Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- Row


Row (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) is a special member of the government who’s been searching for Eve for 3000 years. When he first encounters her, he claims to know her but she doesn’t remember him at all.

Row knew Eve from 3000 years ago and always had a fondness for her. After the eradication of humanity, Row looked all over for Eve. He found Arcadia in a device where he was the first person (or AI) he had spoken to in forever. Overtime he found out he was the last human alive after he eradicated humanity. He joins Arcadia in order to find Eve so they can both “annihilate” each other and end their misery. So Arcadia ended up using a virus to remove some of Row’s memory from his brain (and mutating his nanomachines). From then on, humanity (or rather pseudo-humans) began to walk the earth in the polluted land and a new era was created as he continued his search for Eve.


Just before they head to ground level (after finding out Eve would have to sacrifice herself to purify the ground), Row appears on his Tier Blade. Atharva is transported on his Tier Blade but not with Eve, so he can’t control it. Row then appears in front of Eve and grabs her. He asks Cradle what happened during those 3000 years and why she doesn’t remember who he is. Cradle isn’t able to respond and malfunctions saying it was Eve’s order. Atharva, Sud, and Yajur then decide to protect Eve from him but then Yajur suddenly shoots Sud. As they escort Atharva and Eve, Atharva finds a chance to try and run but before Eve can chase after him, Row grabs her, begging her not to run away. Eve is desperate to get away so she bites his finger. Row is unphased though and doesn’t even flinch while just looking at her sadly. She awkwardly apologizes but he says it’s fine and doesn’t blame her.


So Row takes her to meet Arcadia, who eradicated the human race but missed both Row and Eve (they survived because they’re both immortal thanks to the nanomachines in their bodies). He’d been looking for them both in order to accomplish this goal he claims god gave him. Eve wants to know her past, so Row shows her. She and Row met after Eve came to his school. He got bullied and got a scrape from falling over. She notices he’s crying and  wraps a handkerchief on his cut. That’s how the both of them first met and were childhood friends since.


Flash back to 3000 years ago, Eve (shown as a blonde hair girl) leaves to go visit her brother, Gill, who just came back from the battlefield. Row and Eve are royalty, as well as friends, and it seems like Row’s knights know he has a crush on her but he’s just too moe and shy to progress their relationship (aw he’s so cute I can’t). Anyway, soon Row will have his father’s leadership position but has no self-confidence in himself. But Eve believes someday he will become like his father he just needs to continue to study. Apparently in this era a great war happened years ago where AI’s were created and rebelled ao it was forbidden to ever use that type of technology. Although apparently creating this technology really lowered their power supply and the war still continues even now. Even androids who have information planted are created so more manpower is ensured for pilots and technicians.


So one day Eve is called to the Capital her uncle (aka Row’s father) to escort a new knight named Yajur around the Capital since her uncle doesn’t have the time to. As she escorts him, he speaks to her and says how their enemy, the Singals (I honestly have no idea what spelling thats supposed to be) are supposedly doing a secret development on new weapons. And as war rages on, it gets harder for Eve to visit her brother. And since the Singals are getting getting closer to harming their land, they have no choice but to execute the plan to evacuate the people to an underground shelter, the Neosphere, which should hold 100 million people. All living beings are evacuated while “pseudo-humans” stay behind. Not only that, but Row, the son of the Union leader, is to become the appointed “leader of the human race” and become immortal through the use of nanomachines. Row is afraid to take on that role even when Eve encourages him. But he tells her that one more person can go through the procedure and he choses her. He starts sobbing and says he’s terrified of living for so long year after year but believes he can endure it if she’s with him.


So both Eve and Row receive the nanomachine treatment to obtain immortality and lead humanity. And soon they have to evacuate to the shelter like everyone else. On their way though, an explosion occurs in the manor. Apparently Elise, one of Eve’s servants, lied about her brother already going to the shelter. Instead, he rides off on Tier Blade to fight the Singals. Eve tries to chase after him, but Elise forces her to evacuate. When she wakes up, she’s on the Neosphere. It manages to start rising from the ground, but not long after, poison gas appears all over and Eve inhales too much and falls unconscious.


