Re:Birthday Song ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ (Post-Trial) Common Route


I finally finished writing this up today. I only started this game yesterday and I wrote so much. Anyway, this is a detailed summary of the common route and it’s Post-Trial, meaning that it starts after the trial/demo ends since I already translated it. I see no point in summarizing something that’s already in english. So if you haven’t played the trial yet I recommend you do before reading this. I was going for Syun’s route in this, but it honestly doesn’t make a huge difference to the scenes.

So next morning Cocoro is still adjusting to this new life style. Kairi says it’s probably hard for a girl to get used to all of this work, but Syun makes a comment that maybe if she was like any normal girl it would be. Ame then blurts out that it was the first time he’d seen a girl get 3 servings of breakfast in the morning. Which is another huge blow to Cocoro’s feminine side. So they begin cleaning up in the animal house. You can choose whom to help out with (I chose to help Syun carry the grass) and he told her he could to it himself and he wouldn’t want a woman doing physical labor anyway. To which, Cocoro says she’s not really considered a woman since she had 3 servings of breakfast this morning so it doesn’t matter. Syun is surprised she’d just plainly admit that but she tells him it’s unfortunately true. So Syun reluctantly let’s her help. And soon after they all finish cleaning though Cocoro was the only one who didn’t put away the cleaning supplies.

Later, Cocoro goes to consult Nami for help in getting along with everyone. Unfortunately, Nami-sensei tells her he’s not good at this sort of thing and it’s not stuff she should be asking a teacher about (though Cocoro begs to differ). She asks him to at least think of something but he tells her he can’t teach her anything that isn’t in textbooks. She wonders if that’s really all the advice he can give her but he tells her she needs to take action but unfortunately Cocoro is at a loss of what exactly needs to be done. During class Cocoro chooses a lesson to go over and Nami and his familiar Yuyu pretty much have a “Shinigami Lesson” and go on about their duties and ect. Basically It’s all the same concept of Shinigami’s reaping people’s souls and their souls going to heaven and being reincarnated or hell and being lost forever. And the Shinigami’s have a sort of record of all the lives of people.

So in the morning Kairi suggests someone be a guinea pig and try out his fiery hot rice cracker. Everyone backs out of the idea but Cocoro then speaks up and says she’ll eat it. She thinks she’s safe at first but then the heat kicks in and her mouth is like burning off (lol). Soon Nami-sensei comes in to start class and special guests Zen and Rikka arrive! These two are setting examples for the supplementary class by coming in and singing for the class (because that’s the special ability of Shinigami). Then Yoru goes on about explaining how when Shinigami’s sing it drags out the soul while they split it in half with their scythe. Zen is surprised to see Cocoro in that class and Rikka has to explain to him that she was sent there because she got a mere two points on her test. Zen yells out “TWO POINTS!?” and teases her about it and then he and Rikka begin their singing and show off to the class.


After that, Zen and Rikka bicker about who’s better and then Nami-sensei suggests that Cocoro should sing and so she’s about to but…she screws it up completely because of the fiery rice cracker she ate (talk about awkward…) So everyone is kinda left speechless. Soon it’s lunchtime and everyone kinda just leaves to go eat from the cafeteria and Cocoro is left by herself. Zen then walks up to her and asks her to hang out with them if she’s not busy.

Cocoro then eats with Zen and Rikka. Zen talks about how Nami-sensei told them that she hasn’t been able to get along with everyone yet. During their conversation, Cocoro overhears some students talking about a Music Talent Festival. And if you win apparently the principal would grant someone a wish. When Cocoro mentions the event to Zen he tells her it’s an event that’s held by the school throughout the entire town. It’s a contest that both individuals and groups can join to see who’s the best at singing. This gives Cocoro an idea she thanks both of them and runs home without telling Zen or Rikka anything.

That night Cocoro decides to mention the Music Talent Festival to everyone and her plan for them to stengthen their relationship while being able to practice singing. Sadly, she can’t convince anyone but Kairi, the only one who’s actually interested. But she hasn’t given up just yet! She still believes she convince the others to want to attend.

The next morning all four of the guys wake up to find Cocoro in the kitchen since she’s on breakfast duty today. She made omurice…but it looks pretty bad. Although it had a note on top to convince the guys to participate in the festival.


(isn’t she just adorable?) Unfortunately, all she gets is snide remarks and how it looks messy (of course, Kairi just laughs and thinks it’s creative.)

