あやかしごはん ~おかわりっ!~ Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~ Uta


Uta (CV: Shimono Hiro) has warmed up to Rin a lot more and he’s so new to love that even his first kiss is moe as hell. I swear the Inushima bros are just two tsundere losers. I’ll warn you now that this route is full of ラブラブ and cute scenes that’ll just make you melt.(人´∀`*)

Rin is in the kitchen waiting for Uta and Tsuzuri to come home. When they do, they’re both covered in mud. Rin tells the two to go take a bath and Yomi make a comment that Rin is like their mother LOL. Gin’s like well aside from Tsuzuri Rin and Uta are lovers so they’re be more like husband and wife. While they’re eating dinner together Uta raves on about how good the food is and keeps shoving it down.

Later that day Rin and Uta sit on the veranda together. Uta has studies to do so Rin offers to help him out with it. After their spring break is over, they’ll be starting a new school year. Rin says she’s looking foward to it since it’ll be her first spring with them all. Rin admires the stars and Uta suddenly gets quiet all of a sudden. He’s about to say something then Gin interrupts to ask what they’re doing. Gin realizes he interrupted something and Uta’s all “NO YOU DIDN’T” anyway they wish each other best regards for the upcoming school year.

Finally spring vacation had ended and it was a new school term. On their first day Yomi goes on ahead to give Uta and Rin some alone time, haha. On their way there, Ayakashi start gossiping about Uta getting together with a human. Uta gets flustered over this and tells them to stop gossiping lol. Apparently it’s thanks to Kami-sama who blabbed about Uta and Rin being all ラブラブ with each other. Once they get to class, everyone congratulates Rin and Uta for becoming a couple. And of course, Haginosuke was the one who told everyone which makes everyone gossip and ask Rin and them various questions. Uta gets flustered and tells them to stop making fun of him LOL. They remember how badly they got along before and that Uta used to call Rin “gloomy woman”. Though Uta mentions Rin has changed a lot and even mutters that she’s gotten cuter. Kami-sama suddenly appears to tease them for their ラブラブ time. He then whispers in Uta’s ear some Ayakashi were wondering how far they’ve gone LOL. Everyone one else comes over to listen as well leaving Rin just standing there confused. Uta admits they haven’t really done anything and he’s only kissed her on the cheek. Everyone is literally shocked and Kami-sama even blurts out, “YOU LIVE UNDER THE SSAME ROOF AND YET THE ONLY THING YOU’VE DONE IS A KISS ON THE CHEEK?!” Though it’s not like much changed and he’s still living with Gin and Tsuzuri. Though this leads them to believe he hasn’t been conscious of that fact that they’re living together. Anyway, Rin tries asking what they’re talking about but he says its nothing even though it’s obviously not. And so they all wish Uta good luck.

Once they get home, Uta still hasn’t told Rin what they talked about which made her more curious. Uta is obviously now more conscious of them living together and so when she calls out to him, he gets completely flustered. Rin notices this occurring a lot lately with Uta getting flustered at home often and so she asks Haginosuke at school what’s up with him lately. Haginosuke hesitantly admits that they were teasing Uta for only kissing her on the cheek. Rin gets really embarrassed though he admits that they pretty much forced it out of him. He does think they should try kissing for real though and Rin mutters it’s not like she doesn’t want to. It’s then she hears a sound from outside the class and finds Uta there. She thought he headed home but apparently he came back because he thought she may need some help. He did hear the conversation in the process though. Anyway, Haginosuke tells Rin he’ll finish up and so she walks home with Uta. They walk silently until sudden Rin asks Uta if he wants to kiss. Uta stops in his tracks and blushes furiously. He finally admits that he does want to. He wants to touch, kiss, and hold her hands more. He then touches her cheeks and draws closer to her. And just as he’s about to kiss her–Manatsu interrupts by calling out to them. They separate immediately while completely embarrassed. Manatsu suggest walking home with them and Uta’s like “NO WAAAY, BRO” and tries shooing him away. So once he finally leaves, Uta and Rin walk home together.

