Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- Atharva


Artharva (CV: Terashima Takuma) is a very stoic guy who has absolutely no athletic ability at all and knows nothing about the outside world because he was cooped up inside by the government along with his brothers. He’s been searching for Eve, or so he thought, because of a memory he somehow has of someone else from 400 years ago of a traveler who had been constantly looking for someone. In hopes of finding that person, he hopes Eve may have the clue to it.


Atharva was pretty much restricted his entire life so he has absolutely no life experience and knows pretty much nothing about the anatomy of a female lmao. When they were finding furniture for the tent, they opened a music box and it started playing. He thought it was dangerous so he pulled Eve back and ended up touching her boob accidently. Eve unconsciously smacked him for it but when he asked why she did that, she had no idea and it was just instinctive lol. And because he’s been sheltered his entire life, he also is less active than Eve so when they’re running around or escaping from robots he literally has trouble catching up because he can’t run fast at all. One time he tries to fix the roof of Eve’s home even though he has no expertise in anything to do with handiwork and hit his finger in the process lmao. But because he has so much pride, even when he can’t do it he still continues to try because he wants to look good lol (even though he has a tendency to fall off high surfaces).


So before they’re about to descend to ground level and find out the truth of how Eve would purify the land (using up her nanomachines aka her life force which would make her disappear), Row and his army appear. Atharva pilots Tier Blade and fends him off but then he starts saying things like how he has a planted memory. He finally admits to being the owner of those memories and planted it in his clone, or Atharva as a vessel for his back-up storage (they were all actually human USB sticks LMAO). Hence why he and her brothers were made and confined so they wouldn’t have an overload of memories. Atharva refuses to believe it and then they’re engulfed by a large black aura from Row’s nanomachines. But they manage to transport out of the Tier Blade and escape with Sud and Yajur to the engine room in the central tower. Unfortunately, with Yajur being a traitor, he shoots Sud and opens the door to let Row in.

So Atharva and Eve are captured by Row and suddenly a guy named Arcadia appears and claims 3000 years ago he’s wiped out the entire humanity 3000 years ago. He missed the chance to eradicate both Eve and Row as they were the last living beings on earth. He claims he was given a mission by god to simplify the world. Eve decides to ask what truly happened in her past and Row decides to explain since he owes her that much. He reveals a body of a girl who looks asleep and tells her to touch her hand and she’ll understand everything.


Flash back to 3000 years ago, Eve (shown as a blonde hair girl) leaves to go visit her brother, Gill, who just came back from the battlefield. Row and Eve are royalty, as well as friends, and it seems like Row’s knights know he has a crush on her but he’s just too moe and shy to progress their relationship (aw he’s so cute I can’t). Anyway, soon Row will have his father’s leadership position but has no self-confidence in himself. But Eve believes someday he will become like his father he just needs to continue to study. Apparently in this era a great war happened years ago where AI’s were created and rebelled ao it was forbidden to ever use that type of technology. Although apparently creating this technology really lowered their power supply and the war still continues even now. Even androids who have information planted are created so more manpower is ensured for pilots and technicians.


So one day Eve is called to the Capital her uncle (aka Row’s father) to escort a new knight named Yajur around the Capital since her uncle doesn’t have the time to. As she escorts him, he speaks to her and says how their enemy, the Singals (I honestly have no idea what spelling thats supposed to be) are supposedly doing a secret development on new weapons. And as war rages on, it gets harder for Eve to visit her brother. And since the Singals are getting closer to harming their land, they have no choice but to execute the plan to evacuate the people to an underground shelter, the Neosphere, which should hold 100 million people. All living beings are evacuated while “pseudo-humans” stay behind. Not only that, but Row, the son of the Union leader, is to become the appointed “leader of the human race” and become immortal through the use of nanomachines. Row is afraid to take on that role even when Eve encourages him. But he tells her that one more person can go through the procedure and he chooses her. He starts sobbing and says he’s terrified of living for so long year after year but believes he can endure it if she’s with him.


So both Eve and Row receive the nanomachine treatment to obtain immortality and lead humanity. And soon they have to evacuate to the shelter like everyone else. On their way though, an explosion occurs in the manor. Apparently Elise, one of Eve’s servants, lied about her brother already going to the shelter. Instead, he rides off on Tier Blade to fight the Singals. Eve tries to chase after him, but Elise forces her to evacuate. When she wakes up, she’s on the Neosphere. It manages to start rising from the ground, but not long after, poison gas appears all over and Eve inhales too much and falls unconscious.


When Eve wakes up, there’s no one around at all. She finds out from a robot she meets named, Cradle, that everyone died from the poison gas that was used and killed everyone except for her. She lived because the nanomachines in her body healed her as she slept for a whole year. The land she used to live, is nothing more than a barren wasteland and Row is nowhere to be found. So as a 100 years pass Eve decides to bury all the dead citizens of her civilization while looking for Row in the process. 300 years pass and she ends up burying 100 million people but there’s still no sign of Row. After 400 years, Eve starts losing it and tries killing herself on multiple occasions, and 100 years after that, she completely loses it and her mind due to the overload of memories in her brain. The nanomachines inside her go rampant and she even turns into a giant monster. Cradle has to calm her down, and when he does, she asks him to remove all of her memories. So her brain was transferred to a new, machine body, with all of her former memories gone.

