Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Kairi

Okay don’t worry it’s not as long as Syun’s. Take that as a bad or good thing IDK.


Kairi is energetic, kind, and always very positive. He’s more or less the leader of the special supplementary class and always tries to keep the morale of the group in check. He also loves playing pranks and building things. He’s voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

The start of the pair ups Syun is paired with Ame, Yoru with Yuyu, and Kairi with Cocoro. They’re happy to be paired together and Kairi calls Cocoro her “Aibou!” lol. To Cocoro’s dismay though, Kairi (along with Yuyu) pull a lot of pranks on people. He left his frog in Hiiro’s lunch and he flipped out while Kairi was laughing his ass off. Apparently Kairi thinks Hiiro is too high-strung and just wants to loosen him up a bit by pulling pranks on him. So it goes on for a little while and Hiiro tells Cocoro to control her partner though she has been chasing him around and trying to catch him (lol). She then hears a loud explosion from the hall and finds fireworks going off in the main hall with Kairi and Yuyu as the cause. Cocoro thinks it’s pretty and all but lectures him but Kairi just yells “run away!” and they just fly off somewhere.


The next morning Cocoro tries to find Kairi and is told that he left to the forest and so Yuyu takes her there and find Kairi. She asks what he’s doing here and he says to see the “field of gold” or so he calls it. And he takes her there but apparently it’s just a large field of sunflowers (what’s with these guys and their secret hideouts). Kairi has a hobby of making airplanes and flying them out into the field. Cocoro is greatly impressed and Yuyu yells out that he wants to make an airplane so Kairi suggests they make one. They go to his room and Cocoro finds a lot of blueprints and such in his room. He’s really into craftsmanship and building things. So Cocoro and Yuyu start by making paper airplanes but they’re total failures and they need Kairi to help them make them fly. While taking a break Kairi talks to Cocoro for a bit and says he also likes building cars and train models but likes making airplanes the most. He also likes making fireworks and suggests that she comes with him to make them.

The next day Kairi and Cocoro go off to town to buy stuff in order to make fireworks. A lot of people greet Kairi since he gets along with people well; Cocoro is a bit envious of him and wishes she was like him (he kinda fell silent for a moment though). So they finally reach the shop and buy the materials then return to Kairi’s room. After several attempts and Kairi cheering her on, Cocoro finally managed to make fireworks with him. They then go outside while it’s dark and ignite them.


Cocoro is amazed that Kairi knows all this stuff and asks where he learned it all. Apparently he learned a lot of it from his grandfather from when he was alive as a human. Apparently he’d died before Kairi had; and was slightly hoping that he’d meet him after death but apparently his grandfather died properly and went straight to heaven. Cocoro assumes because his father was so kind his parents must’ve been too; but they weren’t and Kairi has no pleasant memories with his parents. They had a divorce and his mother just left the house most of the time with another guy and his dad was strict and became violent after the divorce. It was then his grandfather noticed the situation and took him in. Cocoro feels bad for touching on a sensitive subject but Kairi tells her its fine since he’d already gotten over it all. Afterwords Yoru calls them in for dinner.

September 9th

During the special supplementary classes’s cleaning duties everyone notices that people have become more interested in the class after the whole Music Talent Festival. Suddenly, Yuyu shouts at Cocoro to look out and she bumps into Hiiro. He get’s mad at at first then blushes when he notices its her. Then he lectures her for almost falling over and notices he was actually worried about her but he pulls a tsun and says nope. Kairi then greets him and Hiiro sarcastically thanks him for his “congratulation gift” knowing it was him that set off those fireworks. Suddenly Hiiro’s partner comes over and greets them all; apparently Hiiro’ll be going to the present world for Shinigami practice. He then boasts about the fact they aren’t able to do that yet and Cocoro surprisingly compliments him for his progress. He get’s annoyed but is still blushing in embarrassment regardless and leaves.

The cultural festival is coming up and the supplementary class is trying to come up with an event they can hold for it. The next day Kairi and Cocoro hear a lot of commotion and apparently a beauty pageant for the most prettiest girl in the Netherworld is being held. Cocoro is the only female in the special supplementary class but she doesn’t think she’d qualify. Later that night Kairi is discussing to everyone as to why they should make Cocoro participate. She overhears it all from down stairs and Kairi tells her she’ll need to go through vigorous training; but Cocoro isn’t up to it at all. But, Kairi’s words are absolute and Cocoro will be entering.

