Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Syun

My first and absolutely my favorite route. Syun. I’m just waiting for someone to click this and say to themselves TL;DR. This starts off when the pairs are picked. Warning–this route causes emotional distress.


Syun is your typical yankee-type guy who skips class, hates studying, and gets pissed off pretty easily. He’s your typical tsundere though and doesn’t show his feelings much until you warm up to him.
(ㆁᴗㆁ✿) He’s voiced by Kondo Takayuki.

Finally is the day pairs are picked. Though there are 5 members the number may seem odd but Yuyu will be held accounted for one of them since he was actually Nami’s partner once and was an even higher rank than Zen and Rikka. So now it’s six which makes it even. Since this is Syun’s route–Nami-sensei pairs up Kair and Yoru, Ame and Yuyu, and Cocoro and Syun. Cocoro is all happy to be paired up with Syun but he gives off his tsundere I don’t really care vibe (when he actually doesn’t mind).Pairs aren’t necessarily needed until they need to enter the present world, and other classes will be more or less the same. Syun sighs and says even if he’s paired up he still doesn’t want to become a Shinigami. But Cocoro believes he should be glad since he’s more than likely to graduate now but he goes on about he was never interested in the first place and only came because his Jijii owl said to. Though Syun doesn’t intend to stick around much for class but Cocoro plans to track him down if he tries to skip class. That following night the Principal comes to visit Cocoro and see how she’s doing. She happily exclaims how much fun’s she’s been having and the Principal says she’ll only face hardships from now on and she needs to believe in her partner. He tells her she’s not alone and flies off.

So Cocoro is now officially paired with Syun–though things don’t change much and he’s still sleeping in class. She tries to wake him up and insist that he pay attention but he ignores her and says he’ll do what he wants. She tries to convince him to at least have a conversation with him but he tells her just because they’re partners doesn’t mean they have to get buddy-buddy. Nami -sensei calls for Cocoro and she literally drags him along to come with her. Apparently Nami-sensei wants them to take extra supplementary lessons during their summer break. Syun flips shit but Nami-sensei just ignores him and walks off. Cocoro sighs but says they have no choice but to work even harder, but Syun doesn’t care at all so he tells her not to make decisions for him and leaves.

Once summer break arrives Cocoro attends her extra supplementary classes but Syun is nowhere to be seen. Nami-sensei asks her to go look for him since her partner missing will only cause more problems since their responsibilities are shared among them. She goes back to the dorm and Kairi and the others wonder what she’s doing back from her classes. She tells them that Syun hadn’t come to class and Ame immediately realizes he obviously skipped class. They offer to help look for him but Cocoro insists she finds him herself since it’s her responsibility as his partner to work it out between them. Unfortunately, Cocoro fails to find him and is left in class until it’s time to leave. Once she get’s back to the dorm she finds Syun there and asks where he went. He tells her she doesn’t need to know. Cocoro tries to ask him to come tomorrow but rejects her.

The following days Syun doesn’t show up to class and Cocoro effortlessly tries to find him. It only get’s harder for her since it’s just her in class so she’s determined one day to force him to come to class. One morning she knocks on his door to see if he’s awake but no answer. The door was already unlocked and she and Yuyu let themselves in. Syun isn’t there but they find a half-asleep Ame who tells them that Syun had already left. He tells them he most likely in the forest since the shops are closed for today. Cocoro thanks him and leaves to go find him in the forest. Yuyu leads the way and there they find Syun sitting under a tree with owls all around him.


Cocoro: “Hey, Syun!”
Yuyu: “Yo, Syun!”
Syun: Ah…!? Oh–it’s you. Don’t scare me like that.”

Cocoro notices the owl he’s holding seems off and Syun shows her that it has an injury. When she asks if he was treating it, he says he was and it got chased by a dog. When she asks if he protected it he says he only happened to pass by when it happened. So he’s been taking care of the owl ever since. Yuyu says it must’ve been a vicious dog to attack such a harmless owl and Syun says it used to be much worse but it seems to have recovered for the most part.


Cocoro: “That means you’ve been looking after it for a while. You really are kind, Syun.”
Syun: “S-Shut up. It’s normal to help someone or something in need.”
Cocoro: “Hehe, I see.”
Cocoro: “Do these guys have names?”

Syun blushes in embarrassment and Cocoro asks if these little owls have names. And in fact, they do.

Syun: “This one is Haru, this here is Marumi, and finally this fellow here is Kinkira.”
Yuyu: “They have odd names, did you name them?”
Syun: “Oh Shut up. What? Do you have problem with that?”
Cocoro: “Not at all. I think they’re all very cute names. Are you going to keep these guys?”
Syun: “Don’t be stupid. There’s no way I could take these guys home with me.”
Syun: “They all live together and are settled here in the forest.”
Cocoro: “So you named these stray owls and even kept them company? That’s amazing.”
Syun: “I guess.”

She then asks when the name of the owl he’s holding is and he tells her his name is “Monkichi.” (It has the kanji for good luck in it’s name). She can tell it really likes that name and she starts to want to get to know them better.

But suddenly they fly away and he tells her they’re not going to warm up to her that quickly. Yuyu says it’s because Owl’s are very cautious creatures and Cocoro says they’re similar to Syun. She says it’s like during the Music Talent Festival but Syun and Yuyu are a bit confused. She then begins to sing and the owls return. Syun is all like “What kind of magic trick is this!?” but Cocoro merely sang her feelings of wanting to become friends. He asks her what her true intention was since it obviously wasn’t to come visit the owls. She stays silent for a moment and he says if it’s to come to the supplementary lessons it’s not happening. Cocoro gives a sad look and then sits next down to Syun. He shifts over a bit but doesn’t leave. She tells him he’s right but then directly asks him why he hates supplementary lessons so much. He hesitantly tells her that her again that he didn’t want to become a Shinigami and he was more or less forced to when the Principal asked him. She asked what he did before he
enrolled but Syun says he didn’t really do anything. When he came into this world he lived in the city and eventually moved to a shelter provided by the Shinigami Academy. It was a shelter for those who were unsure of the lives they wanted to spend in the Netherworld. He lived there for a while unsure of what he wanted to do. Cocoro asks if he couldn’t get used to this world and he admits it couldn’t. After all, he was already shook up over the fact he died. When taken into an unfamiliar world like this, he was unsure of what to do. With no set goal in mind he spent every day in the shelter. But, he was in fact, quite bored with his life there. Everyday was the same and for being dead he didn’t have much going for him.

That’s when the Principal suggested he enter the Shinigami Academy. He completely rejected his offer since he didn’t want to become a Shinigami nor did he want to study. But, since the school ran the shelter in the first place, he had no choice but to reluctantly attend. And that’s why he came to this academy. Cocoro ponders it all for a moment and tells him that regardless of the circumstances he enjoyed the Music Talent Festival. She tells him he might as well enjoy the school life he has now rather than dwell on the past or whatever happened before. She insists that she wants to enjoy her school life with him but he says he doesn’t get her at all and asks why she wants to become a Shinigami anyway. She says it’s because they look cool and Syun calls her an idiot. And of course he goes on about how he doesn’t care about studying or his school life and he doesn’t have time to study since he’s taking care of Monkichi. He runs off and leaves Cocoro alone with Yuyu.

Once she returns she spots Ame to see how things went with Syun. He advices that she should catch him by the tail if she wants him to do what she wants, since he’s more or less like a wild beast (lol Ame).

