Variable Barricade – Nayuta Yagami


Nayuta (CV: Shimono Hiro) is the youngest of the group but also the most naive and literally the most like a loyal dog. He often gets tricked into buying things for the sake of making Hibari happy or just because he’s gullible which is why he’s in debt. He likes to be bossed around which is why everyone orders him around.

One day, Ichiya comes home with news that men in black took Nayuta away which leaves Hibari worried and thinking the debt collectors are coming to buy his body parts off of him for money lmao. In the end, this wasn’t the case and they angrily lecture Nayuta for being an idiot in debt. Kasuga also reminds him that his debt affects him being chosen so he promised to try and pay it off lol.

After this, Nayuta decides to get a job to help pay off his loans. Hibari gets anxious since it seems Nayuta is overworked and has a super tight schedule. One morning, she wakes up one morning to find Nayuta doing stretches. He excitedly notices her and forces her to join him. In doing so, he tells Hibari that he’s happy to help her any time she’s in need and wants her to rely on him. So finally, Nayuta is able to pay part of his debt so everyone celebrates with Taiga and Shion convincing Hibari to give Nayuta a sort of a reward. Shion suggests a date and so Hibari reluctantly agrees as well as to give him a present.


So on the say of their date, Hibari asks where Nayuta wants to go and he takes her around the city until they reach his favorite place which is a park. They end up talking to some chatty old ladies who talk about Nayuta cheerfully and think Hibari is his girlfriend lol. After this, they head home and Nayuta tries to prove how strong he is. He ends up picking up Hibari off her feet and makiing her freak out and telling him to put her down lmao. However he refuses to do so and carries her all the way back lmao. When Hibari chooses Nayuta as her temporary marriage candidate, she really only does it because she knows how loyal he is. Although she ends up treating him more like a dog since its often what he acts like around her.

One day, Hibari is invited to a game center with Tsumugi. She declines at first since she heard game centers were “dangerous” places, but decides to go when Nayuta convinces her he’ll protect her if she goes lmao. So they go and Tsumugi gets her limited item while Hibari suggests tp Nayuta to try a punching game. He ends up destroying it though with his amazingly shocking strength which causes trouble for the shop and having to apologize on Nayuta’s behalf. She tells him its fine though and is more shocked by his strength, which he explains is apparently normal in his family since he took tons of fighting classes lmao.

After this, Hibari meets Nayuta’s uncle named Kojirou who is also Hibari’s grandfather’s escort. He basically just comes to ask Hibari if she’s really considering Nayuta as a candidate which Hibari replies she’s still not sure. After this, Nayuta realizes he wants to do more for Hibari so she doesn’t just see him as a “pet”. He decides to be her bodyguard to and from school much to her reluctance. In doing so, he goes into a “work mode” where he speaks more formally and calm. One day, Hibari goes to an art exhibit where Nayuta acts as a professional body guard as usual. On their way back, they encounter some crazy guy with a knife who Nayuta manages to grab a hold of him and pin him when he tries to attack them, keeping them safe.


After this, Hibari can’t help but wonder more about Nayuta and wants to know who the real him is. She also keeps fantasizing about him being a “hero” even getting flustered about it. One day, Taiga gets on Nayuta’s case for losing a DVD he let him borrow and forces him to look for it. Hibari wonders why Nayuta lets people weaker than him pick on him but Taiga tells her its probably because of his loyal dog way lmao. So Hibari helps Nayuta find his DVD in his room and they end up finding a sort of “transformation belt” from when Nauyta was a kid. He tells Hibari he used to always want to be like a hero and protect everyone but now he wants to protect Hibari. She asks “why her” specifically but before he can answer, Ichiya interrupts and gives Nayuta the DVD he misplaced.


After this, Hibari tries over and over to ask Nayuta why he wants to protect her but keeps getting interrupted. Finally, Hibari goes to the park with Nayuta so she can finally ask him. There, they see a person in a mascot costume that they both recognize. Hibari explains she encountered a person in that costume before when a drug guy was harassing him. Hibari intervened and he tried to harass her as well but the guy in the mascot drop kicks the drunk guy and saves Hibari. In doing so, he falls on the ground and Hibari accidently steps on him lmao. Feeling bad, Hibari profusely tried to apologize for the incident but doesn’t know if her apology was ever received.