The following day Kairi asks Hiiro if he can enter Cocoro into the contest. He’s surprised to hear it and Cocoro herself isn’t really up for it herself. Suddenly a girl named Luna appears. She’s more or less flawless and beautiful in Cocoro’s eyes, and she’ll be partaking in the contest as well. Cocoro doesn’t think she stands a chance against her, but Kairi as he usually does tells her not to worry and has a lot a confidence in her. Once they get back into the classroom Kairi tells everyone that he signed her up for the pageant. Everyone then huddles around her and Syun takes her measurements so he can sew a dress together (Cocoro’s all: “Oh great now one of my classmates knows ALL MY MEASUREMENTS PFF”) Then Ame trains her to be able to walk (or strut her stuff so to speak) with a book on her head. And finally Yoru tests her wit with a test and she gets every single answer wrong.

So this continues on for some days now; with Cocoro not making very good progress of it all since Yoru and Ame are being pretty strict with her. Kairi is nowhere to be found until he finally appears and gives Cocoro some candy for her hard work. Later, while she takes a break she finds Kairi talking to some girl (oh god this again) and when he comes over to her he tells Cocoro that she was just an acquaintance of another class. But Cocoro clearly jealous as hell says “Oh so you have time to idly talk to girls even though I’m working hard with my special training.” She’s surprised when she actually said that, and tried to run off before Kairi grabbed her hand. Though she shook him off and apologized right after running away.

Cocoro goes back into the classroom and both Ame and Yoru can clearly see there’s something wrong. She asks if they can just call it quits to the whole pageant since she believes Kairi is just making a fool out of her but they then ask whether she knows the reason Kairi wanted to enter her into the contest and well…apparently she didn’t. Yoru tells her it was to boost her confidence. It shows a flashback of when Kairi was discussing about entering Cocoro into the pageant; she always puts herself down even though he thinks she’s very talented and so he wanted to enter her into this contest to boost her confidence, not to make a fool out of her. And he asked everyone else to help as well. They then leave the room as they’re done of training her today. Kairi then appears, thankful that he can talk to her. He heard from Yoru that she thought he was trying to make a fool out of her but tells her that’s not the case. He may pull pranks but he really did want to help give her confidence in herself. She asks why he was willing to go so far for her and he says it’s because he likes her (not really a confession “like” I’m pretty sure) He’s drawn to her cheerfulness. He wanted her to like herself like he likes her. She asks if he really thinks she can win this contest and he says he does and pats her head.


Several days later Hiiro gathers up all the Beauty Pageant members during lunchtime. The contestants are told the rules and Cocoro sees Luna again who notices she looks like she has more confidence than before and wishes her good luck before telling her she won’t lose. Some bitches then come by and trash talk Cocoro; telling her there’s no way she’ll win against Luna. But Cocoro tells her that she has a friend supporting her so she won’t lose. This startles one of the annoying girls and suddenly a frog appears out from her uniform. Kairi bursts out laughing since it was obviously his doing. He tells Cocoro he’s proud of her sticking up for herself and pats her head for a job well done. He then tells her he came to give her the dress that Syun and Yuyu had been working on and try it on. Once he sees it on her he says it looks perfect and tells her to sit down. Apparently he learned how to do make up from that one girl he kept talking to. Cocoro tries to apologize again for misunderstanding but he tells her not to and finally completes her new hairdo and make-up.


Kairi drags Cocoro to the other classroom to show everyone and they’re all impressed at how she looks. Kairi promises with Syun’s dress, Ame’s walk, Yoru’s wits, and Kairi’s make up they’ll win this competition.

And now it’s the day of the cultural festival. Everyone is hanging out stalls and Syun is yelling to everyone about how much he wants to eat meat. Apparently Zen and Rikka came to attend as well so they could encourage Cocoro in the beauty pageant. Soon Ame and Syun go over to stall and offer to buy everyone something; Cocoro goes on about all the things she wants to eat and Yoru tells her she eats too much (lol). And Yoru (obviously purposely just to get Yoru out of the picture) notices a stall with books and leaves Cocoro and Kairi to themselves. Cocoro finds a cute music box she wants to buy but Kairi thinks she’d be better off if she didn’t. He doesn’t say why and just brushes it off by telling her to visit another stall.

