Cupid Parasite – Review / Summary


In a fashionable city called Los York, there’s a popular marriage agency called “Cupid Corporation”. In order to help Los Yorkers find their dreams of a happy marriage, the heroine who is the top bridal adviser, had a secret who she could tell no one. That secret being that after a fight with her father, Lynette ran away to the human world as the real cupid.

At 5 AM in the morning in the president’s office. The president of the corporation handed over a list of the five most troublesome members within the company called [Parasite5] and asked Lynette if she can get them married as the top bridal advisor she is, he’ll promote her.

While giving tons of interviews, seminars, and advice, they are to appear on a marriage share house TV program [Parasite House]. While this program serves as a purpose to advertise the company, they’ll also all be living together (I incorporated my own translations of the character descriptions / story so you can read more general information on the characters here).

non-spoiler thoughts


Lynette is cupid the god of love who was taken care of by her father Mars. He typically lectures her and thinks she’s slacking off which results in the declining birthrate. Whenever Lynette uses her arrows on humans, they typically split apart after 30 days and so the birthrate and marriage rate go down. After one of her father’s lectures, she talks to her aunt Minerva who often visits the human world herself. She actually has a secret entrance to the human world and shows Lynette different things from the human world like movies and smartphones. She decides to show Lynette SNS on a smartphone and how you can use hashtags to find different topics spoken by people all around the world. Lynette decides to look up “#cupid” which is there Minerva finds a URL linking to a InsteGrimm (lol Instagram) page called “Cupid Corporation”.


This is how Lynette first finds out about Cupid Corporation and realizes that the sites are praising the company for helping them get married not actual Cupid aka herself. After learning this, Lynette decides to do research on the human world to see how exactly humans create a compatibility with each other. In doing so, she neglects her work as cupid and gets another lecture from her father. She tries to tell him that humans are smart and don’t need the power of Gods or their wisdom to guide them. But Mars disagrees and tells Lynette she should stay away from Minerva since she’s giving her stupid ideas. But Lynette decides to prove her dad wrong and show her that humans can do better than gods and intends to do her job as cupid the way humans do it.


After she runs away, she goes to Minerva who helps her get prepared to live in the human world. So she sets up Lynette with new clothes and an apartment where she stays with Gill Lovecraft after Minerva inputs a fake name implying that Lynette was a guy staying with him and not a woman (which makes Gill flip out lol). So this brings Lynette to where she is today and how she came to the human world. After Shelby Snail gives her the list of the Parasite 5 and the men she must marry off, she decides to interview all of them. First she interviews Gil Lovecraft who she used to live with and knew from Los York University along with Claris who now works as the software engineer for their love compatibility app.


Gil had a crush on Lynette so now that he sees her and finds out she’s single, he doesn’t even want to get married LOL. Next is a person who’s identity is a secret and both Shelby and his secretary appear for the interview. While it’s obvious this is for Shelby, he’s already known for being a “married man” (even though he isn’t really) so Lynette just goes along with it. After that, she meets Raul Aconite who is a famous action movie actor. He only joined so he could gain “love” experience for the sequel of his new movie. He’s also super obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology so he immediately notices Lynette’s cupid arrow necklace. After that, she meets Keisaiin F Ryuki who talks in color codes and is a fashion designer. His parents have a popular fashion line while he started his own men’s one. Finally, she meets Allan Melville who’s flirtatious and owns a pillow shop. He also thinks sharing partners is normal.


So after this, Lynette has a seminar where literally no one pays attention to the professor teaching lmao. Allan decides to have a demonstration where he flirts with Lynette but Gil is quick to interrupt by shoving himself in between them lmao. They then have a match up party but literally all the girls matched up with each “Parasite 5” guy can’t stand them lol. Gil only talks about his past love (who is Lynette but she thinks it’s her friend Claris), Raul can’t stop talking about Greek & Roman mythology, Keisaiin always sprays his body mist everywhere along with speaking in color hex codes, Owen (Shelby’s secretary acting as his substitute) sucks at communicating via proxy lmao, and Allan tries to pick up girls that are already taken lmao.


So next day, Lynette is dragged into a interview between Shelby and a TV producer. They ask about different things regarding how bridal advisors take up the work of socializing with the potential marriage candidates and how people can make certain decisions for them that their apps and computers can’t. After this, Lynette reads an article on her phone about Shelby’s wife having a public appearance for the first time. But when she sees the picture, she notices it’s her who’s being called Shelby’s so-called wife. Lynette thinks this is bad for his wife’s sake but it also throws Shelby for a loop since he knows he doesn’t have a wife lol 🤣.

So the TV producer decides he wants to make a sort of TV program with some of their clients. They find the Parasite 5 the most interesting so they’re all offered to be on the show, including Lynette who is the top bridal advisor. They’re brought to Shelby’s villa where some girls were supposed to be on the program, but they all declined to be on it. So the TV producer decides screw it and it’ll be a show about turning these no good men into more suitable guys for marriage lol. So the show is called “Cupid House” and will feature the Parasite 5 living together for a month. It goes on air for the first time and all the Parasite men introduce themselves on camera. All the while, the host (his name is Bomber Chorizo lmao what) tells them all to strip half naked and flex their muscles 😅.


That same night, Allan decides to let Lynette use one of his luxury pillows. Apparently Lynette doesn’t have much bed experience since she’s been so heavily involved with work (Allan figures this out). He then tries to tell her to shag one of the guys so he can shag her (cuz he loves sharing) and she whacks him and tells him to go to bed lmao. The next day, Lynette has a seminar to try and figure out why the heck everyone wants to even get married. Allan just wants to screw taken girls apparently, Raul wants practice for his movie, Gil wants to not be lonely on Christmas (poor boy lmao), Keisaiin got forced into it by his sister and she told him he needs to be married to be a successful fashion designer.

So it’s decided they’ll all go on a mock date with Lynette for practice. After going on a date with all of the guys, the next episode of Parasite House airs. They take a private jet to a wedding to observe it for themselves. After this, Parasite House goes on air for the 3rd time. Everyone shows off their cooking skills all except Allan who’s never made food for himself. Gil gets on his case on how he should provide for a girl but he believes his one-sidedness isn’t equal and he puts on too much pressure because he has no confidence in himself. They start to get into a heated argument until it ends up with them comparing their dick sizes to show who’s the better man (LOL wHaT). Lynette has to force them to cut them off the air and they end up under fire due to the sudden mature content. Gil and Allan both apologize for the trouble they caused as Lynette tries to get it dealt with.


Lynette has trouble dealing with the raging comments so Gil decides to help her write a response for her blog since he’s a freelance writer anyway. Gil then asks Lynette if she rather be devoted to or devote herself to someone but Lynette believes it’s better to show cooperation and devotion on both sides which makes Gil realize he shouldn’t shove his opinions or beliefs on other people. So Gil ends up writing an apology on the blog and more or less says he won’t impose his opinion on others and listening to each other’s sides is important. He also mentions how he and Allan apologized to each other about it.


So for the 4th broadcast, they all have a barbeque with fans as the guests (who all attach to one of the guys one or the other). Shelby thanks Lynette for all her hard work and believes he couldn’t have done it all on his own without her work. Keisaiin even gives Lynette a peel off face mask for all her hard work while she updates her blog 😂. So they have their final broadcast for their last Cupid House episode. After that, the guys give Lynette a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for all her hard work and in fact they actually enjoyed their time together in their shared home. But unlike the rest of them Raul gives Lynette an extra special kiss on the cheek which makes Gil lose his mind lol.


So after the production of Parasite House ends, everyone leaves the share house and Lynette goes back to her normal work schedule. All the while, there’s an influx of customers because of the Parasite 5’s popularity. Lynette considers using her cupid arrow to get things done quickly, but remembers the bet she made with her father to make people fall in love without using her powers. Unfortunately, Lynette finds out all the guys (except S aka Shelby) have decided to leave Cupid Corporation and give up on getting married. 


Gill Lovecraft (CV: Ryohei Kimura) is a freelance editor who is in charge of editing magazines, books and news sites. Two years ago, in order to get over a broken heart, he joined the Cupid Corporation. However, because he compared everything to his unrequited love, he became a member of [Parasite5]. His unrequited love was Lynette who became his roommate. He dedicated himself to supporting her who was ignorant of the world (because she had just come to the human world) and came to like her. But for him who’s feelings went unnoticed, this lead to his heartbreak and decided to no longer be roommates. This time he is reunited with the heroine as his own adviser and so the gears of love that stopped before have started to move again.

After Gil decides to leave Cupid Corporation, Lynette decides to call him and check up on him. He basically tells her he’s not going to give up on the person he’s in love with (it being her but Lynette thinks it’s Claris lol). He intends to better himself as a man and work his way to confessing. Lynette cheers him on but he then asks what she likes in a guy and she tells him someone who has a dream to pursue. Gil realizes he doesn’t really have a set dream but always wanted to write an article in one of his favorite car magazines. After that, cut to flashback where Gil remembers when Lynette first moved in with him. She gave a fake name and he was legit shocked to find out his new roommate was a girl.

In the end he had to teach her a lot since she was oblivious to her surroundings (after just coming from the divine world). He taught her how to do the dishes albeit she usually broke them or couldn’t do housework (so Gil did it all). One time, she ended up accidentally using a bunch of laundry detergent and making bubbles go everywhere. Meanwhile, Gil slowly became attracted to her and started to realize his feelings. Back to the present time, Lynette tells Claris she always thought Gil liked her but Claris tells her that it was always Gil who liked Lynette lol. They have a bet on who’s right but it starts to get Lynette questioning things and doubting her initial thoughts.


Apparently Gil was always protective of Lynette while they were in University and tried to help her when random guys would try to hook up with her. They both worked at the movie theater together where Gil often liked watching transforming car movies (I guess?). Eventually Gil did muster up some courage to write a love letter to Lynette but he put it in her textbook after borrowing it. Claris then borrowed her textbook and the letter ended up falling in Claris’ bag which is why she figured it was just some random letter from a random guy at the cafe she worked at. One day, Lynette asks Gil out to dinner and while she’s with a client forever, her phone dies. With her unable to text Gil, he ends up waiting a while without notice from Lynette. So when Lynette finally arrives Gil is so relieved Lynette appears that he hugs her as soon as he sees her lol.


This reminds Lynette of when she went to prom with Gil so cut to flashback again. At the University they had a prom and it was the first time Lynette had heard of it. She ends up getting asked to go by Gil and accepts. So they go to prom together and Gil helps Lynette learn how to dance. After prom, he prepares to confess to her and hugs her, saying he’ll always protect her. Lynette takes doesn’t see his phrasing as anything other than familial love and doesn’t respond to his feelings. In the same way, Gil hugged Lynette in the present and Lynette ends up feeling like its different than it was before. Gil ends up freaking out and apologizes before running off, leaving Lynette to think he really does have feelings for her.

So Lynette finally confronts Claris about it and she basically confirms Gil had dirty dreams about Lynette back when they all lived together which was why he acted so weird during breakfast at times LMAO. Lynette realizes that if Gil really likes her then she’s been completely oblivious to his obvious hints. Claris tells her to face her feelings head on instead of trying to avoid it. That same day, Lynette and Claris find out Gil was temporarily kicked out of his apartment due to a strange odor in his apartment complex. So Lynette and Claris invite him back to their apartment for now. Gil promises to take care of all the cooking and housework so when Claris and Lynette come home he’s already got dinner made for them LOL.