The next morning Uta and Rin are immediately embarrassed to see each other. Even during school they have the same awkward atmosphere. When Rin is invited to eat with the girls she does so. They want to hear all about Uta and her. Rin actually have a question and so she asks how a first kiss is and usually done. They tell her it’s usually on a ferris wheel at night, or viewing the town lit by lights, or in a classroom lit by the sunset. They suggest they she makes the surprise attack though Rin gets totally embarrassed by thinking of herself trying to kiss him LOL.

So Rin makes some various attempts to find the right timing to kiss Uta. Like in the living room, before she goes to bed, and on the way to school. But no luck and things just get even more awkward between the two. Uta then has a conversation with Gin and asks him how a first kiss should be. Gin tells him that their situations are different but a first kiss is something that is a lifetime memory for a girl. Uta is still racking his mind for answers but is still not sure what to do. Apparently Gin does offer him some piece of advice though.

One night Uta quickly tells Rin that they’ll be taking the train tomorrow at 9:00 AM. After he leaves, Rin just realizes that Uta just invited her out on a date. The next morning he briskly walks out with her. He tells her that they’re going out of town and so they take the train to the city. And so he grabs her hand and they start their first date together. First they go to the movie theater and Uta makes a lot of noise so Rin has to tell him to be quiet LOL. Then they go shopping and Rin asks Uta what sort of clothes looks good. He doesn’t know so he tells her to just try them on. Once she does he’s all in awe and mutters she looks cute. After that they relax by the park and eat crepes together. Suddenly a little boy falls over and drops his crepe so Uta offers his instead. The boy declines though cause his mommy said not to take things from strangers! but thanks him anyway. This totally confuses Uta but Rin basically explains it’s the sort of things kids are taught at a young age. So after that, Rin and Uta finally get on the train home.

Uta asks if Rin had fun on the date and she tells him that it was a lot of fun. Uta of course thought so too. He also felt it was a bit of a learning experience since he was able to see how different the world is outside the village. After some silence, Uta hesitantly asks Rin if he can kiss her. Rin’s surprised at him suddenly asking that, but Uta says that a girl’s first kiss is important and he doesn’t want to force it on her or anything. He wanted their first kiss to be a day full of a fun and happy memories. Which is why he took her out on a date. Apparently Gin was the one who gave him that advice. Rin musters up the courage and tells him that she wants to kiss him too. And so they hold each other’s hands and finally kiss for the first time.


Spring has ended and it’s finally Summer. When Uta sees Rin in her summer uniform he gets blushy and says it looks good on her. So that day Rin has an interview on what her future plans are for school such as entering university. Uta doesn’t really understand the difference between University and High School so Rin explains it to him. He thinks it could be fun but his plans are to stay in the village since that’s his duty.

It’s then Uta notices a strange power coming from the shrine. He runs over there to find a strange Ayakashi who’s all Oh, who’s this cute human?” to Rin. It’s then Kami-sama appears wondering what all the noise is about and Uta explains there’s a strange outsider Ayakashi. His name is Nagi and apparently both Kami-sama and Uta were acquaintances of his. Though Uta didn’t remember him since it was long time ago. Anyway, Nagi gets close to Rin and asks her to show her face to him more. Uta tells him not to get too close to her and he wonders why he cares so much. It’s then Kami-sama admits that they’re both lovers. So Nagi asks Uta if he fell in love with Rin and he’s all “yep, she’s my important lover!” Nagi can tell Kami-sama has gladly accepted romantic relations between humans and Ayakashi and is all “Ooh, interesting” until finally he has a revelation. He’s actually been trying to look for a bride on this land and decided that he’ll make Rin his bride. Kami-sama says this is some quite unexpected development and Uta freaks out saying “NOPE…!” so Nagi suggest they have a match in order to determine who gets Rin. And whoever wins will get Rin as their bride lol. So Uta’s like “Ohh, you’re on!” and accepts his challenge. That night, Rin is anxious about it but Uta is fairly confident and so she wishes him luck.

