Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- Yajur


Yajur (CV: Kondou Takashi) awoke from a healing pod from 3000 years ago after Cradle helped revive him. He doesn’t have his memory of who he was or how he died but knows he was a lawmaker in the past.

Cradle was the one who helped resurrect Yajur so they could get someone from Eve’s era to help them. Yajur always flirts with Eve, making Sud and Atharva roll their eyes all the time lol. He’s great with machinery though and helps in fixing Neosphere. He doesn’t remember his past, but is thankful of Eve and Cradle for helping him. He’s always saying things to the others like how Eve is so cute and asking if they agree.


When the Queen (a AI device that manages the Neosphere like cradle) turns into it’s giant green slime form, they’re forced to fight it. Atharva is in control of Tier Blade so he summons it. But only Eve is transported into the cockpit and both Sud and Atharva are surrounded. Eve attempts to control Tier Blade but gets knocked over by the Queen. Yajur then decides to hop in the cockpit with her and control Tier Blade in her stead. It rejects him though since Tier Blade selects a pilot to control it and Atharva tells him it chose him because of his “willingness to protect Eve”. So after trying a million times he finally managed to convince Tier Blade he’s worthy and a ring is placed on his finger making him the pilot. They somehow end up in the graveyard still fighting the Queen. Yajur notices the Queen acting strange and it’s because she’s defending the graveyard. So when Yajur manages to get a weapon after threatening to destroy the graveyard, he pierces through her and destroys her slime body.


After that, Eve visits the grave after realizing thanks to Cradle, it’s the population of Neosphere whom all died. Yajur pays his respects as well and she thanks him for protecting her since she now knows the meaning of death, and is glad she is able to keep on living along side him. He then vows he’ll become a knight to protect his princess, or her and hugs her tightly. Eve then gets this weird feeling from him and realizes he seems like an “older brother” which makes him less happy to hear lol. So they go back and eat lunch together.

One night Yajur keeps hearing voices in his head regarding his past memories. He ends up in the city unknowingly and even heads to the central tower where he inputs his ID “0834” into the computer. He also accesses the password through his fingerprint based on what he remembered someone telling him. From there, Arcadia is communicated on the other line. Yajur finally regains his past memories and asks what Arcadia’s order is for him.

So before they go to the ground below, they find out the truth of purifying the land. So, more enemies attack and since Yajur is the new pilot of Tier Blade, he summons it as he and Eve are transported into it. They fight Row for a bit and while Yajur had an advantage, Row uses the power of his nanomachines so they’re given no choice but to retreat the Tier Blade. From there, they head to the engine room to hide. But they’re not trapped in there for long because Yajur opens the door from inside. Eve can’t believe he’d betray them and she yells out how there’s no way he’s the enemy. But he ends up knocking her unconscious.


So apparently it was all acording to Yajur’s plan to lure everyone to the engine room so he could let Row and co. inside and capture Eve and Atharva. He also reconstructed a body using the Neosphere’s energy for Arcadia who’s been merely an AI program for years. Although, in the past, Arcadia used a type of mind control that rid of Yajur’s guilt, but now he’s literally sickened by his own guilt and when he asks Arcadia to use his mind control, he’s unable to do so because his new body was created in the Neosphere where there’s no mind control function. However, he may be able to reconstruct a new body back on the ground but it would take time.

When Eve wakes up, she’s tied up in her home being watched by Yajur. She starts demanding answers from him and he just kabedon’s her and says he was her enemy 3000 years ago. He even mocks her when she brings up he’d be the knight that protects her. Before the conversation can advance though Row intervenes and tells him to get the hell away from her or he’ll turn him to dust lmao. He backs off and then Row tries to tell her it’ll all over soon but she demands the truth and he decides to reveal it all to her.


Flash back to 3000 years ago, Eve (shown as a blonde hair girl) leaves to go visit her brother, Gill, who just came back from the battlefield. Row and Eve are royalty, as well as friends, and it seems like Row’s knights know he has a crush on her but he’s just too moe and shy to progress their relationship (aw he’s so cute I can’t). Anyway, soon Row will have his father’s leadership position but has no self-confidence in himself. But Eve believes someday he will become like his father he just needs to continue to study. Apparently in this era a great war happened years ago where AI’s were created and rebelled so it was forbidden to ever use that type of technology. Although apparently creating this technology really lowered their power supply and the war still continues even now. Even androids who have information planted are created so more manpower is ensured for pilots and technicians.