One day, Lynette feels bad about how much Gil does for her but she doesn’t do a lot for him. So she decides to try and make him crab cake since he tells her it’s one of his favorite childhood dishes. Gil ends up helping regardless though and he tells Lynette that he used to work at a sort of festival in Boston where he grew up. He ended up befriending Raul after he oysters that were served and got food poisoning. After this, Lynette starts to want to help Gil some more since he’s been doing all the housework and cooking but before she can tell Gil this, they get a surprise visit from his older brother named Gary. He tells Gil he’s sick of working at his car company as the vice president and hates cars. Apparently “Lovecraft industry” is a well known car company that Gil’s family owns.


Gil kept it a secret but he basically ran away from home because he didn’t want to be like his dad and join a company where he would never be home. Gil didn’t want to be forced to marry someone through the company and ran away. Although he doesn’t like cars, Gary wants to become president in order to marry his fiancé he’s known for years who loves cars lol. Lynette ends up giving him a lecture and that he should tell his fiancé the truth before it’s too late. So Gil’s brother leaves to go speak with his fiancé. Meanwhile, Gil and Lynette talk about a misunderstanding where Gil thought he heard Lynette say “I want to be with someone who I can always be with” which is why Gil had such big drive to have a job where he had freedom.

Regardless, Gil wants to pursue his desk of becoming a publisher for his favorite magazine “Car Craft Road” and Lynette cheers him on. So Gil applies to work as a publisher for the magazine and he gets the job and starts working at an office. In doing so, he ends up a lot busier which makes Lynette start to feel lonely without him around as much. Finally Lynette and Gil have a day off to spend together and go rock climbing. Afterwards, they run into Raul who’s looking into UFO abduction and spiriting away research lmao. This gets Lynette thinking about her having to go back to the divine world eventually. Gil unknowing of her secret, tells her he hopes that she won’t suddenly disappears without warning (which she promises she won’t).


The next day, Claris texts Lynette she’ll be out all night and Gil says he’ll be late as well. Lynette ends up falling asleep and having a dream of the past. Gil was going to take a shower and she wanted to know how it worked in the human world. She ended up watching and copying Gil in the shower and then comes in with a towel wrapped around her (MY QUESTION IS WHY DIDNT GIL LOCK THE BATHROOM LOL). She begs Gil to tell her how to bathe and Gil flips out in embarrassment wondering how the heck she doesn’t know how to bathe herself. Regardless, he shows her how to use everything and after she takes a shower she realizes she doesn’t have another pair of clothes. She ends up using Gil’s shirt and Gil flips out again saying he’ll wash her clothes for her 😂.


When Lynette wakes up, she finds herself in her own bed. Gil carried her into her bed and whispers “I love you” before kissing her on the head and leaving. Lynette is embarrassed but before she can be any more surprised she smells a strong odor. Turns out Gil’s apartment complex was evacuated due to really old blue cheese being in the drains and stinking up the apartment complex. After hearing this, he decided to buy some blue cheese for himself and eats it with Lynette. Gil says he can finally go back to his apartment and Lynette realizes she doesn’t want him to leave. Lynette finally confesses she’s in love with Gil and well, things heat up and Gil starts making out with her lol. And of course from there they have mattress mumbo lmao.


Lynette wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a slanderous article has been posted about her through Gil’s phone. She starts to think it’s Gil who posted the article so she runs out of the apartment to think. While she’s in the park she encounters a rooster who’s one of Mar’s divine beasts that has come to search for her. Lynette decides to go back to the divine world and follows it. When she comes back, her father gives her a list of people to break up in the human world. Lynette has two cupid arrows — one that makes people fall in love and the other that breaks them up. So, she goes back to work in the divine world and tries to forget about Gil. In the meantime, Gil wakes up to find Lynette gone and realizes she saw the article that he was supposedly trying to prevent from being published since it was so slanderous.

Gil looks everywhere for Lynette but can’t find her and ends up falling on the sidewalk due to exhaustion. Alan finds him and takes him to his shop where Claris is there too. She basically explains that Lynette is the real cupid and is now in her world — the divine world where Gods reside. She doesn’t explain as to why she knows this and just suddenly disappears. Gil believes it immediately though since he suspected something was off about Lynette from the beginning. So, he goes back to his home made car workshop in Boston and decides to finish a car he was building in order to bring himself to the divine world. Once he finishes it, he uses Lynette’s necklace that she left (which is her other cupid arrow) and puts it into the car in order to utilize the power that resides in it and flies it to the divine world.

Meanwhile, Lynette is tired of splitting up couples and finally decides to stop after seeing Gil’s brother on the list. Mars gets angry and argues with her about humans again. He decides he’ll put her in a cell to discipline her for 50 years (which would be like a few days in god years). But before he can, Gil crashes into the divine world and screams for Lynette to come home. Mars interferes, saying he’d just give up on her like all humans do but then Gil goes on a rant about how much he loves Lynette and even has a special folder where he keeps cute pictures of her on his phone LOL. Lynette is super touched by his speech but Mars ain’t having it and demands a duel between him and Gil. Mars activates his powers and grows huge while Gil uses his car he made and transforms it into a similar transformer like pig from a movie he loved.


The two of them duke it out for a bit until Gil starts feeling weak because he’s a human in the world of Gods. Despite this he won’t give in so Mars decides to let him be with Lynette. So the two of them go back to the human world and return home. Gil finally shows Lynette the love letter he wrote for her and also finds out that Lynette never even got it in the first place. This is because Claris borrowed Lynette’s textbook and the letter that Gil put it in fell out into her bag. So she reads his essay of a letter and ends up crying due to being so moved by it lol. Apparently a co-worker of his suggested he try and make a book out of it too. A few days later, Lynette finds out she’s on paid vacation leave after Claris submitted an application for her. Albeit Claris suddenly disappeared and none of the female staff remember her but the male ones seem to remember her in a dream. This leads Lynette to believe she wasn’t human in the first place (she’s obviously a succubus).


After this, Lynette finds out her cupid necklace is missing and Gil reveals he used it for the car he made and it pretty much infused with it. Now the car has a mind of its own essentially so it becomes Gil’s partner (LOL what the hell 😂). Suddenly, Gil gets a call from his father after he hears on the radio his brother left his position of vice president of LCI (Lovecraft industry) to go elope with his fiancé. So Gil goes to meet his very strict father at a hotel and brings Lynette with him. They argue that Gil’s brother Gary left because all his father could see was the company’s success and not the fact that his sons didn’t want to be tied to the family business.


This opens his father’s eyes and he realizes he was pushing his own hopes and ideals onto his sons without hearing how they felt about it. Not to mention he hadn’t been paying as much attention to his wife who’s clearly lonely LOL. Regardless, Gil decides he will take over as the president of LCI so as long as he can marry who he wants aka Lynette. He also loves cars anyway and now that their relocating their headquarters to Los York, it works in his favor. So after Gil becomes the president of LCI, he decides to finally officially propose to Lynette. In the epilogue, Gil officially gets a book published based on his letter which is a big hit. Lynette and Gil also officially get married and everyone, including her father, congratulate them.


In the 2nd end, Lynette stops wanting to go to work and so Gil basically tells her to just stay home and relax. She ends up quitting her job and lets Gil spoil the hell out of her until she just gets over weight and is solely reliant on Gil. Claris flips out when she finds out but the two of them live happily together anyway LOL. In the 3rd end, Gil decides to not talk to his father yet and instead focuses on writing his new books. In the 4th end, after Lynette leaves she’s confined to a prison for 100 years to atone for her actions. After 20 years pass, Minerva manages to show Lynette a movie Gil wrote called 365 love letters based on his love story with him and her. Lynette then uses her arrow to cut the love between her and him so he no longer is in pain about loving her.


Thoughts: Gill is one of those characters you can’t help but feel bad for but at the same time you wish he would kind of chill out a bit LOL. Not particularly my type, but definitely entertaining to watch. You don’t usually get obvious one-sided loves from the get-go unless the character has a past with the heroine. Anyway, I did like his route and it was a lot of fun to see him interact with Lynette when she was still new to the human world. This is the only comparison I can think of at the moment, but his relationship with Lynette kind of made me think of Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia. Mostly because Lynette was the oblivious God who knew nothing of the human world and Jude had to help her out (lol idk i got Tales of on my brain rn). Anyway, his route definitely got crazier you delve deeper into it. I liked that we got flashbacks of when they lived together, to paint a better picture of their relationship. Either way, Gil is definitely the type who would just do everything for Lynette to the point where she just stops doing anything (like that one ending LMAO)


Shelby Snail (CV: KENN) is the founder and president of Cupid Corporation. Although he’s widely known for being a devoted husband, he’s actually single. For consistency purposes, he decides to get married as soon as possible and behind-the-scenes (with wishes to stay anonymous and have a proxy marriage through his secretary) within the company. He offered a proposition for the heroine who boldly stated she wanted a promotion. While always looking to improve, he has a stoic nature that gives him an advantage in a high rank position. In addition to adapting to his work-oriented lifestyle, he has a side of him that believes that feelings of love are illogical.

After everyone leaves Parasite 5, Shelby decides to call Lynette to his office and just tell her straight out that he’s Mr. S (the name that he’s been going by while in Parasite 5). Apparently he’s to have a meeting with an important work colleague but he’s always come up with excuses not to because they keep insisting he brings his non-existent wife. The whole fake idea that he had a wife came from a misunderstanding 4 years prior and Shelby just kinda went along with it since it was beneficial for the company to see him as married. He starts considering the idea of announcing publicly that he doesn’t have a wife, but Lynette tells him she doesn’t think it’s a good idea at this point because so many people would feel betrayed.

There’s also been speculation and rumors about someone trying to uncover the fact that Shelby’s marriage is a hoax so he knows someone is already looking into it at the very least. Regardless, Lynette comes up with a better idea which is to pose as his wife for a while LOL. Shelby is completely against it and skeptical about it but Lynette insists since her goal is to make sure they save the company’s reputation and rid the paparazzi from trying to find out whether or not Shelby is actually married. Reluctantly, Shelby agrees to let her but assures her it’ll be business only and he intends to compensate for it as well. He also mentions that if she wants to stop or cut it off, she can at anytime.

So Lynette tells Claris she’ll be moving out for a few months but can’t tell her why. So Lynette goes to stay at Shelby’s villa and he brings her actual paperwork along with an NDA agreement LOL. He also intends to pay her from his own pocket as compensation. So Shelby tells Lynette that in 3 days he’ll have his important work colleague and his wife come over for dinner.  Unfortunately, Shelby ends up working so much that Lynette barely gets to interact with Shelby much. Regardless, on the day of the party Lynette gets all dressed up and poses as Shelby’s wife. Shelby always described his wife as “quiet and sickly” so she puts on that said act in order to impress and please his colleagues lol. Thankfully the party is a success but Lynette gets hungry later since the “sickly wife” barely eats and so Shelby heats up some leftover food for her. 🥰


After that, a contest to come up with a new set plan for the company is coming up for the 15th Anniversary of Cupid Corporation. Lynette considers entering but meanwhile she’s asked by Owen to deliver some paperwork to Shelby since he’s so swamped with work lol. Lynette meets Shelby at a cafe and he asks if there’s any dissatisfactions with her living arrangement. She tells him there isn’t but would like to see him home enough to at least eat dinner with him here and there. 😂 So they discuss plans for the contest and Lynette tries to come up with plans to make the company more efficient in matchmaking. Meanwhile, Shelby gets another call from a business partner for a house party.

