Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- Cradle


Cradle (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) is an AI system that has been caring for the heroine for 3000 years while managing the Neosphere.

He’s typically overly-protective and hostile of those around Eve. He was created by Aina (past Eve’s instructor) for the purpose of maintaining the Neosphere and protecting Eve. He’s also terrified of mice and one day when they’re all cleaning the garden area and one appears, he screams like a baby and hides in Eve’s arms. When the past Eve started to go out of control, he transplanted her brain into another body and left her real body in a capsule. Initially, he intended to keep her in an eternal sleep, but he got lonely and in his words, made the mistake of waking her up as the new Eve.


After they try to go to the ground, Row attacks them and Cradle malfunctions after Row tries to ask him questions on what happened to Eve. When Eve is captured by Row, he shows her past to her. After that, Arcadia, Sud appears in the golem to rescue them both. Queen helps Eve escape on the elevator while Sud and Atharva are left behind to fight off Yajur. But as Eve and Queen leave on the elevator, the emergency stop activates and their completely stuck. They then escape to a place with abandoned machinery. There, Eve finds Cradle who’s mainframe is completely wiped out so he just speaks about irrelevant things. Queen says the only way to bring him back to normal is to fix his mainframe which is still barely possible. Either way, Eve decides to look for it as Queen leads the way.


As they walk towards where his mainframe is, Cradle starts saying things like he made a huge mistake based on the past events and how he decided to wake up Eve of his own accord because he was lonely. But Eve tells him that it’s okay because she understands what it means to be lonely. He continues to say he made a mistake and then follows it up by saying it’s meal time lol. Eve then hugs him tightly while crying saying she promises to fix him and it wasn’t a mistake that she met him.

Afterwords, they finally reach where Cradle’s mainframe is. Queen hooks Cradle up to the console and restarts his system. Just as it reaches its last percentage of progress, Queen is shot directly in the head by Yajur. He aims his gun at her but she continues to protect Cradle. Cradle then speaks up and tells her to run while he helps her escape and thanks her for protecting him and smiles. He then self-destructs on Yajur and blows up. He gets injured but survives and just as he’s about to attack Eve, Cradle tells him to back off. Suddenly Cradle appears in a set of two bodies, a man and a young boy.


Apparently Queen did manage to restart his mainframe. So he discarded his original body and used a back up body he had. So he fends off Yajur with one of his spare bodies and runs away with Eve into the forest. Eve is so happy that Cradle is alive she immediately hugs him. He still believes he’s disqualified to be with her but she says he not and promises to continue to stay with him. He tells her he remembers why he didn’t like the idea of her leaving to go to the ground because he was afraid their time would be cut short. And now that he’s obtained a human body he understands he feels this way because he’s been in love with her. She’s surprised, but realizes she feels the same way. And so they head to the tower to face Row and help Sud and Atharva.


As they head towards the tower some golems appear. Apparently Cradle is qualified to use Tier Blade though and has the ring on his finger to prove it. He then calls for Tier Blade and they both get teleported on board. It’s modified though without limbs or the use of weapons and instead hacks the golems to make them malfunction. Soon Arcadia appears in his new Tier Blade that is made up of Row’s nanomachines. He basically took control of his nanomachines using a virus he implanted in him and made his body disappear along with it. Now he plans to do the same with Eve and finally eradicate the entire human race, huzzah!

So the final battle between them begins. Unfortunately Cradle is overpowered by Arcadia even after using the knight’s weapons. So the past Eve lends Eve and Cradle the power of her nanomachines. But regardless, Arcadia plants the same virus he gave Row into Eve to mutate her nanomachines. Arcadia mocks Cradle saying that Eve is just a “plaything” to him anyway and he couldn’t even obey his master’s orders to end Eve’s life because he was lonely. This pisses off Cradle so he overheats his mainframe and beats Arcadia basically telling him to stfu lol.

After that, Eve and Cradle meet up with the others. They’re finally able to head back to the ground. Cradle also has a way of purifying the ground but it requires the use of Eve’s nanomachines and will make her mortal again instead of immortal. Eve is fine with this though since she can live as a human along side Cradle. So after some time passes, they’re living together on the newly purified ground. Eve got sick and Cradle is really anxious because she’s mortal now, but she tells him not to worry so much. He kisses her in bed and doesn’t really know why he did it, but had an urge after getting a man’s body ohoohoh. They both confess their love to each other and Cradle catches her cold after kissing her lol.

[when your robot companion can finally get in bed wit u]

[lol kiss my 10 year old body]

Thoughts: Okay so he has two ends, one in which he’s his adult body and another in which he’s his child body. Now I think Cradle is adorable and honestly, I wish his route was longer because damn it was short. Obviously shortest out of the bunch (least CGs too). I didn’t think he’d be a route when I first played but I’m glad they added him as an additional route (even if it wasn’t that long of one) so I pray for more content in a FD. Anyway, you basically have a choice to finish his route with him in his adult body or his child body. They’re basically the exact same except for in the end with his child body she kinda treats him more like a kid cause he’s adapted to a kid’s personality. In that case, it’s kinda weird when he shows affection for her and even confesses to her BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE A 10 YEAR OLD BOY AND BASICALLY ACTS LIKE ONE. Truthfully, I deem it kind of pointless to have two routes that are essentially the same but… er… I guess if you like shotas? Although I guess it doesn’t really matter because technically he’s a robot anyway and he’s lived much longer than everyone else there.  But… Its literally like, the same love dialogue so its pretty funny tbh. So honestly, if you play his route, you’re really just choosing if you want man or chan lmao.

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