And so, next class Cocoro has a lot more work since Syun is skipping again. Fortunately though, she finds herself immersed in all the work she’s given and she’s surprisingly very cheerful while getting it all done. One morning Kairi confronts Syun since he isn’t attending class. Syun brushes it off but Kairi tells him that Cocoro is working much more than usual since he hasn’t been there and tells him he should worry about his partner more.

Next class Cocoro is working very thoroughly, so much that Yuyu can’t stand the fact that she’s staying over dinner time and leaves to go eat. Cocoro ends up staying an hour later then realizes how late it is. Just as darts out the door she bumps into something–or rather someone. He asks if that’s her way of greeting him but she apologizes and asks why he’s here. He explains that Yuyu told him she was still he and was given penalties from Nami-sensei because he wasn’t showing up for class. He asks why he didn’t tell her about it when she came to go look for him but she says it’s because it was her own responsibility to get him to come to class. Syun is confused but Cocoro says it’s fine anyway since she’s lately been enjoying studying. Syun can’t see why she’d be so positive about it but she admits it’s the truth. He stands silently and finally grabs her arm and tells her they’re going home to eat dinner. He’s a bit forceful, but Cocoro can tell he has kind intentions.

During dinner Syun is acting a bit strange and he leaves to go to his room early. Cocoro is not really sure why. When Cocoro has her classes again Nami-sensei notices that Syun is still absent and notifies her that pairs are basically two in one. In other words, if one partner fails so does the other. Cocoro knows this but doesn’t want to pressure Syun to attend class. Just before Cocoro is about to ask Nami-sensei something, they hear something outside of the classroom. Cocoro thinks it may be Yuyu but to her surprise it’s actually Syun. She asks what he’s doing here and he awkwardly stands there and tells her that Monkichi has already recovered so he doesn’t need to keep him company anymore. Cocoro is happy to hear it and Syun goes on to say that he has free time because of it. And that’s the only reason why he came today (so he says) while looking away shyly. Cocoro can clearly see he’s trying to hide his embarrassment. Cocoro can barely hold in her laughter and Syun yells at her to not laugh. She apologizes and says she’s really happy. Once they get into the classroom Cocoro turns around and smiles at Syun. He kinda just looks away and says a really tsundere line: “It’s not like I did it to please you or anything.” But Cocoro just tells she’s glad anyway. So, class passes by fairly quickly with Syun present. Unfortunately, Nami-sensei has a lot of make up work in store for him as a penalty for skipping classes. And since Syun is here, Cocoro doesn’t have any work to do. But of course she helps Syun with his work anyway. Annoyed, Syun wishes he hadn’t come but Nami-sensei tells him his problems would’ve just gotten worse. So Cocoro guides him through the work and surprisingly he’s able to solve a problem and feels all proud of himself.


(just look at that adorable smile)

Cocoro notices he looks much happier than he did but he just says he’s not really. (別に別に別に)

Afterwords, it’s getting late so they decide to go home. Syun complains his head hurts from thinking too much (lol). Cocoro then asks him again why he came but Syun tells her again because Monkichi recovered. Though Cocoro is smarter than that and knows how much he hates these classes so she forces him to tell her. He sighs and reluctantly says he wanted to know why she enjoyed these classes so much since she seemed so happy while doing them. She surprised to hear it and asks him if he’ll come again tomorrow. He automatically rejects the offer but she begs him to help study with her since it’s hard to do it all herself and would be easier if she had someone with her. He then reluctantly agrees to do it. Cocoro is really happy and wants to change Syun’s outlook on becoming a Shinigami and attending school.

Several days pass and Cocoro is helping out Syun with his work in the dorms. Everyone else starts making comments about how they never thought they’d ever see Syun actually DOING work. Syun gets irritated at all the comments and shouts at them not to watch him though Kairi tells him its not an insult but praise.

August 8th

It’s finally a holiday without supplementary classes for Syun or Cocoro. When Cocoro comes downstairs though she finds Syun with a reference book in hand. Apparently he wanted to get some stuff done so Nami-sensei would stop bugging him about it. Though he’s actually really hungry right now and suggests they eat lunch. So Cocoro says she’ll make something but Syun doesn’t want to eat her cooking. When Cocoro insists she actually finds out that the fridge is empty so they have to go out to town and eat out somewhere. Soon they’re walking downtown and Cocoro asks what he wants and he says he wants a beef bowl. She can clearly see he has a one track mind but tells him it’s fine since she wanted to eat it too. He’s surprised to hear it and says he’ll show her a good place to eat.


Once they arrive, he’s surprised to see Cocoro can eat like no tomorrow if she wants to. She and her keep asking for seconds and he tells her she goes overboard for a girl. But she tells him it should be fine since food has nothing to do with gender anyway. He tells her she’ll never get married that way and she jumps whimpers but regardless she’s having a lot of fun together.

Once they finish eating (and are completely stuffed) they decide to walk around the town; they immediately run into someone named Yuuji who knows Syun apparently. He knew Syun before he lived in the shelter and works at a bakery. Syun and him have their greetings of reunion and then Yuuji looks over at Cocoro and says “that’s a lovely lady you got there” (HA). They kinda stare blankly for a moment and Syun breaks the silence and tells him he’s completely wrong and there’s no way he’d like such a gluttonous woman.


(while blushing of course). Cocoro tells him the “gluttonous” part is a bit much. But then Yuuji laughs and is glad to see that Syun can make friends. He then gets called back to work and leaves while giving his goodbyes to Syun and Cocoro. Later while walking Cocoro spot and cat and it starts snuggling up to Syun’s foot. Apparently Syun knows this stray cat as “Hanako” who became attached to him. Syun starts petting it and acting all sweet to it. She realizes that animals really like getting close to Syun but he says they just stick around him without him wanting them to. Suddenly, Cocoro asks him if there’s any other places that he likes to visit and he wonders why she wants to know all of a sudden. She says she’d like to get to know him better and Syun calls her weird. But, he thinks it should be fine and tells her to follow him. They walk for a while and they soon arrive at a flower field.


Syun tells her that no one from the special supplementary class know about this place and he tends to visit it a lot. Cocoro thinks it looks absolutely amazing and Syun agrees. She wonders if it’s okay he told her but he says she was the one who asked in the first place. She thanks him and he makes sure to tell her that she mustn’t tell anyone about this place otherwise it’d become more annoying if they came to visit. She promises she won’t tell anyone and it’ll be a secret just between her and him. He stutters that she’s right and blushes a little. She then asks why he told her about it and he says it’s because it should be fine if just she knows.


She feels happy that she can get closer to him and says she wants to know a lot more about him. He tells her he told her plenty today but she says anything’ll do as long as she can learn more about him. He calls her a troublesome woman and she sarcastically apologizes. She then tells him that she wants to show him something she likes too, but won’t be able to reveal much since she doesn’t have her memory. He tells her that she’s probably better off without her memory anyway. She wonders why he thinks that he and tells her about his past life. He lived with his mother while she was with this awful guy. He didn’t really care at first since he was really young but she was always with this lover of hers. So when he graduated middle school he decided to skip high school and get a job. He worked most of the time in between middle school so he doesn’t have many fond memories of his high school life. She then instinctively grabs his hand and says they’ll make lots of fond memories here, in the Netherworld together.

