Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Nami

The final route; this reveals EVERYTHING…so I warn you ahead of time that you should do everyone else’s route or read my other summaries before reading this one. It’s pretty long too…I tried to write it as detailed as possible.

Nami is the special supplementary class teacher. He’s lazy, smokes a lot, and likes sleeping around even on the job. He’s voiced by Junichi Suwabe.

The pairs Nami assigns are Kairi and Yoru, Syun and Ame, and Cocoro and Yuyu. Cocoro thanks Nami for pairing her with Yuyu and believes they’ll make a great pair.

That night, Cocoro has a strange dream about someone she used to know and be with for a long time. Of course she can’t remember and suddenly she’s woken up by Yuyu. He made sure to wake up Cocoro extra early in which case no one is even awake yet. She doesn’t think it’s necessary for him to wake her up so early but Yuyu tells her he wants her to do her best ahead of time since they’re partners.

And throughout the past couple days, Yuyu has been very strict with Cocoro. He makes her work a lot harder with cleaning duties and won’t allow her to fall asleep in class. She’s so tired of him nagging and sticking close to her all the time and takes a chance to distract him after class to run away. Once she outruns him in the halls she runs towards the courtyard. There she encounters Nami during her lunch break. He wonders what she’s doing exactly and she tells him the situation with Yuyu and how she’s more or less running away from him. Nami understands her situation and says he’ll talk with her soon as he motions her to follow him. He takes her to his work office to hide her from Yuyu (and let her finally catch a break) and they both drink coffee together. Cocoro makes a comment about how messy it is in his office and he complains saying he does clean it once in a while (yeah right). He then talks about how Yuyu used to be his partner before when he was a Shinigami. That was the last time he had a pair and was really excited to have Coocro as partner to go into the present world after such a long time and wants Cocoro to become a Shinigami by any means necessary for that reason. Cocoro starts feelng bad for avoiding Yuyu and Nami pats her head telling her she’s not in the wrong and just needs to talk to him. It’s then Cocoro asks him why he resigned to become a teacher when he was already a Shinigami for over a decade ago. He seems suspcious she’s asking but finally tells her that he just found the work to be too hard is all (and was a lazy as shit sort of guy) and felt he was too old for it. Though, no one ages in the Netherworld so it’s not like he’s really all that old. Apparently he only recently became a teacher and when she asks what he was doing before that he just says “various” things and avoids the question. Cocoro then gets on his case for smoking all the time and never eating though it doesn’t affect Shinigami so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

After lunch Cocoro encounters Yuyu who wonders where the heck she’d been. Yuyu starts nagging away until Nami intervenes and tells him to tone it down a bit. He understands his enthusiasm but he needs to learn to follow Cocoro’s pace as well. Yuyu feels pretty bad but Cocoro tells her she understands his feelings and they soon make up afterwords. During dinner in the dorm everyone praises Yoru for his delicious meals while mentioning Cocoro’s are nothing like it (lol). Cocoro then asks if it’s really okay for Shinigami to not eat and not get their nutrients and such. But Kairi tells her they actually do need to eat or they’ll get sick. This differs from what Nami told her and she assumes he just told her otherwise to shut her up. Though it’s unknown really as to why exactly (since the founding shinigami master made it this way) but it is what it is.

After morning classes Cocoro thanks Nami and tells him she was able to speak with Yuyu properly. She goes on about how he was lying about the whole Shinigami’s don’t need to eat thing and the next day during lunch she offers him boxed lunch she prepared for him. He’s all “I don’t remember asking for this” but she doesn’t want him to neglect his health, nope. Once he opens it though he says “what’s this lump of coal?” so yeah her cooking skills are none to zero. He bonks her on the head and asks if she’s trying to give him food poisoning (LOL this poor girl) then tells her to come back when she’s gained more experience in cooking. It’s then she goes home to explain the situation to everyone and asks if they can teach her how to cook. Unfortunately, no one can really cook except for Syun and he’s too lazy to even bother so it’s all left to Yoru.

The next morning Cocoro nearly blows up the entire place with her cooking. She was only trying to bake bread and yet the whole kitchen was covered in smoke (LOL). The next day during lunch she encounters Nami all suspiciously trying to hide her burnt boxed lunch. Once he leaves she promises she’ll work hard to learn how to make some delicious food. So Cocoro continues her strict cooking class with Yoru and slowly makes better progress. Everyone else monitors Cocoro’s progress and Yoru tells them they have an important task ahead of them, and that’s sampling Cocoro’s food. They all gasp in unison (it’s pretty hilarious haha) but have no choice but to comply.

Many days pass and finally Cocoro manages to make something that’s actually editable for Nami. She finally gives it to him but he rates it as a 40 and tells her she has a long way to go (oh great why the fuck are you rating her food jesus) but thankfully (I guess…) he says “oh its not bad just not particularly good” but he recognizes her effort so hats off to you. She then offers to clean up his room to and he’s all “What are you my sister in law?” but lets her do whatever the hell she wants anyway. Later she has coffee in his office and tells him he should hook up with someone since she thinks he’s a fine man and needs a woman in his life. He tells her doesn’t need her telling him stuff like and she notices he has a ring and asks if his lover gave it to him. But nope he says he just bought it on a whim a long time ago and it’s nothing special. She says she’ll take care of him until he finds himself a good wife (I’m sorry but…why….?) he’s against it but just leaves it at “whatever, you’re gonna do what you what anyway” and so everyday she brings new cooked lunches for him. One day he offers to take her out on a date to eat somewhere on a day where she doesn’t have class.