The next couple days Uta has a sort of “training session” in order to ready himself for his match with Nagi. Rin tells him not to overwork himself and Uta promises he won’t and will make absolute sure he wins. So day after day and night, Uta is exercising and works his way to get stronger. Apparently this match of theirs has started quite an uproar among other Ayakashi since Nagi is known as a strong god and it seems foolish for Uta to challenge him. So, once the day of the match comes, the whole area around the shrine is bustling with Ayakashi ready to watch. And so just as their about to begin, Nagi annouces they’ll be sumo wrestling. So once the match starts Uta is immediately knocked back. Nagi tells him that if this is the extent of his power, then he’s too weak. He asks him if he think he can protect the village or even Rin with such weak power. Uta gets pissed and suddenly Rin cheers him on. It’s then Uta musters all his strength and pushes Nagi back out of the ring; making Uta the winner. Uta doesn’t look so pleased though but Nagi tells him he’s won and Rin is his to keep. Nagi then tells Kami-sama he’ll be staying in the village until next spring.

Later that day they have dinner to celebrate Uta winning. They all congratulate him but Rin could tell he was forcing himself to smile. That night Rin finds Uta downstairs and Rin wonders what’s wrong. Uta knows he can’t hide anything from her, so he tells her that during their match Nagi let him win. Uta finds it mortifying that he’s so weak and that their difference in power is so great. Nevertheless Rin thinks Uta looked cool the way he confronted Nagi for her sake. So she thanks him for doing his best. Uta holds her close and thanks her. It then shows Kami-sama and Nagi having a drink. Kami-sama realizes that Nagi was only using Rin as an excuse to test Uta’s power and wonders why. Nagi tells him it’s because he had an interest in Uta. He’s realized how much he’s changed since he’s seen him last so he wants to stay in the village in order to observe Uta.

Exams are finally coming up and not everyone has a lot of free time anymore. Hence why they want to spend the rest of the time they have left as much as possible. At the start of summer break, Rin has a study session with Haginosuke and the rest of her class. While she’s studying with the other girls in her class, one of them ask if Rin will be lonely being separated from Uta since she won’t be going to the same school with Uta for more than a few years. Rin says it would be lonely but she knows she can always come back to the village to see him. Though the girls wonder if Uta himself would be lonely which Rin is unsure of herself. When Rin gets back from school she sees Uta there who was waiting for her. She’s about to ask him something but then Nagi appears out of nowhere. Uta wonders why he’s here and apparently he just wanted to eat a delicious meal made by Gin. Uta’s clearly annoyed by him being there and Nagi asks if he’s jealous of his wondrous strength. Uta denies it as he teases him and then suggests to make him his apprentice in order to make him stronger. Uta is all “hell nooo!” but Nagi insists and tells him that they can start tomorrow.


The next day Nagi literally drags Uta outside to start their training. That day Uta is gone for most of the day and when he comes home late, he’s completely exhausted. So Uta trains for a couple days and then Nagi comes over one time to eat Gin’s food. He suggests that Rin comes to see Uta’s training since he believes Uta will work harder if he has Rin watching him. So the next day Rin comes with Uta to watch him train. Rin is worried he’s overworking himself but Uta tells Rin that Nagi made him realize that he still lacks power considering he’s in charge of defending the village. So later on they take a break and roast fish on a fire to eat. Rin asks what brought Nagi to the village and Nagi tells them of his adventures and the places he’s been. Uta and Nagi start bonding a bit and Rin feels a bit out of place since they’re both Ayakashi. On their way back they run into Haginosuke who reminds them they promised to make fireworks together.

So everyone gathers at night to play with some fireworks. Afterwords, Nagi notices Rin looks somewhat down. She tells Nagi about her situation with school and how she would be separated from everyone in the village including Uta. He tells her that an Ayakashi and human’s flow of time is different so four years at University wouldn’t be very long. He tells her not to feel so lonesome if she plans to be with Uta. Uta then appears and asks if Rin’s okay. She says she is and so he gives her some sparklers to light.

Rin worked hard on her studies as Uta continued to trained over summer. Finally it was the summer festival at the shrine. So Rin and the others met up at the festival together. They go to various stalls together and while Rin is getting a candy apple for Tsuzuri, she finds Uta playing the shooting game. Uta gives Tsuzuri a prize and then asks Rin to come with him. Rin wonders why they separated from everyone and apparently he just wanted some alone time with her. So they scoop fish together and since Rin isn’t so good at it, Uta gives her some pointers. He gets pretty close to her and she becomes more conscious of it. Once Uta realizes this he gets embarrassed too lol. Afterwords Uta tells Rin that she seemed down lately so he’s glad he could see her have fun. He tells her that if she ever has something on her mind she should consult him. So Rin asks Uta if he’ll be lonely when she goes off to university. Uta says he’d obviously feel lonely and this surprises Rin. He tells her that it’s only natural he’d feel lonely being separated from her for 4 years. He apologizes for sounding pathetic but she tells him he’s not at all. She also would feel very lonely parting from him. Rin tells him that even if they’re separated for 4 years, she’ll definitely return to the village no matter what. It’s then Uta has a saddened look on his face. He’s about to say something but then fireworks start to go off. Rin says it’s beautiful and he agrees. It’s then Uta quietly grasps Rin’s hand and fits a ring on her finger.