After school, Cocoro is waiting in the classroom to where this singing practice was supposed to take place. Unfortunately, no one shows up–except for Kairi. He figured no one would show up, but asks her why she wanted to attend it in the first place. Cocoro tells him it’s because she wants to get along with everyone better. Kairi says she won’t be able to convince them so easily since they all have their own reasons as to why they always keep to themselves. Cocoro then explains how she was the same; when she first came to this world and entered this school she wasn’t good at anything at all. She couldn’t gain any friends since no one wanted to pair with her. Zen and Rikka were always busy, so she’d always been alone up until now. And when she joined this class she’d hoped she would be able to make friends with everyone. Kairi then explains to her that the power to hold thoughts and feelings aren’t as strong in the netherworld because their souls are already separated from their body; their bodies now are just temporary. Because of that, there’s a way to transmit thoughts and feelings through a process called “Feelings Transmission Ability.”

While it doesn’t necessarily convey the feelings, it’s possible to transmit them. And thanks to this ability it’s impossible to lie. Kairi figures she wouldn’t know about it since she only scored two points but she tells him to give it a rest already. He then laughs and asks if she wants to try it out. And so he suddenly embraces her and shiny glowy things appear!


He transmits his feelings to her and it’s…really warm, as one may expect. He can tell she’s worrying a lot about this and tells her he’ll try and convince the others even if he has to force them. But Cocoro tells him it’s fine because she wants to properly convey her own feelings to everyone herself. Yuyu then wakes up and says they should head home, Cocoro thanks Kairi and leaves. Then we see Kairi ask Yoru to come out, since he was listening in on their conversation. Kairi asks if there was a reason he was listening but Yoru tells him there wasn’t he just wanted to see if Cocoro was actually waiting in the classroom for everyone. He mentions how he’s been acting around Cocoro and Yoru tells him he’s imagining it. Though Kairi is clearly not convinced since he can tell by watching them.

Once Cocoro gets home she finds Syun asleep on the couch. She tells him he should sleep in his room or he’ll catch a cold but he tells her to shut up and leave him alone, ha. She mentions how he could be practicing for the Music Talent Festival instead but he tells her again he’s not interested. She asks him why he hates singing so much since it’s so essential to a Shinigami’s duty. Syun tells her that his goal isn’t to become a Shinigami and only reluctantly entered the school because of the Principal. He ended up failing completely when he entered and ended up in the special supplementary class. He doesn’t want expectations from anyone and doesn’t care even if he can’t become a Shinigami or graduate. Cocoro then tells him she wants him to graduate and would hate it if he was the only one left out; she thinks as everyone as a friend. She enjoys singing and it really brightens up her spirits; but she’s always sung along and feels she’d be much happier singing with him and everyone else. He then yells at her and tells her to quit trying to act so friendly with him since he doesn’t want friends and hates singing. He then storms off leaving Cocoro with Yuyu. Yuyu asks if she’s okay and she says it’s fine because she’ll keep trying to convince them.

Later that night Cocoro talks to herself outside about how difficult it is to get along with everyone. She then hears rustling and suddenly–Ame appears. He runs away when she sees him but she quickly catches up to him and stops him. She wonders what he’s doing outside and he says he heard a noisy lonely voice outside. She tells him how she’s not really lonely but Ame can tell she’s lying. He asks if she’s lonely because no one came to practice but Cocoro says it’s not anyone’s fault. She’s feeling impatient with herself because she isn’t able to get along with everyone. Her intial idea was to bring everyone closer through song, but Syun told her that he doesn’t want to become closer and hates singing. Now she feels it was selfish of her to try and press everyone for something she wanted.

Ame tells her that Syun is bad at getting along with others too. He doesn’t want to get hurt by carelessly getting close to someone. So in order to keep people away he says mean things to people. While it’s also true he hates singing, he’s acted that way since he and Ame first met. And getting discouraged will only make it harder for her to get closer to him. Cocoro notices that Ame understands Syun pretty well but Ame tells her it’s because he’s easy to figure out whenever he speaks. Cocoro then says she won’t give up and will try convince everyone to practice singing, including Ame. Though surprisingly enough, Ame says he’ll practice singing. Cocoro is completely surprised and screams out if he means it. Ame tells her he does because he likes singing. Ame wanted to see if she had enough motivation, since it’d be pointless to practice if she was going to give it up so easily. But he can tell she is motivated enough and will try it out. Cocoro happily thanks him and clasps his hands telling him he better come. Ame, a little bewildered, happily accepts.