The next day, Shelby drives Lynette to work since she’s now further from home while living at Shelby’s villa. He also introduces her to a new secretary they hired — Peter aka the camera man for Parasite House. He weirdly already knows his way around Cupid Corporations which Owen and Lynette find strange. Meanwhile, Lynette tells Shelby he needs him to act more like he’s married with her instead of making the marriage so one sided (with him leaving late and his “wife” alone lol) if he wants to actually find a marriage partner. He promises to make some effort and tells her he’ll make breakfast for her in the morning. All the while Lynette tries to convince him to take some leisurely time for himself but Shelby is the kind of guy who focuses on work before everything else.

So after a few days, Lynette finds out that her cooking project to bring in more married couples is picked as a winner of the competition. After getting back from work one day, Lynette and Shelby hear someone who’s been trying to stalk Shelby (to prove if he has a wife or not) outside the villa trying to take pictures. They decide to move to the bedroom and use their shadows to try and make it seem like they’re kissing or on top of each other on the bed LOL. As soon as Lynette gets an idea with a banana Shelby tells her “NO” right away lmaooo. Shelby then keeps Lynette facing the other way against the glass of the window so her face can’t be seen (so they’re both against each other close LOL).


Shelby asks Lynette how long she intends to pretend to be his wife. Lynette tells she’ll do it as long as she needs to but Shelby tells her she’ll probably fall in love eventually and can’t let it go on forever. He starts to ask her what drives her to do her work but before she can answer, there’s the sound of a camera shutter and then the person in the garden escapes. The next morning, Shelby flips out when he sees Lynette has hung her underwear outside as a “disguise” he has a wife so he tells her to remove them lmao. She also explains to Shelby her drive to work and the rewarding feeling it brings comes from the fact she wants to prove her father wrong and show him she’s capable.

Lynette hosts a sort of couples cooking seminar where she accidentally burns herself for the first time (since coming to the human world apparently) and Shelby flips out and runs her burn under cold water immediately. Everyone starts to think they’re dating which Shelby quickly denies. Regardless, Shelby starts to have actual feelings for Lynette starting to bud inside him, even while trying to keep the whole thing work focused. One day, Lynette finds out on the news that a different company ended up using her same exact project idea. Her bitter planning committee coworker starts accusing her of plagiarism but then Shelby intervenes saying there’s no way she plagiarized with the amount of effort she put into it.


After Shelby directs his employees to rework the project, he asks to speak with Lynette privately. She ends up crying after being shocked and confused by the whole situation and Shelby comforts her until she’s okay to talk with him. So after Lynette calms down, she and Shelby discuss plans to redo their project in a similar yet different way. In doing so, their cooking project is a success while the other company’s project is a flop. Unfortunately, after Chi gives her a photo of Shelby and Lynette together, they realize it’s only a matter of time before the photo is leaked. In order to prevent Lynette from getting caught in the crossfire of this, Shelby decides to reveal to the press that he isn’t really married. This immediately causes backlash for Shelby and the advertising agency that promoted his appearance of having “a wife he was devoted to”.


So Lynette finds Shelby drinking his sorrows away at a bar and decides to comfort him. He figures without his status people may start to not like him anymore but Lynette assures him that he has the support of his staff and even gets messages sent to him, supporting him. So after that, Lynette helps Shelby get home after he got drunk. The next morning, they find out on the news that, the person who made the misunderstanding of Shelby having a wife occur in the first place, had apologized on behalf of Shelby. He vouches for him being a good person and supports him in actually finding a wife in the future. Thanks to this, there’s a huge influx of customers at Cupid Corporation wanting to marry the president.

Lynette finds herself starting to get jealous that Shelby has so many girls interested in him now and even though she keeps telling herself it’s just work, she can’t help but not want to marry off Shelby. In addition, they no longer need to live together or keep up the husband/wife routine but can’t bring themselves to want to leave. One day, Shelby gets tickets for an amusement park and decides to invite Lynette under the guise of it being “practice” since they never had a proper date when Owen substituted for him. After struggling like hell to even invite her, they meet up in casual clothes. They end up meeting Raul and Ryuki there and try the archery game which both Shelby and Lynette win (cause she’s actually cupid lol). They then have dinner together, where Shelby tries to confess to Lynette but isn’t able to. At the end of the date, they get a good view of Los York and watch it together.


The next morning, Lynette finds out that Gil’s new book got an award and so Claris invites Lynette to a celebration party. That said night, Lynette meets with Gil but Claris doesn’t show up until late so they two of them are alone. Shelby who also had plans, spots the two of them and thinks the two of them are on a date. The next morning, this misunderstanding leads him to tearing up the marriage contact they had and he tells Lynette she’s now free. So, Lynette moves out and starts to realize she’s annoyed at Shelby for suddenly springing that up out of nowhere without saying anything first. Regardless, Lynette finds out at work that Shelby has closed applications for finding a  marriage candidate. She also hears that Shelby is holding a middle school reunion party on the party floor and decides to go see. When Lynette spots Shelby, she too misunderstands while seeing him speak with a woman and finally realizes she feels so sad because she’s in love with Shelby.

In reality, the woman Shelby is speaking to is one of his old classmates who wanted to apologize to him. Another woman appears and they talk about a student from his past. Apparently in the past, Shelby was the top of his class and all the students around him praised him. When a new transfer student named Chris appeared, they all flocked to him after learning his was rich and his dad owned a popular burger shop. Shelby ended up getting a bad score so everyone joked how Chris is smarter now. Even the girl he liked ended up dating Chris but now fast forward to now she ended up breaking up with him cause she realized how much of a douchebag he was. So now she’s married and has 3 kids. This makes Shelby realize that these people see him for him and not his status.


After this, Parasite 5 is called back to do another episode and so all of them reunite, including Shelby who doesn’t have Owen as his substitute anymore. After the show, Lynette ends up finding chocolate and even though she was told by her aunt Minerva to not eat it, she does so anyway and ends up literally getting drunk off of it. Shelby finds her behind the couch and she starts crying, saying he never cared about her even though she loves him LOL. After her drunk confession, Shelby kisses her and tells her he loves her too. She ends up falling asleep though and puts her to bed. The next morning she wakes up to Shelby next to her (albeit they didn’t sleep together). Shelby explains his misunderstandings and  apologizes for the things he said or done that may have hurt her (unfortunately Lynette doesn’t remember anything she said night before or that she kissed him).


After this, a bunch of Cupid Corporation’s staff start leaving and going to their rival company. Not only that but a lot of customer info and data was stolen from someone hacking into Shelby’s computer. Lynette goes to Shelby’s office to explain the situation. As soon as Shelby tries to figure out who did it, someone comes up through the elevator into Shelby’s office and uses sleeping gas. Both Shelby and Lynette are kidnapped and put on a boat by two guys who were paid off to do it. Fortunately, Lynette manages to escape and use her bow and arrow to make the two guys fall in love with her. Thanks to this, they take them to the real master mind who is Owen.


Owen starts yelling out how he wanted to get married to and how he was jealous of Shelby. After he takes out a gun, Shelby uses the gun he stole from the two guys on the boat and shoots the gun out of Owen’s hand. He also called the police and they arrive to arrest the men that kidnapped them while Owen just kind of loses his mind and falls to the ground, foaming at the mouth. After this, Lynette runs into her father, Mars, who admits to being the one who not only brainwashed Owen, but also tried to sabotage Cupid Corporation. Lynette is so pissed she decides to use her bow and arrow to make Mars fall in love with a Roomba LOL. After Owen gets out of the hospital, he apologizes to Lynette and Shelby. He had a grudge against Shelby who basically told him one time he wouldn’t amount to anything with the current status he had.


Owen was also made fun of when he got rejected during the marriage parties and it became a thing around the office. Shelby made fun of him without realizing it was Owen who was being made fun of. Afterwords, Shelby invites Lynette to his home for the first time. It’s there he confesses to her and proposes to her. He also realizes she doesn’t remember confessing to him before when she got drunk off chocolate. Either way, they both profess their love each other have sleep together (which I guess makes Lynette human). They then have some after sex take out lmao. A few days later they officially fill out marriage registration forms.  In the epilogue, Lynette and Shelby have their marriage ceremony with their friends and family there.


In the 1st end, Lynette stops working and gets an opportunity to be a model. In the 2nd end, she becomes Shelby’s secretary and “fake” wife, in the 3rd end, she travels to Greece with Raul in search of ancient artifacts lmao. In the 4th end, Lynette and Shelby decide to look for a bigger home to live in together. They run into Allan who says he’s leaving his pillow shop and Claris who’s with him are leaving to go far away. So they offer for them to live in their shop and in doing so, they open a new 9th Ave branch for Cupid Corporation. A month later, their new branch is busy and lots of customers that were intimidated by their larger branch building, feel more comfortable at their new smaller one. 


Thoughts: I really liked Shelby’s route a lot and I daresay he’s probably my 2nd fave (next to Ryuki who’s first). His route was definitely the most “fun” in the sense that it had a lot of funny and cute parts to it. I definitely have a thing for the serious, hardworking types that don’t show their emotion often. What I really wanted to see though was Shelby finding out that Lynette was Cupid! He even said he doesn’t believe in Gods (which made her sad) but they didn’t really address that. I know Lynette would become human anyway, but it would be fun to see Shelby’s reaction to it all. I really liked the ending where they started their own business together though; it was really cute. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about KENN doing a role like this, but I think he did a pretty good job.


Raul Aconite (CV: Taku Yashiro) is a movie star who is very popular with the ladies. Known for his good looks and has become a hit in his action movie roles. With the decision to appear in his first romance films, his company was worried with whether or not he could make his acting look “real”, so he joined the Cupid Corporation in order to study love. After an experience of being saved by a God, he became immersed in mythological research which has become his hobby and now it’s all he can talk about it. Thanks to that he can’t hold a proper conversation with anyone and thus became a member of [Parasite5].

One day, Raul’s manager literally begs Lynette for her help in getting Raul better at acting love scenes so that he can act properly in his upcoming movie. So Lynette agrees to help him and goes to the Shillywood studio where she meets Raul there. They go over some scenes and while Raul can act perfectly in action scenes, he sucks in all the romance ones. After that, they go to a Shillywood party where many actors and actresses attend. There, Lynette finds out that Raul may have no love experience, but he has TONS of sex experience cause the guy has been sleeping with tons of other Shillywood actress. Apparently he thinks he’s like Zeus who also was sleeping around with everyone (jfc LOL).

Raul manages to convince Lynette that what he’s doing is no different than what greek gods did and Lynette can’t argue since she knows that they have. Raul tells her it’s basically like exercise and invites him to her place to try it with him 🥴. She actually accepts and goes to his place to sleep with him. In doing so, she realizes it seems kinda lonely doing it with someone she doesn’t truly love; especially since Raul is talking to her casually during it. On the other hand, she did always want to know what it was like since all the other gods are banging each other lmao. Regardless, she may feel guilty about it but she can’t deny she enjoyed it.


So the next morning, Lynette goes back to her advisor mode and tells Raul he shouldn’t be sleeping with people carelessly and if he wants to fall in love he needs to keep it in his pants lmao. She believes making love should be special and not just a constant hook up one after another. Seeing Lynette normal actually surprises Raul cause he’s used girls he slept with get emotional or annoyed with him for carelessly sleeping around with them without regards to their feelings. So, after establishing that, Raul agrees to refrain and surprisingly improves on his acting. One day, Lynette and him go to a mythology debate at the University so Raul can meet girls interested in mythology like him.

