Taishou x Alice Episode I – Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood/Akazukin (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) – A police officer who tends to be calm, cool, and collected, but can surprisingly flip out due to his tsuntsun.

When Akazukin was young his mother was never around basically and told him to be a good boy and not associate with others cause they’re all wolves. He was lonely and ended up meeting a boy who had a really kind grandmother. He got to know the grandmother really well and even got flowers for her. She made him a red hood hence his name. One day the boy Ookami, wanted to make a secret base around the lake. He ended up falling in the lake though and almost drowning. During which the hunter mistook Akazukin as Ookami and told him to go see his grandmother since she collapsed and was bedridden. He leaves the drowning Ookami (who’s rescued by the man) to go see her and when she asks if he’s Ookami, he says he is and pretends that he’s him. So the grandmother dies and because Akazukin broke his mother’s promise she left him. So he decided to isolate himself and closed off his heart.

After years passed he saw the man who mistook him for Ookami with a girl or his sister, Yurika. And so he sent threatening letters to her and posed as a police officer that would protect Yurika from a wolf’s threat. So he stays at her place for a week while she goes to school and makes meals for him here and there. He acts very cold at first and only mentions his duties and will only stand like a meter from Yurika. He also always eats canned food. She’s very persistent though which makes their relationship 1000x times funnier. One day they go to a lake and Yurika falls in. Azakukin grabs her hand but immediately lets go cause he can’t touch a girl without freaking out and starts hyperventilating cause he can’t believe he grabbed this girl and let’s go of her arm. She falls in the lake and then gets a nosebleed from her wet clothes (cause it’s see-through).

He screams like no tomorrow and yells at her to change her clothes LOL. It’s then Yurika realizes that he’s not as stone cold as he appears, he’s actually just a tsundere who’s bad with girls. So thanks to that Yurika catches a cold and he has to take care of her basically. He tries to get the towel from her head and literally flips out while doing so while Yurika is just like “wtf” but it’s incredibly hilarious. He eventually catches her cold and falls unconscious on her bed while hugging her closely. If it isn’t obvious, yes he screamed like a mad man when he woke up next to her. Pretty sure he was laying there thinking “omg did we just do the do???” Thank you Maeno for those priceless moments.

As time passes though Akazukin begins to warm up to Yurika and actually does want to protect her. He finally opens up about his past too and tells Yurika about his grandmother that he truly admired and made his red hood along with many delicious cakes. Yurika tries to make him yummy cakes as well to match his grandmother’s. The “other wolf” ends up sending a threat as well and destroys the flowers that Akazukin left for her. It makes her upset so she starts crying and Akazukin tries to comfort her but touching her hand and says he’ll protect her. All in all, it’s pretty sweet. One day Yurika skips class and chills with Ookami and even forces him to lay his head on her lap. He gets really sentimental though cause of his whole situation but Yurika says she forgives him regardless of whatever he’s hiding.

Then one day Yurika decides to visit her friend aka Ookami who is apparently sick. She goes along with Ookami then gets kidnapped by hunter. He tells her to play her role and throws her into a room along with Alice. He bitches for a while but then it shows Akazukin running around looking desperately for Yurika. He encounters Alice who tells him that Yurika is at the lake. It’s there he finds Ookami holding Yurika hostage. Akazukin begs for him to release her. He then reveals that he’s his childhood friend and so Akaukin apologizes over and over and begs him to keep Yurika out of this. But Ookami forces him to remove his hood first and so he removes his hood to reveal the wolf ears!! (shocker) Anyway, he tells him that he was in the wrong. He’d deceived her and he was the wolf all along. Ookami yells him he wants revenge for his grandmother and will rid of Yurika like he did of his grandma. He claims it’s a punishment for his sins and just before he can do anything, Akazukin jumps at him and they all fall into the lake.

After Yurika wakes up Akazukin’s really happy to see her safe and hugs her. Yurika apologizes to him though cause it’s then revealed that apparently this whole thing was staged, a set-up, all planned by her, hunter, and Ookami. They just wanted him to stop blaming himself and face himself and his sins. Apparently Ookami had visited his grandmother before she died and she told him to take care of Akazukin because he’s a very lonely boy who needs a good friend. Ookami never bore a grudge against Akazukin and actually just wanted to know where the heck he’d been all these years. He also had surgery so his body wasn’t weak anymore. This was all planned when Yurika got the threatening letter apparently. She knew all along and apologized for deceiving him. And he forgives her and himself. Yurika can’t hold in her lurve anymore and hugs him. He flips out as usual and she gives him a nice smooch too and he ends up fainting on the floor. His poor heart couldn’t handle it lol.

In the epilogue Akazukin visits Yurika and brings her carnations which were flowers he gave to the grandmother cause they have all sorts of love meanings to them. He also finally confesses to her (although it took a lot of effort HAha).

Thoughts: WHERE DO I BEGIN? Akazukin was sooooooooooo adorable. Not only was he tsundere, but he was soooo moe too. Like, you can’t go wrong with characters like these. AND HE SCREAMED A LOT. It was so funny to hear Maeno scream like a little girl. He flipped out more times than I can count and I loved it. It was certainly different from what I’m used to hearing Maeno voice. It sucks it was so short though. For PC games its easier to write while playing but I wrote this up AFTER playing because I could pretty much summarize what happened in my head. Anyways this was a short but fun route. This this guy was literally a nosebleeding dork. It reminded me of Koujaku tbh, not to mention this cg.

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