However, she finds out Nayuta was actually the one in the costume. He dressed up as a mascot character and passed out balloons to kids as a part time job. It’s there he encountered Hibari and wanted to talk to her after she stood up to the drunk. Then as if he received a “sign”, Hibari steps on him accidentally and it pleases him more than anything lmaooo. He claims it was pove at first sight and even went to her grandfather himself to ask to be a candidate after he found out she was a Tojo. So Hibari starts to feel something for Nayuta after this and wants to confirm her feelings. So she invites him on a date which seemingly goes fine and Hibari continues to find similarities between Nayuta and the hero of an action/romance movie she watched named Kevin.

So Hibari decides to choose Nayuta as her marriage candidate and because asks him to protect her forever. However, Nayuta misunderstands and believes Hibari is merely giving him the role of being her guard when she’s actually intending to choose him as a marriage partner. Nayuta tells her he’s not actually a candidate and asked her grandfather to be her bodyguard. Hibari is heartbroken and frustrated by the fact he didn’t realize her feelings that she slaps him and calls him an idiot before running off crying. Nayuta is left sad and confused and ends up running into Ichiya who gives him a ride to Hibari’s grandfather who summons him.


In the past, Nayuta’s family was known to protect people such as politicians regardless of how bad people they were. Nayuta hated this and didn’t want to protect people that weren’t worth protecting. So he left his family to find someone worthy of protecting. Kasuga explains this to Hibari and soon Nayuta and his uncle arrives. Nayuta immediately apologizes to Hibari for lying to her but ultimately doesn’t realize why Hibari is so upset. Hibari’s grandfather officially gives Nayuta the position of Hibari’s bodyguard while Hibari refuses to talk to him as he stays oblivious to her feelings to the point where everyone else even notices but won’t tell him so he can figure it out himself.

So after this, Hibari tries her best to put it all behind her while Nayuta acts the same as he usually does. After the frustration of him being so oblivious gets to her, she decides to take Ichiya, Taiga, and Shion on a date to attempt to make Nayuta jealous. But unfortunately it doesn’t work and in every situation Nayuta ends up saying something different than what Hibari expects. Finally, the rest of the guys decide to watch the movie called “Guardian” which Hibari loves and even quoted the movie when essentially confessing to Nayuta. Knowing her situation is gravely similar to the movie, she tries to avoid watching it by all means but they all force her to watch it with them all.

When they finish, they realize how similar Kevin and the heroine are to Hibari and Nayuta and keep trying to ask Nayuta what he thought of the movie. Regardless, Nauyta just goes on about the hero and doesn’t mention anything about him and Hibari being similar or about the romance. Ichiya, Taiga, and Shion then go to bed realizing their effort was futile. But when Hibari and Nayuta are alone, he tells her he realized that both the heroine and hero in the movie are very similar to him and her and says he likes the heroine. He asks to borrow the movie from Hibari so he can watch it again and she embarrassingly tells him she can and finds herself super embarrassed but also wonders what he means by what he said.


So Hibari decides to go out one day and Nayuta goes with her her while continuously quoting the main character in the “Guardian” movie they watched. As they’re walking back, Hibari notices her foot bleeding from her shoes and she gets separated from Nayuta in the crowd. He manages to reunite with her safely and is so relieved she’s okay that he hugs her. After treating Hibari’s wound on her foot, he remembers the kiss scene from the movie when trying to re-act a scene. Hibari gets embarrassed when she realizes this with Nayuta the same way. So one day Hibari is invited to a fancy birthday party and has Nayuta as her escort as usual. However, he acts strange the entire time and can barely function in his normal “work” mode.


Nayuta leaves to go to the bathroom to try and compose himself, but when he comes back he notices a chandelier ready to fall and quickly warns Hibari. He jumps into the impact and manages to protect Hibari but she still ends up falling unconscious due to the impact. Nayuta calls out to her in a panic and his uncle quickly tells him to call a doctor and to not move her. After this, Hibari wakes up in her hometown with Kasuga and Nayuta beside her. Nayuta apologizes over and over for not being able to protect and blames himself for her injury. Because of this, Nayuta’s uncle tries to fire Nayuta as Hibari’s bodyguard but Hibari persuades him not to. But after that, Nauyta is completely down and feels helpless.