After Lynette and Raul meet up, they run into some girls who are a fan of his. They ask about what he’s doing and when he mentions he’s going to a mythology debate, they start to pretend to be interested in it so he’ll invite them along. This frustrates Raul and he tells them he doesn’t want them coming (to which he refers to his “sacred place”) if they’re not actually interested. So he leaves and takes Lynette along with him.  In the lecture room, she uses a 50 cent coin (uhh that’s not really a thing in america but ok otomate lmao) to use on some gacha. She gets cupid (which is portrayed as a male as per the human world) which Raul says is rare and has never gotten him before. So Lynette gives the keychain to Raul and they sit down to have their debate with other mythology enthusiasts.

The guys there have a heated discussion with Raul about Jupiter being female until Raul brings up the theory of Cupid being theory that Lynette brought up. Lynette gives her two cents on it (since she actually knows) and ends up giving her own interpretation of how the gods lived. The guys are all impressed and start trying to invite her over to their place to show them their collections lmao. But Raul, clearly jealous, silently takes Lynette out of there and brings her to her place where he sleeps with her again. Albeit, this time it’s more passionate and unlike when Lynette felt nothing before, she actually felt something this time around. The same goes with Raul who starts realizing his feels for Lynette.


The next morning, Lynette is completely distracted at work. Claris notices and figures out she’s slept with someone lol. Suddenly, Minerva appears and talks with Cupid at the cafe. Lynette asks Minerva if she’s ever had sex and wants to know the difference between doing it with someone you love and someone you don’t love. Minerva admits she was in love before and doing it with someone she loved was the best way of banging lol. So this is when Lynette realizes she needs to decline Raul’s invitations of being friends with benefits so he can experience love with his special person. Regardless, Raul gradually improves on his acting but is still lacking the ability to act in love scenes.

The next morning, Raul practices his scenes more and wonders how he can improve. He also tells Lynette he finds love to be troublesome since he heard from other actors it just gets in the way of their hobbies. Lynette then comes up the idea of him watching romance movies to inspire him. So they go to Raul’s place and watch a romance movie where Raul studies it until he falls asleep on Lynette’s shoulder. Raul the wakes up in the middle of the night to see Lynette playing with his statues. He realizes “oh she actually likes mythology” instead of all the girls who pretended to like it so he’d sleep with them lol. After that, Lynette talks with Raul’s manager and comes up with a list of girls for Raul to try dating.


So Raul goes on three different dates with three girls but in the end, they’re all failures and don’t go well at all. Meanwhile, Raul really just wants to see Lynette again and reports back to her about it. He then suggests they go back to his place and make love again but Lynette rejects him and smacks him with her folder when he tries to kiss her. A few days later, Raul tells Lynette he’s now researching the theory of Cupid being female instead of male. He then notices some of the items that had cupid designs on them suddenly gone missing. It’s then his manager realizes it might be a stalker since this has happened before. It gets to the point where Raul’s mail is getting stolen so he decides to stay at a hotel for now.

So a few days later, while Lynette walks with Raul to his hotel, a crazy woman that Raul went on a date with suddenly tries to stab Lynette. Raul gets in the way so he gets slightly cut but then this woman was actually trying to kill Lynette (um what???). She was apparently one of the matchmaking girls who went on a date with Raul. She thought they had some sort of love connection but of course she’s just insane, so Lynette uses her arrow on her to make her fall out of love with Raul. Not realizing that Raul saw the whole thing, he’s in utter shock and amazement that Lynette is the real cupid. So Raul starts gushing about it but Lynette tells him that she can’t call her “cupid” nor refer to her as a “God” while she’s in the human world.

After that, Lynette goes back to Raul’s place to treat his wound. He ends up asking about all the other gods and brings up that when he was a kid he got food poisoning after eating an oyster. He thought it was Neptune who saved him, but it was actually Minerva that he saw. He then asks Lynette about all his statues and so she basically tells him that all the interpretations are incorrect. He also tells her about his parents and how he traveled the world because they were archeologists. So, after cooking Raul dinner and treating his wounds, he asks her to stay the night with him and so she sleeps next to him.  But because of the pain of his injury, Raul ends up waking up in the middle of the night. He realizes he’s in love with Lynette and kisses her while she’s asleep.


A few days later, Raul finally masters his acting in romance scenes and the staff and Raul invite Lynette to go out drinking with them to celebrate. In doing so, Raul shows Lynette pictures he drew of the Gods based on Lynette’s descriptions. He also wants to make a stone statue based on her — the real cupid which she declines. So, Lynette manages to convince Raul to eat oysters with her for the first time since he had food poisoning. A few days later, Raul finds out from his manager that she ended her contract with Lynette now that she no longer needs to be his “love advisor”. This of course upsets Raul, who is now in love with Lynette and doesn’t want to be separated from her. Meanwhile, Lynette is back at work and finally gets a promotion. She then starts wondering what to do next since she met her goal since doesn’t want to leave the human world yet.

One day, Raul gets a message about a new excavation site in Greece and decides to invite Lynette to go with him. After telling Minerva she was promoted, Minerva convinces Lynette to go on the trip and explore the world beyond Los York. So Lynette rides Raul’s private jet while he gushes about the fact she’s going on this trip with him. He ends up almost kissing her but she tells him to wait, which he agrees to do. After they arrive in Greece, they enjoy the food and scenery until they head to the excavation site. Just as they start searching the site, something triggers and they fall into a hole and end up in a sort of cave. So they end up exploring the place like an actual “Indiana Jones” type adventure.


So while Lynette and Raul finally decide to rest, they encounter an actual manticore. So Raul strips naked and wrestles it Greek style lmao. After defeating it, they proceed deeper into the cave until Lynette almost falls into a hole. Raul saves her, but since she’s injured in the process, he carries her on his back. Apparently she could heal if she could go back to the divine world, but she can only go back there if the sky is visible. So as Raul carries a sick Lynette on his back, he begs for help from one of the Gods. In the end, Minerva’s voice is heard and they’re taken to the divine world. There, Raul and Lynette confess their feelings for each other and promise to love each other no matter what.


So while Raul is gushing over being in the divine world, Minerva appears with Lynette’s bow and arrow in hand. Apparently since Lynette has fallen in love with a human, she no longer has the qualification to be cupid anymore. The role of “cupid” in the first place changes, so there’s been multiple ones and Lynette was the 87th cupid. So just as things seem great and Lynette realizes she can live as a human, Minerva betrays them and shoots two arrows into Raul. In doing so, Raul’s body is taken over by “Alexander the Great”, the one that Minerva was in love with. She waited years for his soul to be reborn in an human (in this case, Raul) so she could swap their personalities with Cupid’s arrow. The only reason she helped Lynette was to make her fall in love and rid her of the role of cupid (she apparently also killed the previous cupid).


Minerva then grabs Lynette by the neck and tosses her back into the human world. Not long after, abnormal weather occurs like storms and tornados all over Los York. Raul, as Alexander the Great, appears on television and basically says he intends to rule the lands. People think it’s just Raul shooting a new movie, but Lynette heads towards the beach and finds both Raul and Minerva there. With Minerva controlling the weather, she goes on about having Alexander remember his love for her. Meanwhile, Lynette tries to get Raul back by reminding him of how he admired Alexander and how he wanted to play him someday in a role. Suddenly, Alexander stabs Minerva after remembering she was the one who fed him some sort of medicine that she claimed was to make him immortal.


It was actually the medicine that killed Alexander since it was a medicine suited for Gods. But now that Minerva is out of the way, she takes the necklace from her to try and summon her bow and arrow again. Even though she’s now human, she manages to summon the bow and arrow and aim it at Raul. She yells at him to come back to her as she puts as much power into her arrows as she can and shoots at Raul to revert him back. In doing so, he’s back to normal and Lynette immediately hugs him. After that, Lynette stars in Raul’s new movie as an actress alongside him. Minerva is punished and imprisoned for 100 years in the divine world. Even so, Lynette feels lonelier because Raul is being somewhat distant.


So on their way back from celebrating the finishing of their movie, he finally reveals he feels anxious about making her human and asks if she’s truly okay with not being cupid anymore. Lynette tells him it’s too late for that though cause she’s already chosen him instead. So they finally make out again and have actual in love shower sex this time lmao. After that, Raul realizes “it really is different banging someone you love!” And then asks Lynette to marry her which she of course agrees to. In the epilogue, Raul and Lynette, now living together, walk the red carpet since they’re nominated for the Academy Awards lol. They also announce their relationship there and Raul tells out “she’s my goddess!!” 😂


In the 2nd end, Lynette becomes a mythology book publisher and joins the mythological group as their leader. Raul is her co-author so the two of them go to the library one day for research. At first they were gonna write about Cupid, but then they decide to just do a fiction that no one would believe anyway so they can keep their story together a secret that only they know. In the 3rd end, Lynette eats a bad oyster and gets food poisoning. This makes Raul turn into an oyster conspiracy theorist and so he moves to Baltimore to run for mayor. He believes the oysters need to be preserved and their closeness to extinction is the reason people are getting food poisoned?? (Wtf is this end lmao).


In the 4th end, Alexander the Great and Jupiter fight in the human world causing non-stop chaos for the human world. There’s also a “harem” end, where Cupid decides to use her cupid arrow on everyone  instead of trying to actually get them to fall in love. It backfires of course so all 5 them fall in love with her and while it’s only supposed so last for 30 days, it doesn’t end. So she kind of just accepts them all while they all confess their love to her LOL.  

Thoughts:  I can’t say any of the routes were “bad” in this game, but Raul was definitely my least favorite as far as the casts goes. Maybe I just didn’t care, but his rambling of greek mythology was kind of getting old lmao. I  guess I just didn’t really care for his Greek obsession but also the fact that he was legit sleeping with EVERYONE in Shillywood without a care in the world (so i guess he has a ton of friends w/ benefits). It didn’t really reflect his personality either tbh (he calls it “exercise” but I mean… no…).  I also wasn’t a fan of Minerva betraying Lynette because I really thought she was an interesting character 😦 Should’ve known its always gonna be the characters who don’t open their eyes (until they reveal they’re evil). But yeah, idk, I didn’t really enjoy this route as much as I did the others. If there’s any route that shows the Cero D part of things, it was definitely his though. Him and Lynette screwed about 3 times in his route alone and his SHOWER CG lawrd. It wasn’t a terribly boring route, just not my cup of tea. I definitely think Raul himself is decent character, but I didn’t feel much for his romance with Lynette (they didn’t have the best chemistry imo).


Keisaiin F Ryuki (CV: Junya Enoki) is fashion designer who was born into the Keisaiin family that runs a famous male clothing brand called “KEISAI: IN”. He too has launched a brand called “Ryuki” as a succeeding fashion designer. Due to his older sister’s marriage through the Cupid Corporation, he was forced to join as a member. Because of this, his attentiveness of marriage is very low while his attentiveness in fashion is super high. He refuses to recognize those with low standards and joined as a member of [Parasite5] because he would not speak with his previous advisers. He has synesthesia and there times where he’ll only reply with color codes because he can see visible colors with a person or object. He carries around mist to prevent dryness.