Apparently Uta won it at the shooting game stall and wanted to give it to her. He tells her that even though they’ll be lonely when they separate, they can still make memories now to make them work hard for their future. So when she finishes high school, and as long as they’re together, they’ll make plenty of memories. And so they exchange a kiss.

It was the finally day of summer break and Tsuzuri brought Rin downstairs. Apparently it was the anniversary of when she first came to live with them so they all congratulated her. Soon Autumn came and everyone was preparing for the cultural festival. They decided they’d do a cafe this year. A classmate named Horikawa who’s pretty popular in the class is helping out with making the cake. Rin plans to make chiffon cake and sweet potato as a recipe for the class. When Rin mentions a guy in class helping out to make it, he teases Uta to not let him snatch Rin away from him. The next couple days Rin makes a test cake for Kami-sama and Nagi to try. Nagi asks Rin if Uta told her anything and this confuses Rin and asks if there was something he was to tell her. Though Nagi just says it’s nothing and tells her to tell Uta to continue to do his best with his training.

One day Rin’s friends leave after school and Horikawa suggest to walk Rin to the entrance. He tells her she’s really changed since he first met her and she seems a lot happier. Rin says she didn’t realize he noticed this and he tells her it’s because he’s been watching her for a while now. He then says it’s safe to say that he likes her, but he realized that she’s in love with Uta. But he noticed how happy she looked with Uta and how it’s changed her. He’s a bit jealous but is happy for the two. It’s then Uta walks in to pick up Rin and return home. On the way back he told her that he heard Horikawa say he likes her. Though he can understand why since he fell in love with her charm, but Rin tells him that she fell in love with the Uta who made her who she is now. It’s then Uta suddenly asks if he’s okay with being his lover. Rin is speechless at first but then Uta says “Just kidding!” and completely disregards the whole thing.

The day of the cultural festival finally arrives. All the Ayakashi that Rin had met before arrive as well as Kami-sama and Nagi. Once Rin is on her break Uta suggest they enjoy the festival together. They went into a haunted house and Rin was scared. Though Uta teases her for it and she calls him a “baka” and bonks him. He then starts to pinch her cheeks and some guys tease him for flirting with his girlfriend in the middle of the hallway. Though strangely enough, Uta has a bit of a sullen look on his face. Later that day there’s a bonfire and the rest of the gang is ready to go outside. Though Uta wasn’t there so Rin decided to go look for him. She finds him looking lonesome in a classroom and decides to call out to him. She asks what he’s doing there all by himself and he says he was watching the campire. He asks her to sit with him and so she does. Rin tells him she had a lot of fun today and thanks him for making more memories with her. Rin can tell he seems off so she tells him to tell her if he has something on his mind. He finally reveals that he was considering leaving the village with Nagi next spring. He’s really grown while training with Nagi, but he’s still ignorant of the world. So he wants to learn more about the places outside the village. He doesn’t no how long it’ll be but he wants the knowledge and the experience so he can continue to protect the village. He asks if she’s angry and she tells him she’s not. She wishes to support him for his decision. He tells her to do her best for her studies and he’ll do his best too.