Finally, it’s time for the actual Beauty Pageant. Everyone gives Cocoro some words of encouragement and tells her to do her best. Once she steps up on stage everyone is in awe (even Hiiro calls her cute) at how beautiful she looks. Even Luna’s bitch group can’t believe it. She get’s really nervous on stage but then sees Kairi and the others watching her and feels calmer. After the education test both Luna and Cocoro are the finalists for the final round. It’ll start in the 30 minutes and Cocoro returns to the classroom to prepare. Kairi and the others all offer to buy her something while she waits for the final round and they all leave. Cocoro is left in the class by herself and hears the door open. But, it isn’t Kairi and the others but one of Luna’s bitch squad. She congratulates her for making it this far but tell her that Luna will win not matter what. She’ll win the championship so she can confess to Kairi. She then tells her to answer her and pushes Cocoro (dear lord why are girls in these games such assholes) making her hit her head on the floor. She’s fine but unfortunately her dress isn’t and it gets ripped in the process. The girl freaks out and says she has nothing to do with that and runs away. When everyone comes back they notice her dress ripped but Cocoro tries to hide the truth (FOR WHATEVER REASON I DON’T SEE WHY SHE WOULD) by saying she was tired and fell. Unfortunately Syun doesn’t have enough time to mend it back together. But regardless Cocoro still decides to participate. Everyone is a little bewildered that she’d show up on stage like that but she then starts singing the songs she sung for the other festival. But she’s given a large applause after she’s done and everyone praises her for a job well done. She starts crying for whatever reason and then runs away since she doesn’t want to be seen like that. Kairi chases after her and she tells him she wants to be alone but he’s all “nope” and catches up to her in the courtyard. He wants to know what really happened when she ripped her dress but she says the same excuse. He asks her to say it again to him while actually looking at him she decides to stay silent. And he hugs her all of a sudden.


He tells her if she won’t say it while looking at him then she can tell him without. He begs her to tell him the truth since the reason she’s crying could be his fault. She finally tells him the truth of what happened (aside from the fact Luna likes Kairi). She’s not out to get her though since she has a certain reason behind it all. Kairi tells her not to blame herself and its okay for her to tell her side of the story. Yoru then interrupts their little moment to tell them that the results are about to be announced. And so they go back to the stage to announce the winner as…Cocoro! And she happily accepts her trophy while thanking everyone in the audience. Afterwords Cocoro returns to the class to remove her dress and make-up. Everyone goes on about how they like her normal features the best. Cocoro thanks them all for helping her win the championship since she believe it really did boost her confidence.

They all talk about how hungry they are and suggest to go back to the dorm. But, Kairi says there’s something he wants to do first with Cocoro and tells everyone to go on ahead. Kairi hands her a present for winning and it’s a miniature merry-go-round he made that’s more or less like a music box that plays music when the spinner is turned. Which is why Kairi didn’t want her to buy the music box she was interested in earlier. Cocoro listens to the tune and thinks it sounds really lovely. Kairi believes the tune suits her well but she doesn’t really think so. He tells her it does since he thinks she’s really cute. She starts blushing and Kairi’s all “oh, your face is red are you okay?” and Cocoro gets all embarrassed. He tells her good job for all her hard work today and pats her head. She doesn’t want her embarrassed feelings transferred to him so she thanks him and runs out the door all embarrassed.

The festival is now over and Luna confronts Cocoro about her friend’s behavior. Her friend apologizes but then runs off after telling her that Luna is still better than her. Luna apologizes for the trouble she caused but she had a bad love life before she came to the netherworld so can’t help but want to intervene in people’s love lives. Cocoro realizes that this must me Luna really does like Kairi and she says she does. She knew he’d never notice her though so entered in the Beauty Pageant in order to try and be recognized by him. But she did notice that Kairi seemed interested in Cocoro and her in him. She never really noticed until now and Luna says her secret is safe with her and she’d love to listen to anything she’d have to say about it. Kairi then suddenly appears and notices Cocoro’s face is red, haaaah.