Syun’s feelings are transmitted to her and she feels his confusion but also happiness. He agrees and she makes him pinky promise; he thinks it’s childish but reluctantly does so. Once he does, he has a flash of a sort of memory (probably) and Cocoro immediately asks what’s wrong but he smiles and tells her it’s nothing. So once they pinky promise Cocoro wants to start making memories by playing tag (I can’t believe this AHAHAH) he asks if this is part of their student memories and she says maybe and runs off. Syun gives a slight laugh and says he’s gonna catch her (These guys I stg) and runs off to chase her.


Once Cocoro and Syun are back in their classes Nami-sensei announces that they both passed their test. He says it’s obvious he would but Nami-sensei tells him he wouldn’t brag if he was him. And so Kairi and the others planned a reward for both of them for passing; they held a barbecue for the both of them. Ame tells him to eat until until he drops dead and Syun says he actually might; though Ame makes a morbid joke that they’re already dead so that’d be impossible (lol). Kairi then goes over to Syun and asks him a question…

Kairi: “So what exactly was your motivation for these supplementary lessons you hated so much? Was it the power of love from Cocoro?”
Syun: *chokes on food*
Cocoro: “WHAT?!”

September 9th

During the special supplementary classes’s cleaning duties everyone notices that people have become more interested in the class after the whole Music Talent Festival. Suddenly, Yuyu shouts at Cocoro to look out and she bumps into Hiiro. He get’s mad at at first then blushes when he notices its her (clearly he’s go like a crush on her). Then he lectures her for almost falling over and notices he was actually worried about her but he pulls a tsun and says nope. Kairi then greets him and Hiiro sarcastically thanks him for his “congratulation gift” knowing it was him that set off those fireworks. Suddenly Hiiro’s partner comes over and greets them all; apparently Hiiro’ll be going to the present world for Shinigami practice. He then boasts about the fact they aren’t able to do that yet and Cocoro surprisingly compliments him for his progress. He get’s annoyed but is still blushing in embarrassment regardless and leaves.

During class Cocoro suddenly asks Nami-sensei about going to the present world but he tells them they still have a long way to go before they can do that. And so, Kairi changes the subject and mentions how the cultural festival is coming up (it isn’t an otome game without one you know). And so Kairi asks what they want to do for it but before they get a chance to answer he says he wants to do a play (well he more or less forces the group to do it). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they have enough members to do a play but Kairi says he has it covered and will tell them what his plan is tomorrow.

The next day Kairi gathers an entire group of 30 students into the class. Apparently they’re students from Hiiro’s class and when Kairi told them about the play he was planning, they all thought it sounded interesting so they came to help. Before they can begin Hiiro comes in trying to stop the students from helping out but thankfully Cocoro convinces him to stay and help along with everyone. So they then decide to do a play of “Cinderella” and then a girl speaks up and says Ame should be Cinderella. Fortunately, Ame doesn’t mind at all and they then decide roles for everyone else. Syun is assigned the prop-man and Cocoro says she’ll do it too since she’s his partner. She says wants to help since she’s worried he may try and slack off again, but she also wants to be able to spend more time with him. He blushes at that comment and she just laughs. Unfortunately for Cocoro, someone asks if she’ll be the wardrobe since she’s a girl and well, should have experience in that expertise. But nope! She has no idea how to sew at all but doesn’t say anything. So when she gets home she’s fretting over how she’s going to make this dress and Syun hears her from upstairs. Apparently Syun’s really familiar with this stuff which really surprises her and thinks it’s really impressive.


Though the reason he’s experienced in sewing is because when he was alive his mother was never around and so he had to do all the housework himself. She tells him that sewing isn’t necessiarly housework but he tells her that’s how it was in his home since he didn’t exactly live in very good conditions. Just before he’s about to leave her to work, Cocoro grabs the edge of his shirt and asks him to help her out. He declines right away and Cocoro apologizes for asking and says she’ll tell everyone tomorrow that she isn’t able to make them. Syun, clearly feeling bad, sighs and reluctantly says he’ll help her.

The next day Syun is carrying around heavy props and such and Cocoro offers to help. He wonders why she’d help since she’s in charge of the wardrobe but she says since he’ll help her in the dorm then all the more reason to help him during class. He declines her offer to help but she smiles and grabs his shoulder telling him he said they’d do their best to make memories together and then finally complies. He blushes and mutters under his breath how she’s too close. She asks what he said but he just says it’s nothing while shaking her off. He then asks her for a pen so he can label the box of stuff he has and some students notices how he’s really good with organizing tools and such. Just when she’s about to say why she stops herself since Syun glared at her. Suddenly these girls start gossiping about Syun and before Cocoro can listen Syun asks her to help him out already.

The following day everyone is still setting up the play some guys needed some tools and when Syun gave them some they kinda flipped out a bit since they think he’s scary (pff). In the dorm Syun is still helping Cocoro sew the Cinderella costume. Cocoro asks how he knows about how to do ruffles on dresses and says “Shut up, when I was into sewing I looked into a lot of it.” She thinks to herself how he would make a wonderful househusband (HAHA HE WOULD). Yuyu notices the dress he made and get’s in the way, asking him to play with him now that he’s free and Syun teasingly starts tickling him I guess.

On their way home from school Syun and Cocoro encounter some guys who ask to hang out sometime. Syun hesitantly agrees not realizing he’d made some friends but is pretty glad about it so good for him! Next day a couple girls named Aine and Nika ask Cocoro to go buy some supplies with Syun. She calls him over and grabs his arm, of course not without a complaint from Syun. Just as she’s about to pull him out the door Kairi and the others notice and tease them as they walk out the door arm in arm–and of course he tells them all to shut up (lol).


On their way back both Syun and Cocoro are carrying some stuff; he asks if she’s okay carrying it all and she says it’s fine since it’s lighter than Syun’s half. She’s all proud about carrying it all and tries to show off but because she isn’t watching where she’s going she trips over and has Syun catches her fall. She thanks him but Syun get’s all blushy and apologizes for touching her all of a sudden.

She apologizes and says that it was actually pretty heavy and he tells her she should rely on him if she needs to and helps carry it for her. Cocoro then suggests they go to Yuuji’s shop to buy a some fruit for the class because of all their hand work. She grabs Syun’s arm and he hesitantly agrees to go with her and end up buying some apples. So they head back to the classroom but before they enter they hear three voices: Aine, Miori and Nika, more or less trash talking them both.

They go on about they they hate working with such lowly people. How they really don’t like Syun since he’s loud mouthed and Cocoro isn’t womanly at all and yet she’s surrounded by all these cool guys. (THEY LITERALLY CALLED HER “金魚のフン” WHICH MEANS GOLDFISH SHIT. Which is more or less saying that she’s the third wheel in the group.) Noticeably she’s close with Syun, whom they think is a defect. And they comment how a stumpy girl like her and that defect make a fine pair. They comment about how quiet it is without Syun being here and glad that he went shopping with Cocoro. They never would’ve thought that someone like her would have such awful test scores too, and want nothing to do with her. And of course, Cocoro who overheard is stunned and can’t believe what she just heard. Syun isn’t really phased by it though, and tells her it’s expected since they’re a class that’s fallen behind. Syun asks her if she’s going to say anything but she hesitates. And before she can answer, Kairi and the rest appear.

