Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Ame

Ame is very quiet, reserved, and blunt about everything. He’s quite smart though and has a keen sense of understanding people. He’s voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.

There’s a scene after the party where Ame sleeping on the on the ground. Cocoro gets him a blanket but he ends up forcing her to sleep along side him and so she does. Yoru’s all “Hey what the heck are you doing” but Kairi tells them to be quiet since they’re sleeping so peacefully.

July 7th

Pairs are finally announced and Yoru is paired with Kairi, Syun is paired with Yuyu, and lastly Cocoro and Ame are paired. Sometime later Nami calls in Cocoro and Ame to the faculty room. Cocoro is worried he’s wants to lecture her or something but Ame doesn’t believe that’s the case. Once they arrive he asks them to carry something to the classroom since he’s old and his waist hurts. Ame tells Cocoro he told her this would be the case. And Nami notices they’re getting along well and asks what Ame’s opinion on Cocoro is. He hesitates for a moment being telling him he believes she’s capable of great things. After they leave the faculty room they find Hiiro there. Cocoro asks what he’s doing here and he tells her no particular reason. He then asks what Cocoro is doing during her summer vacation and thinks she’d probably have a lot to do because of her supplementary lessons and she says she’ll actually have free time. He’s surprised (and clearly glad to hear it JUST ASK HER OUT) to hear she has it and when she stares at him she tells her to look away (clearly embarrassed). Ame sighs and bluntly tells him if he wants to invite Cocoro out just say so. He then flips out and shouts “WHY WOULD I INVITE HER? IT WAS A MERE QUESTION” then storms off yelling how there’s nothing to see here when other students notice him. Cocoro wonders why Ame how Ame knew and apparently he’s just really good at reading people (though lets be honest it was pretty damn obvious) and Cocoro is impressed since he’s much better at that then she is (clearly lol). Ame tells her Hiiro should be fine if she leaves him alone. He then asks if she’d like to spend Summer vaction with him; she takes a moment to answer and he’s all “Well? Will you or not?” so very literally then she stutters out of course she will.

Once summer vacation starts Cocoro goes to meet Ame in his room. She notices Syun isn’t there and he immediately asks if she’s not okay with just him and she corrects him saying its completely fine. So he sorta falls silent when Cocoro asks what they should do. He doesn’t know what he’d do in this situation so then she asks him what his hobby is. He says he likes to drink tea while reading books. She then gets up and tells him they should go play outside. Ame is all confused and Cocoro leads him into the forest at the back of the school. A rabbit apppears from the bushes and Cocoro says they should chase after it and catch it; Ame is completely and utterly confused but joins in and Yuyu carelessly just chases after the rabbit.

Soon Ame is able to catch the rabbit and it sits quietly in his arms. After they play a while, Cocoro loses track of Ame and goes to go look for him in the forest. She then finds him sitting down while making a flower crown (how cute omg).

He then tells her to lower her head so he can put it on her (awawww). She wonders why he made it for her and he tells her it’s a reward for today and says it suits her. Apparently someone taught him how to make them while he was alive; he believes Cocoro could make them too if she wanted to. Cocoro then notices a pretty flower and Ame goes on a whole tangent about the different kinds of flowers and what kind they are; which really impresses Cocoro. He offers to make a flower crown out of one of the flowers he mentioned and Cocoro says “Please do, Ame-sensei!” Ame blushes and tells her she doesn’t need to call him “sensei” (lol). Ame notices Cocoro is fairly active girl and she wonders if that’s strange but he believes regardless of what “femininity” is considered; someone doing something they enjoy is admirable. He thought she looked really wonderful chasing that rabbit earlier and gives her a smile. She gets dokidoki feels from seeing him laugh and then shows on to mention he’s really smart when it comes to knowledge of flowers. And so Cocoro finishes her flower clown.

August 8th

After that, Cocoro spent time with Ame everyday doing various activities in the forest and going shopping for tea. Soon everyone comes into the living room and starts teasing Cocoro whom is seemingly very close to Ame lately. They notice she was considering going outside to do something so they suggest to go watch fireflies. Everyone walks deep into the forest until they finally reach a beautiful sight of many fireflies. Ame seems very distant though so Cocoro inadvertently grabs his hand but apologizes right after for startling him. He falls silent and begins to tell her that he remembered a bit before he was alive. His name was “Hotaru” (which means firefly) when he was alive.