October 10th

The festival ended quite a while ago and now everyone is back doing their normal supplementary class lessons. Although whenever Kairi talks to Cocoro she gets all flustered and embarrassed. Nami-sensei tells everyone they have an academic ability test coming up in order to ready themselves to go into the present world. Though Cocoro keeps avoiding confrontations with Kairi and even though she knows she should study with him she wonders if she can study with someone else. Kairi notices this and takes her to the library so he can ask her why she’s been avoiding him lately. She says it’s because she’s still wary from the cultural festival and is absent-minded a lot lately; so when Kairi appears in front of her it surprises her (what kind of excuse is this). He tells her it’d be best if she stopped avoiding him though since it’ll give him the wrong idea. She agrees and apologizes. They then start studying for their upcoming exam. They study for a while and Kairi suddenly asks why Cocoro wants to become a Shinigami and Cocoro tells him because it looks cool. Kairi laughs at her reason and then she asks him why he wants to become one. He wasn’t really interested in the job itself, he just needed an occupation for himself so he can have a stable way of living. Cocoro senses pain in his expression and asks if hates the idea of becoming a Shinigami and he tells her that’s not the case. He tells her not to worry about him and he’ll make sure they both pass.

One day Cocoro spots Hiiro who looks really distraught. She tries to tell him that she’s starting her practice to leave the present world but he says none of it matters and runs away. When she comes back to class she tells everyone about her encounter with Hiiro. Nami-sensei comes in and tells them about what happened; Hiiro’s partner passed on because he was able to resolve his regrets. Apparently his target (the soul they would hunt) was his mother and he was able to resolve his regret of leaving her only relative behind. Cocoro then immediately leaves to go speak with Hiiro about it. While she runs out the door though Kairi stops her but ends up coming along with her. he apologizes to him and asks what his partner was like and apparently he was loved by his parents unlike Hiiro. He then warns them to not make a mistake that’d make them loser their partner without warning. Kairi falls silent and Hiiro get’s pissed at him and yells at him asking him if he understands since he’s always taking things too lightly and should be concerned about his partner. Kairi tells him it’s none of his business. Kairi tells him he’ll find another good partner but Hiiro says he’ll just disappear eventually too and storms off.

The next day Nami tells the class they all passed, though unsure of what exactly. Soon Zen and Rikka arrive and apparently they’re here to guide each group on their Shinigami practice run in the present world. Kairi, Cocoro, Yoru and Yuyu are with Zen; while Syun and Ame are with Rikka.

November 11th

Soon the day of practice arrives. Everyone is gathered by the gate that separates the “present world” and the “Netherworld”. Their training sites are in “Kaguya city”, which is where the gate is connected to since the city is the place where the most deaths occur. Zen’s target is an elementary school girl; while Rikka’s is an adult male who suffers from a heart disease. And so they begin their practice mission and head off into the present world. Once Cocoro arrives she feels a large nostalgia in the town they’re in. She glances at Yoru for a moment who looked a bit surprised and he looks away. Soon they reach a park where their target is located. Zen tells Kairi not to get too close since he could very well be seen by her. Cocoro asks the cause of the death of the little girl and Zen tells her it’s an accidental death. They watch the little girl play in the park carefully and soon she runs off into the road while a car approaches her quickly. Cocoro yells out and tries to stop it but Zen pulls her back and then the car crashes while everyone falls silent. They walk up to her body covered in blood as Zen is about to retrieve her soul. Cocoro asks if it really isn’t possible to extend her life’s longevity; though obviously it isn’t. Zen explains to her how it’s punishable to go against the longevity of the timed death since it’s all recorded in the Akashic records. Just as Zen is about to do it Cocoro tries to stop him once again but Kairi stops her. He begins singing and Cocoro yells out for him to stop until she actually does interrupt him and he stops singing. The girl’s soul returns to the body and Zen asks why the heck she did that. Cocoro doesn’t answer though and suddenly falls unconscious.

Next scene is blackness with voices talking. Zen is talking to Nami about how Cocoro somehow interrupted his singing even though it’s never happened before. Nami doesn’t understand the reason though. Cocoro then wakes up in her bed. Cocoro soon awakes in her room with Yuyu beside her. Yuyu calls for the others and everyone appears in front of her bed to see if she’s okay. They then tell her about what happened; apparently since the Shinigami’s work was interrupted by her their practice was cancelled and the time for a next one is now in a pending state. They explain that no matter what the circumstances are, a Shinigami’s job is to hunt a person’s soul. Cocoro apologizes over and over but they tell her she doesn’t need to and should more importantly worry about herself. They then leave and she silently sobs in her sleep.