Next day Cocoro meets Nami in their scheduled spot (though Nami is late of course) and unfortunately its  he takes her to the gate that separates the present world and the Netherworld. Unfortunately, its not the sort of date she was expecting. Nami wants to go buy a certain kind of cigarettes thats in the present world and just asked Cocoro to come along for the hell of it. Cocoro’s hesitant since only Shinigami are allowed to enter the present world but he tells her it should be fine since he’s accompanying him whose a teacher. And so they go off into the present world together and meet an old man who’s a store clerk and sells Nami’s cigarettes. Apparently he can see both Cocoro and Nami because he’s sick and his death is drawing near. The old man called him “Narumi” which was his name in his past life. Anyway, after he gets his cigarettes Cocoro forces Nami to continue their date in the present world. They visit a beach and Cocoro goes crazy over it since she’s never seen the sea before.

So she has a good ol’ time and even falls in the water while Nami laughs at her. Cocoro splashes water at him to get back at him for laughing at her and then they both start splashing water at each other like little kids. After they play at the beach a while they visit a festival and watch fireworks together. Nami seems very distant though. She asks him why he became a Shinigami and just as it seems like he’s going to give her a serious answer he tells her it’s because he needed a job and steady living in the Netherworld is difficult. Unfortunately, Cocoro can’t tell if he’s really telling the truth or not and he just changes the subject by telling her to watch the fireworks. Once they go back to the Netherworld she thanks him for the date. He tells her it was fun too but she should focus on her studies rather than making him boxed lunches from now on. She makes a deal with him though to make him one at least once a week. When Cocoro gets back inside the dorm Yuyu lectures her for being late and Kairi asks her how her date was with her “forbidden lover” (lol). Yuyu asks if Cocoro at least got him a souvenir but unfortunately she was having so much fun she forgot! AND….that made Yuyu very pissed.

September 9th

Summer vacation is over and a new school term has started. Practice exams and the cultural festival is coming up. During class everyone tries to come up with different ideas for the festival. Kairi suggests a casino though Yoru doesn’t think that’d be school appropriate (UH YEAH I DIDNT THINK SO EITHER). Yoru suggests a research presentation and Syun says “noooooope too boring” then Ame suggests a cafe and everyone immaculately yells out “rejected” in unison. Finally, they all come to an agreement of doing a haunted house. They decide they should have Nami play as the leading role too and before Cocoro can tell him about it, Kairi tells her to keep it a secret from Nami for now since he’d turn down the offer right away if they mentioned it. So they made preparations of it all in secret from Nami. They even go all out for a plan to take Nami’s measurements in secret in order for Syun to make his costume.

One day Cocoro visits Nami’s office and finds him sleeping and vulnerable for her to take measurements. Just as she does though he grabs her arm and pulls her close to him. He mutters a name “Sana” and Cocoro yells out to him that she’s not the person he thinks she is and he wakes up. He asks if he was trying to attack him in his sleep (whereas she’s like hell no) and she flips out and runs out of his office all flustered.

The next day Cocoro visits Nami with her promised box lunch of the week. Nami can tell she’s acting really strange though so Cocoro finally asks straight out who “Sana” is. She tells him he heard her call her that when he was sleeping yesterday. After a lot of awkward silence Cocoro wonders if perhaps she’s his wife and he tells her she was his lover in his previous life. She died before they could get married. She tries to ask if she has to do with his regrets in this world but he says it was a long time ago and has long forgotten about it. He tells her watch herself and not to pry any further and so she’s left unable to ask any more questions.

Finally it’s the day of the cultural festival. Nami’s vampire clothes are prepared along with everyone else’s costumes. Nami’s impressed with the work they’ve done with the haunted house and then everyone tries to leap on him and grab him (though he dodges) and make him wear the outfit. They all start begging him to participate and finally he agrees to. Later on Cocoro is readying to greet customers and finds Hiiro who acts all high and mighty again. He thinks its childish they’d do a haunted house but Cocoro wonders why he visited in the first place. He tells her its a coincidence and he only heard her voice is all (yeah right). Regardless, Cocoro forces him to enter their haunted house.

(this scene is pretty hilarious I might add)

Everyone tries their best to scare the shit out of Hiiro and eventually it works. Nami scares the crap out of Hiiro and has him running out of the place screaming. So their haunted house became a grand success. A little later though Nami wants to take a break and hides from everyone. He drags Cocoro along since he spotted him and buys her cotton candy and has her accompany him as long as she keeps quiet about him running away from his vampire post in the haunted house. Eventually she and him come across a musical band and she joins them to sing along happily with them. Nami tells her she has a great talent for singing and Cocoro is so happy she starts crying. She feels she didn’t have any other talents before so having him and everyone praise her for her singing makes her really happy. He pats her head and she wishes her best regards with him. And so Kairi and Yuyu are heard on the intercom and tell Nami to hurry on back to his post. Afterwords, they all have a celebration party for the success of their haunted house.

