Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan – Hisui


Hisui (CV: Oosaka Ryouta) is a member of the Fukuro who actually has the same power as Tsugumi but can actually control it into a sort of  fire power. He’s half Japanese and loves reading books and studying foreign languages. He also likes touching hair, I guess it’s his own turn on, lol.

Tsugumi goes on a patrol with just Hisui since the rest of the guys are training. They think they find a lead on a maremono, but unfortunately it doesn’t follow through. When Tsugumi is admiring the birdhouse Nabari decides to be a shit disturber and mention how Hisui’s power is unusual and if she’s not careful, he could burn her or someone else. But she’s all “fuck no” and he’s all “oh ur right sorry lol bye” okay…

Anyway, Tsumugi visit Sasagoi and find he has a maremono. They notice a black aura emitting from it. Once they grab it, Tsugumi opens it and gets nauseous from it. They accuse him of buying it and auctioning it off but he tells them its a coincidence that he had it. So they apologize and leave but Tsugumi is still feeling a bit dizzy from opening the book. They sit at a park and Hisui lectures Tsugumi for carelessly opening the maremono. She apologizes but he does as well for getting so worked up.

Once they get back, they encounter Nabari and show him the maremono. Although apparently Hayato and co. found one as well. They talk about a group called Karasu or the crows that sell off maremono and other collectables in the black market. Due to this, there have been various murder happenings on their behalf. Apparently the two shops they found these maremono are Sasagoi and a place called Nachtigal who’s owner’s name is Shiginuma Takashi.

So after Kuina and Shizuru decide they’re gonna go to a geisha house but Hisui is all “No thank you, I’m not interested in something that pays money for women.” they’re all “well you sure know a lot for hating it” though he just says it’s knowledge not interest. They tease him for it but he admits he hates women and has no interest in relationships and does fine on his own. When they ask about Shirori or Tsumugi, he says he wouldn’t treat his co-workers badly just because of their gender. Kuina says maybe he hates women cause he looks like one.

Later that night Tsumugi goes to the greenhouse to tey and train a bit and encounters Hisui there. She tells him she wants to be strong so she can do combat training with the others and even says she wishes she was born a man. Hisui is surprised and asks if she likes strong guys like Akira and Hayato. She says she doesn’t mind them, but she herself wants to be strong.

Next day they patrol and go to Kuina’s shop. He tells them that a woman named Shiginuma Shouko bought a book from Sasagoi’s shop. She’s the wife of Shiginuma Takashi who are rich fancy peeps who never leave their manor pretty much so it’s odd his wife would be at a shop like that. So when they they to visit Sasagoi’s shop he’s not there since its his day off.

So when they get back Tsumugi notice’s another button undone and can’t help but wanna fix it xD Hitsui gets all embarrassed but politely accepts her offer of fixing it. So he comes to ber roomand she talks about how she always treated her lil bro like she was his mom. He also tells her about a book he read long ago and is still in search of it. After a little while she finds him practicing his power outside again. Apparently the trigger of his power was due to an incident that happened bit he doesn’t dwell into it.

Next day Shiori comes up with the plan of sneaking into Nachtigal. So her plan is for Hayato to pose as Shougo who received an invitation and bring along Tsumugi as his partner. When she dresses up in her ball dress, everyone thinks she looks beautiful and Hisui is utterly speechless lmao.

Anyway, Tsumugi and Hayato arrive at the ball and are overwhelmed by the atmosphere and rich people everywhere. They notice Takashi Shiginuma who has a crow feather in his breast pocket. Tsumugi also bumps into his wife, Shouko. Tsumugi introduces herseld as Kuze Tsumugi and she has apparently met her father before and knows of her family. Tsumugi decides to ask about a book she got from Sasagoi’s shop and she asks if she wants to know about for personal reasons or because of her job. Tsumugi says it’s for personal reasons, regardless of her job. Shouko then smiles and says she’d like to talk with her more and gives her a watch telling her she’d be happy to talk with her in secret. Hayato arrives asking if she’s okay and Tsumugi says she’s fine but Shouko knows who they are ((well you kinda blew ur cover right away so…)) they encounter a guy named Mozuyama who’s a professor at the university.

Next day is Tsumugi’s day off so she heads to the library to study and maybe find out something. There, she encounters Hisui so she decides to say hello and surprise him lol. So they quietly read together until late. Tsumugi was reading Sasagoi’s books which her brother often read and Hisui was studying the Netherlands language. She remembers about that book he was searching for but he tells her it was a story written by his mother long ago and she doesn’t have to worry about it. He then all of a sudden says she has beautiful hair that looks really soft. She gets embarrassed and wonders why he suddenly said that and then he gets embarrassed and apologizes for saying something weird and random. So on their way back Tsumugi slips and Hisui catches her. But suddenly the mood changes and he promises he won’t “dirty” her ((take that how you will lol)). He then whispers for her to not fall for anyone else before acting like his usual self again.


