KLAP!! ~Kind Love And Punish~ Sousuke


Sousuke (CV: Yuuki Kaji) is a little sassy yukionna–well, obviously he’s not an “onna” but he’s half the “yuki” minus the “onna”. So he’s a rarity male breed basically. Anyway, he’s, so to speak, an ice-hearted guy who’s an complete ass to Koyomi for various heart-wrenching reasons, I assure you.

He was born from a yukionna and a human (so he’s actually half) and they both live in Tokyo together. So his actual age is 18 in human years. He wasn’t old enough to enter the disciplinary school so he couldn’t go to the human world. He stayed in an orphanage for the majority of his life and like any other “half-breed” he was picked on because of this. He likes to snowboard apparently and can even summon giant ass snowman out of nowhere. Which he did, during his gym class, and it toppled over on Ryo.


During the festival he partners up with Koyomi instead of his partner cause he got injured during another event. So they do a steeplechase for their sports day. So they run while there’s explosions for the hurdles LOL. Even when Haruka manages to catch up to them he gets blown away by an explosion and flies into the sky like team rocket lmao. Koyomi gets kinda anxious around the explosions and Sousuke gets close to her and says he’ll protect her from it. She gets total dokidokis cause he’s close and he teases her for it. So Sousuke and her manage to win the race! And that, she tells him she had a lot of fun and he looked really cool. He gets embarrassed (I assume) and runs off saying he’s gotta go home. Koyomi wonders if she said something to put him off but… meh. Suddenly, Shion appears.

Sousuke has to be whipped back to normal because of the sports day stimulation basically. And so once Koyomi tickles him back to normal, to repay her, he takes her to a family restaurant and makes her feed him lol.

After that, during summer break Koyomi runs into Sousuke. She finds out he was heading to the library–but not to study. Instead he was gonna go to nap and read manga lol. She asks if he even started his summer break homework, which he hadnt. So she forces him to do it at school. And so he does with no problems cause he’s surprisingly able to do it all correctly when he gives forth the effort. Koyomi is really surprised since he gives off such a idgaf attitude. But apparently its because he has a goal to accomplish. But when Koyomi asks what it is, he gets quiet and says its a secret.

When he finally leaves after studying, Koyomi notices he left his penguin keychain. She finds Sousuke by the river and she shows him the keychain she found. He then he flips out at her to give it back to him and grabs her arm. I guess the sudden shock and pain of his grasp makes her drop it into the river lol. Anyway he immediately tries to look for it and Koyomi feels bad since she didnt realize how important it was to him. He tells her it’s not her fault and apologizes on his own behalf. He tells her not to worry about but she helps him search for it anyway. They search for a while and it eventually gets pretty late. Sousuke tells her she can go home now since its late and he’ll look for it himself. But she wants to try looking a little more and eventually she finds it. Sousuke flips out and falls into the water trying to grab it. He thanks her for finding it and tells her its something his mother gave him. He never actually met his parents apparently and only had letters sent to and from them. They usually sent letters on his birthday and he got the keychain when he turned 5. It means a lot to him since he wants to someday go to the human world to meet them. He thanks her again and tells her hes really thankful she found it for him.


During the cultural festival, Sousuke calls Koyomi cause he wants to hang out with her rather than put on his butler facade since their doing a butler cafe. So she meets up with him and sees him greeting guests as a (hawt) butler. And as an reward for working hard, she ends up buying him a crepe for him and herself. He takes a bite out of her crepe for not listening to him and so Koyomi gives him a lecture. Sousuke immediately says he wont do things like that anymore and gives her the rest of his crepe. Koyomi realizes hes actually afraid of being disliked rather than always putting on the front of not giving a fuck what people think about him (cause deep down, he’s a pretty a lonely guy). Anyway he suddenly has an episode and has to be slapped back to normal. After that, they sit near the bonfire together and Sousuke suddenly asks to hold Koyomi. He hugs her for a bit since he’s feeling all lonesome.


After that, Koyomi finds Sousuke shopping for stationary so he can send letters to his mother. She helps him pick something out and then later she goes shopping and Sousuke more or less invites himself to come shopping with her lol. So he gets hungry so they go to a family restaurant. Koyomi notices the penguin keychain on Sousuke’s wallet and it reminds the teo of them when they searched for it. Sousuke mutters he’s thankful to her for finding it. Anyway, they eventually order lots of food and Koyomi decides to ask about the other yukionna and whether Sousuke has met any of them. He gets quiet and kind of avoids the question and is interrupted by the server bringing them their parfait. Sousuke take the opportunity to freeze the entire parfait to show her what yukionna are capable of since Koyomi seems interested in them. Koyomi flips out and Sousuke just makes it worse by adding his own special Blue Hawaii on top. He insists on her to try it and when she does, she gets an odd chocolate, tropical taste LOL. She doesnt like it at all and forces Sousuke to eat some too (in which he apparently finds it pretty good).