October 10th

Cocoro is enjoying lunch in Nami’s office. She asks if she can study there since it’s quiet and he says he doesn’t really mind. He tells her the practice exams to visit the present world are coming up and Cocoro is really looking forward to it. Though he tells her not to get too excited since it’s not a game and is serious work. But if she needs to focus on her studies and if it all goes well he’ll show her around the present world some more. During class everyone can tell Cocoro’s been visiting Nami a lot recently since she’s been smelling like cigarettes when she comes to class. So everyone is more or less starting to feel neglected cause all she ever does is visit Nami nowadays (I’d feel bad for them too tbh) so she gets a bright idea of inviting them all out to town after they take their test.

Several days later Cocoro tells Nami she won’t be able to make him a boxed lunch on the day she usually makes him one. Nami doesn’t really mind though and tells her to just keep focusing on her studies. One day Cocoro spots Hiiro who looks really distraught. She tries to tell him that she’s starting her practice to leave the present world but he says none of it matters and runs away. When she comes back to class she tells everyone about her encounter with Hiiro. Nami-sensei comes in and tells them about what happened; Hiiro’s partner passed on because he was able to resolve his regrets. Apparently his target (the soul they would hunt) was his mother and he was able to resolve his regret of leaving her only relative behind. Cocoro then immediately leaves to go speak with Hiiro about it. She apologizes to him and asks what his partner was like and apparently he was loved by his parents unlike Hiiro. He then warns her to be careful and to never pass on without telling her partner beforehand. She tells him she doesn’t have her past memory and he’s surprised to hear it but all the more reason for her to be more careful in this world. Yuyu and Nami find Cocoro distraught over this but and Yuyu (being the cutie he is) hugs Cocoro and tells her she doesn’t need to worry and he’ll protect her no matter what.

The next day Nami tells the class they all passed, though unsure of what exactly. Soon Zen and Rikka arrive and apparently they’re here to guide each group on their Shinigami practice run in the present world. Syun and Ame are with Rikka; while Kairi and Yoru are with Zen. But Cocoro isn’t assigned to a group and will instead be working separate with Nami.

That weekend everyone went out to town together as the promised to. They all want to visit different places so they decide to figure out where to go on the way. While walking Cocoro has a weird mind trip of some sort and her whole vision of the town is distorted. Yuyu snaps her back into reality though and she assures everyone she’s fine.

November 11th

Soon the day of practice arrives. Everyone is gathered by the gate that separates the “present world” and the “Netherworld”. Their training sites are in “Kaguya city”, which is where the gate is connected to since the city is the place where the most deaths occur. Zen’s target is an elementary school girl; while Rikka’s is an adult male who suffers from a heart disease. Just as they’re about to leave Nami tells Yuyu that he’ll be staying behind. Cocoro will be accompanied by Nami instead into the present world. They end up in the spot where their date was and the target is the old man that sold the cigarettes to Nami. Nami’s attitude is much colder than before. Cocoro is worried about the the old man who’s writhing on the ground but Nami tells her there’s no point worrying about him since he’s going to die anyway. He tells her she must sing in order to hunt his soul. He tells her this job is especially for her because she’s special but she says she can’t do it. Finally she accepts to try and sing for him to safetly go to heaven; but this old man committed murder in his life and will be going to hell. He keeps telling her to sing and once she attempts to, she can’t do it calmly. But since she can’t do it properly Nami sings in her place. After it’s done Cocoro can’t calm down and Nami knocks her out before telling her they’re leaving.

Cocoro wakes up in Nami’s office to see a worried Yuyu in front of her. He tells her everyone one else safetly finished their practice exam. Cocoro tells Yuyu what happened and he finds it strange that Nami would make her hunt souls like that. Nami then comes into the room to give her coffee and Cocoro’s body stiffens. Nami asked if she was feeling better and outstretched a hand to her, but Cocoro instinctively slapped it away and dropped her mug. She asks him why he made her hunt a soul like that and he told her it’s for her sake. He’s been strict because he wants her to hurry and become a Shinigami. She thinks he’s acting strange but he tells her he’s not being strange and he’s just thinking of what’s best for her. He holds her and tells her she should sleep and so she falls in a deep sleep (did he put something in her coffee??).

December 12th

Cocoro has a dream where she’s singing to her loved one but it doesn’t last long and there’s a sound of a “bang” before she wakes up in Nami’s office again. She notices it’s snowing and apparently she’d been asleep up until December and he’d been taking care of her since. She asks when the man’s soul is now and he tells her it’s most likely in Hell by now. She starts trembling and he tells her he was a murder and must be judged as so. He gives her an example of one of the special supplementary class member’s being murdered and that she’d want the one who killed them to be judged. They hunt souls to clear people of their regrets and sorrow. Cocoro never realized what it truly meant to become a Shinigami and it terrifies her. She starts crying and tells Nami she doesn’t believe she has enough confidence to become one. But Nami tells her that he won’t allow that. He’ll make her practice again and she must hunt souls by her own hand. She yells out that she doesn’t want to and he tells her again he won’t allow her not to become one and pushes her down on the couch.