They ask about the apples she brought and she forces a smile and hands them to Yuyu so Yoru can make apple pie for the dorm. As she rushes inside she spots the three girls who just gossiped about her; She tells them about the supplies she bought and they tell her to place it down next to them. They figured she probably heard but Cocoro just puts on a fake smile and tries to hide it. It’s then Syun comes in between them and tells the girls it’s pretty snide of them to talk about people behind their backs. They act like they don’t know what he’s talking about but he yells at them to stop playing dumb cause they heard all the shitty things they said. Cocoro tries to stop him since she doesn’t want to cause trouble for their group but he can’t see why she’d want to cooperate with those liars. Cocoro hesitates for an answer and Syun yells at her to be honest instead of hiding behind a fake smile since seeing it makes him sick to his stomach. Cocoro is left standing in shock and he tells her to let go of him. He says (screw it) this is why he hates women and storms off. The girls bitch about how rude Syun was and then Kairi tries to calm everyone down. Cocoro apologizes and runs out of the room.

That night, Cocoro had shut herself up in her room. Unexpectedly, she hears a knock at her door and it’s Ame who apparently wants to talk with her. When she lets him in he asks why she left earlier since she left without warning. He asks if she’s mad at herself and she silently nods in response. Ame explains that since Syun is a very straight forward person and hates it when people aren’t upfront about their feelings. But he wasn’t mad about himself getting insulted, but more so when she was. And since Cocoro wasn’t upfront about her feelings, he got mad at her for it. He didn’t want her to be manipulated by those who spoken ill towards her. Ame says he can tell that Syun really cares about her. He’s not used to seeing other people get hurt so he was probably upset about it too. Suddenly, the owl Monkichi appears outside the window. She tells Ame it’s the owl Syun had been taking care of. It apparently wants her to follow it to where Syun is and low and behold she finds him.

She apologizes to him for how she acted earlier and that she wants to try and make amends with Miori and the others. Otherwise, she doesn’t think they’ll make good progress for the festival. Syun doesn’t see why she should since they’re just liars but she says all she can do is try. She didn’t want to fight with them and deteriorate their relationship even further. And because she didn’t say anything he got mad at her. She tells him to watch her do her best from now on. Because with him watching she’s sure to have more courage than before. Syun heaves a big sigh and apologizes for getting mad earlier. She says it’s okay and thanks him for making her realize this. And they finally reconcile with each other. Once they get back they smell something really good and apparently while they were reconciling, Yoru made some tasty apple pie! Syun stomach growls from smelling it and Cocoro laughs. (Yayyy)

Next day Cocoro confronts Miori and her friends and tries to reconcile with her. She wants to make this festival successful but in order to do so needs her help too. They wonder if she’s here to complain about it but she’s not. They may have their differences but she thinks she should try to get to know her better. Syun especially, since he may seem scary a plain bad mouthed at first glance, but he’s actually a good friend, kind, and good at housework which they’re pretty surprised to hear. So to some up her speech, she wants to get along but if it’s hopeless she’ll give up, but she should give her a chance first. Hiiro scolds them all and reluctantly they agree to help so the festival can be finished together. After all that Syun tells Cocoro that she really did do her best and she was pretty amazing. He pats her on the head and laughs saying it was a very mushy speech. And she’s all “JEEZ…”

The night before the festival, Cocoro and Syun finish the Cinderella dress. Cocoro is so happy about it she instinctively gives Syun a hug. He blushes and tells her to let go of him and she immediately does after apologizing. Anywho, he tells her he did a good job though Cocoro thanks him since he was the one that helped her.


Finally, the day of the festival arrives and Ame put on the Cinderella dress. Everyone is amazed at how beautiful he looks (Ame got some amazing cosplay skills). Kairi asks how he feels about it and Ame says it’s very nice and feels could pull off a good Cinderella even as a guy (LOL). He thanks Syun and Cocoro for sewing it every night but Cocoro says it was mostly Syun that helped. Miori and the others surprised to hear this and are pretty impressed themselves. Syun says it’s no big deal but Cocoro believes he’s actually quite glad to hear it.

Before the play, everyone has free time to enjoy the cultural festival. Cocoro bought a crepe at one of the stalls and she doesn’t really like the taste of it. Apparently it’s tea flavored and Ame quite likes it. Syun asks what it tastes like and she says it taste bitter. She asks what Syun’s eating and apparently got a banana flavored one. She thinks it looks really good so she begs Syun to let her try his so she can get that bitter taste out of her mouth and…


Syun: “Nooo way. Absolutely not.”
Cocoro: “Why? Don’t be stingy!”
(Then I’ll use force!)
Cocoro: *munch*
Syun: “Wha–?!”
Cocoro: “Mm! Delicious!”
Syun: “Y-You…!”
Cocoro: “Heheh, you can’t take it back now that I’ve done it! That’s what you get for being stingy.”
Syun: “S-Syun? What’s wrong? Your face is red…”
Syun: “T-That’s cause…you…”
Syun: …That was an indirect kiss, right?”
Cocoro: Hm? What was that?”
Syun: “It’s nothing! Just keep it since you already ate some of it!”
Cocoro: Wait–really!? Thanks! You’re so nice, Syun!”

Finally, Ame performs in the play as Cinderella and does a spectacular job and gains a lot of popularity over it. And eventually the festival comes to an end. Once they’re done putting everything away, Kairi, Yoru, and Yuyu all grab Cocoro; Syun wonders what the heck they’re doing and then Ame grabs his arm and tells him that to stay put. Cocoro is brought to an empty classroom with Miori, Aine, and Nika. Kairi says he’ll leave her to them and leaves. Miori starts giving a speech about how she was right and she realized that Syun really is kind and she’s very positive and has a lot of ambition. They all apologize for how they acted and Cocoro thanks them all. After the felt heart speech she’s stripped off her clothes (and now it’s time to play dress up) and say they gonna make her look reaaaal pretty.

Syun wonders what the heck Ame wants and he tells him to wait a little longer. They hear voices outside the door and Ame tells Syun to open the door.
Once he does, he get’s a lovely surprise; Kairi yells “Here ya go!” and literally pushes Cocoro onto him. (IMAGINING THIS SCENE IS PRETTY HIlaRIOUS I STG).


Syun: “Huh?”
Cocoro: “O-Ow! S-Sorry, Syun.”
Syun: “Wha…?! y-you…!?”
Cocoro: “I-It looks strange, doesn’t it?”
Syun: “No…Um…”
Kairi: “Well, Syun? She looks REALLY cute doesn’t she?”
Yuyu: “Ame was really pretty, but Cocoro is a lovely finishing touch!”
Ame: “Yes, you look very wonderful Cocoro-san.”
Cocoro: “T-Thank you…”
Syun: Um…I mean…it’s…

Syun is literally speechless and Ame has to kick him just for him to say something. Kairi tells him to get a better look and pushes him closer towards Cocoro. Everyone teases him and decides to give the two a room (if y’know what I mean) and so they all left Syun and Cocoro to give them some alone time.


Syun: “W-What the…why are you suddenly dressed like that?”
Cocoro: “They forced me to dress up into it…”
Syun: “They forced you to–!? Those guys did…!?”
Cocoro: “Miori and the girls! Not Kairi and everyone.”
Syun: “Huh–Oh, I see…Jeez, did they something strange to you?”
Cocoro: “No, it’s the opposite actually.”