Cocoro has a dream where she’s chasing this boy in a flower field whom’s face she can’t see. She then hears the sound of the music box that Kairi gave her. She wakes up realizing it was a dream. It’s then Kairi appears in the room who was clearly worried about her and embraces her closely. He told her that she hadn’t woken up in days now and has been worried. He offers to make her something to eat and goes downstairs.

Next morning Nami wants to talk to Cocoro in his work room. Kairi comes with her  and apparently he wants to examine her physical condition and tell her to sit down. He asks her if she still wants to become a Shinigami and endure the job they face everyday. Cocoro is hesitant in answering and says she’s not sure. Nami then asks Kairi for his opinion and he says he doesn’t know either. Clearly something’s up with Kairi though, since when Cocoro grabbed his hand he pulled away. She asks if he’s okay but he says he is and it’s just her imagination. He then changes the subject and asks what she wants to about the matter they just discussed. In the actual exam they won’t have Zen doing the soul hunting but just them two. And not just the exam, it’ll be their duty as Shinigami to hunt souls. He wonders if she’s really up for it. Even when Cocoro asks what he wants to do he says it doesn’t matter and all that’s important is what she wants. She tells him she doesn’t know yet and he tells her to take the time to think about it.

The next day Cocoro encounters Zen and Rikka who are on a job in the present world. Cocoro apologizes to Zen for what happened but he tells her not to worry about it since she’s been through a lot. They can tell she looks concerned about something and then Cocoro asks if she can talk to Zen. So they talk in the courtyard; Zen notices Cocoro is having trouble deciding whether or not she wants to become a Shinigami. He then asks about Kairi whom had been acting strange strange the practice exam. Zen tells her during the exam he was strangely calm even when Cocoro fell over. Yoru seemed to be distraught but not so him. His face reminded him of when he first met him. Apparently Zen and Rikka were the ones who took Kairi’s soul when he died as a human. Kairi’s human name was Amari Takumi; he was in high school and had a very complex living environment. Zen notices the Kairi now looks the same as he did then. So Cocoro decides to go see him to talk to him.

Cocoro goes to Kairi’s room to talk to him. She tells him she wants to know the truth. It’s her duty as being his partner to help him out and have him rely on her. Kairi starts talking about when he first came to the Netherworld a year ago. He became friends with a classmate named Mitsugu. He fooled around with him a lot and eventually they became partners. Although he isn’t here anymore and has already passed on. For their final exam they had to hunt the soul of Mitsugu’s little sister. And since Mitsugu’s sister thanked him for seeing him again his regret was lifted and he passed on. Though Kairi realized that he wasn’t sad at all when he passed on and wondered since when he’d become so cold hearted. So Kairi actually passed his exam but didn’t want to become a Shinigami anymore. He believed he’d lost his own heart and feelings because of it. And so he declined the qualification of becoming a Shinigami and tried to leave the school. Reluctantly he was forced to stay by the principal as a member of the special supplementary classes. He actually enjoyed his life in the supplementary classes and hoped to live that way forever. When they took the practice exam he noticed that Cocoro was sad but since his feelings were numb and he was no longer able to mourn over people’s deaths like Cocoro could. Death doesn’t scare him at all. He actually kind of wanted her to give up becoming a Shinigami, since if she did he could too. He thinks it’s horrible of him to want that since he’s only running away from his problems and entrusting Cocoro to make the decision for him. He calls himself the worse but Cocoro tells him thats not true at all and grasps his hand. If he was such an awful person, he wouldn’t have been so worried when she hadn’t woken up before. She then draws him closely into an embrace.


Cocoro starts singing and then Kairi apologizes for how he’s been. He tells her she really is kind but then says she’s hugging him a bit too hard (lol). She apologizes all embarrassed but Kairi just laughs and thanks her. He then hugs her again and says that he’s sure if she sings like that anyone can pass on happily. Yoru then knocks on the door and tells them dinner is ready. So they go downstairs and Ame talks about the Shinigami Festival coming up. Everyone then starts teasing Cocoro to go with Kairi for a romantic date. And Yoru’s all like “Wait–since when!?” but Kairi’s just like well why not and asks her to go with him on a date together.