The name “Ame” was taken from his family name. But apparently he’d never actually seen a real firefly in person and only in books. He thinks fireflies look wonderful in their mysterious light but when Cocoro says he has a lovely name, he disagrees. He didn’t like his name since fireflies can only light up for so long since their lifespan is very short; they’re a transient existence. Ame was very weak when he was alive and had always been bedridden alone at home. The cause of his death was sickness. Cocoro tells him even he doesn’t like his name, she she does and thinks its a wonderful name. She believes fireflies are gentle and pleasant to be around just like he is. She instinctively grabs his hand and apologizes. But he tells her he doesn’t mind when she does. And he has strange experiences of happiness around her. Cocoro says it’s the same for her too and looks forward to more in the future.

September 9th

Summer break is over and school is starting again. During the special supplementary classes’s cleaning duties everyone notices that people have become more interested in the class after the whole Music Talent Festival. Suddenly, Yuyu shouts at Cocoro to look out and she bumps into Hiiro. He get’s mad at at first then blushes when he notices its her. Then he lectures her for almost falling over and notices he was actually worried about her but he pulls a tsun and says nope. Kairi then greets him and Hiiro sarcastically thanks him for his “congratulation gift” knowing it was him that set off those fireworks. Suddenly Hiiro’s partner comes over and greets them all; apparently Hiiro’ll be going to the present world for Shinigami practice. He then boasts about the fact they aren’t able to do that yet and Cocoro surprisingly compliments him for his progress. He get’s annoyed but is still blushing in embarrassment regardless and leaves.

During class Cocoro suddenly asks Nami-sensei about going to the present world but he tells them they still have a long way to go before they can do that. And so, Kairi changes the subject and mentions how the cultural festival is coming up (it isn’t an otome game without one you know). And so Kairi asks what they want to do for it but before they get a chance to answer he says he wants to do a play (well he more or less forces the group to do it). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they have enough members to do a play but Kairi says he has it covered and will tell them what his plan is tomorrow.

The next day Kairi gathers an entire group of 30 students into the class. Apparently they’re students from Hiiro’s class and when Kairi told them about the play he was planning, they all thought it sounded interesting so they came to help. Before they can begin Hiiro comes in trying to stop the students from helping out but thankfully Cocoro convinces him to stay and help along with everyone. So they then decide to do a play of “Cinderella” and Kairi asks the class who wants to play the lead role. No one raises their hands though until Cocoro speaks up and says she’d be willing to do it. Yoru and Syun object and say Cinderella is more…lady like and not energetic like Cocoro. But, Hiiro interrupts to say that there’s nothing wrong with an energetic Cinderella and he’d be willing to play the part of the prince (…he’s so cute ohhhh). Then a girl speaks up and says Ame should be Cinderella. And so he does though he’s not really informed about it and Cocoro goes to the library to explain to him about the story of Cinderella. But he doesn’t really understand why he was picked to play the part. He may seem feminine at first look but he is indeed a man. He compares his hand to Cocoro’s to show her and wonders why he’d be chosen when she’d be more suitable to play the part. She says she’d be out of character if she played the part. And He says he would’ve liked to see her as Cinderella though. But there’s also a part of the magician (fairy godmother more or less) that could suit Cocoro as well. Ame is a bit nervous about working with people he’s not familiar with and Cocoro can tell it takes time for him to warm up to people. But she wants Ame to be able to make friends.

Thus, practice for the play for the cultural festival started. Ame is practicing with his lines although he’s not doing so well over the guidance of some students. Cocoro quickly shows him the picture book from before and tells him to do his best and he silently nods to her and continues practicing. During a break Ame is sitting out by himself by the courtyard and Cocoro comes over with a can of tea for him. She sits down next to him and asks if he’s tired and hope she isn’t forcing him to work so hard. He tells her that’s not the case and having her watch him is making him work harder. He notices that Cocoro can easily get along with everyone in the class but he isn’t capable of it; but Cocoro doesn’t think he’s any different from her and he’ll definitely be able to become better friends with everyone. Ame smiles and tells her he feels like he can do anything when Cocoro is with him.

Several days pass and everyone is still practicing for the play. Everyone is praising Ame for doing a good job and saying Cinderella suits him well. Cocoro tries to join in the conversation to try and make him feel less awkward by saying she’s sure glad she wasn’t picked for Cinderella. But then Ame suddenly speaks up bluntly says he would’ve liked to see her in a dress. Some girls then suggest they maybe next time Cocoro could be Cinderella. After practice Cocoro meets with Zen and sees Rikka talking with Ame about something. After they leave Ame asks Cocoro if she wanted to know what he was discussing with Rikka but Cocoro tells him if he doesn’t want to tell her then won’t force it out of him. Just as Ame is about to say something a girl interrupts by telling them to hurry up back to the class. Apparently Syun finished the clothes to be made for the play and they want Ame to try on the dress.