He tells her in order to obtain her “power” she will hunt souls and she will become a Shinigami. She can tell by the look in his eyes that he won’t take “no” for an answer and so she reluctantly complies. He gets up off of her and tells her to come to class when she’s ready and assures her she can do it. Yuyu asks if she’s okay and apologizes that he can’t do anything since he’s Nami’s familiar.

Once she comes back to the class everyone is worried about her and heard that she wasn’t feeling well after her practice exam. Thankfully, everyone worrying about her makes her feel a lot better. They suggest having a party but realize that may be difficult since she’s been staying at Nami’s office and resuming practice because she’s behind on it. Cocoro is surprised to hear that Nami decided this for her and before she can hear more he comes into the classroom. After class Cocoro is unable to go to the dorm and Nami forces her to practice immediately. Their target is a woman committed suicide by jumping off a building. He tells her she’ll be sent to hell since she committed the crime of killing herself. He coldly tells her to sing but she can’t do it and he has no choice but to do it for her again. Once they return they’re greeted by Yuyu; he asks if she was able to hunt a soul and Cocoro tells him she wasn’t. Her whole body and mind feel awful and she nearly falls over from all of it. Since she can’t walk back on her own Nami carries her and they walk back silently. Cocoro falls asleep on his back and Yuyu asks if he’s really okay with this and he says he is.

The next day in class everyone is worried about Cocoro. They noticed she left right after class and now she looks really awful and wonder exactly what happened. She’s hesitant to tell them though and before she can say anything Nami comes into the classroom. After class Cocoro sits in the courtyard by herself. Soon Yoru, Ame, and Syun find her and are clearly worried about her. They tell her they’re her friends so she should trust to them enough to tell them what exactly is going on. Just as Cocoro is about to say something though, Yuyu interrupts and tells her that Nami is calling her. And so she tells them it’s nothing and follows Yuyu.

It changes to Kairi’s point of view; he visits Nami and asks him about Cocoro. Kairi tells him that he and everyone else is her companion and won’t stop to do anything if there’s something going on with her. Nami tells him there’s nothing going on that he should be concerned about. Once he leaves, Ame, Yoru, and Syun show up. And of course they know something is going on between Cocoro and Nami.

Cocoro wakes up in Nami’s office after one of her same old dreams again. She notices that both Nami and Yuyu are asleep and thinks of it as her opportunity to run away. But just before she can think on taking action, a owl appears through the window with a letter in it’s mouth. The letter is from the principal who says he has something important to talk about with Cocoro and tells her to meet him in his office. So she slips out of the room to go meet with the principal. He tells her he intended to keep her “power” a secret but it seems she’s reached the point to where her mind could break. He begins to tell her the history of the Netherworld and how the story of the founding Shinigami Master is in fact true and not just a fairy tale. The founding Shinigami master creates this world with his power and his soul still exists in the Netherworld today. His soul is now confined under the school while being protected under a invisible special power in the deepest depths. But he’s existed for much too long and his body is already gone; he just exists now as a mere mass of power. Apparently this info is top secret and only the higher ups know about this stuff. Unfortunately, the loss of the founding Shinigami Master’s power will mean the destruction of the Netherworld. Not only that, but the Netherworld and the present world are connected and the Netherworld has been influencing the present one. Hence why there’s been a lot of abnormality in the weather in the present world. The Netherworld is connected with all worlds such as heaven and hell; so that means all the worlds may be destroyed. It’s for that reason they are searching for another soul with great strength; one that can become a new Shinigami Master. The candidate to become the next Shinigami Master is none other than…Cocoro.

Nami used to be a higher up researcher and found out about Cocoro’s soul that was the soul of the Shinigami Master’s daughter. Nami watched her soul as she was reincarnated over and over again by the power of the founding Shinigami Master. Finally Nami was able to capture her soul before it could be reincarnated again and had her enrolled in the Shinigami Academy by the principal. That way she’ll take the place of the founding Shinigami master and become the new ruler of the Netherworld. And Nami became her teacher in order to watch over her. The special supplementary class was actually made to protect Cocoro. Every member had a deep connection with her Cocoro in her past lives. First there was Ame, Syun, Yoru, and then Kairi. But none of them remember their relations with her. But they were a “special existance” for her and guaranteed her safety hence the reason they were gathered as her classmates.

He then decides to take her to where her father–or the founding Shinigami Master is. He takes her down below the school and there they find a big mass of light which is more or less the founding Shinigami Master’s soul. As she approaches the light all of her memories of her past lives come flowing into her head. Finally she recalls her oldest memory of when she lived in a small village with just her and her father. Her mother died earlier and her father always loved and took care of her. Unfortunately her father caught an incurable illness and eventually died leaving her behind. Eventually on her 17th birthday she caught the same illness and dies without ever realizing her wish of ever loving someone and is filled with regret. But before she dies she hears her father’s voice tell her that he’ll make sure her wish is fulfilled by repeating fate and protecting her soul and so that’s how her first reincarnation began.