So one day Eve is called to the Capital her uncle (aka Row’s father) to escort a new knight named Yajur around the Capital since her uncle doesn’t have the time to. As she escorts him, he speaks to her and says how their enemy, the Singals (I honestly have no idea what spelling thats supposed to be) are supposedly doing a secret development on new weapons. And as war rages on, it gets harder for Eve to visit her brother. And since the Singals are getting getting closer to harming their land, they have no choice but to execute the plan to evacuate the people to an underground shelter, the Neosphere, which should hold 100 million people. All living beings are evacuated while “pseudo-humans” stay behind. Not only that, but Row, the son of the Union leader, is to become the appointed “leader of the human race” and become immortal through the use of nanomachines. Row is afraid to take on that role even when Eve encourages him. But he tells her that one more person can go through the procedure and he chooses her. He starts sobbing and says he’s terrified of living for so long year after year but believes he can endure it if she’s with him.


So both Eve and Row receive the nanomachine treatment to obtain immortality and lead humanity. And soon they have to evacuate to the shelter like everyone else. On their way though, an explosion occurs in the manor. Apparently Elise, one of Eve’s servants, lied about her brother already going to the shelter. Instead, he rides off on Tier Blade to fight the Singals. Eve tries to chase after him, but Elise forces her to evacuate. When she wakes up, she’s on the Neosphere. It manages to start rising from the ground, but not long after, poison gas appears all over and Eve inhales too much and falls unconscious.


When Eve wakes up, there’s no one around at all. She finds out from a robot she meets named, Cradle, that everyone died from the poison gas that was used and killed everyone except for her. She lived because the nanomachines in her body healed her as she slept for a whole year. The land she used to live, is nothing more than a barren wasteland and Row is nowhere to be found. So as a 100 years pass Eve decides to bury all the dead citizens of her civilization while looking for Row in the process. 300 years pass and she ends up burying 100 million people but there’s still no sign of Row. After 400 years, Eve starts losing it and tries killing herself on multiple occasions, and 100 years after that, she completely loses it and her mind due to the overload of memories in her brain. The nanomachines inside her go rampant and she even turns into a giant monster. Cradle has to calm her down, and when he does, she asks him to remove all of her memories. So her brain was transferred to a new, machine body, with all of her former memories gone.

Based on the flashback, Yajur actually infiltrated the Neosphere and attacked Aira at the central tower. Suddenly Gill, Eve’s brother appeared, and helped her seal him into a healing pod. Both Aina and Gill ended up dying because of their injuries though. So Row’s goal now is to use her and his nanomachines to destroy each other, in other words, they can both die together and live on as data (which is what the past Eve wanted). So Row tells her that he’ll come pick her up tomorrow. That night Eve chases down a guy who stole Sud and Atharva’s stuff in their tent. She’s so pissed she doesn’t even care he has a knife. But since he chases him to the top of the cliff, he keeps telling her to stay back and then ends up falling off the cliff.

So the following day Eve requests a deal to Arcadia and Row which is to challenge Yajur to a duel. She fights in Row’s Tier Blade and for a while, Yajur has the advantage while fighting in a golem. But Eve’s anger triggers her nanomachines from the other Eve and she manages to rip through the golem and grab Yajur by the robot’s hand. She knows she can avenge her brother and Aina if she kills him, but hesitates to do so. He tells her to go ahead and do it though because even if she tries to find a reason for what he did, he hated her since the first time he met her 3000 years ago. So when he tries to kill him, she realizes this isn’t what she wants, but what the past Eve wants. She keeps reciting in her head she should get her revenge but Eve still likes Yajur so she can’t.


So the other Eve yells that if she won’t do it, she’ll get rid of her body and mind. So the other Eve’s nanomachines go out of control and surround the Tier Blade. Cradle appears and helps Eve escape along with Yajur. They then meet up with Atharva at Eve’s home. He tells her that Sud may be alive and Yajur says he should be dead since he shot him. Atharva gets hostile towards Yajur, but Eve tells him to stop fighting so they can deal with the situation at hand. The other Eve has gone out of control and they have to stop her from destroying everything around her. So Cradle and Atharva decide to fix Tier Blade while Yajur is kept in the underground plant area. She asks him to tell her about his past and he says if he does, she should kill him.