Once Ame tries on the dress everyone praises him and tells him how beautiful he looks (lol). He asks Cocoro how he looks and she says he looks like the most beautiful woman in the school. Though it sounds kinda strange Ame is really happy to hear it. The real thing is a week from now so they need to work extra hard to make sure things go okay.

Unfortunately, one day they find the set of the stage completely in shambles. Hiiro comes in the class after hearing the commotion and starts blaming Kairi and everyone for it. But, Ame tells them they shouldn’t blame anyone one without the proper evidence and it could’ve been anyone really. So Kairi tells everyone that they should fix up the stage before trying to find out who the real culprit is. After class, Cocoro finds Ame alone in the classroom who’s wondering about today’s atmosphere during practice. It’s unfortunate things have gotten awkward due to what happened since he’s been wanting to get closer with everyone. Cocoro then suggests in order to get rid of all the suspicion in the class they should find the real culprit. Ame agrees and the next day they begin their search for the culprit. Cocoro encourage Ame they’ll find the culprit and soon Kairi and the others finish up fixing the stage as well. Hiiro makes a snide remark telling them not to ruin it again and Syun says same to him. Kairi tells them not to fight though. Ame then has an idea and tells the class he’ll stay in the class all night to watch and make sure it won’t be ruined again. And in order to stop the doubt between everyone in the class, he wants to make sure he finds the criminal if it happens again. The rest of the group agrees to stay too and so they stay in the school until dark. Ame apologizes to Cocoro for having her help since he intended to do this himself, but Cocoro is completely fine with helping him and wants Ame to rely on her more.

So several days pass; Ame starts to feel sick while practicing because of his daily night shifts watching for the culprit. Some girls suggest to help watch too and that night Cocoro, Yuyu, and Ame switch with some other students to watch for he culprit. Cocoro notices that Ame looks a lot better and he tells her it’s because hearing her voice is much more reassuring then the hostile voices of the class. Cocoro says that once they find the criminal the atmosphere should be better and Ame laughs and agrees (and Cocoro gets dokidoki feels from seeing him laugh). Ame then asks Cocoro if she can sing since he hadn’t heard it in a while. Right after Cocoro sings there’s a sound and a owl appears outside the window. Yuyu translate what it’s trying to say and apparently it’s the culprit; and accidentally ruined the stage and wanted to apologize but never got the chance to. Cocoro and Ame thank Yuyu for his help.

The next day they explain the situation to the rest of the class and who the real culprit is. Everyone then apologizes for suspecting each other.

Finally, the actual day of the cultural festival arrived. Cocoro is pretty nervous but Ame tells her it’ll be fine since they practiced so hard. Once they begin the play Ame and Cocoro are on stage but as soon as Cocoro finishes one of her lines Ame just stands close to her. Cocoro notices how beautiful he looks and then he suddenly takes her hands while Cocoro is thinking “This isn’t part of the script!!” and he then thanks her for all her help.

Afterwords, everyone returns to class and celebrates for the success of their play. Ame and Cocoro congratulate each other for their hard work. Ame then explains how he unexpectedly enjoyed playing the role of Cinderella; and he managed to get along with everyone by working together. It was the first time he’d ever done something like that and quite enjoyed it. Cocoro then mentions the extra line he said on stage and he tells her he was merely expressing how he truly felt. He had a hard time dealing with everyone at first but Cocoro helped him many times and was like the magician that changed Cinderella into a beautiful princess. He then says “You’re my magician” and grabs her hand and kisses it.

Apparently that’s what he really wanted to do during the play but couldn’t since he was the princess and she was the magician. He then asks her to sing again for him and so she does.

October 10th

Nami-sensei tells everyone they have an academic ability test coming up in order to ready themselves to go into the present world. After class Cocoro encounters Ame who notices she looks pretty down. She tells him she’s really worried about whether or not she’ll be able to graduate since her test scores were so low before. Ame then says he’ll help her study since he wants to graduate along with her. One day Cocoro is studying in the courtyard (and has some sort of weird distortion in her head) and see’s Ame. She tries to call out to him but then someone else does and notices he’s gotten a lot of friends now. She’s happy for him but feels a little lonely because of it. But it’s then Ame notices her studying and offers to help her out. They then take their studying to the library and take a break. Ame asks why Cocoro got two points if she’s studying so easily now and she tells him it’s because she has him to help her. She asks if it was okay to not talk to the guy earlier and he tells her it’s fine and that his partner’s studies are more important right now. And will do anything to make sure she graduates.