Next day at school Koyomi finds Sousuke sitting in an empty classroom. Apparently he was writing to his mom on the letters he and Koyomi shopped for. He wrote about his classmates, school, and even Koyomi. Shes very happy he’d mention her to his mom and he gets kinda embarrassed by it and makes it out as if he didnt praise her that much lol.


Few days later, Sousuke tells Koyomi he got a reply from his mom and is going to go read it in a quiet area. Akito notices some sparks going on between the two and asks Sousuke whats going on with him and her. He’s noticed they’ve been quite close with each other and he apparently saw him hug Koyomi too but Sousuke is in complete denial over it and gets all tsun over his relationship with Koyomi. After that, Sousuke starts avoiding Koyomi.

During class one day, Koyomi is talking up the class and Sousuke gets super pissed off over it and storms out of the classroom ((first thing Camil says if he has to use the bathroom lmao)). Anyway, he’s thinking about what Akito said and is in hardcore denial over it.

So over a span of a few days, Sousuke stops eating and gets sick due to it. Koyomi literally forces him into the nurse’s office and he apologizes for avoiding her since it seemed like she was at fault for his sour mood. So she stays with him until he rests up. Not long after that there’s parent/teacher conferences. Though the leader of the yukionna clan comes on his parent’s behalf. Not that she wants to be there, since all she wants to know is when Sousuke is gonna kick the bucket. She thinks he’s a disgraceful half-breed. Koyomi wasnt gonna have that and told her to shut her trap cause Sousuke is an important student of hers. Yukionna then reveals to Koyomi that Sousuke is a yukionna born from a human man and yukionna. She says his parents abandoned him and Sousuke rages at her. Thats when Koyomi intervenes to say that she knows his parents love him because he’s been working hard to stay in contact with them and wants to meet them someday. Yukionna leader just scoffs and leaves before saying she hopes he drops dead soon ((jeez)). After that, Sousuke thanks Koyomi for sticking up for him. He’s on the verge of confessing to her–but as great timing has it, he goes on his rampage and has to be cooled down by a candle LOL.

After that whole mess, its finally around Christmas. Koyomi tells the entire class about Christmas and hoe people spend it with their lover or family. And so after class, Sousuke invites Koyomi out for Christmas. So Koyomi accepts and buys him a present the day before. On their Christmas date they meet up and go to the usual family restaurant and Sousuke orders a whole bunch of shit lmao. After that, they walk home and Koyomi gives Sousuke his present which is a snow globe. Sousuke loves it and thanks her, saying he’ll cherish it. He unfortunately didn’t have a present prepared for her, so he makes it snow as his own gift. He then decides now is the best time than ever to confess his feels, so he tells her he loves her. He asks for her answer and she obviously says she loves him too and they’ll surely become happy together ((d’awww)) so Koyomi can’t withhold her lurve any longer so she kisses him. And so they both declare their live again and kiss ((again)).


A couple of months later, Sousuke invites Koyomi to his house. Just as he’s about to say something to her, she immediately starts rambling about how she’s not ready for “that” yet xD And we can only guess what THAT means lmao. Anyway, bursts out laughing since that’s not why he invited her to his place. Apparently he wanted to tell her that he hadn’t gotten a single letter from his mother in the past couple months. And if he could’ve contacted her by phone or email he would’ve since the very beginning, but apparently they cant contact the human world that way cause they’re not allowed. So they find out the mail had indeed been sent, but hear on the news that someone has been attacking the mailmen. Hence why it hasnt been reaching its proper destination.

So in order to investigate it, both Sousuke and Koyomi hide in the middle of them night in order to wait for the culprit. When the culprit arrived it’s none other than the yukionna’s clan leader. Sousuke demands she gives his letters back and she provokes him even further, trying to get him mad. Fortunately, Koyomi is able to calm him down since yukionna’s main goal is to make him go berserk. So after that, she tells her to give back Sousuke’s letters but, she ends up freezing them and breaking it into pieces before leaving.

Nurarihyon is pissed at yukionna since all she cares about is lineage and pure bred. It even shows a flashback of Sousuke’s mom refusing to hand him over to the yukionna. She doesnt care what she thinks cause she loves Sousuke anyway and doesnt care if she’s a “disgrace to their clan” or so yukionna puts it. And apparently Sousuke still doesn’t know the “truth” to the letters being sent to him either.