The next day, Kairi is happily humming to herself at school since she’s really excited Ame promised he’d practice with her today. Meanwhile, she’s looking for a book for Nami-sensei and stands on stepladder in order to reach for it. Right when she spots Yoru, she slips off (yes the most cliche thing to happen in otome…go figure) and he catches her–or more like he fell on him, heh. Yoru then scolds her for looking over at him while she was standing on a stepladder. Because even though they can’t die in the netherworld, they can still feel quite a lot of pain. Cocoro apologizes and asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s fine. She says he’s actually more kind than she thought (since he always glared at her) but they he asks if she really thinks so and shoves her against a bookcase….(壁ドン).


Yoru: Why do you keep pretending to act like someone else?
(someone else? What’s he talking about?)
Yoru: What on earth were you doing for a year?
Yoru: A year after I finally reached the Netherworld, I looked for you for a very long time…
Yoru: Why do you unexpectedly appear here out of all places?
Cocoro: I-I don’t know what you’re talking about but…I only arrived at the Netherworld a month ago…
Cocoro: I have no memory up until I arrived here…
Cocoro: I don’t know who you’re looking for, but you must be mistaking me for someone else.
Yoru: You…really don’t know who I am…?
Cocoro: I don’t…I’m sorry.

Yoru then apologizes while looking fairly upset. Cocoro says this person must be important to him, but he merely tells her it’s none of her business. She asks him to come along to practice with her, and he wonders why she’s so hung up over it. She tells him because it’ll be a way to get along better but he says she’s way too carefree and leaves. Cocoro is sorta left confused but the day continues on.

Afterwords, Yuyu and Cocoro run to the class for practice. There they find Ame already waiting. Kairi is running a bit late so Cocoro and Ame start ahead of time. She suggests she starts first since she messed up last time. She assures Ame she won’t mess up this time since it made her really happy that he arrived. So once she sings, Ame is standing in Awe of how good she is. Soon, before they can begin, they hear noises outside of  the class…

Kairi: “But you said you weren’t going to come!”
Syun: “You’ve got it all wrong! I only came by chance!”
Yoru: “I just wanted to take a look…”

So apparently Kairi dragged them both in since they were already hovering around near the door. Both of them are pretty much “this isn’t what it looks like!” but Ame convinces them to just join. And in the most tsundere way possible Yoru reluctantly agrees while saying it’d be annoying if she kept pestering him about it. He also mentions he’s not very good at singing. Cocoro says it’s fine though because that’s why they’re practicing in the first place.

Syun: Hey, I didn’t give my input on it…
Ame: Syun will also be participating.
Syun: Hey! Who said you could decide for me!?
Syun: You’ll know Cocoro is serious about this if you listen to her sing.


Syun doesn’t think so after what he heard before but Cocoro tells him it was because of the hot rice cake. Ame then tells her to sing and once she does…everyone is left in awe (she’s like the little mermaid omg). After she’s done she asks everyone how she did. Kairi says it was amazing and he had no idea she had such a skill. Yoru says he didn’t expect her to sing like that at all and Syun is just left speechless. Ame asks if Syun is ready to join now but he says as long as he doesn’t have to sing he’ll stay but Yuyu tells him that he needs to participate too as part of the group. Ame insists as well telling him that Cocoro’s singing won’t be as good without him there since she’d be happier with everyone together. Yoru then tells him off how he’s not even good at singing and yet he’s participating as well. Ame goes even further and asks Kairi what they should do if he says no, and Kairi suggests they reveal all his secrets. Kairi suggests he joins if he doesn’t want any problems to arise, and so Syun finally, but reluctantly, says he’ll participate. And of course, Cocoro screams with happiness then clasps Syun’s hands. He tells her not to grab his hand like that and she apologizes since she did it without realizing. So now they’re all gathered.

Ame then asks Cocoro if she knows what song she wants to sing for the festival, but she’s not sure what sort of song they should go for. So they go to the music room to look for different songs they could sing. Everyone collabrates together to try and come up with something back at the dorm. Syun suggests they sing something popular but Ame believes it’d be best not to sing something that people would get tired of hearing. So they shouldn’t sing something all students do. Cocoro then suggests a song called “The Love of a Shinigami’s Daughter” cause she thinks it sounds cute and Syun’s all like like,

Syun: “You expected a guy to sing that song?”
Cocoro: “But it’s cute…”
Syun: “No way…!”