So she tells him about how she reconciled with Miori and her friends. Syun happy to hear it and when Cocoro asks if he enjoyed the festival he says he did.


Syun: “You’re too happy about this. Don’t tell me you’re crying over it?”
Cocoro: “Hm…maybe a little bit.”
Syun: W-Wait–Seriously!? D-Don’t cry. If you cry…I’ll leave.”
Cocoro: “Hehe, jeez. I won’t cry then.”
Syun: “Good…”
Syun: “I uh…had a lot of fun with the cultural festival.”
Syun: “All I did everyday was set up the stage and sew. I seriously thought it’d be a huge pain.”
Syun: “But, having you there with me all the way though…made it a lot better.”
Syun: “When I saw you having fun…I wanted you to enjoy yourself even more. And it raised my spirits more…”
Syun: “This is the first time I tried so hard for a woman…”
Cocoro: “Syun…?”
Syun: “Thanks to my mother, I thought all women were good-for-nothing…I always hated them.”
Syun: “But, when meeting you…I didn’t think that way at all.”
Syun: “Being with you, um…isn’t so bad.”
Cocoro: “I’m glad to hear it.”
Cocoro: “I can spend my time happily for a long time because you’re with me. I really mean that…!”
“Syun? What’s wrong?”
Syun: “…N-No. I forgot to mention this so…uh…”
Syun: “Um…that outfit…really makes you look like a bride…is what I wanted to say…”
Syun: “So–I um…uh…”
Syun: “So someone as stumpy as you can look a little better when you dress up. Which is expected since I made it.”
Syun: “Well, um…what I mean is…it looks really good on you.”
Cocoro: “I’m glad…thank you, Syun…”
Syun: “Y-Yeah…”
Syun: “H-Hey…
Cocoro: “……?”
Syun: “Thanks a lot…for today, Cocoro.”

[This one was long, why you ask? BECAUSE I LOVED THIS FRICKN SCENE.]

And that was the first time Syun called Cocoro by her first name (since he always called her “アホ毛” or “お前”) And he starts to say something when he says her name “Cocoro…” but is interrupted by a loud sneeze. And low and behold, Kairi/Yuyu/Yoru were all listening to their conversation. Syun storms out of the room and yells at them scaring them completely, haha. Ame then tells them now would be the time to run; and so they do with Syun following after them.


October 10th

Nami-sensei tells everyone they have an academic ability test coming up in order to ready themselves to go into the present world. One day Cocoro spots Hiiro who looks really distraught. She tries to tell him that she’s starting her practice to leave the present world but he says none of it matters and runs away. When she comes back to class she tells everyone about her encounter with Hiiro. Nami-sensei comes in and tells them about what happened; Hiiro’s partner passed on because he was able to resolve his regrets. Apparently his target (the soul they would hunt) was his mother and he was able to resolve his regret of leaving her only relative behind. Cocoro then immediately leaves to go speak with Hiiro about it. She apologizes to him and asks what his partner was like and apparently he was loved by his parents unlike Hiiro. He then warns her to be careful and to never pass on without telling her partner beforehand. She tells him she doesn’t have her past memory and he’s surprised to hear it but all the more reason for her to be more careful in this world.

Later, Cocoro and Syun study together. (the rest of the guys purposely leave the class so they can be alone) She can tell Syun has a lot on his mind though and reason being is that he’s getting closer to becoming a Shinigami even though he still isn’t set on becoming one. She asks Syun why he doesn’t want to become one but he doesn’t want to tell her. And so they study for the time being.

The next day Nami tells the class they all passed, though unsure of what exactly. Soon Zen and Rikka arrive and apparently they’re here to guide each group on their Shinigami practice run in the present world. Syun, Cocoro, Ame, and Yuyu are with Rikka; while Yoru and Kairi are with Zen.

November 11th

Soon the day of practice arrives. Everyone is gathered by the gate that separates the “present world” and the “Netherworld”. Their training sites are in “Kaguya city”, which is where the gate is connected to since the city is the place where the most deaths occur. Zen’s target is an elementary school girl; while Rikka’s is an adult male who suffers from a heart disease. And so they begin their practice mission and head off into the present world. They follow Rikka into a hospital where the target is located. He’s laying in bed with his family beside him. Cocoro hoped that he could pass on peacefully in Heaven but apparently he’ll be going to Hell because of his pass crimes he committed in his life. Cocoro feels sorry for them and their family but Rikka warns them to not let their feelings make them waver; they should treat them as things not people. The family starts sobbing and Cocoro asks Rikka if they can at least let him wake up but that cannot be done since it is prohibited for them to go against the Akashic record and so it’s finally time.

Rikka begins to sing and the soul is removed from the man’s body; he starts groaning in pain and yelling out that he doesn’t want to die. Cocoro can’t take hearing it any longer and screams out for Rikka to stop. Rikka’s song is interrupted and the whole scene inverts (literally) and the man’s soul tries to attack Cocoro. Everyone flips out and Cocoro’s consciousness slips away and she repetitively apologizes.


Cocoro soon awakes in her room with Yuyu beside her. Yuyu calls for the others and everyone appears in front of her bed (except for Syun and Ame) to see if she’s okay. They then tell her about what happened; apparently since the Shinigami’s work was interrupted by her their practice was canceled and the time for a next one is now in a pending state. They explain that no matter what the circumstances are, a shinigami’s job is to hunt a person’s soul. Cocoro apologizes over and over but they tell her she doesn’t need to and should more importantly worry about herself. They then leave and she silently sobs in her sleep.

December 9th

One night, Cocoro has a dream where she’s looking for someone and bleeding from the stomach. She had a strong desire to meet some but isn’t sure who exactly. Anyway, she decides to get up from bed to go get something to eat downstairs since she’s been sleeping for so long. Before she leaves the door opens the Yoru, Kairi, and Yuyu appear. She asks about Syun and apparently he shut himself up in his room after the Shinigami practice. They didn’t tell her because they didn’t want to worry her even further. She leaves to immediately try and talk to him but when she knocks on the door he doesn’t answer. Since she’s weak from not eating Kairi and Yoru have to support her when she almost falls over. They then tell her to go downstairs and eat something beforehand. Ame comes downstairs and Cocoro asks about Syun but he tells her to worry about herself first. She asks everyone how they were able to stay so calm during the Shinigami practice, but apparently Yoru, Ame, and Kairi had already done it before. And it was the first time for just Syun and her. Ame then tells her she should reconsider whether she and Syun truly desire to become a Shinigami.

After a while Cocoro is finally able to attend class but Syun doesn’t come. After school she tries to talk to him again but he doesn’t answer. With a strong desire to see him, she decides to sing in front of his door. It was then Syun answered and silently told her to stop singing because it sounds harsh. She apologizes for what happened during the Shinigami test and he distantly tells her not to apologize and that it wasn’t her fault. He tells her if that’s all she wanted to say he’s gonna go back to his room to sleep. She then grabs his arm before he can leave. She tells him she wants to talk about what to do from now on and after a pause he grabs her arm and tells her to come in his room. He tells her whenever he remembers hunting that soul he feels nauseous. He then explains how he remembered the time when his father died. Apparently he remembers seeing the Shinigami take his father’s soul, which is why he hates singing so much. He starts hating himself at how pathetic he felt; he tells her he wanted to be useful for her but couldn’t do anything at all.  Cocoro repetitively tells her he’s wrong and embraces him.