Next morning Tsumugi makes breakfast for an excited Hisui who loves it while Tsumugi secretly laments over what he told yesterday. During their patrol they encounter Rui and introduces himseld to Hisui. He then suddenly mentions how Hisui has beautiful eyes and starts apologizing for saying something like that to a guy and assures him he’s not flirting with him and assures him that he does like girls!! LMAO. But he likes stained glass and actually makes things like that himself. Hisui says it’s fine but he hates how he looks. Rui asks if its because he’s half Japanese and goes on to tell him that he may be different on the outside but literally every person is the same on the inside. He asks what Tsumugi thinks of his eyes and she says she thinks they’re beautiful. He blushes and Rui tells him to have more confidence in himself.

After that, Tsumugi decides to visit Shouko in secret since she has info on where to obtain that book Hisui’s mother wrote. So she visits the dance hall on her own with the watch Shouko entrusted to her. The guy at the entrance doesn’t let her through at fiest but then Shouko appears like “let her through bitch or ill cut ur throat” needless to say, he sure as hell obliges. So she takes Tsumugi to her room but blindfolded until she reaches her room. She immediately asks about the book she possess and figures put its the exact one that Hisui wanted to read again. Tsumugi pleads to have it but she refuses until she finally says she’ll consider it if she shows sincerity and trust to her. She wants absolute secrecy and as long as she doesn’t betray her, she won’t betray Tsumugi.

Next day she patrols with Hisui and theu encounter Mozuyama whom apparently has an interest in supernatural abilities and even wanted to make Hisui a human test subject. Hisui also gets really salty when Tsumugi says he’s like her brother after adjusting his hat lmao. Anyway, later that day Tsumugi loses her ribbon and starts looking high and low for it.

One day Tsumugi encounters Kuina who teases her and Hisui and cracks sexual jokes. This pisses of Hisui who says he’d never defile Tsumugi and runs off. She finds him in the greenhouse and tells her he doesn’t want her to fal in love so she isn’t dirtied by men who just want her as a babymaker more or less. She’s pure and clean, while he believes he’s ugly and disgusting. But of course, Tsumugi tells him he’s wrong and that he and his eyes are beautiful. Hisui then draws closer to her and tells her she’s only saying that because she knows nothing. He doesnt want her to fall for anyone, not even him, so she stays pure and doesn’t experience such an ugly emotion.

Next day Tsumugi finds out her brother’s condition has stabilized from her butler and he’ll be able to leave the hospital at the end of the month. On her way back from her patrol she encounters Hisui who greets her by tapping on the back and asks of she wants to walk home together. Though she wanted to stop by Kuina’s shop for stationary so he says he’ll tag along. On their way there they spot a mother and child and asks Hisui if he misses his mother whereas he politely says he doesn’t.


So they arrive at Kuina’s shop and he notices her ribbon is missing so he shows her a selection of ribbons saying they could totally fit her clothes or give her a sexy look lol. Hisui starts to lose his shit with jealously and grabs Tsumugi asking her to come outside with him. She wonders what the heck is up and he shows her the ribbon she’d lost. He had it but didn’t know how to bring it up. So he ties it around her hair and ends up touching her hair more, then her cheeks, then… suddenly a kiss! All his feels well up in that moment and he kisses her strongly. Albeit, so strongly she can’t breathe for a moment. He suddenly parts from her and says he’s disgusting for doing something so vile and that he really is a child of “that woman” while running off.

So over the next few days, Hisui is depressed and pretty much avoids Tsumugi and everyone else. Tsumugi visits Shouko again hoping she can retrieve the book from her, but unfortunately to no avail. So when she gets back she finds out Hisui has anemia cause he’s been over exerting himself. One day, Shiori decides to confront Tsumugi and figures out she’s hiding something. When Hisui hears the commotion he tells Shiori not to blame her since it’s because of him she went to see Shouko in order to get that book for him.


So Tsumugi finds Hisui laying on the couch in the greenhouse. He finally reveals in depth of his backstory. He was raised and born in Yokohama and was the son of a prostitute. Typically boys born from prostitutes would do heavy lifting or cleaning duties. But when got to around the age of 12 and 13, he was made to dress like a woman because of his feminine appearance. It was due to that a customer misunderstood and probably tried to sexually assault him. That’s how he awoke to his fire powers because he tried to kill the guy by burning him. Which is also the reason his other eye is red and he thinks of it has a symbol of his punishment ((let’s be honest tho Hisui is an innocent bby who must be protected)).