So everyone’s opinions are kinda scattered and Cocoro suggests that she makes tea for everyone so they can relax and think of something. Soon everyone is ordering from Cocoro.

Kairi: “I’ll have Orange Juice!”
Ame: “Green tea, please.”
Yoru: “Earl Grey.”
Syun: “Get me a Mineral Water.”
Cocoro: “There’s too many at once!”

Even so, Cocoro is really happy that she can get along and have fun with everyone like this.

So the next morning Kairi jumps up telling everyone to wake up. Apparently they were up all night trying to figure out a song so they slept in until 7:00 AM. During class literally everyone is either half asleep, or already asleep. Nami- sensei literally has to wake up Cocoro to get some answers as to why everyone is so tired. She tells him that they’re going to participate in the Music Talent Festival and they overslept last night because they stayed up so late.

Soon it’s lunchtime, and they play Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide the loser who will go and get everyone’s lunch from the dining room. Unfortunately, the loser is Cocoro so she has to go get lunch for everyone. Just as she’s about to leave though Syun calls out to her (and calls her a アホ毛) and says he’ll be coming along with her. She wonders if he means to help but he says it’d bad he she dropped it all while carrying it herself. While they’re walking some girls start gossiping about Syun and how he’s this big bad delinquent of the supplementary lessons class and he’s blackmailed people before (ha…)

Syun tells her not to space out and Cocoro goes along with him. They feel sorry for Cocoro since she’s probably too weak to escape him. Cocoro gets a bit pissed that they’d be making up rumors like that for Syun. Right after he asks what she’s getting for lunch and she says the “Exciting Owl Lunch”, Syun thinks she’s got the taste of a kid but Cocoro claims it’s delicious.

Later that night, everyone is fretting over the fact they can’t come up with a song to sing. Unexpectedly though, Nami arrives at the dorm with some pleasant news. He found a song that he thought would fit them best called “Re:Birthday Song” (yes the title of the game) which is a song that celebrates the revival of the soul. It’s apparently a very old but well known song that isn’t song as often as it used to be. Everyone agrees it sounds good and they begin to start practicing. Unfortunately, they all sound awful together and aren’t in sync at all. So they have no choice but to keep practicing.

In one of the lessons it mentions how there are two ways to eliminate a Shinigami. The first way is to rid them of their regret and allow them to die. The second way to is to be sliced by a Shinigami’s scythe. Killing another Shinigami is one of the biggest taboos out there and apparently it’s a crime that’s been committed before around Nami’s house. Yuyu asks what their name was, but Nami-sensei can’t recall it.

Several days later pass, and they practiced singing this song everyday. During class Nami-sensei wonders why everyone looks so down and Cocoro tells him there’s a lot going on with their practices. He then hands them a Sign-Up sheet for the contest since Cocoro didn’t realize that had to make an entry before they participated. Once they finish filling out the sheet, they go to the facility office to turn it in. There they find a particular student there as well.


He asks who they are and Kairi says they’re the special supplementary class. Apparently he’s heard rumors about them being the “graveyard of the school.” He immediately recognizes Cocoro as the one with the lowest grade in the entire academy. Anyways, apparently this pompous fellow named Hiiro will be attending the Music Talent Festival as well. He goes on and blabbers how he’ll perform much better than all these dropouts. He then leaves and everyone goes back to the classroom annoyed by this guy’s attitude. Right then and there Kairi drags in both Syun and Yoru into the class and asks Nami-sensei to help teach singing techniques for these two since he used to be a Shinigami. With an eager desire to defeat Hiiro, they all convince Nami-sensei to help them practice. So, Nami-sensei gives them some hardcore practice and get’s on Syun’s case a lot (and even makes him do 50 push ups) since his body isn’t used to singing yet. When they get back to the dorms everyone is exhausted; Syun seems a bit off and leaves to his room early.