However, thanks to Taiga’s encouragement, Nayuta regains his confidence and joins Hibari and his uncle as a choretaker. Unfortunately, Hibari is suddenly calles by her grandfather and he tells her she has run out of time so he was chosen a candidate for her but won’t tell her until the Christmas Eve party to announce the engagement. This upsets Hibari but she has no choice but to obey and eventually tells everyone else. Nayuta is clearly upset over this as well and keeps saying he knows this isn’t what Hibari wants. Nevertheless, Hibari is eventually taken to her home in Kamakura and won’t be allowed to visit or see Nayuta anymore.

Because of this, Nayuta thinks of ways to try and help Hibari while still oblivious to the fact he doesn’t want her to get married because he loves her. So, finally Ichiya, Taiga and Shion do their best to finally make Nayuta realize he’s in love with Hibari. Aftet Nayuta flips due to embarrassment, he runs out and sneaks into her manor so he can meet Hibari. He taps on her window and when she opens it she’s shocked to see him there out of breath. He tells her he wanted to see her and asks her to say she wants him to help her even if its a lie. So Hibari tells him she wants his help and Nayuta agrees even as they claim its all a lie since Hibari has already accepted the marriage as absolute.


On the day of the engagement party, Hibari goes along with Ichiya, Taiga, and Shion. She gets ready to go on stage as her grandfather goes to make the announcement of her engagement. However, a window crashes and smoke appears everywhere. Its then Nayuta appears in his same mascot costume as before. Knowing its Nayuta, his uncle fights with him and they duke it out while people think its a show and are widely entertained lmao. Unfortunately as it looks as Nayuta is losing, Ichiya and the others tell Hibari to give Nayuta “power” through her feelings. He ends up falling over though and silently instructs her to step on him. And so, Hibari steps on him telling him to get the hell back up and Nayuta yells out he’s gained 200x more power (I DIED).


So Nayuta ends up KO’ing his uncle and Hibari’s grandfather deems Nayuta as not only the winner but also as Hibari’s fiance. So turns out that everyone besides Nayuta and Hibari were in on setting them up together the whole time. Nayuta takes Hibari back home and shows her the Christmas decorations they prepared while she was gone. Hibari tells him she was mostly lonely while he was gone and Nayuta finally musters the courage to tells Hibari he loves her. Hibari does the same and they end up embarrassed so they share an awkward silence. After this, a flustered Nayuta tries to break the awkwardness but Hibari interrupts him by giving him a nice romantic kiss.


In the epilogue, Nayuta is so embarrassed and shy around Hibari to the point where he avoids her and randomly explodes out of embarrassment. Hibari starts to get fed up so she sneaks up on him when as he tries to escape and kabedon’s him to the wall LMAO.


She demands he tries to let her do romantic things together and says she feels upset when they can’t be together. Nayuta feels bad and assures her he’ll try to do his best one step at a time. Albeit he explodes again but with a nosebleed and Hibari flips out in a panic (honestly one of the best endings I have ever encountered in an otome game!!).


Thoughts: OMg Nayuta’s route was sooooooooo fun!! This boy is not only adorable af but he’s just fucking hilarious in general. Taiga may be my bias, but I honestly enjoyed his route the most. It was the most entertaining plus Nayuta is just sO DUmB and I love it. I also love the progression of Nayuta’s feeling are. At first he’s just ‘I just wanna protect you so I can be useful’ to ‘WHaT ARE thESE FEELs IT hURTS BUT iM DUMB sO I DOn”T KNOW??’. He was sooooooo oblivious but it just added to his character and story imo. All the more better in the ending where Hibari kabedon’s him and basically tells him to love her already and stop running away from her cause he’s a shy wanko lmao. PLUS THAT ENDING and the fact he had to get his junk stepped on to win that fight (gotta love do-M) . SO PERFECT. HIS ROUTE WAS PERFECT. No complaints for me!! 😂😂😂

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