December 12th

It’s finally the day of the festival and Luna is giving Cocoro a make over for her date with Kairi. Once she goes downstairs everyone thinks she looks cute including Kairi of course. So he grabs her hand and they go out to town together. Cocoro tells Kairi that she wants to become a Shinigami. She’s scared, and she may change because of it but still wants to regardless. She feels like people are happy when they hear her song, just like Kairi said. She wants those who pass on to die happily as they hear her singing. She asks what Kairi wants to do and asks if he doesn’t want to if she’ll stop as well. But she says if that’s the case she’ll fail and just keep trying over and over again. He says it may be impossible for her since she only got two points so he’ll become a Shinigami with her. She thanks him and says they need to work hard together to become Shinigami. He then notices her nose is red and holds her hand to keep her warm. As she walks while holding hands with him she realizes her feelings and that she’s in love with him. Afterwords, Kairi asks if she really doesn’t have any of her past memories and she tells him she doesn’t. Although, she does mention the dream she had in a sunflower field. He hopes she can recover her memory someday though. And so they come home while holding hands and have a special dinner together with everyone.

So after taking another practice exam, they were qualified to take the actual graduation exam. Kairi asks Cocoro to sing her song and he tells her he really loves her singing. The principal suddenly comes out of nowhere and tells her that her singing really is nice. Though for some reason Kairi was staring at him intently and once he left he felt he had a certain atmosphere that was different than usual but thinks it was probably just his imagination.

January 1st

Finally it’s a new year and Nami-sensei is discussing the provisions for their graduation exam. Usually their exam consists of hunting a soul like normal but they’re exam is a bit different. There’s a long explanation but basically every year in the Netherworld the population rapidly increases because of the souls that constantly leave regrets. At this rate the balance of the Netherworld will collapse; so they must take certain matters in their own hand to prevent this. It’s permitted to tell a target of their approaching death, since knowing it beforehand reduces the shock. But you should not tell how they die. For instance, someone’s death being a traffic accident would make them stay home. If a person’s life is postponed, it violates the Akashic record. Breaking Shinigami rules is strictly prohibited. There’s no one helping them through this exam so it’ll be just the two pairs working together. Apparently the target for Cocoro and Kairi is Amari Keigo. His crime was that he drove his own son to his death and was judged to be sent to hell. This person is none other than Kairi’s father.

Night of the next day Kairi is in Cocoro’s room discussing plans for their exam. Though Cocoro is worried about Kairi since his father was the cause of his death. And so Kairi decides to explain his past to her. His mother was kind and always burdened herself with him; after her divorce she found another lover and left the house. It was then Kairi was taken in by his father and lived with him. He was very strict and struck him repetitively while blaming him for everything that’s happened to the family. But his grandfather took him in and gave him kind words of encouragement and when he lived with him he was very happy; he’d regained his pleasure of living. But, it didn’t last for long; his grandfather died from bad health two years later. His father blamed him for his death and called him a “Shinigami” and Kairi started blaming himself for it. He started believing he made everyone who he was around unhappy. And one day he doesn’t really remember how it happened but he was dead on the ground in a field and believed it must’ve been his father who killed him since he remembers hearing him shouting at him. Cocoro wonders if the reason is that he came to the netherworld because he was vengeful for his father but he believes it was a different reason. But Cocoro wonders if he’s really okay to go with this exam and he says he is. She tells him to rely on her when he needs to though.


And the next day is their exam; where the left to go meet Kairi’s father. They find him in town and Kairi greets him casually. He’s startled to see him alive and talking to him, and asks if he’s some form that’s taken shape to torment him. Cocoro tries to explain the situation but he doesn’t believe a word of it. Kairi tells him all of it’s true and he’ll die in 30 days. He doesn’t want to listen to their “BS” so he leaves inside his home.


Kairi tells him he didn’t come to torment him but to see him off in his last moments. But his father yells at him from inside to shut his mouth and leave. Kairi is surprised to see he hadn’t changed much but Cocoro encourages him that they’ll try again tomorrow. They visit again but he pays no attention to them so they watch him in secret. Apparently he’s a teacher at a university whom is well liked by his students. Cocoro wonders what sort of regrets Keigo would have if he’d died but Kairi’s not sure. Suddenly, Keigo collapses on the ground and is sent to the hospital. Keigo asks why Kairi is hear and wonder if it’s because he’s vengeful and wants to kill himself. Though he’s perfectly prepared for it since he has nothing left anyway. But Kairi tells him that’s not why he’s here; he’s here to see him off in his death and make sure he has no regrets to send him to the next world. Keigo asks if he’ll become like him when he dies and Kairi tells him it’s a possibility but that’s not the intent since this is an exam and they need to pass it to become a Shinigami. So Keigo leaves the hospital to return home; he wonders if Kairi will be back tomorrow and he tells him that he will since he’ll be watching him for the next couple weeks. Once they get back Cocoro laughs a bit since she can tell Keigo seemed to want his company when he asked.