The next day Syun has trouble practicing with everyone else. Nami-sensei get’s on his case about it and tells him he’s the only one here who’s not fitting in with everyone else. Syun then gets pissed and yells at him to do it without him then while storming off. Yoru thinks he may have been a little too harsh but Nami-sensei thinks he’ll be fine and they continue to practice. Once they get back to the dorm they all get ready to practice again. Unfortunately, Syun hasn’t returned yet even though it’s already late. Cocoro gets worried and wants to be able to practice happily with everyone; so she goes to go look for him. It’s then she finds him outside near the forest and notices he’s practicing singing by himself. She startles him when she appears in front of him out of nowhere and he asks why the heck a girl like herself is outside in the dark. Cocoro is happy that he actually called her a “girl” for once and he tells her to shut up (lol). She asks if he’s practicing and he says he’s doing it himself so no one has to hear his awful voice. Cocoro says that’s not true at all and he could really hear the liveliness in his voice when he sings. He asks if she means it and she says she does. She asks if he and her can sing together and he tells her not to get mad at him if he messes up. Once they sing she and he both realize they’re in complete harmony and sound great together.


Syun tells her it’s because he heard her voice that he could let out a different voice than usual. Cocoro says she thought he hated practicing and is really glad that isn’t the case. He admits he was only angry when he said that he didn’t want to do it anymore and wasn’t serious. She feels Syun’s transmitted feelings of frustration of not being able to do well even though he clearly still wants to participate. He apologizes for starting off on the wrong foot but Cocoro tells him there’s no need to apologize since they’re in the fault too for pressuring him just because they wanted to beat Hiiro in the contest. Syun tells her there’s no need for her to apologize so much and hesitantly asks if he can sing with together with everyone. Cocoro happily oblidges and he laughs telling her to give him her best regards.

While Cocoro and Syun return they hear everyone practicing from inside. Cocoro then drags Syun inside so they can all practice together. He gets scolded by the group but they’re happy see Syun back. Cocoro then tells everyone that they should practice not just because they want to defeat Hiiro, but for the fun of singing together since that’s what is most important. And so they begin practicing again but all together now.

The next day they consult Nami-sensei on the situation and ask him to continue training them but not with just victory in mind but just to have fun instead. So they soon they look at the schedule of when they’ll be performing. There they find Hiiro who is still completely full of himself. He trash talks them for a while but they tell him they’re not in it to win anymore and it doesn’t matter what the results may be. He get’s pissed off and storms off. More gossips arise but Kairi brushes them off by announcing to the students attending that they better take a good listen to their group. Cocoro gives another speech of encouragement and everyone happily agrees. It then flashes to a scene with Hiiro clearly anxious about them.

So everyday they continued to practice until it was the day before the Music Talent Festival. All together they sing in amazing harmony. They then discuss what sort of wish they’d like to come true and I went for Syun’s option and he said a limitless supply of beef bowls. Cocoro agreed that’d be a great wish but he told her he was kidding and couldn’t believe she’d think he’s serious. (But she thought it was a great wish LOL)

Kairi asks what Cocoro would wish for but she says she’s not really sure yet. Yoru then suggests they go inside the dorm and before they do, Cocoro tells everyone she’s really happy they can all sing together. She thanks them but Kairi tells her to save it for tomorrow since that’s when the real thing starts.

Finally, it’s the day of the Music Talent Festival. The pricipal greets them all and Cocoro, Syun, and Yoru start to get a bit nervous. Ame and Kairi tell them to relax since they can’t perform well if everyone is  too nervous. Cocoro then realizes that she hasn’t seen Yuyu anywhere. He’s a member too and if absent, they won’t qualify. So Cocoro leaves to go look for him. She see’s Yuyu being dragged off by unknown students and follows after them. When she reaches a hallway she hears an erie but familiar music and starts to feel dizzy. She soon loses consciousness and is awoken by a voice, Yuyu’s. Apparently she was lured into an empty classroom with Yuyu used as the bait. Both Yuyu and Cocoro are locked inside and the Music Talent Festival has already started. Yuyu starts blaming himself for this and starts crying. He apologizes over and over but Cocoro tries to calm him down by singing. Soon they hear Syun’s voice yell out and then everyone else. They try to open the door but it’s locked tight. Since there’s no other way, Ame insists for Syun to break down the door (HA) and so he does. They all rush inside to see if they’re okay. Ame makes a comment that Syun’s brutality can be useful once in a while! …And Syun tells him to shut up (lol). Apparently they knew where she was because of when she sang earlier. Cocoro asks about the Festival situation but apparently they won’t qualify since they aren’t present.