One day Cocoro spots Hiiro who looks really distraught. She tries to tell him that she’s starting her practice to leave the present world but he says none of it matters and runs away. When she comes back to class she tells everyone about her encounter with Hiiro. Nami-sensei comes in and tells them about what happened; Hiiro’s partner passed on because he was able to resolve his regrets. Apparently his target (the soul they would hunt) was his mother and he was able to resolve his regret of leaving her only relative behind. Cocoro then immediately leaves to go speak with Hiiro about it. She apologizes to him and asks what his partner was like and apparently he was loved by his parents unlike Hiiro. He then warns her to be careful and to never pass on without telling her partner beforehand. She tells him she doesn’t have her past memory and he’s surprised to hear it but all the more reason for her to be more careful in this world.

During cleaning duties Cocoro is thinking about what Hiiro told her. And starts worrying about everyone passing on. Ame notices she’s been absent-minded lately and asks her to tell him if there’s something wrong. Cocoro then asks him what he’d think if she passed on and he says he believes it’d be a good thing. Since after death they can be reincarnated with a new life. Staying in the Netherworld forever wouldn’t be happiness. Cocoro tells him his way of think is very mature like. But Ame tells her he won’t have to worry about him passing on since he doesn’t remember what his regret was anyway. He doesn’t believe he’d be able to resolve them even if he did go to the present world since his former human body died 100 years ago; so those who knew him are long gone now. Anyway, he believes he’ll probably stay in the Netherworld through all eternity. He’d lived in the Netherworld for 100 years and before he entered the school he’d lived in a shelter by himself. Cocoro wonders why he’s always been so lonely and he tells her there’s something he wants to tell only her but is too scared it’ll ruin their current relationship. Cocoro tells her that’s impossible and just as Ame is about to say something he gets interrupted by Yuyu who asks where Cocoro and Ame are. It’s then Ame yells out where is and runs to where Yuyu is.

The next day Nami tells the class they all passed, though unsure of what exactly. Soon Zen and Rikka arrive and apparently they’re here to guide each group on their Shinigami practice run in the present world. Syun, Cocoro, Ame, and Yuyu are with Rikka; while Yoru and Kairi are with Zen.

November 11th

Soon the day of practice arrives. Everyone is gathered by the gate that separates the “present world” and the “Netherworld”. Their training sites are in “Kaguya city”, which is where the gate is connected to since the city is the place where the most deaths occur. Zen’s target is an elementary school girl; while Rikka’s is an adult male who suffers from a heart disease. And so they begin their practice mission and head off into the present world. They follow Rikka into a hospital where the target is located. He’s laying in bed with his family beside him. Cocoro hoped that he could pass on peacefully in Heaven but apparently he’ll be going to Hell because of his pass crimes he committed in his life. Cocoro feels sorry for them and their family but Rikka warns them to not let their feelings make them waver; they should treat them as things not people. The family starts sobbing and Cocoro asks Rikka if they can at least let him wake up but that cannot be done since it is prohibited for them to go against the Akashic record and so it’s finally time.

Rikka begins to sing and the soul is removed from the man’s body; he starts groaning in pain and yelling out that he doesn’t want to die. Cocoro can’t take hearing it any longer and screams out for Rikka to stop. Rikka’s song is interrupted and the whole scene inverts (literally) and the man’s soul tries to attack Cocoro. Everyone flips out and Cocoro’s consciousness slips away and she repetitively apologizes.

Cocoro soon awakes in her room with Yuyu beside her. Yuyu calls for the others and everyone appears in front of her bed to see if she’s okay. They then tell her about what happened; apparently since the Shinigami’s work was interrupted by her their practice was cancelled and the time for a next one is now in a pending state. They explain that no matter what the circumstances are, a shinigami’s job is to hunt a person’s soul. Cocoro apologizes over and over but they tell her she doesn’t need to and should more importantly worry about herself. They then leave and she silently sobs in her sleep.

Cocoro has a strange dream one night of wanting to meet someone. And it’s a boy about her age that looks lonely outside. She then wakes up and notices it’s 2:00 AM in the morning. She goes outside to get’s some fresh air and finds Nami there. He tells her not to be frightened since he only came to check up on her. Apparently he came really late since he was busy with work until now. Cocoro get’s this strange feeling of wanting to run away. And each time he takes a step closer and takes a step back. But, for some reason she isn’t able to leave. Just as he outstretches a hand that’s about to touch her cheek, Ame intrupts (more like cockblocks) by saying “Good evening, Nami-sensei” and appears in front of them.

Nami wonders why he’s out so late and he tells him that he saw Cocoro leave outside and was curious. Ame tells Cocoro she should get back inside since she’s still not feeling well and grabs Cocoro’s hand to take her inside. Nami tells her if she’s feeling better than that’s good and he’ll see her in class. He pats her head then leaves and Ame gives him an awful glare while he’s turned around (LOL). Cocoro notices but he tells her it’s nothing. He then notices how cold she must be and gives her his jacket. He tells her not to leave without saying anything since it really worries him to leave outside so lightly dressed. He was really worried about her when he collapsed during the practice exam. She thanks Ame for lending her his coat and then runs back to her room and cries to sleep while thinking back on the incident.