Cocoro wakes up in Nami’s office overwhelmed by everything she had just learned. She starts wondering if she becomes the next Shinigami Master that she’ll end up confined like her father was. More than anything she wants to see her father again (and not Nami LOL) so she runs out of the room to go ask the principal for the key. She then runs into Nami who says “Where are you going? Are you tryng to escape?” (WTF MAN). She tells him she wants to go meet her father and that the principal pretty much told her everything about her. He tells her to forget about trying to visit him again since that was a special opportunity and can’t go visit that place so easily. He grabs her arm and tells her to go back into the room but he slaps his hand away. She tells him that he should know best that she isn’t capable of becoming a Shinigami Master when she can’t even hunt souls for herself. He tells her that what the principal said was true but his true intention isn’t to save this world. He wants to break this world and recreate a new one just for them so Cocoro doesn’t have to become a sacrifice like her father. Cocoro doesn’t really understand what he means but he assures her she’ll understand soon enough.

Nami: “There’s no reason to be afraid. All I want is to be beside you.”
Cocoro: “Nami-sensei?”
Nami: “No…my name isn’t Nami.”
Nami: “Isn’t that right, Sana?”

When Cocoro hears the name “Sana” a memory comes back to her. Narumi proposed to her and on the day she tried on a wedding dress a guy inovlved with a coup d’etat came in and shot her. Narumi finds her there and she dies in her arms and he sobs and screams her name. But she was able to finally realize her wish of falling in love thanks to her father and he sends her off to be reincarnated over and over again and she forgets her memories with Narumi.

Once Cocoro comes back to her sense she calls Nami “Narumi-san” which reveals she remembers her past with him. Nami had always looked for her even after she died. He continued to look for her soul even after he died. He decides to tell her about himself and his past and takes her to his office. After she died he died right after. But he had regrets of not getting revenge on the criminal that killed her. And so he became a Shinigami for the purpose of getting revenge on him. But on the day the criminal was scheduled to die he had finally obtained his purpose. And yet, his soul wasn’t able to pass on. So since he couldn’t pass on he focused on research and was invited to a research laboratory by the higher up Shinigami. There he worked on searching for her soul’s whereabouts for a very long time. Day after day he searched for info on her but couldn’t find her in heaven and hell. She kept being reincarnated much faster than any normal person would be. So she reborn over and over again in the present world. As he kept analyzing her soul he found that she was connected to the founding Shinigami master and was his daughter. He tried to retrieve her soul but it was heavly protected by the founding Shinigami Master’s power. So he who was a mere Shinigami couldn’t not grab a hold of it so easily. He observed her soul for dozens of years while unable to do anything. He watched the cycle of her dying and being reborn over and over again for a long time. Finally he obtained a chance when the founding Shinigami Master’s protection became weak after losing a lot of his power. He was able to succeed in obtaining her soul at last.

After he obtained her soul he put it to sleep but the higher ups found out about it and snuck into Nami’s laboratory. They tried to take her soul back but it wondered off and that’s when she met the principal. So he invited her into the school and had her sleep for another year. It was during that time that Nami discussed her circumstances of becoming the next Shinigami Master. The principal wanted to know she really had the aptitude to become the next Shinigami Master. So she was enrolled in the school to be observed more or less and the special supplemetary class was just a fake class made so Nami could watch over her. Nami was merely searching for her soul though and was genuinely surprised when he found out that she was the founding shinigami master’s daughter. However, he doesn’t want to hand her over to the higher ups to become a Shinigami Master. Because if she becomes one she’ll a sacrfice to spend the rest of eternity as a mere existance with no body and just a soul maintaining power so the Netherworld can stay intact. He does want her to awaken to her “power” as a Shinigami but not to maintain this world but instead to destroy it. The netherworld wants her power but he won’t allow her to become a sacrifice for it and has no choice but to destroy it. He’ll have her use her power to destroy this world and then recreate a new one. Cocoro doesn’t believe sommething like that could be possible but Nami tells her the Netherworld was created in the first place so the founding Shinigami Master’s daughter should be capable of it. And so he gives her some pretty romantic lines…

Nami: “If the world wants to sacrifice you, then I’ll sacrifice the world to keep you alive.”
Nami: “I don’t care about the world’s stability. Nor do I care what happens to the Netherworld.”
Nami: “The only thing I want…is you.”

He tells her he wants them to live happily together like they did in the past. He calls her “Sana” again and tells her to call him by his name. She says “Narumi-san” and he (orgasms when she calls his name) embraces her. He thanks her and keeps calling her “Sana” while holding her in his arms. Cocoro feels more hurt than anything though because she’s in love with Nami, but Nami only sees the past “Sana” within her and isn’t looking at her current self.

January 1st

Time is running out for the Netherworld. And it’s beginning to distort since the founding Shinigami Master’s power is almost gone. Once it finally fades away everyone that is existing now will disappear. Cocoro asks if he’d feel sad if everyone in the supplementary class or in the town disappeared. But there’s nothing that can make him more sad than losing Sana; he doesn’t need anything else as long as he has her back. He knows he’s making her go through a lot of pain but tells her to endure it because this is for their sake. They’ll destroy this current world and build a new one where they can permanently live happily. But Cocoro isn’t so happy about this idea and lately he’d only been calling her “Sana” and not “Cocoro”. She tells Nami that this world is important to her and doesn’t want to see the lives in the Netherworld destroyed. Nami pretty much ignores her and figures she’s just uneasy about it all. He assures her it’ll be fine since he’ll be with her and tells her to rest up since she must be tired.

