Variable Barricade – Common Route/True Route + Final Thoughts


Hibari lives in a rich household and is close with her butler who is basically her caretaker. She starts her first day of school at an all girl’s academy. After school, she encounters four mysterious men that all ask her to marry them. Super confused, Hibari is sent back home with her butler, Kasuga. She talks to her strict grandfather who tells her that he decided on these marriage candidates for her so that they have a man worthy of taking over the Tojo name. Hibari is completely against it but her grandfather is relentless and tells her she needs to face reality. So she’s taken to a villa where the four men are staying.

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白と黒のアリス Shiro to Kuro no Alice -Twilight Line- Summary/Review


The fandisk for Shiro to Kuro no Alice. I delayed this long enough… While I semi-enjoyed this at first, it really just dragged on and I started to get bored of it. This is more a of a short summary than anything.

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