The following day Kairi notices that Keigo won’t take a stop to rest at all. He tells him he hasn’t changed at all and still finds work more important than family. Next day Keigo surprisingly invites the both of them into his house. Unfortunately, due to his health he hadn’t been able to get certain work done so Cocoro offers to help him around the house. While Kairi prepares a meal Coocro talks with Keigo about Kairi. He asks how he is in the Netherworld and she tells him he’s very cheerful and encourages everyone. He’s surprised to hear this since he’d never shown a genuine smile to him before. Cocoro asks if he hated Kairi and to put it bluntly he actually did. Whenever he’d quarrel with his wife, Kairi would just laugh and nothing would phase him. They started to find it creepy and strange. When he and his wife divorce he just muttered “I see…” and didn’t cry at all. In his own fear he began to oppress him and physically abuse him. He tells her he isn’t qualified to be called “father” by him anymore since it was virtually him that killed Kairi; though Cocoro doesn’t really understand since that makes it sound like he didn’t kill him. He apologizes and says he’s said too much. As Cocoro continues cleaning she finds a picture of Kairi when he was a child and feels like she knew him. Kairi then comes over and notices the picture was when he visited his grandfather. He met a girl there whom he’d frequently show his inventions too and says she was probably his first love. Afterwords, they give Keigo something to eat and he’s surprised to see Kairi could actually cook and he says he learned it when he was with his grandfather. He starts coughing and then apologizes.

Back in the Netherworld Kairi had been silent for quite some time. He talks about he used to fear his father; he was strong and always right. Disobeying him was like throwing your life away. He’s always been indifferent about death when relatives died but for his father he’s surprisingly sad. Cocoro suggests they spend a day doing something together since it’s almost time for him to die; and Kairi’s fine with it if his father is. So the next day they’re about to suggest to go somewhere but Keigo already decided he wanted invite them somewhere. They travel to where Kairi’s grandfather used to live. Keigo asks Kairi if he remembers where he died and Kairi yells at him to stop and tells him he won’t go any further. He then explains when his father (Kairi’s grandfather) took Kairi in because he’d abused him. Though two years after that Keigo blamed Kairi for his father’s death but regretted telling him so. He tried to make him come home with him but Kairi refused so he left him in his grandpa’s house alone. He knew he couldn’t stay there forever so his father came back in order to come get him but that one day he heard a loud sound outside in the sunflower field. There he found Kairi on the ground and he died in his arms as he screamed at him for him not to die. Kairi starts screaming and says that can’t be true since he was the one who killed him. But Kairi was the one who modified a gun to be used as a weapon to kill himself with. His father despaired over it and thought of suicide himself. He didn’t pull the trigger but essentially he did by behaving violently towards him throwing him into a corner. So driving him to his death was his crime. Keigo apologizes and Kairi yells out for him to stop.

It’s then a bright light appears and Nami had sent them back to the Netherworld. He’d been watching the situation through this magical mirror of some sorts. They take Kairi back to his room who seems to be in a critical condition over the confusion in emotions. Nami tells her there’s one way to help him and it’s to sing. Since she’s one of the people closes to Kairi. Just as she sings she has memories of her past with Kairi. She came to a village for a family trip and that’s where she met Kairi. He finds her lost in the sunflower field and they become good friends after visiting each other frequently. But she sent a letter to Takumi that said she wouldn’t be able to visit again. A bright light appears (and I think she’s in Kairi’s mind or heart?) and Kairi tells her that he knew she was the one he met after hearing her voice.