After getting a request from a groom for a tuxedo, Lynette is told that the customer wants a custom made one from KEISAI: IN. The bride and groom know Lynette is aquatinted with the grandson of the owner so she decides to contact Ryuki about it. As soon as she does he tells her to meet her at the Los York park. There, he tells her to put on some yoga clothes and invites her to a yoga class he signed up for (he didn’t want to do it alone LOL). Well, it ends up being more of a yoga clothing inspection than an actual yoga class because Ryuki literally grabs Lynette’s body to try and observe the fabric of her yoga clothes while she stretches. Some of the other yoga participants tease Ryuki for troubling her girlfriend which totally catches Ryuki off guard and he gets super tsun and embarrassed 😂.


After this, Lynette tells Ryuki that there’s a couple getting married and the groom who is a big fan of KEISAI: IN wants a tuxedo designed by them. Ryuki tells Lynette he wouldn’t be able to get his grandmother to make it for certain anyway because she only creates what she wants and will release what she deems good enough. Suddenly, the couple that requested it appears and the guy who requested asks Ryuki personally and doesn’t care who makes it as long as it’s someone from the Keisaiin family. This pisses off Ryuki and he angrily criticizes the man’s outfit before storming off. The couple realize how insensitive the comment was and ask Lynette to go after him and apologize on their behalf. 

So she finds Ryuki at his store and apologizes. But he tells her he’s not even mad at her and ended up saying rude things because of how he’s not even allowed to use his own RYUKI brand as KEISAI: IN. Regardless, Lynette helps give tips on what sort of design he could do for yoga wear. A few days later, Lynette finds out on the news that KEISAI: IN is now adding a bridal  collection which surprises Ryuki since he tried showing his grandmother a tuxedo design and she declined to making bridal clothes. So Lynette finds Ryuki at the cupid corporation bridal clothing store and they go in together. Ryuki then scrutinizes Lynette for her make up not coordinating with her clothes and completely redoes her make up for her. He also gives her the makeup kit he had as a thank you for helping him.

A few days later, Lynette asks Ryuki to be a fashion advisor for a seminar at Cupid Corporation. This way, he can give advice to people on how they should dress. Reluctantly, Ryuki agrees and does the seminar where he gives fashion tips to customers at Cupid Corporation. He even gives Melanie (a shy girl trying to gain confidence as a customer) advice since he can barely look at her fashion style lmao. This also inspires him to want to do a female line of clothing (since he only did male at first) and he asks Lynette to meet him at a cafe so he can show her some designs. Apparently since his sister and grandmother are more successful he feels the pressure of being recognized by his family.

So one day, Melanie comes with a whole new look so Lynette decides to take pictures and show Ryuki. He sends her his address and when she visits him he immediately asks her to try on like 30+ articles of prototype ladies clothing. After doing so, he tells Lynette that people have always had expectations for him in both Japan and Los York (he’s half Japanese and American). His sister always told him getting married would help him become a better fashion designer and that love could broaden his horizons. However, Ryuki doesn’t feel the same and thinks love and emotions are a hindrance in his work. Apparently his family has a weird set of rules that involve being obsessed with their features (such as skin, face, ect). His sister does make up for celebrities and isn’t really in the fashion industry anymore (even though she could). So now expectations all ride on Ryuki to meet his grandmother’s expectations.


About a week later, Lynette makes plans to meet Melanie (who’s gained a lot more confidence over the passing weeks) at Ryuki’s store. With Ryuki introducing his clothes for women for the first time, she and her meet there and try on Ryuki’s new clothing line. In doing so, more and more customers are drawn into the store and Lynette helps Ryuki as his store gets busier. After basically all his new clothes sell out, he thanks her for her help and let’s her keep the clothes he let her try on. They then go to Ryuki’s place where he makes a traditional Japanese dinner for her. Ryuki notices that Lynette has never used chopsticks before so he tries to help her and she and her have an awkward embarrassing moment as he gets super close to her lmao.

After they eat, the power goes out after a storm (thanks to her spirit Chi and Ryuki’s dog barking at it). Ryuki is clearly afraid of thunder and after seeing that the train isn’t running due to an outage, Lynette has no choice but to stay at Ryuki’s place (much to his relief since he’s scared LOL). Lynette uses the moment of an outage to grab her gift she bought for Ryuki, a scented candle, and to light as they huddle under a blanket together. Lynette also finds a old design of a dress Ryuki drew as a kid while she’s looking for more candles. Ryuki admits he used to draw lots of women’s clothing designs but it was never good enough for the KEISAI: IN brand or his grandmother. He always wanted his grandmother to notice him so he decided to create his own brand RYUKI.


Regardless, Ryuki can’t use his family brand to sell his own brand of clothes unless he’s recognized by his grandmother. But because she still hasn’t said anything about it, he feels like there must be something he’s overlooking and feels like a failure. But Lynette assures him that he’s not a failure and the people who bought and wore his new ladies designs would know best. Ryuki thanks Lynette especially since it’s thanks to her he started to make clothes for women again like he used to and remembered how much he enjoyed it. He then falls asleep on her shoulder and the two of them basically fall asleep like that until they wake up and Ryuki awkwardly apologizes for having her sleep on the floor lol. After Lynette leaves, Ryuki wonders why he didn’t want Lynette to leave and realizes he hasn’t eaten with another person since his grandmother.

After Lynette leaves Ryuki’s place, she runs into her dad Mars who says Venus aka her mom ran away somewhere because she didn’t agree with him and the way he scolded Cupid. So Mars starts begging Lynette to help find Venus and admits her way of doing things as a human is justified. He also promises he sees the errors of his ways and hopes she’ll come home since he misses her lol. This makes Lynette realize that her goal is done and she finally got her dad to admit defeat. Regardless, she still doesn’t want to go back to the divine world and figures she can stick around more at least until her mom comes back. So at work the next day, she’s asked by Owen to get help for some clothes for his date with Melanie and Lynette recommends Ryuki’s store.

On the day of Owen and Melanie’s date, Lynette goes to the movie theater to see a movie by herself but ends up running into Ryuki who’s spying on Owen and Melanie to see how his clothes look on them in public. So the whole time Melanie and Owen are on their date, Lynette and Ryuki follow them around as if they’re on their on date lmao. Finally, they hide between some bushes as they watch Melanie and Owen at the park during the night. Just as they decided they should leave them alone, Owen and Melanie kiss, making Lynette and Ryuki look back at each other in awkward silence. Of course, Lynette ends up fumbling to get up so Ryuki catches her and asks if she’s okay. But that leads to them being close enough to kiss 😂. Ryuki breaks the silence and they awkwardly leave while he clearly has ドキドキ feels about everything.


The next day, Claris already suspects Lynette is hanging out with a guy after seeing the makeup and new clothes she’s been wearing. At work, Lynette is asked by Shelby to assemble the Parasite 5 for a magazine feature with Ryuki designing the outfits. During this, Ryuki acts strange the entire time and will barely look at Lynette. Ryuki ends up leaving his pen, so when Lynette gives it back to him, he freaks out as soon as his hand brushes against hers. Lynette then figures he must be sick (cause what else could it be 😂) so he touches his forehead and her own to check his temperature. He runs away saying he’s fine which just confuses the heck out of Lynette. But a few days later she notices he hasn’t returned any of her calls and decides to check up on him.


Turns out, Ryuki is (love) sick and spent the entire time trying to figure out why the heck he looks at Lynette and finds her cute now. He even got a call from his sister telling him the symptoms he has is a sign of him being in love. This freaks Ryuki out cause he’s afraid love with ruin him as a designer so he ends up working on designs until he literally gets sick. Lynette takes care of him and he starts freaking out again wondering why her hue (the color he saw her as) changed and why he sees her as cute now. When Lynette hears this she too gets embarrassed but immediately tries to change the subject and stays over until Ryuki is better. He then kicks her out of his home in the morning since she’s still there trying to take care of him 🤣.

All the while, Melanie realizes that Ryuki is in love with Lynette so she goes to his store to ask him if he’s in love with her. Ryuki gets defensive and tells her he could never admit nor understand how it’s possible. But Melanie gives him a love pep talk and Ryuki finally realizes he’s in love with Lynette but no longer sees it as a bad thing. Even though his view of her is different nothing else has changed and suddenly he has a huge inspiration to start designing. A few days later he whips up his Parasite 5 designs for the magazine and sends them to Lynette. So on the day of the photoshoot, the Parasite 5 all get dressed in Ryuki’s clothes he designed and get their pictures taken. After that, Gil decides to confess to Lynette but she immediately turns him down and says she only thought of him as a friend.


After he runs away saying he won’t give up, Ryuki comes in and suddenly kisses Lynette and tells her to choose him and not Gil. Lynette freaks out and runs away so the both of them avoid each other for a bit while collecting their feelings. Ryuki suddenly gets an email from his grandmother for the first time in years asking to meet his lucky lady (assuming he got hitched lol). Ryuki realizes his mistake of kissing Lynette before confessing his feelings and goes to meet her after work. He apologizes for suddenly kissing her and confesses he’s in love with her. He wants her to realize her own feelings and asks her out on a date. Lynette accepts and so they go to an amusement park together. Ryuki acts so much more softer than before and even eats a crepe with Lynette when she asks for one.

Lynette asks why he fell in love with her and he tells her it’s because she helped him realize his passion and was often helped by her. He always realized how lonely it was eating by himself and before he knew it he’d fallen for her. So after their date Ryuki tells Lynette that his grandmother finally contacted him and that she wants to meet whoever he met at Cupid Corporation. However, he knows that Lynette may not meet her expectations but doesn’t care and wants her to meet his grandmother if she decides to go out with him. But if she is in love with him, he asks her to meet him son December 1st in front of Cupid Corporation where they first met. He then asks to kiss once more and so they have a romantic smooch. ❤️


So on the day where Lynette is supposed to meet Ryuki, Lynette ends up getting dragged into doing the wedding photoshoot as a substitute. Ryuki is confused when Claris tells him this and barges into the wedding hall thinking Lynette is getting married LOL. In the end, Ryuki wanted to give Lynette a wedding dress he designed while thinking of her. The photographers decide to have Lynette wear the dress Ryuki designed and so he helps her put it on. After the photoshoot, Ryuki takes Lynette to meet his grandmother at a hotel since he now knows her answer. In doing so they encounter Venus aka Lynette’s mother and disguised as Catherine Spade (a woman who joined Cupid Corporation to spy on Cupid).


So Ryuki asks his grandmother for permission to marry Lynette instead of someone else she picks for her. It’s then, Ryuki’s grandmother sees the dress that Ryuki designed and finally acknowledges him as a designer. He sees that he finally made something that he put his heart and soul into instead of the other designs from Ryuki that lacked feeling. She also clears up misunderstandings that she never wanted him to do Ladies wear (it was just bad rumors that spread from other people in the family). She tells Ryuki he is free to do whatever he wants, which includes marrying a Lynette. This makes Ryuki extremely happy especially since now he believes he’s free to do the designs he wants.


So Ryuki launches his woman’s line called “KEISAI: IN + FINN” (Finn being his middle name) and keeping his men’s under the “RYUKI” brand. Ryuki starts to really get his name out there and even has a famous actress personally commission him after meeting with his sister who does celebrities make-up. That night, Ryuki invites Lynette over at his place and tells her he has something to give her. He then officially proposes to her and gives her a ring he made. In the epilogue, Ryuki and Lynette celebrate Ryuki’s birthday which happens to be December 31st, New Years Eve. Lynette makes a birthday cake for Ryuki and I guess they end up banging next to the birthday cake LMAO.