It was finally winter and Rin was studying hard while Uta was still training with Nagi. She feels a bit inferior and is trying her absolute hardest in order to catch up to Uta. One day Uta makes to remind Rin not to overwork herself and she assures him she won’t. She tells him to hurry up and meet Nagi since she’s fine. Rin studies until pretty late before she realizes what time it is. Just as she’s about to leave, she encounters Horikawa who notices she’s still there. Rin tells him she was studying but couldn’t really concentrate. Horikawa then invites her to a study session. She thanks him for inviting her but says she’s fine. Just as she’s about to leave, she asked if something happened between her and Uta. She’s surprised he could tell but he figured from the way she acted and how she hadn’t been around Uta lately. He asks if she wants to talk about it and so she spills it all out. She tells him about her anxiousness in Uta’s dream, how she doesn’t feel like she’s advancing in her studies, and how she feels unsure about her future. She starts to cry and Horikawa tells her that lots of people are unsure of their future and she’s not alone. Even he himself is unsure of what he wants to do ahead of university. He tells her she should tell Uta her feelings since he’d worry about her and she agrees. Just as they leave the classroom, they find Uta there who came to get Rin since it was getting late. Before Horikawa leaves, he assures nothing happened between the two of them and they were just talking. Uta asks Rin what they talked about and she hesitated to speak. He asks her why she didn’t come to him first since they promised to tell each other everything. Rin then retorts that Uta should of told her right away when he said he was leaving the village. She thinks 4 years wouldn’t be a big deal to him. Or whether it be 10 years, 20 years, or even forever. Her flow of time is different than him, and no matter how much they try to overlook it, Ayakashi and humans are different. She tells him that her feelings can’t be understood by Uta as an Ayakashi and it’d be better if he was human. This shocks Uta and Rin then realizes what she said and apologizes. Even so, Uta remains silent and says they should go home.

The next day Uta and Rin continue to not talk with each other. Though Gin and everyone can tell there’s something wrong. At school Horikawa tries to talk with Uta but he avoids him. Rin apologizes to Horikawa for yesterday and he asks if he was able to speak with him. He can tell by her silence she hadn’t though. Rin knows she was in the wrong for what she said to Uta. Though can only think she said it because deep down she doesn’t accept Uta as an Ayakashi. She was full of herself when thinking of living with Uta as an Ayakashi so she ended up hurting him.

While Uta is training with Nagi, he struggles to avoid his attacks so he can tell something is up. When he asks, he tells him that Rin said he would better better off as a human and that a human and Ayakashi’s time is different. Nagi then says this is why he believes he should’ve told Rin sooner that he planned to leave the village before things got complicated. He asks Nagi what he should since he’s completely at a loss. It really hurt him when Rin said that, but he knows he was the one who caused it. He’s a afraid he’ll continue to hurt her and doesn’t know what to say to her. He starts to believe that she should be with a kind human like Horikawa. Nagi then suddenly asks him if he wants him to make him human in that case. For a god like him, changing a race would be easy. Uta hesitates but Nagi insists. Nagi tells him to come closer but Uta tells him to stop while blinded in a bright light.

Rin and the others are waiting for Uta to come back from his training and notice he’s taking much longer than usual. Just as Rin’s about to leave to go look for him, Nagi comes back with an unconscious Uta. Yomi asks what happened to him and he says he’s realized Rin’s wish. He puts him down and Rin tells him to wake up. Nagi tells them that he should wake up tomorrow and notice something interesting then. So they carry Uta back to his room and Rin decides to watch over him.

When Uta finally wakes up, he literally dashes out of the house to find Nagi. He asks what the meaning of this is and yells at him to change him back immediately. He grabs ahold of his collar and Nagi easily knocks him aside. Rin asks what’s going on and he says it’s as he told her before, he realized her wish and he absorbed Uta’s Ayakashi power. Rin realizes it’s thanks to what she said and Nagi is all “Yeah, isn’t this what you wanted?” and explains that Uta’s power is now equal to that of a human. Rin isn’t too pleased about it though, and tells him to return Uta’s power. He assures her not to worry and that it’s only temporary. But until his power does come back, he should have a taste life as a human and leaves. Rin starts apologizing since she knows it’s her fault but Uta tells her not to worry about it since his power should return sooner or later. Rin is surprised at how calm he is, but regardless she apologizes again for what she said to him. So they return home and explain the situation to Gin and Yomi. They’re concerned about it, but Uta says it should be fine since his powers will return. He says he’s hungry and leaves and his buoyant attitude confuses Yomi.