Though he couldn’t confirm it since Cocoro had no memory of it. He always wanted to meet her though since he truly loved her. The light disappears and she’s back in Kairi’s bedroom. She thought it was a dream but Kairi tells her it wasn’t. He wonders if she’s really okay with him and she tells him she is. So he says he’ll give his heart to her. (literally like I’ll give my kokoro to Cocoro LOL) She thanks him and says she’ll treasure it forever. They visit Keigo again and Kairi and him finally have a heart to heart talk. Keigo apologizes for everything and tells him he really did love him. Kairi apologizes to for running away from him. When they get back Kairi suddenly feels very sad but doesn’t understand why since this is just work. Cocoro tells him it’s only natural to be sad over a death of a family. He then tells Cocoro that he really does love her and thanks for always standing by his side.

The next night Kairi gives his goodbyes to his father. Soon after Kairi and Cocoro finally send Keigo’s soul off. Right after Kairi begins to glow since his regret is gone. Cocoro starts crying but tells him that she’s sure he’ll be happy in the next life. Suddenly, Kairi kisses her and tells that everything she’s done has been enough.


He tells her to forget him and find new happiness. But Cocoro tells him that she’d never forgot him. He tells her he loves her and thanks her. He then disappears leaving Cocoro sobbing.

Soon graduation arrives for Cocoro; but Kairi isn’t there. As she leaves the dorm she sings to herself with the feelings of wanting to see Kairi in her heart. It’s then she hears a voice that asks if she wants to see Kairi. The voice tells her to sing in order to realize her wish to see him again. And once she does, she finds herself in a sunflower field.

Re:Birth ED


Kokoro is sleeping in the sunflower field and wakes up to find Takumi in her face. He takes her hand and notices she’s nervous with dokidoki feels. He is too though and when she asks why, he yells out “That’s because I love you!” she’s surprised and he said he’s been wanting to say it for a while now. She says he should’ve said it when the “mood” was better but Takumi says there’s bright blue sky and sunflowers so what more does she want? And so he asks for her response and she yells out “I love also love you, Takumi!”

Death ED

Once Kairi’s father disappears Cocoro wonders if Kairi’s regrets are cleared. But Kairi tells her he won’t be going anywhere since he still has a lot of regrets since he’s too feeble minded to forget them all. For example, he’d be regretful of spending more time with his first love. He was finally able to meet her and doesn’t want to leave her. He wants to be with her in this world for as long as possible. She then tells him she loves him and he tries to kiss her but she flips out and gets all embarrassed. Kairi makes the most hilarious face and asks “Why?” and she says she’s not prepared for it at all but Kairi tells her he doesn’t have the words to convey his feelings so he gotta kiss her. So he holds back…for now. They then return to the Netherworld where everyone is.


[I guess when they become Shinigami they decide to all wear hoodies]

In the epilogue everyone passed their exams and became Shinigami. After a mission together they walk under the moonlight together. Kairi notices that Cocoro’s has much more confidence than before and says she’s the cutest. Though Cocoro says there’s people much cuter than her but Kairi tells her to believe him when he says she’s the cutest and there’s no one cuter than her. She then hugs him and when she realizes how close she is to his face she tries to separate from him but he tells her “Nope, I won’t let go!” and then silently stares into her face. He tells her he’s really thankful for finding her in this world. He wants to spend everyday with her as a Shinigami and listen to her singing. He asks her if she’s prepared and she says she is; they then share their first kiss under the moonlight.

Thoughts: To be honest, Kairi seems like the type of character I’d be pretty “meh” about usually. But, that wasn’t the case for him. I really liked his cheerful attitude and the way he pulls pranks all the time. The beginning of his route wasn’t bad, but the random high school drama kind of gets old. It didn’t last for too long thankfully; usually stuff like that is really dragged out. The second half of his route was mostly about his past (as expected) which revolved around his family. Obviously, he has a tragic past and death but who doesn’t in this game? Regardless it was interesting.

I didn’t write as much as I did for Syun; but that’s cause I have a huge bias towards him. Plus I enjoyed Syun’s route more, tbh. The CGs were nice too; it got better treatment than Syun did, IMO. AND THEY GOT A KISS CG; GOD FORBID THEY GIVE IT TO SYUN THOUGH. My only gripes about this route was Cocoro’s past with him. I don’t know, it just felt…too coincidental and a bit cliché. And it’s not like he was really interested about the fact he may have known her in the beginning. Syun makes sense since he forced himself to forget a part of his past, but Kairi had it all remembered. Either way it wasn’t a bad route and I enjoyed it.

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