A few days later Cocoro is able to go back to school but unintentionally ends up avoiding Ame throughout the entire day. She then encounters Zen and Rikka whom seem worried about her. Once Zen leaves Rikka tells her that if she’s having doubts about becoming a Shinigami, she should consult her Ame about it. Though the reason Cocoro has been avoiding Ame is for the very reason she’s doubtful and ashamed of herself. He then tells her that she should decide what she wants to do or she’ll only further Ame’s troubles even further and leaves.

December 12th

The days continue with Cocoro being distant between everyone and Ame especially. Nami tells the class they should prepare for their next practice exam and Cocoro is feeling uneasy about it. By the end of the day Cocoro stays after school very late and when she finally leaves she finds Ame outside the door. He was worried when she didn’t return earlier. Cocoro then turns around to try and leave but Ame grabs her arm. He tells her it’s fine if she doesn’t want to look at him, but he wants her to tell him what she’s so afraid of. She says she can’t tell him since she’s ashamed to since she believes he’ll hate her if she tells him about her doubts to become a Shinigami. Finally, she turns around and faces him and Ame mentions about what he wanted to tell her before. Though once she knows his secret he believes she’ll surely come to hate him. Ame then begins to explain Cocoro’s thoughts. How she’s afraid of becoming a Shinigami and doesn’t want everyone else to know because she’s ashamed of it. She wants to give up on becoming a Shinigami since it’s not what she thought it was. But is afraid to tell her partner this. She talks big so if she shows that she’s actually afraid she’s afraid he’ll hate her. She wonders how he knew all that he and tells her he can understand people’s feelings. Everyone in the Netherworld has the ability to feel each others feelings but Ame has an enhanced ability that allows him to read people’s thoughts. It’s not possible for him to read it every second but there are moments in which he can. It was an ability he acquired in his past life when he was known as “Hotaru”. It was fairly helpful to him to understand people since he was a shy person. But he didn’t conceal this secret and his family began to fear him; so he was confined to a part of his home. So all he did all day was stay in a room where only occasionally people visited until he died. Cocoro feels very awful and decides to hug him in order to comfort him.

He wonders why she suddenly hugged him and she says it’s because his heart is crying. He realizes that his feelings have transferred to her. She apologizes for having him reveal such a big secret to her since it clearly cause him a lot of anxiety. He tells her not to apologize though and says he should’ve told her sooner. But since he was afraid it’d ruin their current relationship he couldn’t tell her. She continues to apologize while hugging him tightly.

Once they return to the dorm Cocoro begins to tell Ame how she’s afraid of becoming a Shinigami. She never really understood what it really means to become one. She still thinks about the moment when Rikka reaped the man’s soul. Ame tells her she really is kind and its that kindness that helped him out a lot. He believes if she becomes ruthless like Rikka and loses that kindness, she’d be better off not becoming a Shinigami. Cocoro worries about Ame though but he tells her it’s fine since he doesn’t have the ambition to become a Shinigami anyway. She wonders why and he tells her that he once had a partner who was a kind girl. Though he regretfully told her his ability and she became afraid of him and started avoiding him. So they cancelled their partnership and she continuously hated him. It was then Ame realized he didn’t want to become close to anyone any more. And he left the school before he could graduate. But he came back because the owl invited him and told him that there’s an existence that might change his fate; so the following year he came back to the Shinigami Academy. And he believes that existence must’ve been Cocoro. He apologizes for knowing her thoughts and hiding his secret from her. And if she doesn’t become a Shinigami she doesn’t need to worry about him since he’ll just carry on with how he’d used to live. Ame then sits down next to Cocoro and asks her to sing him a lullaby to sleep. He falls asleep while telling her he loves her singing.

Cocoro takes time to think about what she wants to do. Kairi then tells her about the Shinigami Festival. And so they all attend it and Ame takes Cocoro to a big plaza with lots of lights and decorations. Ame tells Cocoro he wants to become a Shinigami with her and she agrees to. Instead of being afraid of death, she wants to sing to people and have them die peacefully. And Ame will be there right beside her. They retake their practice exam and send off an old lady peacefully. They come back to be congratulated by Yuyu and Nami (though Ame gives Nami cold glares).