When Eve wakes up, there’s no one around at all. She finds out from a robot she meets named, Cradle, that everyone died from the poison gas that was used and killed everyone except for her. She lived because the nanomachines in her body healed her as she slept for a whole year. The land she used to live, is nothing more than a barren wasteland and Row is nowhere to be found. So as a 100 years pass Eve decides to bury all the dead citizens of her civilization while looking for Row in the process. 300 years pass and she ends up burying 100 million people but there’s still no sign of Row. After 400 years, Eve starts losing it and tries killing herself on multiple occasions, and 100 years after that, she completely loses it and her mind due to the overload of memories in her brain. The nanomachines inside her go rampant and she even turns into a giant monster. Cradle has to calm her down, and when he does, she asks him to remove all of her memories. So her brain was transferred to a new, machine body, with all of her former memories gone.

The day Row was separated from Eve, he evacuated on one of the escape boats. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to escape and the boat was bombed leaving Row under rubble for years and woke up to the earth destroyed and humanity gone along with the city he used to live in.

Eve asks why he wants her and him to die together and he points out the fate of those with immortality is nothing but cruel and drives you insane, as she saw with what happened with the past Eve. There’s also an overload of memory and Row made clones of himself in order to store his memories so it could be at a normal capacity. But there’s a limit to what can be stored, and he believes it’d be easier to discard their brains so they can live peacefully as data. And the way they can do that is using both their nanomachines to “annihilate” each other so they can both die. This is why Row cooperated with Singal and Arcadia in the first place. He says this is the end of the current Eve’s role and thanks her for taking care of the past Eve.

Meanwhile, Atharva is running away trying to find a way out. He encounters Cradle who tries to help him. Yajur catches them but then Carmine appears and helps them escape and look for Eve. Meanwhile, Eve makes a plan to try and escape but hear’s voices outside. Suddenly Carmine appears and releases her shackles with Atharva alongside him. They escape outside to try and find Tier Blade but run into Row who finds them trying to escape. He gets pissed and tries to kill them saying he’ll regain his old Eve. Eve tries to talk with him, but he won’t listen to reason. Suddenly Sud appears on the Tier Blade and manages to defeat Row and pull him out of his own Tier Blade.


Eve tries to talk with Row but he suddenly grabs her and tries to strangle her to death. He screams at her saying she’d never understand the despair he endured and she still tries to talk to him regardless. She yells at him to stop and even borrows power from the past Eve. She tells him that the knights died protecting them and things are different now and he’s not alone like he was before. Carmine then interrupts and shows them a video tape left behind by Atharva’s brother, Rig. It shows him talking to Arcadia and apparently he deceived Row all this time and eradicating the human race and turning them to data to live peacefully was just bs he made up and they would never able to keep the capacity of billions of people in a server.

Row goes ballistic and is pissed Arcadia lied to him all this time. So his nanomachines start to go out of control as soon as Arcadia appears. He makes his body break down into nanomachines. Normally he can only control his own nanomachines, but Arcadia made him implant a virus in him that allowed him to take control of his nanomachines. Now Arcadia is essentially one with the Tier Blade and is after Eve’s other body so he can execute his annhilation plan. With no other choice, Eve decides to use the other Eve’s power by merging their bodies jnto one. Sud and the others promise to get her back and as she does this, her consciousness disappears and is now the past Eve’s conscious. With the past Eve awoken, she manages to bring back Row’s body using her own nanomachines. So pissed Eve tells Arcadia to gtfo and that she won’t forgive him for what he’s done. So she uses her power to seal him into a sort of electro ball of data (idk). So Row finally wakes up as Eve holds him in her arms and starts crying now that he’s finally gotten to see her again.


After that, everything is seemingly back to normal but unfortunately before Arcadia was sealed, he implanted a virus in Eve just like he did with Row. And if her body is taken over by her nanomachines, Arcadia’s seal will be unbroken within a few days. So Cradle tells them they need to make a vaccine using Arcadia’s data he left behind. She asks for all of their help and everyone happily agrees to help. Meanwhile, Eve goes to visit Row in her room. She hugs him closely and he tells her he feels guilty for what he did to Eve and believes all his actions were of selfish reason because he was tired of the suffering. Eve tells him it’s okay because she wanted to die too so he wasn’t wrong to end both their suffering. He starts crying telling her he wanted to meet her for so long.