In the 2nd end, Ryuki is too scared to confront his grandmother so he and Lynette elope. He decides to sell his clothes and moves in with Lynette. So Ryuki takes care of doing the household chores and making dinner for Lynette who comes home from work. Ryuki also gives Lynette back massages after a long and hard day at work 😂. Ryuki starts feeling bad about him not being out and active so Lynette cuddles him and dominates the shit out of him. Ryuki thinks she’s treating him like a kid but she’s like “yo if we’re doing THAT you really think I’m treating you like a kid??” Which completely embarrasses Ryuki. So the two of them live up the puppy cuddling dream 😍. In the 3rd end, Ryuki and Lynette become business partners between his store and Cupid Corporation. 

[I love this CG to death!! he’s so damn cute!!]

Thoughts:  As you can probably tell from a lot of my personal commentary and emojis, this route was my absolute fave! I actually did Ryuki’s route first (I was planning on doing Gil at first but changed my mind last minute) and I kind of half-expected him to be my favorite which is why I was so eager to start his route. I know he made a wedding dress for Lynette, but I really wish I could’ve saw his wedding CG!! I guess being the youngest (19 years old) it makes sense he just got a proposal. Even though Lynette doesn’t have a technical age, it definitely felt like she was the “older” one which was nice! Anyway, Ryuki is pretty much an adorable tsunberry as expected. The development of their romance was so fun because Ryuki was SOoOo oblivious to his own feelings that he just kept denying them (until Melanie pointed it out lmao).

[Ryuki’s route in a nutshell]

He ended up getting 2nd on the popularity poll which honestly surprises me!! I seriously thought he’d end up being lower because he struck me as a character that wouldn’t be very popular (like, I knew Allan would be). But of course, I always can tell who my favorite is going to be before I even finish the game LOL. Anyway, his 2nd ending took the cake for me. Note, this game doesn’t have “bad endings” so it was just another end that was just as satisfying! Seeing Lynette the dominate one in the relationship is something we NEED to see more of. I adored that scene (and the CG).


Allan Melville (CV: Makoto Furukawa) is a technician who works at a luxury pillow shop on 9th Ave called “Luxury Pillow”. Custom made pillows tailored to the need of customers and popular with celebrity women looking for a good night’s sleep. He claims he’s interested in marriage and joined the Cupid Corporation but in reality, he’s a real demon–an Incubus, to be exact. It’s unclear as to why he’s trying out matchmaking and perhaps he may have some other purpose…? “I’ll give you sweet dreams tonight”, while urging to the staff and female members who already had lovers or potential ones, he became a problem and joined as a member of the troublesome [Parasite5].

One day, Lynette goes to Allan’s pillow shop after finding out he was kicked out of Parasite 5 for his behaviors. She ends up witnessing Allan using a sort of power while he puts his customers who are trying out pillows asleep. Lynette immediately thinks he’s a sort of God, but he scoffs at that idea and realizes someone as cooped up as her wouldn’t know about the existence of demons (which she clearly didn’t). He explains that he’s an Incubus — which is a devil that feeds on lewd dreams. Demons are an evil existence that are the opposite of gods. He decides to show her his power and makes her fall asleep as he makes love to her in her dream while he appears as a stranger to her. Apparently an Incubus takes the form of the person’s “ideal man” although he wasn’t able to tell who it was she saw.


After Lynette wakes up, Allan asks about her dream and who she saw. She admits it was a satisfying dream since Gods don’t normally dream but she didn’t recognize the man she saw. After describing him, he seemed surprised but then says he needs to “fix” it and then makes her dream again so he can make himself appear as Gil. He tries to seduce her as Gil but Lynette knows it’s just a dream and ends up kicking Allan in the balls LMAO. She admits she didn’t mean to, but doesn’t think it was right for him to pretend to be Gil. Regardless, Allan emphasizes that this is his job and there are worse demons out there she should be wary of. After that, he brings her food and she wonders why he doesn’t have anything to eat for himself.

He tells her he apparently can’t eat and what he literally does eat are the dreams of girls. However, he can apparently taste the “sourness” of black tapioca in bubble tea which is why he always eats it (albeit it’s not actually sour to normal people but he can’t taste spicy or sweet things). Soon after, there’s a bang at the door and when Allan answers it, it’s a guy who claims he slept with his wife. Apparently ever since his wife visited his store, she’s rejected him. Allan knows full well it’s because he ate her dreams and tells him he never laid a finger on her but he just punches him and runs away angrily. Apparently his dreams have been so satisfying for women they’ve been leaving their husbands LOL.

So days pass and Lynette starts noticing more people leaving Cupid Corporation because of the dreams Allan’s been giving them lol. Apparently Allan is looking to get Lynette to fall in love so she can turn human and take her cupid arrow. He also was the one doing things behind the scenes in order to get Lynette to fall in love (such as making sure there was no other female members during the reality show Parasite House). Lynette decides to do more research on Incubus and finds out there’s a female equivalent that does the same thing but to men called a succubus.

After this, Lynette decides to go back to Allan’s place to try and convince him to stop eating women in love’s dreams since it’s ruining her business lmao. He tells her that women in love have the most delicious dreams and telling him to stop would be like telling him to starve. Allan then mentions that he’s never fallen in love and doesn’t intend to either. Lynette realizes he probably can’t empathize because of this and comes up with the idea of shooting him with her Cupid’s arrow. However, he immediately tells her he shouldn’t since it could cause him to disappear. But since it’s too late and she already shot it, she manages to stop it but gets hit with her own arrow instead. It’s thanks to getting hit by her own arrow she falls in love with Allan.

Allan then tries eating her dream while she’s in love with him and it ends up being the most delicious dream he’s ever eaten. After telling her this, since she’s in love with him for at least 30 days, she asks that he only eat her dreams. So she starts living with Allan and continues to be in love with him while they cook food together or while he eats her dreams at night lol. So after that they spend their day off together shopping and end up buying matching mugs. They then ride a bike together and come home to eat cake and have coffee in their new mugs. Lynette then finds a bracelet making kit for kids that Allan bought so they end up making bracelets for each other OmG LOL. Allan also uses his powers on her bracelet to ward off any other demons that may try to harm her (since demons like to go after gods). After that, Allan starts realizing he might have feelings for Lynette.


Meanwhile, Lynette goes back to the divine world to speak with Minerva about Incubuses. Apparently Jupiter already took care of the more dangerous demons so all that’s left are the more harmless ones. So after talking to her, Lynette goes back to the human world where it’s now pouring rain. She ends up running into Allan and they both talk about how they like the rain while keeping close to stay warm. Then Lynette says she wants to kiss him but Allan tells her that he shouldn’t since he doesn’t know what could happen if a demon kissed a god. Regardless, he ends up kissing her anyway and they end up going home to sleep together. Again, Allan shows hesitance and insists he doesn’t want to defile her. Even so, they sleep together after Lynette insists.


The next morning Lynette and Allan wake up together in bed. Apparently Lynette was Allan’s first which surprises Lynette since he was so flirty all the time. But apparently he just has sex with people in dreams so he’s not exactly actually doing it with people phyiscally. So Allan does tell her that the loves her and they continue as a couple like normal while Lynette continues to make great progress at work.  Unfortunately, Lynette collapses one day at work and is taken back home by Gil and Claris. Allan starts to realize it’s the effects of being with her are starting to show and she’s turning from a god into a “fallen angel”. Because of this, Allan realizes he needs to take action before the effects of her arrow run out.

So a few days later, Allan asks Lynette out on a date where they have fun together until Lynette realizes the arrow’s affect is about to run out. She thinks about confessing her true feelings before this but just as they walk around the beach, Allan suddenly uses his special demon knife to stab her. Apparently the dagger has the ability to rob her soul and he used it since she was slowly going to lose her lifespan due to the affects of being with a demon. He starts crying but tells her there was no other way and kisses her. After killing her, he then takes her soul to the underworld. Apparently “gods” such as Cupid are destined to be used and thrown away after their use which is why Allan wanted to make Lynette fall in love with a human.


Claris appears, who’s a succubus, and was in cahoots with Allan for their plan to make Lynette fall in love with a human. Understanding his plan, he tells her he intends to reincarnate her soul as a human so her soul doesn’t disappear. So 19 years later, Allan reincarnates her soul as a human where she lives her life until she’s a college student with Claris looking after her. Allan also looks after her from afar while helping her avoid demons trying to harm her. While she still has the bracelet that protects her, the demons are drawn to her “god-like” soul so they often try to kill and eat her by messing with things in the real world that could harm her (like a car hitting her). Lynette is also part of a mythology debate class along with Gil and Raul’s nephews.

One day, everyone from the mythological debate decide to have a pool party. Lynette decides to go but since she removes her bracelet, she’s dragged into the pool by a demon and almost drowns. Allan manages to save her and so she wants to know his contact info so she can thank him properly somehow. Allan tries to use the name “Gil” but ends up revealing his real name “Guilty”.  A few days later, she asks to meet with Allan at a cafe and she gives him sweets as a thank you. He invites her to the beach and they have fun time there together until Lynette starts having vague memories of him. Because of this, Claris warns Allan to keep his distance so Lynette doesn’t remember her memories of being cupid (since this could trigger her being sent back to the divine world).


So after this, Lynette goes to Greece with her class and she ends up tripping and breaking her bracelet. Because of this, demons approach her and try to take her back to the demon world. Allan manages to save her just in time and takes her back to the human world. Not long after, Lynette manages to remember that “Guilty” is actually “Allan” and that she’s actually cupid. Allan tries to push her away by saying he was only trying to get her arrow, but she doesn’t believe his lies and knows he was looking out for. Allan is upset that she remembers since he wanted her to stay a human so she wouldn’t be sent back to the divine world to just be used and thrown away like the other gods (aside from the main 12 or the dii consentes) are. But Lynette tells him she doesn’t want to forget him. 

Suddenly, Jupiter appears and tells Lynette he’s been looking for her for 20 years and that he intends to take her back. Allan intervenes though and says he won’t let him take her if she’s just going to be used until she disappears. But unfortunately, Jupiter overpowers him and takes Lynette back to the divine world. There, Mars, Minerva, and Venus tell her that without her the love between humans was in shambles and try to convince her that Allan was just a demon trying to deceive her but Lynette doesn’t believe it for a second. They take her to her room where she’s guarded and told to not use her powers. However, Lynette decides to use her cupid arrow on the guards who help her escape to the human world so she can find Allan.


Lynette appears near Allan’s shop and she finds Allan injured inside. He ends up disappearing to the demon world to heal after she gives him some of her god power. Claris then appears and since Lynette heard from Minerva she’s a succubus, she already knows she’s a demon. Claris tells Lynette that Allan is like a son to him and one day he came falling out of the sky. He then researched on how to enter the divine world all in order to save Lynette. After this, Lynette goes back to the divine world where the guards hurry to escort her to meet Jupiter. Apparently with Juno missing, she’s to marry Jupiter and become the new Juno because they take lower gods to replace the 12 higher ones if one is gone. Lynette realizes she needs to leave again and so she runs away through a majestic door.


Lynette finds herself in heaven where angels live and suddenly regains her memories of her past life. She and Allan were a pair of angels that lived there together for years until Jupiter came and appointed Lynette as the next Cupid. An angel’s job was to serve God so they had no choice but to obey. However, Allan didn’t want them to take her so he grabbed onto her until Mercury ripped off one of his wings and tossed him out of heaven. After finding this out, Lynette throws herself from heaven saying she won’t do her role as god anymore. Allan who was already searching for her, tries flying towards the divine world in the meantime to find out where Lynette is. He starts to give up after he hears she’ll become Juno (meaning she wouldn’t disappear) but suddenly Lynette appears as she was flying from above and finds him.