January 1st

Finally it’s a new year and Nami-sensei is discussing the provisions for their graduation exam. Usually their exam consists of hunting a soul like normal but they’re exam is a bit different. There’s a long explanation but basically every year in the Netherworld the population rapidly increases because of the souls that constantly leave regrets. At this rate the balance of the Netherworld will collapse; so they must take certain matters in their own hand to prevent this. It’s permitted to tell a target of their approaching death, since knowing it beforehand reduces the shock. But you should not tell how they die. For instance, someone’s death being a traffic accident would make them stay home. If a person’s life is postponed, it violates the Akashic record. Breaking Shinigami rules is strictly prohibited. There’s no one helping them through this exam so it’ll be just the two pairs working together. Nami gives info on Cocoro and Ame’s target. He’s a 11 year old elementary school boy named Yuzu and his cause of death is heart disease. Cocoro is concerned about Ame since it’s a sickly boy but he tells her he’s fine and they go study in the library. On their way back to the dorms they encounter the principal and Ame feels somewhat uneasy around him.

Several days later Cocoro and Ame go to the present world to meet Yuzu who’s their target. Cocoro is nervous and Ame grabs her hand while reassuring her it’s fine and to remember to send his soul off peacefully with her song. They arrive at a park and hear from some kids that Yuzu is at the hospital and head there.

Ame and Cocoro greet them and he asks who these old guys are though Cocoro corrects him saying that she’s probably like 17. He asks if they’re here to come get him and take him to the next world since he’s about to die and he’s right. Since he knows they aren’t human he wonders if they’re angels, god, or a ghost. Cocoro tells him they’re sort of like a ghost since they were humans in their past life. And they decide to stop beating around the bush and tell them they’re Shinigami. He’s surprisingly indifferent about his death but Cocoro tells him not to worry; they’ll be with him until he dies and become friends with him so he isn’t lonely. Yuzu tells her he doesn’t need to be friends with Shinigami and leaves. She’s about to go after him but Ame stops her. They don’t need to rush things and will have a chance to get closer to him over the next 30 days. She wonders if it was okay to tell them when he’ll die but Ame thinks it should be fine since he’s a pretty clever boy. But since he seems lonely Cocoro wants to try to become friends with him over these next 30 days and Ame agrees to help her.

So the next following days Cocoro and Ame try to get closer to Yuzu. One day she suggests they play soccer together since they heard from some kids they he was really good at it. Cocoro tries to kick the ball and Ame makes a comment he can see up her skirt (lol). She freaks out and Yuzu starts laughing saying kindergartner can kick a ball better than she can. Thankfully he starts warming up to them and says he’ll teach Cocoro how to play. The next day they play Oshikura Manju (it’s children’s game in Japan that’s played when it’s cold outside). The next day Cocoro says she’ll teach him how to sing and when he hears her singing he thinks it’s really amazing. Another day passes and Yuzu asks questions about Shinigami. Cocoro explains they attend school and such. Yuzu thinks it sounds really fun and Ame jokes about how there’s a familiar that attacks Shinigami but Cocoro’s like “really!?” even though it was clearly a joke (lol). After they get back Ame says he loves seeing Cocoro get along with Yuzu. And the work “love/like” or whatever throws her off a bit (as expected) though she’s happy to get along with him. One day Cocoro and Ame visit Yuzu again and he has a request to meet a friend and go play outside. Though this isn’t something they are allowed to do because if they interfere with his life they could shorten it which is strictly forbidden. Cocoro looks to Ame and he tells Yuzu he’s sorry but they can’t allow him to and can’t interfere more than necessary. But regardless he still wants to meet his friend and play soccer with him. Ame and Cocoro are at a bit of a loss of what to do since they probably won’t get away unpunished if they break the rules for their exam. But Ame does want to realize his wish and so they agree they’ll help him out.

The next day they tell Yuzu they’ll take him to his friend. What they don’t realize though is that the nurse came in the room to find him gone. Alas, Cocoro and Ame guide Yuzu to his friends he goes to play soccer with them. Ame tells Cocoro that she’s a very kind Shinigami and believes she’s able to warm anyone’s heart by befriending them. He wonders if the Shinigami who reaped his soul was as kind as her but since he doesn’t remember it he doesn’t know. He says he died alone but Cocoro grabs his hand and tells him he’s not alone any more. It’s then Ame has a sense of peacefulness and familiarity when Cocoro touches him and then suddenly he yells out in pain about a past memory. But, before Cocoro can worry about Ame, Yuzu collapses on the ground. The kids stand there helplessly and Cocoro get’s distracts a man to call the ambulance and they take him back to the hospital. While waiting to see if Yuzu will wake up, Ame collapses in the hosptial room. Cocoro has to support him to take him back the Netherworld. Thankfully they find Syun and Yuyu and Syun carries Ame back to the dorm. Ame is resting in his bed and suddenly Cocoro has a voice ringing in her head telling her to sing. So she begins to sing a song that suddenly flows out of her.