After that, Sousuke decides to write his last letter to his mom before graduating and wants Koyomi to help him. S o they go to the family restaurant again and Sousuke ends up kissing Koyomi out of nowhere when she gets close to him. She gets embarrassed by him kissing her so suddenly but and puts on this cool front even though he’s embarrassed too lmao. When she gets home though she gets a text from him to come meet him immediately.

So she meets up with him and he shows her the letter he got which said “sorry, I cant meet you. Goodbye.” this really upsets Sousuke to the point of him not even wanting to graduate since his whole purpose for graduating was to meet his parents. But Koyomi tells him not to give up so easily and that they should confront his mom about this since it seems strange she’d send a letter like that. So they beg for Nurarihyon to allow them to go to the human world and meet his parents. Sousuke is determined to find out the truth behind all this. Thankfully he accepts, but they will receive a punishment for leaving to the human world before Sousuke has graduated. So they take a long bus ride while holding hands.


Once they finally reach his parents home, they’re greeted by his grandma. When she finds out who he is, she’s nearly in tears and exclaims she’s his grandmother. She invites them inside, Sousuke is super excited to meet her since she’s another relative that he almost forgets why he even came. So he asks where his parents are and that’s when things get bitter lol. She reveals that his parents actually died when he wad pretty young and the one sending the letters was her. She couldn’t take care of him though so she left him in an orphanage in the yokai world. Sousuke is super pissed that he was lied to the entire time since his sole life purpose was to meet his parents. So after raging at his grandma, he storms out of the apartment.

Koyomi runs after him but he’s as silent and stiff as a board the entire night. Thr next day Sousuke finally speaks up saying he’s done and they should just go back. He then drops the penguin keychain that his “mom” gave him and Koyomi tries to give it back to him. He tells her he doesn’t need it since its not really his mother who gave it to him. So Koyomi asks him like 3 times if he’s sure and he says he is, so she tosses the keychain into the river. His initial reaction is to catch it but Koyomi assures him he said he doesnt need it. Although, even though it was all a lie, he still cherished it. And Koyomi reveals she threw a stone and not the keychain. Sousuke then reveals he was angry and upset so he took out his frustration on his grandmother. But truth of the matter is, he was happy to see his grandmother since she’s still part of his family. So he starts crying and Koyomi comforts him until he calms down. They then decide to go back to his grandmother’s apartment to apologize.


But once they get there they find yukionna and his grandmother glued–or rather, iced to the ground. His granny reveals that she was the one who killed his parents and has been wanting to kill him as well. She also wrote the letter in order to lure him out into the human world so he wouldn’t be under Nurarihyon’s protection. So its a complete showdown between the two of them and they’re throwing ice around the entire apartment. But of course, Sousuke over powers her with something she doesn’t have, and that thing is called “love”, baby!! So he wins the battle but is still merciful. Though he tells her if she ever comes near those precious to him things won’t end well for her next time lol. Sousuke then apologizes to his grandma for the harsh things he said to her. He forgives her for deceiving him since she is family after all and he was really happy to receive the letters from her. And so they hug each other happily.

So when they came back to the school, Nurarihyon was waiting for them there. He reveals their punishments and so Sousuke has to repeat a year before he can graduate, and Koyomi is exiled from the school. So they both promise to meet each other again when Sousuke can go to the human world. And write letters to each other, of course.


A year later, Koyomi is a regular teacher and often visits Sousuke’s granny where the both of them receive letters from him. And that same day is when Sousuke is graduating so she walks near some cherry blossom trees. Its then there’s suddenly both snow and cherry blossoms falling. Sousuke appears, surprising Koyomi. And so he gives her a nice long reunion kiss.

Thoughts: Why is it I like the “type” of character that Touma is, yet I liked Sousuke a lot more? I’m gonna assume it’s probably due to the fact his romance was developed much better imo. Like, I really love tsuns but Sousuke was adorable. And I mean, he was kinda tsun himself. Tbh, he was like a baby in a adult’s body half the time cause he’d put on this front that he was badass and didn’t give a shat what people thought about him, but in reality he’s really lonely and just wanted to see his mommy and daddy lmao. Yuki Kaji strikes again with the yelling scenes too, I feel like he’s probably getting tired from all that yelling in the studio, haha ((then again, dbz voice actors have it bad too)). Anyways, bottom line is I really liked Sousuke and I think he’s prob my fave. If Touma’s route was developed better, he’d probably stay my fave but his route was kinda “meh” cause the villain was a dumbass and it was kinda anti-climatic at the end. It was really cute though cause he seems like he’s an asshole, ore-sama type, but he’s really not at all.

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