Several days have passed and Uta’s power still hasn’t returned. He starts to not realize an Ayakashi call out to him and the movement in his body dulls too. Nevertheless, Uta acts the same as usual. One day while Rin is shopping for Gin, she decides to take a detour to meet with Nagi. He asks what’s wrong since it’s unusual for her to appear on her own and she begs him to return Uta’s power. He asks why he should do that and she says she fell in love with the Uta who’s an Ayakashi that couldn’t bring himself to hate humans. Nagi explains that in sealing his power, the way to regain it is for him to strongly want it back. In other words, Uta doesn’t truly wish to return to an Ayakashi. Therefore, without his desire to do so, he can’t change back. Rin doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want to be an Ayakashi again though. Nagi suggests he should talk with him but Rin is afraid they might quarrel. Nagi lectures that they both need to settle their differences and come to an understanding; otherwise he’ll no longer associate with Uta. This makes Rin come to a realization and agrees to do so and says she’ll talk with Uta.


That night Rin comes into Uta’s room. He asks what’s wrong since she has a serious look on her face. Just before Rin can speak, Uta pulls her on top of the bed. He asks how her studies have been going and she doesn’t understand why he’s suddenly bringing that up. Regardless she tells him it’s been fine though she hasn’t been able to concentrate very much because she’s been worrying about Uta. She asks him what’s on his mind and wonders if he should be training. Though he says has fun going to school like normal and helping out with the shop. Rin says she’s glad she can spend time with Uta like this, and he agrees. And now tha his Ayakashi power is lost, he’s able to spend his time normally while not worrying about the time spent. She asks why he’s so calm when his very own power that makes up him is gone. He admits when his powers were lost, he was slightly relieved. Rin can hardly believe it and he says he felt cornered when she was striving through his studies while he just spent his time idly in the village. He felt pathetic not knowing anything outside the village. So in order to grow as an Ayakashi, he wanted to leave the village. But even so, he’s at a loss for what to do. He wasn’t sure if it’s what he really wanted nor did he want to leave Rin waiting. He was scared to know her reaction, hence why he took so long to tell Rin and the timing was bad. He was stupid and only saw what was important in the future rather than the present. He apologizes for leaving her to worry all alone. Rin then explains she too was unsure of her future, but seeing Uta work so hard made her want to try and catch up to him. She knows she should’ve said something sooner, but kept it hidden. And when she couldn’t hold it all in, she spilled it all out to Horikawa. Uta realizes that they really are smiliar, but he does wish taht Rin told him rather than Horikawa first since he is her boyfriend after all. Rin realizes he’s sulking and he tells her of course he. Rin apologizes and tells him the reason she didn’t tell him is because she didn’t want to hurt him. Rin admits when he first said he was going to leave the village, the thought of him leaving made her feel very lonely. But she didn’t want to interfere with his dream so she couldn’t bear to tell him. Uta is glad she told him and admits that when she mentioned going off to University he felt lonely about it too. He tells her that there’s no need to hide their feelings anymore and he wants to share their pleasure and sadness. He makes her promise to always tell him next time since he’ll always be willing to listen.

Rin fell asleep with Uta wrapped around her. She then wakes up in the middle of the night hearing someone calling her. She goes outside to find Nagi who wanted to know if she talked to Uta properly. She tells him that she did and they mutually expressed their feelings. She thanks him for giving her the push to tell him. It’s then suddenly Nagi’s appearance changes into the demon that Uta had previously defeated. Apparently it’s his original appearance and he’d been waiting for this chance to devour her. He tries to attack her and so she starts to run. She runs as fast as she can but unfortunately Nagi is able to catch up. It’s right before Rin is attacked, Uta shows up in his beastly form to protect Rin. So he and Nagi start lunging attacks at each other. It’s then that Nagi reverts to his original form and tells him to stop since it was just an act to lure out Uta. He wasn’t really going to hurt Rin. Uta is pretty pissed though and asks why the heck he did it. Though Nagi says he should know better than anyone. Uta then realizes that with the desire of protecting Rin, he was able to regain his former power. And so Uta realizes he likes being an Ayakashi. Because as an Ayakashi, he’s able to protect what’s important to him like Rin and the village. And so, he wants to obtain even more power. Even if he has to leave the village, he wants to advance on that road. He pleads for Nagi to train him and he accepts.