Cocoro begins to recall memories from the Taishou era. She’s walking in a forest until she finds a boy sitting outside of a simple but old home. He had a transient atmosphere and looked like an angel. She asks if he’s an angel and he’s says he’s nothing that special. Just an ordinary human who’s life will soon end from an illness. She wonders if he scared but he’s not because even when he does no one will mourn for him. She starts crying but he wonders why since he’s not sad at all. He’s always been alone for a very long time. She tells him she’ll become friends with him and make him live the rest of his days happily. She clasps his hand and he calls her strange but clasps her hands back. She tells him she’ll visit him every day to come play with him. Just as he’s about to introduce himself, Cocoro comes back to reality. Ame then wakes up and recalls the memories that played in Cocoro’s mind. Then decide to worry about Yuzu first and go to Nami’s workroom to look a the magical mirror to see the present world. Nami isn’t there though but the principal shows them the mirror instead. Thankfully, when they look in the mirror they see that Yuzu is okay. They explain the situation to the principal and Ame collapsed due to hearing the minds of those who were worried about Yuzu. Apparently the principal already knows the ability of Ame. Ame mentions that he heard Cocoro’s singing him he was unconscious and made him feel much more at ease and thanks her for singing to him. Unfortunately, they interfered with the present world which may come with bad consequences.

The next day they visit Yuzu in the hospital and he tells them to leave. He doesn’t want to see them any more because he doesn’t want to die. Ame tells him that he fears death; when he was on the verge of death that’s when he realized it. Yuzu starts yelling at them how he hates them and then all of his confused thoughts and feelings are poured into Ame’s mind and overwhelming him. Cocoro tells him to calm down but he refuses too and runs out of the hospital room. Cocoro and Ame leave to go look for him. They find him outside hiding near a bush and Ame tells him not to be afraid of death. He tells him it isn’t scary and it’s only a departure to a new life. He knows it’ll be hard but he’ll meet new people; but he doesn’t want to meet new people and wants to stay with those he knows. But Ame presses on to tell him it’s fine since it happens to everyone but Yuzu’s time is just earlier than others. He understands what he’s trying to say but it’s lonely leaving everyone behind. Ame hugs him and tells him that it is lonely but he lived a good life and had many things to be happy about. Yuzu starts crying and clinging to Ame. Thanks to Ame’s power he was able to come to a full understanding of Yuzu. Soon Kairi and Cocoro arrive back at the dorm.

It then switches to Ame’s point of view at and he’s talking to the principal and wonders where Nami is. The principal tells him he’s very busy though Ame tells him there’s something he wants to confirm with Nami. He knows that the principal and only Cocoro know about his power; but he also believes that Nami knows about it as well. He’d been able to read him before him and Cocoro became partners but now he can’t and it’s as if he’s concealing something. He believes his real intentions are what he wants to conceal and thinks it has to do with Cocoro. Ame tells the principal to tell him what he knows but he says he thinks Ame is overthinking it too much. He says he’s talked to Nami about his power before since he’s in charge of him but that’s it. He believes as he’s a teacher, not showing a weakness to a student only seems natural. Ame agrees that he may have and apologizes for saying something strange. The principal then asks if he believes Cocoro is the existance that changed him and he believes she is. He dragged him out of his loneliness and thinks her existance is a miracle. And says he’ll protect her no matter what the cost. When Ame leaves the classroom he asks himself various questions. What exactly is the special supplementary class? Why has he felt incongruity when directly invited there? And what exactly is the principal and Nami hiding? He believes Cocoro was purposely entered into the special supplementary class. Though these are mere speculations and can’t gather much from what he knows. Though there’s one thing he’s sure of, he won’t allow Cocoro to get hurt.

Cocoro has memories of when he was with that boy. He loved her singing and she often sang to him. He tells her his secret that he can read people’s minds and asks if she fears him. But rather than scared she’s impressed. And so she asks him to read her mind right now and once he does he blushes saying that she thought of something embarrassing. Apparently they made a promise to catch fireflies together but they never did since the boy died the day after.