Cocoro tells him that she’s the same way; she’s been hating herself constantly lately. The only reason she wanted to become a Shinigami was because it looked cool, but she never realized the reality of it until now. He tells her she has no reason to blame herself for it. She tells him he can give up being a Shinigami and hell tells her not to say stupid things like that. She doesn’t want to her him any further. He tells her not to decide this own her own since that she’s the one who said she wanted to enjoy her student life. When he asks if she wants to still become a Shinigami she hesitates for an answer. He tells her to leave him alone for now and when she decides what she wants to do, he’ll talk to her about it then. She apologizes and then silently leaves.

The following days Cocoro and Syun are more distant than usual. He finally goes back to school but usually leaves ahead of time. One day Cocoro encounters Nami-sensei who notices that she and Syun have been distant. He explains to her that what to next is depended on her own decisions and whether she has the courage to continue forward. He continues to say that her song holds a special power; he can’t speak it in detail but to put it bluntly, it has the power to make others happy. Voices are heard around the school and apparently there’s Shinigami festival coming up, which is the day to see off departed souls. Once Cocoro get’s back to the dorm everyone excited about this festival and literally force Syun to come along. So they spend some time together having fun and eating takoyaki from the stalls. Soon everyone ends up gone with just Syun and Cocoro together; clearly intentional of them of course. Syun grabs Cocoro’s hand so she won’t get separated they encounter Yuuji there. He teases them about being on a date and Syun obviously tells them they’re not and he’s hanging out with his friends. He can tell they seem a bit down and tells them they should be happy for the souls that are departing and the work of Shinigami’s are really admirable. When one dies and the Shinigami always gave such solemn looks, it’s likely they’d become uneasy. So he believes all Shinigami should be ones that smile. He then leaves and Syun gets serious all of a sudden and asks if Cocoro has made up her mind yet but she hasn’t. He sighs but knows she can’t decide right away. Syun then tells her there’s another reason why he hates singing so much, aside from when his father died.


His mother used to sing happily when his father was still alive. He and his father both loved his mother’s singing. But when his father died, he grew distant from his mother and she started only singing songs to flatter men. He started to hate her singing. His mother became emotionally unstable when she didn’t have a lover in her life, and would often hit him. Although ever time she did she would start sobbing and apologize while blaming herself. Whenever she’d cry it make him feel sick to his stomach; and he’d hated her from the bottom of his heart. Cocoro apologizes for singing so many times in front of him but he tells her there’s no need to apologize because her song is different. It’s gentle, kind, and always makes him feel at ease. He tells her he loves her singing. He believes when she’s suited to become a Shinigami; since her voice would make anyone be at ease. She starts crying since her singing is what she feels is best about her, and it makes her really happy to hear Syun say that and thanks him. Syun sighs calling her troublesome and has to wipe her tears with his sleeve. And without warning, Cocoro’s feelings suddenly build up and she’s says she loves him.


Syun blushes and stutters out what she means by that. She tries to hide it all by saying there wasn’t any particular meaning. After some flustered moments she says it’s true that she does love him, as a friend and as her companion. Just before the conversation and continue any further, they’re interrupted by Yuyu and the others spotting them. They apologize for interrupting their little romantic moment and suggest going to the horror house together. Syun hesitates and they all tease him for being scared; he gets pissed obviously and says he’ll go. Just before they leave Syun grabs Cocoro’s hand saying that she’ll get lost if he doesn’t and Cocoro smiles realizing she really does love him.

Next day in the dorm Cocoro hears Syun come downstairs. She tells him she’s decided to become a Shinigami and Syun is surprisingly relieved because he decided yesterday he wanted to do the same. He wants to be her one and only partner and the one to protect her. She thanks him and right then and there Ame appears and comments on their little “love scene” whereas Syun blushes and flips out.

January 1st

Finally it’s a new year and Nami-sensei is discussing the provisions for their graduation exam. Usually their exam consists of hunting a soul like normal but they’re exam is a bit different. There’s a long explanation but basically every year in the Netherworld the population rapidly increases because of the souls that constantly leave regrets. At this rate the balance of the Netherworld will collapse; so they must take certain matters in their own hand to prevent this. It’s permitted to tell a target of their approaching death, since knowing it beforehand reduces the shock. But you should not tell how they die. For instance, someone’s death being a traffic accident would make them stay home. If a person’s life is postponed, it violates the Akashic record. Breaking Shinigami rules is strictly prohibited. There’s no one helping them through this exam so it’ll be just the two pairs working together. And so Nami gives the name of Cocoro/Syun’s target and apparently it’s Shiba Keina, and because of a past failure, there’s huge possibility of them leaving regrets behind. So it’s their job to eliminate the regret within 30 days. It’s then Syun suddenly grabs Nami-sensei by the collar. He yells at him for knowing that Keina Shiba is his mother. Though his mother is much older now because he was born in the Showa era. Of course, those who live in the Netherworld don’t age and Nami sensei tells him it’s a suitable target for him. He also explains that the target cannot be changed and tomorrow he’ll be meeting with them.

Finally, today is the day Cocoro and Syun visit their target or Syun’s mother. They hear her singing and come into her house and find her laying down coughing. Syun remains silent the majority of the time, but Cocoro speaks to her of the situation and how they’re Shinigami. For 30 days they will watch her last moments before her death and take care of any regrets she may have.


She’s surprisingly calm and welcomes them both kindly to take care of her. It’s then Cocoro asks if she’s blind and she says she is. Keina comments based on her voice, Cocoro sounds like a very lovely girl. Keina asks about the boy with her and hesitantly he says his name is Syun when asked. Afterwords, Syun and Cocoro come back. He has a very distorted look on face and Cocoro can clearly tell he’s having a hard time with all of this.

Next day is the second graduation exam day. Both Syun and Cocoro visit Keina again and Cocoro offers to help her with anything she may need. She asks about any past relatives that lived here and Keina mentions her husband that died when she was younger and her son died in an accident. She says it was an accident though the cause of his death was more or less her fault. After a long awkward silence, she says that she’s been alone for a long time but now that Syun and Cocoro visited she feels less lonely than she did. She then goes into the kitchen to get some tea. Cocoro finds it hard to believe that she’s the mother Syun spoke of, but Syun explains they used to fight all the time in this place. After she comes back she offers them apple pie and she reminiscences a time where someone made her really delicious apple pie and she never came across a pie better than the one she used to eat and would love to try it again. Cocoro sees this as an opportunity to help with a regret of hers and tells her she’ll make sure she eats one just like the one she mentioned. Once they get back Syun is all pissed off about it and thinks it ridiculous to help her with something like that. And mentions how she never did the housework so Syun was the one who cooked in her stead. He tells her she should just forget about such a stupid request but she tells him she won’t and he tells her to do what she wants. Once they get back to the dorm Cocoro asks Yoru to help teach her how to make apple pie.

A few weeks continued and Cocoro continued to try and bake apple pie for Keina (though failed miserably a lot). One day she asks her to clean up some old mementos and articles of her past relatives. And during which she finds a collection of mementos of her son; Cocoro asks what she meant when she said she as the cause of her son’s death. Keina began to explain about how her son and how she used to get along with him until her husband died. She lost sight of herself and hurt her son many times because of it. And one day one of her past lovers almost killed her and because her son got involved he was killed instead. It was then she eventually lost her eye sight. She starts calling herself an awful person and sobs while Cocoro hugs her.