So Lynette and Allan go to heaven where they grew up together 400 years ago. They both confess their love for each other, but Allan tells her they shouldn’t be together since he’s sinned so much already. Not only that but it would most likely turn her too into a fallen angel and a demon. Knowing this, Lynette still wants to be with Allan and the two of them share a kiss as Lynette’s god powers start to disappear. In the epilogue, Lynette is now a demon but is similar to a human in the sense she eats normal food and sleeps. She and Allan work at his pillow shop together while she handles fortune telling work with her demon powers that allows her to see if couples are compatible like when she was cupid. Lynette and Allan then go to the beach and Allan proposes to Lynette and gives her an engagement ring so they can become husband and wife.


In the 2nd end, Lynette is saved by Allan or “Guilty” but he seals her memories so she won’t remember “Allan” or that she was cupid. However, after finding out that he was the one who protected her all this time, she tells Allan that she loves him and wants him to stay with her. He agrees to do so since at this point it doesn’t matter anymore and lives with Lynette as she continues her life as a college student. During classes he usually stays in his demon form which Lynette prefers since only she can see him lol. So the two of them go out together and get ice cream as he promises to stay with her as long as he can (kind of a weird end I thought of Ryuki following Light in Death Note LMAO).


In the 3rd end, Lynette and Allan turn back into angels while Jupiter notices and apologizes to himself for separating them before. In the 4th, (and my favorite end) Lynette becomes a succubus and eats couples’ dreams with Allan (making it a 4P dream bang LOLOL). This end was honestly the best imo because it reminded me of Catherine and it was awesome seeing Lynette become a succubus plus she looked like Lilith from Darkstalkers. I really wish this was the true end cause let’s be real, Succubus!Lynette + Incubus!Allan is too powerful. 

Thoughts: I could tell they really wanted to make Allan the one who suffered the most which meant his route was very ANGST at times. Which made sense for his route plot, but I wanted more fluff!! Allan was also more soft than I thought he would be LOL. I still very much enjoyed it though and I can see why you have to do his route last. I adored when they made bracelets for each other. I also very much expected Allan to be a popular character so when he ranked number 1 on the polls I wasn’t surprised at all lol. That being said, I still always prefer a romance that doesn’t have a basis for it (like them being inseparable twin angels) and where it develops naturally without either character being familiar with each other. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy his route (because it was really great!) but I was kind of hoping for a different direction in the route? Well, anyway I really don’t know how to explain it, but either way, it was an enjoyable route nonetheless.  It definitely reminded me of an end from Shiro to Kuro no Alice when Lynette was reborn again. I didn’t expect them to go in that direction LOL. I actually really liked the ending where Lynette became a succubus. The demon tag team idea is honestly really neat and I really loved it. Plus on the more true end, it really doesn’t make sense she’d keep her human form so I wasn’t really a big fan of that. I feel like she should at least get a demon form? Well, either way Allan was a lot of fun and I loved his character.


Jupiter / Peter (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto) is the true identity behind Lynette’s divine beast ‘Chi’. In the common route, he appears as the cameraman for “Parasite House” and is usually cowering in fear or anxious about something (which is why he’s called the ‘sensitive parasite’).  Jupiter on the other hand, is the main God of the Dii Consentes–or the 12 Gods. You actually don’t unlock his route until you finish everyone else! When you start a new game, it’ll ask if you want to do Jupiter’s route. I pretty much already knew about him being the ‘secret route’ so it wasn’t a surprise that he had one. 

This route starts off with the Gods realizing that Juno has gone missing. So, Lynette is requested to enter university and study abroad in the human world by Jupiter and Mars. In doing so, she’s to to observe the activities of humans and figure out why the marriage rate is declining. In reality, Jupiter wants her to become the next Juno since she already seems very interested in humans. He also believes if she learns more about love and marriage she would be suitable to become Juno who’s the God of Marriage. The divine beast called “Chii”, who is actually Jupiter in disguise, also follows her there where she enrolls into university. She already has living accommodations thanks to her father Mars, but still meets Gill who is her classmate.

In Lynette’s new apartment, she has Chii staying there with her (where he reverts back to his true form as Jupiter when Lynette isn’t there). When she comes back one day, she forces Chii to bathe with her since he’s dirty but all the while not realizing he’s trying to cover his eyes from embarrassment. After that, she uses Chii as a massage machine until he starts hiding in the closet from her lol. So a few days later, Allan attends Lynette’s university as a professor of her mythology class in order to get her to fall in love with a human.  Allan asks Lynette to go on a date after class and Chii bites Allan’s finger (making Lynette realize he can see Allan). Suddenly,  Gill trips while holding cupcakes and they fall on top of both Chii and Allan LOL.


That night, Jupiter remembers when Allan and Lynette were a pair of angels chosen to become “Cupid” and “Nike” by Mercury. Lynette was actually supposed to become “Nike” and Allan was to become “Cupid”. However, Jupiter asked for them to be switched since he believed Lynette who was an angel at the time had a strong affinity for love. Suddenly, Allan appears in front of Jupiter and while Jupiter tries to ask him to work with him to help save Lynette’s soul, he suddenly gets angry since he blames Jupiter for him becoming a demon. So, in order to not cause damage in the human world, Jupiter has no choice but to turn into his divine beast form again and run away. After this, Jupiter decides he’ll use his human form to join Cupid Corporation as “Peter” after Lynette decides to do an internship there.

Peter–who is actually Jupiter, is very unaware of technology or offices so he ends up breaking things and getting scared by folders falling lmao. He’s also anxious around women. Lynette is surprised to meet someone more unfamiliar with technology than she is. A few days later, Lynette attends a matching party along with Peter. She ends up running into the other “parasites” albeit they’re not officially called “parasites”. So during the party Lynette notices a couple arguing and uses her lead arrow to split them up. She also sees Owen and Melanie getting along so she decides to try and use her gold arrow to make them a couple. Instead, it ends up hitting Chi and he turns back into his human form as Peter. 


While she still doesn’t realize he’s Jupiter, she’s shocked to find out that Chi was actually Peter. So since he’s now in love with her due to the effect of her arrow, she decides to talk to him privately and finds out he’s there to help protect her while she’s on her mission. He also asks her out and so she says she’ll date him until the effect of the arrow wears off in 30 days. So he does the same things (except take a bath with her) like sleeping with her and such in his human form. Lynette feels it’s kind of strange since he’s not human but takes a human form but still just kind of goes along with it lol. So after that Peter slowly adjusts to working at Cupid Corporation while also tending to Lynette’s needs by buying her coffee and helping her around the office.

During a seminar, Peter asks about when Lynette used her arrows and makes sure to tell her not to use them again. So eventually, Lynette decides to show Peter a movie theater and takes him to watch a movie together. They end up seeing a rather erotic film which makes him and her awkwardly exchange looks during the movie LOL. After that, they decide to watch some movies Lynette has at home. Suddenly, Peter asks to kiss Lynette and so she lets him and he ends up making out with her on the couch lol. He ends up getting ahead of himself so Lynette has to tell him to slow down. He suddenly stops and apologizes since he’s never kissed anyone before nor has he had those sort of feelings before. Lynette then brings up how he’s supposedly always with Jupiter, but wonders if he really is someone who’s been with tons of women before.


Jupiter tells her he’s not and the things said about him aren’t actually true since he’s not good with women. The only actual story that was real was the one that Kronos, their father, ate his children except Jupiter who was replaced stone by their mother. He survived and was raised by Nymphs (I actually learned this in a Greek mythology class) and was to eventually save his brothers who were eaten. The next day, Peter runs into Allan who only realizes that he’s the divine beast “Chi” and not actually Jupiter. Allan asks about Lynette and Peter tells him that he knows Allan was an originally an angel that split apart him and Lynette. Allan still has animosity towards Jupiter for what happened, but Peter explains his own plans and asks for Allan to cooperate with him.

Peter tells him that “Jupiter” (who’s actually himself) actually wants to save Lynette. His goal is to find the 6 types of love (Agape, Eros, Mania, Ludas, Pragma, and Storge). In learning these, Lynette can become the next Juno and won’t disappear. He’s also on the lookout for someone targeting cupid since the previous one was eradicated by a God who he hasn’t identified yet. But thanks to Allan, he figures out it’s “Minerva” who killed the previous Cupid since she wears gloves that covers her burn from touching the arrow she tried to steal. So some days pass and while things are slightly awkward between Lynette and Peter (after their kiss), Lynette starts improving at her job and gets called to Shelby’s office. He tells her he wants her to work with the Parasite 5 to help get them married and tells her he too is included among them.

So the Parasite 5 show is broadcasted and Gill, Ryuki, Raul, Allan, and Shelby all participate. They end up doing a broadcast where they all play basketball together and Peter gets there late after Ryuki asked him to bring a humidifier lmao. In doing so he forced to participate albeit most of them don’t even end up playing basketball and Peter just gets scared of everything. In the end, Peter is named the “Sensitive Parasite” and the Parasite 5 becomes the Parasite 6. On the day before the final broadcast, Peter asks Lynette to go on a date with him the day after it which Lynette accepts since she’s pretty much fallen in love with him even though her arrow should be wearing off soon.


On the day of the final Parasite 5 broadcast, everyone gives closing statements and get drunk afterwards. Lynette also ends up falling asleep and thanks to Allan eating her dreams, she has a dream of where she’s slept with Peter. Which means she’s already in love with him. After this, while everyone else is hungover, Peter and Lynette go on their promised date. They end up kissing again at the end of the night and realize that Cupid’s arrow effect has worn off already but nothing has changed cause they both love each other. Unfortunately, Peter starts getting super paranoid after this because he starts to sense a strong presence of a Dii Consentes-like God. Thanks to this, he keeps trying to avoid certain places in hopes of Lynette avoiding danger.


One day, Peter makes Lynette use her powers of “lead arrows” on people to increase her declining powers. He also reveals he’s in cahoots with Allan who’s a demon. But even Lynette starts to figure out that Peter isn’t actually a divine beast, but a god. Before she can speak on it further, Peter continues to feel a strong presence while he’s with Lynette and tells her to go home. Meanwhile, Juno is in the underworld talking with a mysterious person. Apparently she betrayed the Gods in order to help him and break the seal on him. So the next day, a mysterious man appears along the Parasite 5. Once Peter arrives, the man addresses him as his brother before he disappears.

Peter flips out and immediately takes Lynette to the divine world. As Peter leaves to return in his form as Jupiter, Lynette already figures it all out. She snatches off his mask and sees that Peter was Jupiter all along. He apologizes for deceiving her, but wants her to continue to treat him the same way. So he begins to explain that while Zeus and Jupiter are supposed to be the same person, that’s not actually the case. The stone that was swallowed by Kronos was actually Zeus, his twin brother. He had the idea that Gods should always guide humans even through they were slowly falling down the path of humans no longer needing Gods. Zeus hated this idea and believed they should continue to mingle with humans.