The next morning Nami tells Cocoro she doesn’t need to go to class anymore. She can study at night and wait in his office until he comes back. The only time she should leave is when they go out to practice. Cocoro has no choice but to agree and he locks the door when he leaves. So she’s confined to his office and goes to sleep cause it’s not like she has anything better to do. щ(ಥДಥщ)

When Cocoro wakes up it’s already evening. She hears a croaking sound and finds Kairi’s frog “Maximilian” beside her. It has a communication device attached to it and Kairi’s voice comes out of it asking if Cocoro’s can hear him. Cocoro answers and they tell her they’ll be right there. After a few minutes they open the door with a key that Yuyu gave them and low and behold it’s Kairi and Yoru (omg my beloved rescue team I love you). They ask if she’s okay since they’ve been looking for her ever since she’d been acting strange and didn’t come to class. Nami told them that she’d been sick but they got suspicious and asked Yuyu directly. They had Syun and Ame watch them closely and that’s how they new he confined her to his office. They tell her to follow them to get the heck out of here before Nami comes back but Cocoro is hesitant in leaving since she’d feel bad for Nami. But Kairi and Yoru aren’t gonna have that and tell her they’re taking her back no matter what. So they literally drag her out and take her back to the dorm. They ask her to tell them what the heck is going on and so she reveals everything that she’s learned so far to them. They’re all surprised but then Kairi tells Cocoro she should run away from this school. They think it all sounds ridiculous and won’t allow her to be sacrificed in order to protect the Netherworld. Nami is too dangerous to be around and even the principal is untrustworthy. So she should run away as far as she can from this school. Cocoro tells them there’s no need to do this but Kairi straight out tells her not to say that. They won’t sit silently and allow their friend to be sacrificed. Cocoro asks if they actually believe what she’s told them and they tell her of course they do. And they’ll find a way to protect her and the world (I love these guys so much щ(ಥДಥщ)).

But they know it won’t be a simple task; so they tell her she should leave and hide until the situation is settled. Cocoro starts crying and tells them she was really scared and thought everything was hopeless. But what she didn’t realize is that she had friends who believed in her and they all comfort her. Yuyu apologizes for not helping her sooner; he’ll most likely be punished for disobeying Nami but doesn’t care any more as long as he can help her.

Yoru: “…You should rely on us more. Your soul or previous life…none of it matters.”
Yoru: “Because every one of us considers you to be an important friend.”
Cocoro: “Yes…you’re right…”

More time is needed for everyone to come up with a proper plan in order to hide Cocoro. So in the meantime she stays locked in his office while waiting for him to return. He tells her they won’t be going out for practice since Cocoro hasn’t fully recovered yet and there isn’t a target who’s soul they can hunt. But he takes her outside to try and cheer her up and they walk around together while admiring the moon. Cocoro suddenly starts throwing snowballs at him and so they end up having a fun snowball fight together. He even makes her a snow bunny (seems cute right?) but then Cocoro touches his hands cause they’re cold and his feelings are transmitted to her. She feels his desires and thoughts but knows they’re not directed towards her. She tells him that she’s not the person he loves and he only sees “Sana” but not her. He doesn’t treat her like he used to and talks to her sweetly. She misses their relationship as student and teacher. But he’s oblivious as heck and tells her she must be tired and apologizes for making her overwork herself. She wants him to look at her as his student and not as “Sana” and so she starts crying and embraces him closely. She tries to transmit her feelings to him but nope it doesn’t work and he keeps calling her “Sana” again.

The next day Cocoro was confined to Nami’s office while he went to work. Kairi and Yoru come by and tell her to come back to the dorm to discuss plans. They decide that tonight they’ll help Cocoro (gtfo) escape from Nami after her practice ends. When she gets back to his office he notices that she left but is happy to see that’s she’s back in his office. He starts up his delusional talk again and says he should probably stop working once they become a married couple. He hugs her closely and tells her she’ll do fine with her practice. So they both leave to go to the present world to hunt a soul. A random guy is murdered in a back alley and so he’s their target for tonight. Cocoro then has a revelation of what “death” really means. It shouldn’t be something scary; people should pass on peacefully so they can look forward to a new life. She finally understands Shinigami sing in order to put the mind at ease as they pass on. And so Cocoro sings a gentle song for the man and he passes on peacefully.

They meet together on a hill where the town can be seen. Cocoro tells Nami she finally understands the meaning of working as a Shinigami and will hesitate no longer. She tells him that she was going to run away from him tonight but decided against it cause she wanted to be with him and because she loves him. She wants to protect him and help him regain his heart that was robbed of him. So she won’t recreate a world with just the two of them. Instead she’ll become the next Shinigami Master and protect everyone. It’s then Nami snaps out of his delusion and realizes that he’s speaking to Cocoro not Sana. She begs him to see her feelings for him and not as “Sana” and when he comes to a realization he falls unconscious.