The next day Syun and Cocoro have gotten more used to visiting and try her cooking which is absolutely awful. Syun keeps making sarcastic comments and Cocoro has to eblow him constantly (lol). More time passes and Syun is surprisingly more cooperative than he was. Cocoro also tells Keina that she was once a human too but died and was sent to the Netherworld because of her past regrets. And also tells her about the Shinigami school that’s for becoming a Shinigami. Keina asks what her regrets were and before Cocoro can answer she suddenly tells her that she lived in this town as a student. She had a family, friends, and some she loved. She doesn’t have her memory of it all but for some reason, without realizing it the words just spill from her mouth as if she knew it. She asked who she’s in love with but Cocoro doesn’t remember but she figures out that she clearly loves Syun. It’s just then Syun appears out of nowhere and wonders what their talking about. Keina says it’s “girl talk” but he’s just like whatever. He then gives Cocoro oddly a lot of advice on making the Apple Pie. Which sort of draws suspicion to Keina. Once the pie is done Keina eats it and says it’s really close to what she used to eat and thanks her for making it. Once Syun and Cocoro leave she thanks him for giving her advice since it really helped out in the end. On their way back though Cocoro starts to get these flashes of memories that make her feel really uneasy.

Several days later, Syun and Cocoro give a report to Nami-sensei in his work room. Cocoro tells Nami-sensei that she’s certain her biggest regret has to do with her son’s death. Unfortunately, they don’t know enough about it and Syun can only remember the fact that he got involved with his mother’s lover when they were fighting; and before he died he remembered bearing a huge grudge against her. And since he hasn’t remembered the most important part, they need to search into Syun’s past memories.

Syun’s original name was “Haruto Shiba” and he was 16 years old. His mother’s lover constantly abused her and Haruto. But Haruto tried to intervene his mother slaps him and started sobbing about how it’s hard for her to support him with such low income so she needs to humble herself to him. Afterwords Haruto left the house in despair. He starts wondering why he’s even alive and thinking everything would be a lot easier if he died. It’d certainly make it a lot easier for his mother. It’s then he encounters a woman who wore a uniform of a school near Haruto. He tells her not to stare at him but she asks if she’s okay since she notices that he’s bleeding from a wound. She tends to it and tells him to properly disinfect it at home. He tells her he doesn’t have a home to go to. And so she then sits down next to him and starts talking to him. She notices it’s getting late so she tells him she’ll come visit everyday so she can talk to him.

Once Haruto gets back his mother starts sobbing while hugging him and telling him that she was worried when he hadn’t returned. So everyday the woman visited Haruto by the park and talked to him. Haruto didn’t respond to her much at first but gradually he began to open up to her more. One day she starts asking him various questions like his hobbies and such. When she asks if his family was the cause of the bruises on his body. He gets really defensive, but she promises she won’t say anything. He gives her a small nod and thinks to himself how he doesn’t want to reveal the shame of his own family. He doesn’t want sympathy and he doesn’t want to tell anyone. In order to apologize for her sudden question she says she’ll tell him her special ability and she begins to sing. He tells her to stop though since he hates it when people sing.

Over time, Haruto begins to tell the woman more about himself. And eventually they became friends. Soon, his mother found a new man as well.

One day, the woman told him that her 17th birthday was coming up and Haruto decided to make cookies for her. When he finished making them he went to work with them and was looking forward to giving them to her. At work he gets a call from his mother saying her lover left her and she’s lonely and begs him to comfort her. Haruto yells at her through the phone if she’s so lonely she should just find a new man and that he wants nothing to do with her. After work, Haruto runs towards the park to meet up with the woman who apparently isn’t there yet. He then sees his mother’s former lover heading towards his house and get’s a bad feeling so he runs home. There, he’s beating up his mother who’s already unconscious. Once Syun get’s back home he finds him and tries fighting with him but the guy grabs a kitchen knife and tries to stab him. But, the one to get stabbed wasn’t him but the woman he’d become friends with.


She moved in between Syun and his mother’s former lover at the last second. She dies in his arms while screaming at her to wake up. Furious, Haruto yells at his mother’s former lover that he’ll kill him but gets stabbed in the process. His mother screams out his name in horror.

Back in the Netherworld, Syun doesn’t want to believe what he just saw. Nami tells him he shouldn’t deny his past because it’s the truth. Suddenly, Cocoro has a flash of being in Haruto’s home when the murder took place. She remembers hearing loud voices outside his home and rushing in to protect Haruto when he was about to be stabbed. And Cocoro feels weak and falls unconscious.

When she wakes up she’s back in her room at the dorm. Syun was sitting there with her; he goes on about how he’s ashamed of himself and Cocoro hugs him and tells him she loves him just like the old days and calls him Haruto. Apparently she finally remembered who she was; the girl whom befriended Haruto. She talks about how she loved both parts of Haruto and Syun and wants to be with him for as long as she can in this life and embraces him strongly.

The next morning, she finds Syun in her room who says he’s been thinking that he wants to tell his mother about who he really is and call her “mom” in her last moments. He tells her he wants Cocoro to be there with him and obviously since they’re partners she accepts.

Finally, the day has arrived and Syun tells Keina he’s his son. He apologizes for leaving her alone and not being able to protect her. Keina stays silent for a moment and tells him she’d already realized it through his attitude and actions. She starts apologizing while crying.


[This is the cut off for the start of the Re:Birth END; the rest of the scenes differ from the Death ED]

Several days later it’s the final graduation exam day. They report to Nami and Syun thanks him for helping him recover his memories. Just as they leave the room Syun says he wants to talk about something but then changes his mind. He then pats her hard on the back and wishes her good luck for the last exam.

Finally, once they arrive at Keina’s home they tell her today she’s to die but she says she’s not scared at all. But in the moment she starts feeling sad since she’ll finally be leaving Haruto. Syun apologizes for leaving her alone and dying before her. He really thought she was the worse but she was his only family. And he thanks her for everything. Just before they send her off her vision comes back and she’s finally able to see Syun. She cries while calling his name and they both hug each other. She’s thankful she could see her son again and has no regrets. Finally, she passes on and Cocoro sings while Syun divides her soul with the sickle.


Once gone, Syun thanks Cocoro and just then there’s a flash of light. Syun tells her that his regrets are cleared now that he’s reconciled with his mother. So he has no reason to be here any longer and he’s started to pass on. Cocoro starts crying and tells him she loves him and wants to be with him forever. Syun apologizes and pats her head. Thanks her for everything and tells her he’ll be waiting to meet her again. The moment she looks at his face she notices he’s crying too. She asks Syun to promise that no matter where they end up; they’ll meet each other again. After brief silence he draws her close and kisses her. He gives one last request for her to sing her song for him and so she does. He tells her singing is most gentlest in the world he loves it.

And soon, he fades away. She begs to be able to see him and is absorbed in a bright light. A voice asks if he wants to go after him and she says she does. And so he says he’ll give the last of his power to her grant her wish and starts singing.

Re:Birth END


Both Cocoro and Syun–or I should say Haruto, are reborn as humans and are dating. Today it’s *Kokoro’s 17th birthday. Apparently Haruto gave her a necklace with a “note” shape for her birthday and went out on a date with her.

