuuma you have a great skill for maniacal laughs.


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