There’s flashback with Nami on how he met Sana. They met at a book store it was pretty much like the cliche “oh were about to pick the same book” and he let her have it. They warmed up to each other and he proposed to her. And same stuff she got shot he was sad. When he died he thought he’d finally reunite with her but ended up in the Netherworld and hated it because it didn’t have her in it. So he decided he’d search for her soul so he can spend everyday happily with her again. It’s then he met Cocoro and only saw “Sana” in her. Though his obsession died down after Cocoro was finally able to get her feelings across.

Cocoro and Nami walk back while holding hands. And thankfully he’s back to his self as “Nami-sensei” and talks to Cocoro like normal. They watch the snow together and Nami tells Cocoro he wants to eat stew because it’s cold outside. Unfortunately, nothing is all sunshine and rainbows yet. When they return to the Netherworld they’re surrounded by higher up Shinigami. They arrest both Nami and the principal for concealing Cocoro’s existance who’s the next in line to become the Shinigami Master. Cocoro tells them to stop and they tell her that she’ll be coming too and will be sent underground at once. But alas, Nami and the principal are still to be punished and if they resist they’ll punish them immediately. Nami resists of course and so the Shinigami attack him (getting hit by a scythe can kill a Shinigami). He tells Coocro to run but her legs are frozen in place as Nami is constantly bombarded by scythes. Finally, he’s hit in the chest and knocked down.

But before anything else can happen Kairi and friends arrive and help out Cocoro by kicking some Shinigami ass. They noticed she was late with her practice and went to look for her. Unfortunately they’re surrounded and at this rate will be killed by the higher up Shinigami. It’s then Cocoro yells out for them to stop and is envolved in a white light. Her father’s voice tells her to sing for the ones she loves. So she sings while thinking of protecting Nami and her friends. And cause her song is magical and has the power to heal hearts it stops the Shinigami from attacking. Apparently everyone is so moved they start crying as well. Anyway, they’re so shocked by Cocoro’s singing that they back down and call in a truce for being assholes. Nami is thankfully still alive though and they take him back to Cocoro’s room to recover. His injury is pretty severe though since he was hit by a sycthe and that’s a near death experience for Shinigami. Everyone leaves the two alone and Cocoro begs for Nami to open his eyes and he magically does–but he’s still pretty weak of course. He was about ready to drop dead but then he heard her singing and it urged him to want to keep living for her. He then gives her a big smooch.

Cocoro: “You know I’m not Sana, right?.”
Nami: “I know…”
Cocoro: “Then why…?”
Nami: “It was for Cocoro”

He then apologizes for (for being an asshole) forcing her to be with him and hurting her. He didn’t want to admit that she wasn’t Sana and to recognize her as different person. But don’t worry Nami you can make it up to her by being with her forever.

February 2nd

Several days later Cocoro accepts her fate as the next Shinigami Master and visits her father’s altar. She touches the light and is filled with all of her father’s memories of creating the Netherworld. She talks about the power of her song and how it grants wishes to those she holds dear. She wants to succeed her father and protect both the Netherworld and the present world. She asks him to lend her his power and her scythe begins to shine. She then recalls all her memories of the past lives she spent with Kairi, Syun, Ame, and Yoru (so basically she got funky w/ them all in another world) Her father’s light disappears and she succeeds in retrieving her father’s power. Everyone’s memories are restored as well and she thanks them for what they’ve done for her in her past lives. But they tell her it doesn’t matter cause they’re friends now (so they’re not her lovers but her brothers) and they’ll always be there to support her (but not make love to her im sorry you guys).

They all visit Nami in the faculty office to find he and the principal are being interrogated by a guy named Towa who was the current Shinigami Master and has supreme authority in the Netherworld. He’s pissed at Nami for concealing Cocoro for his self interest and plotting against the Netherworld. So Nami accepts his punishment and just before Towa can do anything, Cocoro intervenes and yells at him to stop. She tells him that she succeed in retrieving his father’s power so the Netherworld will soon regain it’s stability. She tells him that these two are not guilty. The principal gave her a place to stay when she awoke in the Netherworld and he was the one who found her soul. And without Nami she wouldn’t be who she is now and wouldn’t have meet her friends. So he bows down to her because she is his new ruler and obeys her command.

Time passes; Cocoro is doing her work as a Shinigami. Although Nami is nowhere to be found. The principal told him he’s thinking over his feelings and told Cocoro to give him some time alone. Soon though she receives a letter from an owl. It’s from Nami and it says he wants to talk to her at school. Once she does she runs up to him and tells him she missed him a lot. He thought a lot about things while he was away from her and came to a decision. He wants her to send his soul off with her song. Apparently he’s already started to disappear because he was hit with the scythe and her song only temporarily detained him. He tells her he’s already committed so many crimes and this is best for him anyway. He starts to fade and tells her there’s no time left. She finally agrees to sing for him and does so. His body begins to disappear and he thanks her and tells her he’s glad he could meet her. It’s then Cocoro rushes up to him and kisses him.

Nami: “…Cocoro. I love you.”
Nami: “It took a while, and I hurt you in the process…but I finally realized it.”
Cocoro: “I love you too, sensei.”
Nami: “Thank you. I wish for your happiness on the other side.”