And so, just before Uta and Rin return home, Uta tells her he wants to show her something that only he as an Ayakashi can show her. He changes into his dog-like appearance and Rin gets on his back. So he starts flying through the sky like a bird. Rin is in awe and tells him that she really does love him as an Ayakashi. She loves all of him. He thanks her and tells her that he loves her as a human. He knows it’ll be hard separating from her, but he wants to continue to get stronger so he can protect her.

Soon it’s already New Years and Uta and everyone go out to the shrine together. Soon Uta and Rin end up getting separated ((on Haginosuke’s behalf)) so they hold hands and walk through the stalls together. Rin and Uta meet up Kami-sama and Nagi. It’s almost pring and Nagi asks if Rin is prepared for her separation with Uta. Rin admits she’ll feel lonely since she always wanted him to stay in the village. However, she made a promise with Uta that he’d leave and become a wonderful Ayakashi when coming back. So she’s looking foward to seeing an even cooler side of Uta. Uta then asks why Nagi had done so much for both him and Rin. After a long pause, he admits he once fell in love with a human woman. But because of their differences, they couldn’t come to an understanding of each other. Nagi doesn’t want them to make the same mistake as he did since he so easily gave up. Uta thanks him and says he’ll be indebted for the years to come.

On New Years day they all have a nice meal together. Afterwords, Rin goes off to study and Uta works hard with his training. So time passes and Rin finally takes her exam. And on the day of her results Uta and the others are waiting patiently for Rin to get back. Once she does, she announces that she successfully passed her exam. Uta’s so happy for Rin he almost throws her in the air. And so everyone congratulates her and she thanks them all.

So time continues to pass and Rin makes to spend all of her time with Uta. One day they walk near the shrine hand-in-hand together while it’s still snowing. Uta decides to snatch a kiss from her so Rin gets embarrassed and steals a kiss from him too.


Finally it’s spring and the day of Rin and everyone’s graduation. And so after everyone congratulating one another, they all go home to enjoy a delicious meal to celebrate. And so, they all ready themselves to say good to Uta on his departure with Nagi. Uta says goodbye to Yomi and then finally Rin. He asks if she’ll be lonely when he’s gone and she nods. He then hugs her closely and Rin starts crying in his arms. She tells him she’ll grow up a lot too.

Best End


Several years later, Rin graduates and returns to the village. Uta had returned from training as well. Rin worked in some office job and Uta fully supported her. Soon they got married several years later and had a son and daughter. So it shows the four of them resting together while Rin talks to Uta about a happy dream she had. Many years past and Rin is on her deathbed. It then shows Uta thanking Rin for being there and showing him how to love. And for giving him the strength in order to protect her. She thanks him as well and says she loves him before she passes on.

Good End


After Rin see’s Uta off on his journey, she goes to University. Once she finally graduates after 4 years, she visits the village she knows and loves. She can’t wait to see Gin and the others though isn’t sure when she’ll see Uta again. Once Rin gets off the train, she hears Uta call out her name. He picks her up and she’s surprised to see him. Apparently he flew expressively to come see her since he heard she was coming back to the village.

Bad End

After Nagi tells Rin she should talk to Uta, she runs to go find him. Unfortunately, as she’s running home the whole forest turns dark and she hears the roar of a beast. It’s then a demon appears and tries to attack Rin. Soon Uta appears in his dog-like form to kill the demon just before he can harm Rin. When he turns back into his human form, he apologizes. He wanted to try and live as a human but he was meant to be an Ayakashi. He apologizes again and again before disappearing and never encountering Rin again.

Thoughts:   Ahh, Uta was so adorable throughout the entire route (´ε` )♡ I’m so glad he’s basically tsuntsun like Yomi it makes it all the more cuter when he stutters on his words LOL. Anyway, this route was a huge step up for romance than in the original.  If you’re an Uta fan you’ll be more than pleased to know he’s got lots of ラブラブ moments.  Anyway, as for the route itself I think it was well-written. Nagi’s purpose kinda confused me at first ((and I’m not gonna lie he tricked me twice wtf)) but yeah he was a pretty good character I’ll admit. Uta’s best end was really good but tbh his good end just seemed like a chunk of his best end? And the bad end was a joke it was literally like “lol bye” and then over. Also more tears… (ಥ﹏ಥ) This FD likes to hit you where it hurts…

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