So with the nanomachines inside him he can’t die, so he needs the past Eve to merge with the current one so their nanomachines can destroy each other. Sud then appears on a golem. He tries to escape on the elevator with Atharva and Eve, but Row barges in with his Tier Blade. Artharva falls off the robot and Eve goes to help her but rubble falls on her in the process. Her arm’s skin is ripped off her so she only has a metal robotic skeleton underneath. Atharva covers it for her with his jacket and they escape the elevator using the golem as a smokebomb.


They hideout for a bit and Eve explains everything she learned about her past. Also the fact that Row wanted to die alongside her so they could end their suffering. So Sud suggests they rest up and take a break to rest their brains. That night, Eve can’t sleep so she lays next to Atharva who also can’t sleep. He asks if her arm is okay and she says she’s fine since she can’t feel anything with it. He asks to touch her hand and grabs her robotic arm. He starts saying how they’re similar since he’s the vessel for Row’s memories and she’s the vessel for her past self’s memories. He starts crying saying that he lived his life believing he had this memory for the purpose of finding the person who had these strong desirable feelings for her. He’s more a device for storage and feels as though he’s lost his purpose.

All his crying ends too soon though and he starts groveling in pain as his body heats up. Apparently its not due to illness though, and Cradle explains that his brain is beginning to corrode. Cradle believes its a sort of self-destruct function modified into his genes that Row has activated. And since it’s a function that was pre-made into him, there’s no way to stop it. Unfortunately enemy troops appear, so they have to escape. At one point they’re surrounded but suddenly Atharva says somesort of code and manages to find an escape route. Atharva seems different through, and Eve inadvertently asks who he is. He says that he’s Rig, Atharva’s older brother. Eve and Sud are all “what???” but then he explains he planted a copy of his conscious into Atharva’s brain before he died (or something like that). Atharva is still fine, he’s just sleeping and Rig is borrowing his brain and body. He wants to try and save Atharva and shows them a device–a biological computer, that can act as a brain for Atharva. He plans to copy all of Atharva’s emotions and memories onto it. They start the procedure at Eve’s home, but she and Sud are skeptical because they don’t know if it’ll be the same Atharva nor do they know if it’s what he himself wants.


In the end, Eve decides she wants Atharva to live. Rig tells her she should find a way to save their land, but not by sacrificing herself. Soon they’re ambushed by Yajur and Carmine so they leave Sud to fend them off as they start the procedure to replace Atharva’s brain. They successfully replace it and Atharva defeats the golem attacking. So they go back to Eve’s place to discuss plans to fend off the enemies. Unfortunately, Atharva is depressed because he lost his memories that Row planted within him. So now he believes all the emotions he felt for Eve were all just Row’s planted thoughts and feelings and he’s just a (USB stick) a storage device. That night Eve follows him and tells him that maybe his implanted memories altered his emotions, but he’s still who he is now. So Eve confesses she loves him and helps him realize he’s his own person as he confesses to her as well.


So Atharva and Eve prepare to battle Row in Tier Blade since his plan of Atharva’s self-destruction didn’t work in the end. Meanwhile, Cradle and Arcadia duke it out in a virus infecting war lol. Atharva and Row fight equally for a while but Atharva can’t manage to best him because of his regenerating nanomachines. Soon, Eve calls out to the other Eve and they merge into one, making Eve human as she lends her power. Atharva also manages to seal Row and his power.


After that, Atharva and Eve live together on the Neosphere. The ground is still polluted unfortunately, but they’re migrating people to the Neosphere where there’s clean air. Cradle’s system is all messed up thanks to what happened with Arcadia so he just sits in Eve’s home and takes count of the new residents. So Eve finds Atharva at the graveyard paying his respects to Row since he technically created him. He believes his purpose for living now is to be with Eve and wants to travel the world together with her. And so they kiss promising to live for each other.


In the tragic end, the other Eve takes over the present Eve’s body and so her consciousness disappears. Atharva realizes this and when she wakes up in Tier Blade, he asks if she remembers him. She thinks he’s Row though and says she’s always been looking for him. This gives Atharva a shock but he decides to pretend he’s Row.

Thoughts: I was actually disappointed in Atharva’s route because I felt like he was shafted a bit. And thing is, I really like his character but I wish his route had more. And it could’ve just been me, but it felt too short?? Idk. I felt bad for him too, he’s so innocent and oblivious and poor guy seems like the type to get unappreciated. I really hope for a FD in this case because Atharva such a cute character, I just really wanted to see more of him. I also wonder how his tragic end turns out (does he just pretend to be Row forever with Eve? How depressing). His more sweet scenes were event scenes trust me, we didn’t get much of those lol. Also the words “REPLICAAAAA” were screaming in my head while I played this route lol (and if you played  Tales of the Abyss you understand the reference).

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