Once they get back Cocoro apologizes but everyone tells her it’s alright and it’s not her or Yuyu’s fault. There they find Hiiro but he feigns ignorance; Syun gets pissed off with his attitude and punches him (HA, serves you right). Hiiro then trash talks them all and calls them violent and worthless, basically. Cocoro then lectures him about getting to know people first before judging them. Since when she first met everyone she couldn’t get along with everyone at first but she took time to understand everyone. And she tells him not to call her precious friends worthless since he’s just as guilty for using such harsh words on everyone. He then scoffs at her high-and-mighty talk and just leaves; it’s then Nami-sensei appears with great news. They’re not disqualified because Nami-sensei explained the situation to the principal and so their turn to perform was changed. They all thank Nami-sensei and leave to go perform.


And, as expected, they performed wonderfully! Even with their reputation they received a loud applause. It was then the winners were to be announced! And the 1st place winner is… one! Apparently there was no one applicable for 1st place. But Hiiro’s group luckily got 2nd, and 3rd was none other than Cocoro’s group. Everyone’s shocked to hear they were called and Cocoro goes up to to principal to be congratulated and accepts the medal winning prize.

Later at the dorm they all celebrate for winning 3rd place by having a huge party with lots of different food. Nami-sensei who helped out a bit is attending as well, and asks about the details of what happened. Cocoro explains the whole situation and Yuyu mentions how they were able to find them when Cocoro sang in order to comfort Yuyu. Syun wonders what the heck that guy’s problem was anyway and Nami-sensei suggests it’s probably because Hiiro finds himself similar to them all. It’s usually not permitted to speak of a student’s past but Nami thinks it should be fine if he tells them here. He then reveals that Hiiro was an heir of a politician in a certain country. His father raised him with high expectations as his own son. But unfortunately he had no talent for politics and was deserted by his own parents because he was an unsatisfactory son to them. Hence the reason why he worked so hard to get in such high ranks as a student in the Netherworld. Everyone is sort of left speechless until Ame speaks up and changes the topic. He asks what it was that Cocoro wanted to wish for if they came in 1st place since he’d already suspected she had an idea already. She then reveals that she wanted to wish for her memory of when she was alive. Yoru kind of repeats the word “Memory…” silently to himself and she goes on to explain that she wants to know who exactly she used to be and what sort of friends and family she had. But she says it’s fine if she can’t have this wish because she’s already happen enough already. If she were to wish for something now, it’d be to become friends with everyone here. But Kairi says that her wish had already come true. The medal they earned is proof of their friendship and now that they’ve all shared their feelings with each other, it’s only natural they would be friends.

Kairi: “All this time we’ve spent together we made up each other’s feelings through song, I’m sure you all felt it right?”
Kairi: “Would you still say that you’re neither friends nor companions?”
Yoru: “Well, it should be obvious by now.”
Ame: “You’re right. We’re companions…and friends.”
Syun: “…Well, I guess this sort of thing may not be so bad.”

And so, since they’re already like family now, they all tell her it’s fine if she just called them by their first name instead of adding “-kun” to their name. And so she says their name one by one (without an honorific) happily giving everyone her best regards. So they all have a cute, adorable, loving group hug~


The next day they go back to their normal routine as the special supplementary class. During their chores they see Hiiro and Cocoro grabs him before he can run away. Cocoro tries to come to mutual understanding with Hiiro and tries make friends with him. He then flips out refuses while running away but Kairi and Ame think he’ll come to an understanding soon–and it’s then fireworks go off and he screams in the distance in terror (lol). Yoru asks if it’s Kairi’s doing and he says he was merely giving him a congratulation gift.

That more or less ends the common route. The next scene involves Nami picking pairs for the class. If it isn’t already obvious, Cocoro is paired up with whomever’s route you’re going for. But that’s excluding Nami since you can’t do his route first anyway (and I’m pretty sure you have to do it last). And that’s when the common route splits into separate routes. I’m going for Syun right now, I’ll probably go in this order: Syun > Kairi > Yoru > Ame > Nami.

Thoughts: Okay where do I begin…I really, really, reeeally adore the relationship between these guys. Usually I always have a character that I’m “meh” about but I actually really love every single character in this game. Plus my bias may be Syun, but I have a feeling I’ll really enjoy everyone else’s routes regardless. I just really like the whole “friendship” aspect. Especially since things started off very badly; yet they all managed to pretty close. And Music + Art = A++ from me. 

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