Kokoro: “Thanks for staying with me so late, Haruto. I love youu!”
Haruto: “Erm…me…too…”

Thankfully though, he get’s along with his mother but his father is still dead. And then he gives her a nice surprise kiss…on the forehead.

*Cocoro’s name isn’t the default name “ココロ” or a name that was inputted for her. at this part actually. It’s “心” So I assume her name was Kokoro not Cocoro? Idk; Japanese isn’t as complex as english is and can’t have much spelling variations.

Death ED:

[This starts once Syun and Cocoro visit Nami to report to him and thank him for helping them recover their memories]

Syun tells Cocoro he wants to say something to her and he musters up all the courage to say…


Syun: “You ready? Listen veeery carefully!”
(W-What’s he want to say?)
Syun: “I…um..”
Syun: “I…”
Cocoro: “Y-Yes…?”
Syun: “…I love you.”
Cocoro: “…Huh?”

The reason he told her is because he had a feeling he’d pass on after his mother. And before he did, he wanted to be able to tell his feelings to her. She thanks him and right before she’s about to say her feeings he interrupts and tells her he knows it’s selfish but he wants to hear her feelings if he’s able to come back without passing on.

And so they finally reap Keina’s soul and she dies. Unexpectedly though Syun is wrapped in a bright light and starts fading. Syun knew it was coming but Cocoro wonders if there’s any other way and starts clinging to him.


Syun: “…Listen, Cocoro.”
Cocoro: What is it…?
Syun: “I really do love you.”
Cocoro: “……”
Syun: “I love you…I reeeally love you!”

He embraces her tightly while apologizing and Cocoro begins to sob in his arms.  She starts yelling at him to not go and says she wants to be with him because she loves him.


Syun: “I want want to be with you too y’know!!”
Cocoro: “…!”
Syun: “I love you. I really love you. Your kindness, your bashfulness, and your stupidness…I love it all!”
Syun: “I really love you and yet…why…”
Syun: “Why can’t I stay with you…?”
Syun: “I…I don’t want to leave you.”
Cocoro: “It’s fine…you don’t have to…
Cocoro: “You don’t have to leave me so just don’t go!”

Cocoro is enveloped by a bright light and a voice calls out to her asking if she wants Syun to stay. She says she does and so he tells her to use her power to sing. And so once she does Syun appears in front of her and he’s no longer fading away. He then embraces her strongly and she tells him she doesn’t know what happened but she’s really happy she can stay with him.

Back in the Netherworld the following day will be the graduation ceremony. Syun told Cocoro to wait for him in the classroom and he meets with her there. He tells her he had a lot he wanted to say to her and wants to tell it properly.


Syun: “Cocoro. Thanks for being with me up until now.”
Syun: “I…I love you.”
Syun: You’re always so happy go lucky, reckless, and do such stupid stuff.”
Syun: “There were times I got irritated with you a lot. But, the time I’ve spent with you this year…was really fun.”
Syun: “For the first time after I came to this world I learned the happiness of a student life. I battled with studies, took part in school events, and worked hard to reach my goal with my friends.”
Syun: “You taught me to quit my bad habits.”
Syun: “When I was Haruto…you always support me. I can’t even express how thankful I am…”
Cocoro: Syun…
Syun: “Tomorrow we graduate. And everyday we’ll spend our time in the Netherworld working as full-fledged Shinigami.”
Syun: “I…want to be with you even when we graduate.”
Syun: Even if it’s not as a student…I want to learn the pleasure of spending everyday with you.”
Syun: “And I don’t want to just rely on you…I want to support you too. I want to help you the way you’ve helped me.”
Syun: “I wanna become a man that’s worthy for you. So…”
Syun: “When we graduate, I want to be with you forever. Not just as partners…but as my woman…”
Cocoro: “…Syun…”

Finally Syun asks Cocoro to properly confess and she does.

Time passes; Syun and Cocoro finally graduate and become Shinigami. They visit the special supplementary classroom together. Syun sulks about not being good enough for Cocoro and want to become a better partner and lover to her. Cocoro also has some regrets about not letting Syun pass on but he tells her he doesn’t know if it really was due to her song but it doesn’t matter to him because he feels he belongs here and she helped him realize that.


Cocoro: “Looks like you really are growing up. You’ve become so cool so fast…it’s a little worrisome.”
Syun: “…Idiot.”
Syun: “I wanted to try this out when I was a student but…I guess that won’t happen.”
Cocoro: “Hm? What is it?”
Syun: “…To kiss in a classroom.”
Cocoro: “…What!?’
Syun: “…Is that okay?”
Cocoro: “…Y-Yeah.”
Cocoro: “….”
Cocoro: “Hm? You did it there?”
Syun: “…W-What’s with that remark…?”
Cocoro: I mean, I thought it’d be on the lips…”
Syun: “Ah…?!”
Syun: “…Are you sure?”
Cocoro: “…I told you it’s fine earlier.”
Cocoro: “I want to receive your feelings.”

But just as they’re about to kiss–Kairi pops in! And so does Ame, Yoru, and Yuyu. Ame tells them to go ahead and keep on kissing then Yoru says they’ll just watch. And so, Syun flips out all blushy and embarrassed and tells them he’s gonna kick all of their asses.

Thoughts: Oh my god. That was so long. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever written this much for a review. But, I really wanted to get in-depth about it. I loved it a lot. Cocoro’s relationship with Syun has such a rocky start but it develops so well. I’m genuinely surprised Honeybee managed to make a romance that didn’t feel rushed. Anyways, I reeeeally loved Syun. He’s adorable, tsundere, and such a fun character.

Biggest disappointment of his route was…no kiss CG. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t have one since they had many opportunities to put one in (because they did kiss multiple times). I’m really mad about that though; I look forward to the kiss CGs the most! Anyways, you really felt bad for him too; his past was really sad. AND JFC BOTH DEATH & RE:BIRTH ENDS MADE ME TEAR UP. I’M SERIOUS. I don’t think I’ll write a review as long as this one next time though. It took a while to write this and TBH I was so into his route I literally had to play it twice to review the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Syun

  1. KSAIODSADJAS! Syun (or Shun, I don’t know xD) is my favorite too! I really want to read your review now but I’m intending to play this game with help of your reviews (It is always so detailed), so, basically, I scrolled down and read your final thoughts, haha (I looked away to not see the CGs (*´艸`*)). I’m happy that you enjoyed Syun’s route and, crap, no kiss CG? щ(ಥДಥщ)

    I knew that Syun was gonna to be the tsundere! (≧∇≦) Yeah, thanks to you I played the trial version. Thank you so much! I loved ❤ Waiting for next guy's route! ❤

    1. GSDFDSG GOOD BECAUSE I BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE HIM! (●´∀`●) If my review can be helpful while you play then I’m really glad! (≧▽≦) And yeah, unfortunately no kiss CGs for him. It sucks real bad for my fave to not get one. I was so pissed after the credits UGh.
      ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ (Thankfully though his route being amazing makes up for it IMO)

      Yeah, he’s suuuuuper tsundere–or Syundere I should say (-‿◦☀) And yaaaaay I’m happy that you played it! I’ve wanted to hear people’s impressions on the game but it seems everyone just stays silent about it! I WANNA HEAR DETAILS AND IMPRESSIONS. But anyway thanks for taking the time to comment! I’ll be putting up the rest of the guy’s routes up soon. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

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