But since the Gods didn’t agree with him, he believed he should be the only god that exists and attacked the other Gods in anger. So because of Zeus’ attack on the Gods, they decided to seal him. So he was sealed until Juno decided to release his seal since she was in love with him but he realizes she’s been eradicated by him since he can no longer sense her presence. Meanwhile, Jupiter goes back to his duties while Lynette ponders on the fact Peter was actually Jupiter. She encounters Venus who accidentally slips that she was originally from heaven. So wanting to know more about her past, she heads towards the door to heaven. She then encounters Jupiter who decides to just call her Lynette while she calls him Jupiter. So, because Lynette wants to know more about herself, he takes her to heaven where she was originally born.

When they go to heaven, Jupiter reveals the truth about the Gods and how the Dii Consentes will continue to live but the lower Gods are taken as angels to be used and reused after they disappear. He also tells her about how she was originally a pair of angel with Allan before they were separated, which is how Allan became a demon. Even though it was Mercury who ordered it, he felt regret ever since and apologizes. Lynette hugs him to comfort him and reassures him that he helped her a lot in the human world. Unfortunately, before Jupiter can speak, the divine world is attacked and overrun by monsters thanks to Zeus. Apparently Zeus has already consumed Juno and intends to do so with the rest of the gods.


So as Jupiter and Lynette escape to the human world, Jupiter admits he’s absolutely terrified by his brother and always lived in his shadow while he one successful battles in the past. They then encounter Venus and Jupiter explains the situation to her. Apparently Juno has been consumed by Zeus as well and now they’re wondering if he has a weakness. Venus brings up how Zeus hates “love” because of how many women smite him in the past. Allan then appears with an idea that in order to defeat a God, you need the power of Gods, demons, and humans. So he wants to use the power of the 6 love types, in other words, the Parasite 6 (with Jupiter who’s the last love type). So, they go to Cupid Corporation and tell the Parasite 5 everything that has happened so far.

Of course, everyone is in utter disbelief, except Raul who thinks the very idea is amazing. So in order to prove it, Jupiter, Allan, and Lynette all show their true forms to them. They all flip the hell out while Raul screams with glee to find out Gods are real lmao. Suddenly, Zeus attacks and kidnaps Lynette. He takes her to a church where he basically goes on about how angry he is Jupiter and him were seen as the same. He also hates cupid and of course since its a god associated with love. So, he then strips his lower half (because apparently he’s too shy to share the upper half which is a woman’s body) in front of Lynette. He intends to devour her with his dick?? I guess?? to smite Jupiter and Lynette flips saying she hasn’t even done it with Jupiter yet (omfg lmao).


So then the whole Parasite 6 crew appear and are in awe at how big and divine Zeus’ dick is (WHATTTT IM DEAD). So after all that Zeus still thinks he has the upper hand and says everyone will worship him. But thanks to Venus charming everyone, and Incubus / succubus giving dreams to humans, Raul posting his semi-nude images online, Gil writing a love story that became popular, and Shelby giving out free memberships to Cupid Corporation, no one cares about him lol. So Cupid then uses the powers of the six loves, with everyone chanting their six love types out loud, to use an arrow on Zeus and destroying him with the power of love 💕.


After defeating Zeus, Lynette falls unconscious after using so much power and wakes up in the divine world. There, the other parasites are all in love with her because she hit them all with her arrow when she used them. She manages to escape them to talk with Jupiter who is glad to see she’s okay. He finally confesses he loves her after letting it slip that the arrow probably didn’t affect him because he already fell in love with her. He also wants her to become Juno and his wife, which she accepts. She lets him bite her (since he liked doing it as a divine beast) and they bang on the floor I guess lol. In the epilogue, Raul is making movies based on the events that happened with Jupiter, Shelby and Ryuki are collaborating with Cupid Corporation and Ryuki’s making clothes based on the Gods, Gil is successful with his new novels, and Allan is now the ruler of the underworld. Meanwhile, Lynette and Jupiter oversee the human world but are also working to make it so angels like her aren’t used to only be replaced. 


Thoughts: Jupiter was a joy and I can see him being a well-liked secret route. There’s definitely times where it feels like this game is super serious but then all of a sudden there’s random comic relief LOL. The ending was so corny and fun but I loved the hell out of it. You can tell this feels more like a “true route” but it also kind of feels like its own thing too (which is nice because I hate it when it feels like one route is more important than the others). It’s rather unfortunate my animate tokuten doesn’t have him included because he’s a secret route. I kind of wished there were multiple endings for him though! He only has one ending and there’s no choices made in his route. Zeus was definitely an interesting character though. He was supposedly the real “Zeus” I guess but they ended up making him like the god Hermaphroditus (this god had a female body but male genitals). hearing Nobuhiko Okamoto in this role since the last game I heard him in was Yang in Piofiore LOL. Anyway, Jupiter was super adorable and a nice addition to the cast.

[It’s a bit disappointing there isn’t a ‘completion CG’ for this game]

Final Thoughts:  Wow, what an enjoyable game! I loved it to pieces, from the UI, the music, and the characters. Overall, it was such a treat! I think what would’ve made it even better was a voiced heroine because man, Lynette is great and deserved to be a voiced heroine. Based on the actual description of the game on the website, I was honestly expecting it to be more about the guys living together with the “Parasite House” broadcast but it seems that was just a really short plot device. I really did expect Lynette to continue to try and get them married but it completely diverged from that LOL. In the end, the route you were on just stayed focused on that said character and the other ones didn’t really appear (until Jupiter’s route). I’m definitely glad they went in that direction to be honest. It really was a well-written game though and sticks out among other games I’ve played recently. I wasn’t really fond of the fact that Lynette turns human when she’s with one (or bangs one I guess?) because it seemed to convenient. But then when you consider the fact she was going to disappear anyway, I guess it makes more sense so I can’t really argue with it. BUT, I would’ve liked to see Shelby and Ryuki see that Lynette was actually a Goddess. Those were the two routes that didn’t really involve the Gods so I would’ve liked to see something related to it. Perhaps something will happen with a FD (I’m gonna hope but Variable Barricade didn’t get one yet SIGh). At the very least, it was nice to see a heroine who worked hard to get what she wanted. 

Story – Cupid Parasite is a romantic comedy that takes place in a fictional place called ‘Los York’ (Los Angles and New York combined). It focuses a lot on the themes of “romance” and “marriage” but also incorporates Greek mythology and success in the workplace. Lynette is part of a company called Cupid Corporation as a bridal advisor that’s sole purpose is to create happy marriages. There, she meets the [Parasite 5] where she attempts to try and get them married. While that is the general plot, you’ll find that it becomes more focused on the characters themselves and each route has an enjoyable set of adorable yet silly events to keep you interested. While the story itself doesn’t take itself super seriously, it can get surprisingly deep at times. Regardless, there’s a lot of silly moments that will have you laughing and aesthetically the game is pleasing to look at.

Characters – I can’t think of one character I didn’t enjoy in this game. It has a colorful, wonderful cast of characters. For starters, Lynette is a great heroine and really fits perfectly with the cast of characters. I love how she feels super involved in everything she does (when it’s related to the other characters). She doesn’t take a backseat, she’s always involved and creates interesting scenes with each character.  I particularly liked that all of them have their own unique quirks and personality traits that made them stand out more from typical characters. At first they seem very unlikeable and ridiculous, but as you play each route you’ll definitely fall in love with them (Ryuki was my personal fave). There wasn’t a bunch of sub characters, but there was one sub character named Melanie that didn’t get sprite art, I was a bit disappointed by that! 

Visuals/System – I absolutely LOVED the UI in this game. In retrospect, it’s a bit tacky (even I won’t deny it) but it’s just so adorable!


I love the usage of colors and text. Yeah, it’s definitely a lot of Engrish but I definitely think they did a good job at creating an immersive menu. But aside from that, I need to emphasized just how beautiful the CG artwork was. The usage of the colors in each CG was so perfect and I really loved all of them. I can tell a lot of work was put into the visuals because wow, they looked stunning. Lastly, the system itself was pretty straightforward. They did have a skip to the next choice option which was very convenient because the skip was rather slow.

Music – The opening of this game is super catchy and upbeat. Definitely not unforgettable in the slightest. Anyone who plays this game will find the music one of the other highlights. Each character has their own catchy theme song sung in complete English. I loved the soundtrack a lot, it was one of the most unique soundtracks I’ve heard in an otome game.  Even the menu for the BGM has a cute UI that’s supposed to be a music player on your computer. You actually can use the buttons on the side too (it’ll let you shuffle the music if you want, or loop it LOL).


Overall Thoughts: Honestly, if you’re looking for something that isn’t dark, has a great amount of romance, lot’s of beautiful visuals, and a cute and funny cast, this would be it. The most recent romantic comedy type otome game I played that I enjoyed this much was definitely Variable Barricade. You really need those lighthearted games here and there (especially in a year like this). I really loved this game a lot and I figured I would. There’s a lot about it to like and it was definitely one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played this year. There’s so many pros and I can’t even think about anything bad to say about it. It retrospect maybe it felt short? Unfortunately, I can’t tell if this is true or not because maybe it just felt quick because I was enjoying it so much. Regardless, there’s a lot to like about this game. I think I was a bit worried because it seemed like Otomate wasn’t releasing a lot of games this year, but this is definitely one of their more successful and enjoyable ones. I guess I’m not too surprised it’s rated Cero D because there’s a lot of implied sex scenes (pretty much in every route) and some raunchy CGs (but pretty tame for the most part IMO). I think they were going for a sort of ‘Hollywood romance film’ type theme with it because that was often aesthetic for the fictional Los York (which is probably why it was more open to having implied sex scenes with everyone). 

Anyway, if there’s a FD, I will 100% buy it. I don’t know how popular this game was, but I definitely believe it was one of their best. I’m all for a great plot but I really enjoy cute and fun stories like these. The CGs were so nice to look at and there are some pretty raunchy CGs here and there (which is what the Cero D is for I imagine). I believe, based on what I’ve seen online, this is a pretty in-high demand game for localization and it would be amazing to see it here in English. I truly don’t think Aksys will localize it though, but you know, I don’t really think they could do it justice anyway. I get there’s really no other company to turn to, but it would be nice to be able to rely on another company to pick up these games. I’d love to see a lot more care in them. I guess Idea Factory International still exists, but I suppose that’s a lot less likely to happen given the fact they’ve stayed silent for about 2 years now about bringing any otome games to the west.  Anyway, it’s hard to find cons for this game, but I’ll give a list of what I can.

Great cast of characters (including the heroine / sub characters)
> Well-written story that’s enjoyable and fun to unfold
> Nice to see the heroine in a work setting
> Artwork is visually pleasing (especially the CGs)
> Music is super catchy & had a lot of good lyrical tracks

A bit on the short side
>UI colors can be a bit tacky

One thought on “Cupid Parasite – Review / Summary

  1. Thank you for your review, I bought the game and I am playing it right now 😁 I actually hope that it will be localized because this game is very good (from what I saw, am still at the beginning) and my Japanese is a bit limited, so reading gives me a headache which sucks Haha 🙈 I bet your asking yourself why I bought it… I can understand enough to get the overall story but a lot of context is still missing and needs to be looked up, Haha 😅 but I couldn’t wait. As this is from the same illustrator as Cafe Enchante, I liked it already and as you, I thought finally, a supernatural heroine and human MLs 😁 well except Alan and Jupiter of course, but still…. I am kind of looking forward to Jupiters route because he looks a little like Noah from Cafe Enchante (it was so sad in Mysirs route and I wanted him to have a route 🙈) anyway, I also wish you a Happy New Year!!! 🎉

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