Cocoro wakes up calling out the name “Hotaru”. Ame then comes into her room to greet her and she calls him Hotaru. He asks if she remembered it and apparently he recalled his memories as well. He remembered when he saw her memory when he was unconscious but didn’t tell her since he didn’t want to confuse her. He remembers that she was the first friend he was able to make and never isolated him for telling her about his power. He helped brighten up his life and both Hotaru and Ame and is indebted to her then and still is now. Cocoro suddenly embraces Ame and starts crying since she wasn’t able to remember. He believed he didn’t have anything he cared about as “Hotaru” but in reality he wanted to live longer so he could spend more time with her. He was most likely in love with her and the regrets of no being able to stay with her was probably how he ended up in the netherworld. She cries since she’d left him alone all this time but he tells her not to since he’s happy. And thanks to her he was able to not die alone. He’s happy to be able to meet her again and thanks her. He tells her that this time he wants to help her; not as a princess but as her own magician to make her happy.

Ame: “You’re the same as your previous life; bright, courageous, and gentle…”
Ame: “…You’re the person I love most.”

He kisses her head and then embraces her closely.

Feburary 2nd

Finally is the day to reap Yuzu’s soul. Yuzu’s laying in bed with his mother by his side. Ame feels the pain and agony in Yuzu’s mind and is a bit overwhelmed by it. Thankfully they’re able to make him pass on peacefully.

Finally the next day is Ame and Cocoro’s graduation. Ame talks to Cocoro about all the fun experiences he had with her and thanks her for them. She thanks him too and looks forward to their future as partners and friends. Though when she says “friends” that puts Ame off a bit (HE TOLD YOU HE LOVED YOU GIRL COME ON). And so he tells her that his feelings have changed over time and she realizes what he means. He already knew she loved him too though even though she didn’t realize it. He tells her he’s not good at conveying his feelings but he wants to her to listen to what he has to say. He tells her he loves her and Cocoro gets all embarrassed then he asks for her to tell him her feelings though it should be obvious since he can read her mind. But he wants her to say it properly to him since it’s only fair. He then tells him she loves him too and he gets all embarrassed and shy but then he kisses her and says he loves her again (yaaaaaay).

Later Ame tells Cocoro he wants to be reincarnated with her. He doesn’t know if they can but he believes she may be capable of it if she uses her singing power. She doesn’t think she can but Ame tells her that he wants to be reborn and live their lives together. He tells her to sing while thinking of him. Once she does, a voice calls out and says he’ll lend her his power so that she can be reborn with him. It then shows the Principal who noticed that Cocoro has left with Ame whom realized the power of Cocoro’s and says “how unfortunate for you” to Nami.

Re:Birth END.

Kokoro is in high school and met a boy named Hotaru whom she fell in love with. Today it’s Hotaru’s 17th birthday and Kokoro got him a present. Suddenly she starts talking about how she feels lonely without Hotaru and he reassures her that he’ll always be with her in no matter what life time. No matter how many times he’s reborn he wants to live his life with her.

Death END

Graduation has passed and everyone was spending the remainder of their school life peacefully. Cocoro has been avoiding Ame a lot though out of embarrassment. Finally the supplementary class has a party for celebrating and Ame announces to everyone that he can read people’s minds. And of course everyone happily still accepts him and doesn’t fear him at all because of it. Kairi even laughs and hopes he can reveal Yoru’s secrets to him. Afterwords, Ame tells Cocoro his feelings for her and she happily accepts them.

After their graduation both Ame and Cocoro became active Shinigami. They’re pretty busy but finally find some time to relax and eat ice cream together. Cocoro asks if Ame is okay in the crowd but apparently his power seems to have weakened a fair amount. The power was most likely bestowed to him when he heard a voice before he died as a human. He says that Cococro is like her wizard but she corrects him and says he’s more like a prince. He then requests that she sings for him and she does.

Thoughts: Ame is a really sweet, quiet, and adorable character. He’s got a very calm personality that’s really refreshing from the norm. I actually found his route to be more interesting (and more informative) than Kairi’s. Also, even though there was slice of life school there wasn’t any drama (THANK LORD) with the students really. It was mostly about Ame learning how to get along with everyone since he’s always been a very lonesome guy. Lot’s of hints towards Nami and his strange motives towards Cocoro too (clearly more plot related) which is interesting.

The CGs were good too but I felt slightly disappointed with the fact he’d didn’t have a genuine kiss CG. Though at least he sort of got one (Syun poor bby you got left out) and I’m pretty sure Nami and Yoru do get them. I suppose if I had one complaint about this route…it’d be that his back story felt rushed. I wouldn’t want it too dragged out but it was kind of hard to understand Cocoro and his deep connection. I guess they couldn’t squeeze it all in since their target wasn’t a relative of his but a random boy who was just sort of like him. Also, the romance was a bit bland at times. I liked the relationship between the two but for the most part they felt like close friends or siblings. It might be because of Ame’s character, (it made the romance feel very subtle) and that’s okay but I couldn’t help but want to see more between them. This route did make me want a Hiiro route though, heheheh. Overall, it was a good route and I liked Ame a lot.

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