She thanks him for meeting her and hopes for him to be happy. Because his happiness his her happiness. She tells him once her role as Shinigami Master is up that she hopes that someday she’ll be reborn again. And at that time she’ll meet him no matter what in the present world. And she’ll fall in love with him all over again. He tells her he’ll be waiting for her and finally disappears.

Re:Birth END

Kokoro is in high school as a student and Narumi (goes by Nami) is her teacher. She’s in love with him but he constantly ignores her confessions. But she hasn’t lost hope and one day her 17th birthday and she finds Narumi smoking in an empty classroom. He’s surprised to see her still here and she tells him she had supplementary lessons. He then gives her a bag of candy for her birthday. She thanks him and almost starts crying. After some silence though he tells her that he’s an adult and can’t answer her feelings so easily…at least not yet. He kisses her and then tells her that he’ll consider changing his mind once she graduates. She confesses to him again and he calls her annoying and bonks her head.

Death END

Things are back to normal and Cocoro is chilling with Nami-sensei in his office. She talks about wanting to repeat a year so she can spend more time with Nami but that’s not necessary since she’s already a full fledged Shinigami–and the Shinigami Master at that. She was offered to handle the top management of the Shinigami and the Netherworld, but she declined. Politics aren’t her thing so she’ll just be a chill Shinigami Master that does what she wants. Nami will be forced to resign as a teacher though. Cocoro then asks for them to live together. His answer is “hell yeah” and he gives her a ring and more or less proposes to her. They wish each other their best regards and then YUYU FLIES OPEN THE DOOR AND YELLS “I WANNA LIVE WITH YOU GUYS TOO!” and hugs the two. They of course tell him he’s welcome to live with them too and he says he loves them (awwwww) ಥ⌣ಥ

After Cocoro graduates from school she, Nami, and Yuyu live in a house together in the Netherworld. Several years pass from her graduation and Cocoro and Nami have a wedding in a church. Kairi and everyone feel like their daughter just got married (poor guys) and she’s off with her new lover. They wonder where the heck the bride and groom is and apparently they went off for a stoll instead of greeting the guests. So it shows Nami and Cocoro laying on the grass in their wedding attire and lazing around like usual. He tells her to call him by his name instead of “sensei” since they married now. And because she’s all embarrassed about it she calls him “Nami-san” and he says that’ll do. He tells her some really cheesy stuff like the world looks more beautiful when he’s by her side. They talk all raburabu with each other and then he tells her to sing a song for him and so she does.


It retells the story of the man and his daughter and how the Netherworld came to exist. When the founding Shinigami Master’s daughter died her regret was that she never fell in love. So he made her be reborn over and over again always on her 17th birthday. This fate was repeated and before long she met the special soul of five people. In the Meiji era she met Narumi or Nami. In the Taishou era she met Hotaru or Ame. In the Showa era she met Haruto or Syun. In the Heisei era she Kairi or Takumi and Yoru or Yaichi. The founding Shinigami Master then thanks them all for showing his daughter love.

Thoughts: I’m finally completely done. This route was one heck of a ride, honestly. Nami was an interesting character from start to finish. But I have to admit I didn’t expect him to have a weird personality switch. I guess it shows how obsessed he was with Sana and how much he wanted her back. I felt really bad for Cocoro and it pissed me off when Nami made her hunt souls. But he knew what he did was wrong and he clearly regretted it. Though the romance between Cocoro and Nami didn’t feel like anything special to me. I think what I liked most about this route was the friendship aspect and seeing how much everyone cares about Cocoro. It kinda went out the window though cause while they were trying to protect her from Nami, she end up loving him anyway. They more or less made Nami a villain throughout most of this route and that’s probably one of the main reasons his romance just felt rushed and bland (aside from their random date).

The story was wrapped up nicely too. I gotta admit though the whole rebirth in separate worlds and such reminded me a lot of Amnesia. Especially the fact that Nami watched Cocoro be reborn over and over again (and she always died on her 17th birhday). But I really loved every single one of these characters. Maybe not all the routes were my tastes, and the story wasn’t perfect, but I loved this game a lot. It was pretty obvious that Cocoro was the Shingami Master’s daughter but it was easy to figure out as you play. Good for Nami getting two kiss CGs like Yoru. Syun and Ame are left with none…I’m gonna be forever disappointed about that. Syun was definitely my favorite route though, I can’t get enough of precious my syundere. I think I’ll make an over all review of this game so I can get more of my thoughts out.

One thought on “Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~ Shinigami Kareshi ~ Nami

  1. OMG! You did! You made review of all guys! ASMDIASODHASDUIASGASBX! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ⊂((・▽・))⊃ Last time that I visited your blog, Syun’s route still was the only and today, when I see… TADA! MASDKASDASOHDASXVASYUD (sorry, I’m still fangirling! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))))

    Well, like I said in my last comment, I wont read the reviews until play the routes. I scrolled down quickly for not see spoilers, haha! Even your thoughts I didn’t read now. Sorry! But when I finish the game, I’ll back for make an better comment xD

    Thanks again! asdmasodaj!

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