Atharva asks to speak with Eve and Row. They visit the lake and Row admits that the real purpose of Atharva and his brother’s existence was to store his memory. Atharva is revealed to know and offers him his sword that Gill had passed down to him 3000 years ago. Eve’s ring suddenly glows and Tier Blade appears to carry the both of them. Eve takes the sword and hands to it Row saying he’s now qualified to take it and protect it like he always had. They kiss confessing their (obvious) love for each other. Row apologizes for leaving her alone all this time and Eve apologizes for forgetting about him.

Meanwhile, Eve cooks a homemade dinner for everyone and Row is the most excited since he hasn’t had a dish of hers in over 3000 years lol. Atharva and Sud argue over food while saying they’re going to do their best to save the other Eve. They also say how the other Eve is like a sister to the past one. They also mention how Row is basically like Atharva’s father because he created him even though he looks so young because he was 15 when the nanomachines were implanted in him.


Afterwards, they make preparations for their attack. Eve’s virus starts acting up and the nanomachines start to try and corrode her body. Eve finally releases the sphere that has Arcadia and he appears in his Tier Blade form. Row calls of Tier Blade and their battle begins. He’s of course much stronger than he was before, and so they call upon the knight’s weapons. Row takes Gill’s weapon as all the other weapons with the Knight’s gather around them in order to help.

Meanwhile, Sud, Atharva, Carmine, and Cradle are working on a converter than can seal Arcadia once and for all. Unfortunately Yajur crashes the party and decides to interfere. They fend him off while Atharva and Cradle continue to work, but Yajur’s leg is injured so they defeat him easily. Unfortunately he set a virus when they finished for Arcadia to take control of their converter and use it for his own. This enhances his power even more making him even stronger than before. Regardless, Yajur ends up sacrificing himself within the explosion after taking a hit for Sud.


So Row and Eve wake up after being nearly swallowed by Arcadia’s immense power. He tries to tell them to give up, but they decide they’re going to fight to the end. Row contacts Carmine to help Sud and the others escape, while they continue to battle Arcadia. They’re powerless to fight him though, and try to think of a way to counterattack. Eve remembers her brother talking about an accident that occured with a converter back 3000 years ago which makes Row remember that the converters always had a self-repair function which must be related to how their nanomachines were created. So they decide to break the converter in the engine room in order to release more nanomachines, in which the both of them use along with Row’s nanomachines, to destroy Arcardia and overwrite his nanomachines. So Arcadia disappears and since the Neosphere lost its power, it’ll slowly crash into the ground. So both Eve and Row escape and head back to the ground together on the Tier Blade.


About three months later, Eve and Row are working hard to rid the pollution on the ground using a sort of vaccine Cradle created. One day Eve is attacked while looking for a “child” and is helped out by Row (who is far less mentally unstable lol) using Tier Blade to wipe out the bandits. And the one they were looking for was Cradle–or Eve. A fragment of the other Eve was embeded in Cradle’s body. She can’t speak, but they’re looking for a way to bring her back. Anyway, both Eve and Row go to where their hometown used to be and admire the scenery. Thanks to a device left behind by Arcadia, they’re able to forget memories like normal human beings (so they don’t have a memory overload) but promise to never forget how they love each other and will make new memories even if they forget the past ones.


In the tragic end, even when Row manages to kill Arcadia, he manages to use his virus to destroy Eve’s nanomachines along with his own. Eve disappears but Cradle is able to store her data into his own body. So years later Row goes on his quest along with Eve now in Cradle’s body to restore the ground and purify the land. Unfortunately Eve eventually starts to rust and break and eventually stops functioning all together.

Thoughts: I’m honestly not into the yandere types but Row has a good reason for being how he is. To be fair, he used to be shy and timid before all that shit happened 3000 years ago. I suppose living that long can probably drive you insane especially when the one you love is out there somewhere and you have no fucking idea where lmao. Anyway, I felt bad for the future Eve in this route because she doesn’t even get her body back in the end. So past Eve and Row is a given because Row always liked her anyway. But, ((spoiler for the true end)) he ends up with Eve anyway while the future Eve gets all three guys lmao. Either way, Row’s route was definitely one of the best in terms of story. I couldn’t even count the amount of times Yoshitsugu screamed in my ear because holy shit he had a lot of screaming lines.

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