Yajur lived in the slums of the union 3000 years ago and being an outsider in the country, he was treated like crap. He was of the low class and treated like a tool, unlike the higher class. He was apparently kidnapped along with his friends and experimented on with forbidden mechanical technology and basically turned into a cyborg weapon who had the skills of killing and weaponry implanted into him to fight in the civil war going on. After surviving a fight, he realized if he survives he’s going to engrave his past in his memory and make sure he’s recognized since he had no purpose of living before and no one ever knew of his existence. After he does survive, he discards his human brain and conscious so he has no feeling of guilt for what he does and essentially becomes a mindless robot. It was then he joined Singal and infiltrated the Union as a spy all for the purpose of destroying the human race so his name can go down in history.


So he gives her his knife and tells her to kill him since now is her chance. But Eve refuses to do so and hugs him instead saying she won’t do it. Yajur is confused why she can still like him after all he’s done, but regardless of what he’s done, she can’t bring herself to hate him and still believes Sud is alive which would mean he didn’t murder him in cold blood. She tells him if he didn’t truly regret what he did, he wouldn’t be suffering so much. He embraces her back and starts crying and says he had fun when they were all still together. He wonders how she can ever forgive him but she believes he has a future and they’ll be able to live for it together.

When Eve wakes up, Yajur is there with the hairstyle he had before. It doesn’t mean his personality’s changed though (he even says his hair isn’t a switch for how he acts lmao) and Cradle says the personality he had before was actually his “original” personality before he decided to destroy it. Anyway they hear rumbling so they head up to meet Atharva. The other Eve’s nanomachines are going more and more out of control so they have to stop her. So they use Row’s Tier Blade and try to look for the knight’s weapon (hoping Sud would be there too) and encounter the past Eve in her out of control form.

They try fighting her for a while to get to where the weapons are but to no avail. She’s blocking it off and is too strong for them to fend off. Suddenly, when they think all is hopeless, Sud appears controlling Tier Blade and helps fend her off. They then finally reach the weapons hangar where all the past knight’s appear (in their dead spirit form). They decide to lend Eve and Yajur their power so they can protect their land and end the past Eve’s suffering. So the Tier Blade is finally in Yajur’s control with full power and they’re able to borrow the knight’s weapons. He battles her for a while then finally manages to stab her chest. But just when they think it’s over, she stabs the both of them through Tier Blade before falling over.


The next moment Eve wakes up, she’s in the past Eve’s consciousness. She tries killing her saying that she needs more power to kill “him”, or Yajur. Suddenly Yajur appears and attempts to fend her off knowing that it’s futile and she’s only out to kill him. Eve yells at him to stop and then a sword appears with the no. 1. It was Eve’s brother’s, Gill’s, and it’s human size. So she picks up the sword and stabs through the other Eve making her finally disappear. Unfortunately, the destruction they were trying to avoid is still continuing. And now with the past Eve’s consciousness crumbling, the world they’re in is starting to disappear. Even Yajur is starting to disappear since the nanomachines are eating away at his body. Eve hugs him telling he can’t die because they promised they’d live together. But with no other option, Eve begs the other Eve for her strength before they disappear.


3 years pass since Eve and Yajur disappeared while saving the ground and ridding it of it’s pollution. Atharva and Sud live together while Sud still does tremendous favors without any compensation lol. Cradle had also been there but hasn’t moved since Eve disappeared and Atharva believes when she does return, he’ll awake to greet her. Suddenly he does wake up saying “they’ve returned” and Atharva calls for Sud. Meanwhile, Eve and Yajur wake up to a sunset as they both lay in a lake together. Yajur asks her what after death was like, and she says she doesn’t remember, but she knows she likes their world better. He tells her he’ll promise to stay with her from now on and never betray her again. He tells her he loves her and they kiss as their own oath to keep.


In the tragic end, Eve decides to merge with the past Eve in order to stop her. But when she does, she ends up in the same form she was in. Yajur didn’t realize at first, but she picked him up and put him on her shoulders. Yajur promises he’ll find a way to change her back and thanks her (probably one of the weirdest bad ends lol).

Thoughts: Holy shit Yajur is sooooo much more than meets the eye. I honestly thought he’d be too generic for me but ohohhoh plot twist–best route I played, honestly. Unfortunately, once you play every other route the great reveal of traitor-san doesn’t have that much of an impact the first time. Well, certainly made for an interesting character. After playing Collar x Malice, I certainly got those Shiraishi vibes. Except, WOW HIS ENDING WAS ACTUALLY SATISFYING. Literally almost raged before seeing how it actually ended. It’s funny how his personality just completely switches though, it was really interesting to say the least.

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