So everyone become afraid of him there and apparently his mother left a note saying she”s going to a far away place and told him not to look for her. So he figured his mom was afraid of him to and so she ran away from him. He starts crying and saying he’s disgusting and a horrible person for having such murderous thoughts. But Tsumugi is like “you are not ugly” and kisses the sweet boy. She tells him that she can’t keep her promise of not falling in love with anyone cause she’s already fallen for him and tells him that she loves him. So he can hold back no longer and finally gets on top of this girl and kisses her like no tomorrow. Idk why but that one line where he asks “is it okay if I soil you with these hands?” and she’s all “defile me” lmao. Anway they make sweet love and apparently Hisui is more experienced than I realized lmao.


So after that, they visit Sasagoi’s shop and find him burning books. But Tsumugi tells him she read one of his books and appreciated the thoughts ans feelings he put into it and tells him to continue to write. Once they get back, Hisui’s hormones go outta control and he just can’t hold back no more so he makes out with Tsugumi in her room. Next day when they visit Sasagoi, they notice something is up with him so they follow him. They then find him trying to stab people in a park and immediately Hisui and her stop him. He then attampts to kill himself cause he’s sick of them and all the shit he deals with but thankfully they tackle his ass to the ground and make him stop. Tsumugi then tells him he should write another book. He finally calms down and tells them about an auction going on at a masquerade that Takashi is holding. Apparently his true goal is for some mind control with maremono.


So they go to the masquerade through a secret passage behind a paining. They raid the auction and encounter Takashi who’s auctioning tons of maremono. They try to find Mozuyama and run into Shouko. When she first sees Hisui, she immediately recognizes him since he looks like his mother whom she went to school with. So when they finally reach where Mozuyama is, Hisui releases bursts of flames at him. He tells him to apologize and repent for his sins but Mozuyama just continues to laugh and praise what power he has. He then mentions how his mother was useless in his experiments and traded herself as an human experiment subject so in return, he wouldn’t lay a finger on Hisui. Unfortunately, her body was weak so she ended up dying anyway. This makes Hisui rage and he tries to kill Mozuyama. Tsumugi stops him though and tells him he can’t kill him. Not that it matters much on the end though, cause he was a dead man walking. Shouko appears and apparently she poisoned his tea from earlier and so he dies. So before she turns herself in, she explains to Hisui about his mother.


Iwako was her name, and Shouko was a very close friend of hers. Unfortunately, she jad money troubles, and went to Yokohama to become a prostitute while still exchanging letters to Shouko. Apparently his father was from the Netherlands, making him half Dutch. So apparently she wrote that book because she wanted to become a fairy tail writer. She went to the university Mozuyama went to, and Shouko found out that he did experiments on humans. She was afraid to tell Hisui the truth, but realized just how strong they are. So she thanks Tsumugi for spending time with her and chatting over tea like her old days and wishes the two of them happiness. So she finally gives Hisui his mother’s book, and once he opens it, magic happens. His mother’s spirit says she loves him and wishes for his happiness. In the epilogue, they’re on a ship together and Hisui realizes just how strong women are. His mother, Shouko and even Tsumugi are proof of that. Tsumugi asks if he’s interested in meeting his father but he says he’s fine with the way things are.


Hitaki End

Tsugumi visits Hitaki who’s ((got a hard on for onee-chan)) discharged from the hospital. He starts crying and complaining about her leaving him and cutting her hair. So Tsugumi decides to come back to her lil bro who makes her some delicious pancakes, yaaaay.


Bad End 1

Tsugumi gets captured while visiting Shouko by Mozuyama to be his human test subject.

Bad End 2

Hisui ends up burning Mozuyama to death and doesn’t believe he’s worthy for Tsugumi so ends up leaving on a boat to go far away.

Thoughts: We need more innocent shotas that aren’t annoying af. Cause let me just say Tsumugi’s brother annoys the hell out of me. Then again, it’s because he’s a lil bro who has to constantly scream “onee-chan” every second he gets. I DON’T HAVE A TURN ON FOR THIS, PLS STOP OTOMATE. Anyway, I really liked Hisui’s route. His relationship with Tsumugi felt genuine imo. And even though Tsugumi pretty much sleeps with everyone in this game, Hisui still had an innocent way about him that made it seem less “dirty” I guess you could say. I mean he did ask, “Is it okay if I dirty you?” lol. I felt really bad for him too though. He thinks he’s ugly because of that incident but in reality he was just defending himself (and his chastity).

3 thoughts on “Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan – Hisui

  1. Hisui is such an angel I lovvv him…but then you know the tsundere dorkyness of Shougo kinda won me over 😂

    I agree with you about Hitaki fffucking creepy ass otoutokun ugh

    1. Lol I don’t blame you at all, tbh. I love how Shougo is a snarky bocchan who is tsun as faaack. I love them tsuns/dorky guys. ((or cute dorky meganes like Kent bby))

      And yeah, omg her brother is fucking annoying. Idk why the writer thinks a whinny ass otouto would be cute cause its not. It’s annoying and borderline obsessive/incest-ish. ew no ty.

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