Shiro to Kuro no Alice 白と黒のアリス – Minette


Minette (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) is a self-proclaimed magician with a pretty face, but can be unpredictable and no one understands his real intentions (typical flirt of the game).

Chapter 1

Minette visits Airi like usual and tells Rain he wants to go play together. He takes her outside of the castle and into the forest. Minette says he’s really interested in her and it was “love at first sight”. Airi asks what part he likes about her and he says the cute part lmao. Anyway, he tells her he has to leave and she goes back to the castle on her own. But she gets lost and ends up at Nello’s cabin. He walks her back to the castle and are greeted by Rain who escorts her back to her room.

The next day Airi has more audiences with the citizens. She instictively sighs after them and Rain reminds her that she can’t return to the white world with Luna being out of control from “Alice”. Suddenly, Minette appears and lightens the mood by telling Rain he’ll hang out with her again to cheer her up. So she goes with Minette to the salon and he mentions how he understands after suddenly being brought here she’d want to return to her world. She asks why he hadn’t visited her for a couple days and he apologizes and says he’ll spend extra time with her to make up for it.

He asks what she and Rain talked about and they have tea and snacks to discuss. She tells him about how Rain tells her she doesn’t act like a queen and how he would bring back the previous queen had it been possible. Minette explains its due to her power making her go out of control, and decides he’ll prove it to her. He asks if he can get a tiny sample of her blood to make a medicine out of it. She agrees and he pricks her with a needle and gets some of her blood. He licks her wound asking if she’s okay which she says she’s fine. He then leaves and says he’ll come visit her again with the finished medicine.

Chapter 2

After a trial the next day, Minette comes to visit Airi again. He tells Rain he’s going to have tea with her and they go out to the garden together. He shows her the vial of medicine he made and tells her to drink it. So she drinks it and another copy of herself appears. Apparently its her shadow and has the same expressions as her. They use this trick to leave the castle and Minette escorts her out to town for the first time. He buys her a ring from a shop and they encounter a couple girls. They ask Minette why they haven’t come to see them and Minette tells Airi to run away lmao.


After that, Airi feels like she should head back soon before the magic wears off. Minette begs her to stay longer though because he has something to show her. They head to the town center as it gets dark and there’s lots of lights and dancers. They’re all cheering for the new queen and how she’ll bring peace to the city. Airi touches the sparkling lights and they grow brighter. After that, Airi looks anxious so Minette tells her to smile since he likes her better that way. Suddenly, Minette says he has to leave so he heads off somewhere. Airi is left alone to walk to the castle by herself. When she gets back, Rain is pissed she left and tried to trick him with magic, knowing it was Minette’s doing. She apologizes but says she had a lot of fun seeing the parade. Nevertheless, she returns to her room to sleep.


The next couple days Airi hasn’t had any trials or meetings. Minette suddenly appears in her room and wants to hang out with her again. Airi is skeptical of leaving the castle since Rain got mad before. When Rain appears, Airi and Minette ask him to allow her to go outside. So he finally gives in and allows her to visit from time to time but to be wary since its dangerous. As they visit the salon and have tea, Nine asks why Minette left Airi alone when they hung out together. He said there were various reasons but apologizes profusely to Airi for leaving her by herself.

Chapter 3

Minette makes plans to go out to town with Airi. Rain has Jack, the leader of the queen’s guard, escort them as well. So they go to town together and Minette buys Airi some chocolate and cotton candy while Jack follows them. Airi asks Jack about Luna and he says she’s a wonderful person who he clearly looks up to. Minette says he thinks they look similar, but believes Luna and Airi’s personality are different. Jack looks at Airi closely to see the resemblance and Minette gets iffy about him being so close. Jack then flips his shit and apologizes for being so close to her.


After that, Minette asks how long Jack intends to stick around and he says until Rain tells him so. Minette jokes how Luna probably forgot he was gone lmao making him depressed. So while he’s thinking about Luna, Minette takes the chance to ditch him with Airi. They manage to outrun him for a while but run into some guys after Airi’s “Alice” blood. Minette manages to escape with Airi with a small injury but suggests they go to his place to hide out for a a bit. So he takes her to his place and meets his duchess named Misty who lives with Minette.

Minette shows Airi to his room and has Airi apply his medicine to heal his wound. Minette specializes in making medicines that is essentially out of magic. Apparently only aristocrats, the second hiearchy of the class system, is able to use magic. Hence why third rates are the ones who are more hostile towards the Queen and want her power because they aren’t able to use magic. He insists he drink her (drugged) tea and tells her he’ll go brew some more. Airi gets anxious about being gone so late so she decides to try and leave. Just as she tells Minette and Misty she’s going to head back to the castle, a drug kicks in from the tea and Misty says this is her new home now.

Chapter 4

When Airi wakes up she’s unable to move or speak. Basically due to a contract between Minette and his duchess who owns him, Minette is her pet that must abide to what she says. It was his plan all along to retrieve Airi and use her blood as a rejuvenating medicine for his duchess. So by drugging her up enough, Airi essentially becomes a living doll that eats, sleeps, and provides blood for medicines to be made by Minette for Misty. This goes on day after day and soon Rain becomes suspicious and demands answers from Minette. But Minette lies saying he doesn’t know of Airi’s whereabouts and that she went missing when leaving into the forest. Rain doesn’t believe him though and tells him he’ll be back.

So Minette goes back home to make more youth medicine for the duchess. She demands more made though and slaps him, causing him to shatter the medicine he already made. And when he protests, she activates the “contract” on his neck which inflicts pain on him and demands he make more within thr night. That same night, Minette tries talking and teasing Airi but realizes its become boring. He knows he can touch or do whatever he’d like to her but its not fun like it was before. Suddenly, tears come out of Airi’s eyes which shocks Minette. He wonders why she’s crying and starts to feel an intense pain in his chest and starts questioning his actions.


The next morning, Minette makes breakfast like usual but makes a more luxurious one than usual. When the duchess comes home she praises Minette, saying she’s glad she found him (she calls him her cat, neko-chan). Misty asks why he’s in an especially good mood today and he tells her he’s just completely happy right now ((yeah great…)). So he drugs up Airi again, promising he’ll never hurt her again. And so, she wakes up in Minette’s room. Dhe realizes that she can move again and notices no one is home. However, she decides to stay put and goes back to her room to sleep. While fake asleep, she hears Minette whisper to her he loves her and she’s more important to him than anyone else.


When she wakes up, she’s still able to move and talk but Minette tells her not to. He carries her to the dining room and serves breakfast as usual. Misty doesn’t notice Airi hasn’t been drugged but warns Minette to lock the door since he forgot to last night. That night, Minette makes the same medicine before that made a copy of Airi. He uses this to deceive Misty and tells Airi to follow him out the door. So he takes her out to town without saying a word. Finally, Airi yells out to him to speak to her. He tells her he intends to take her back to the castle so she can escape. Airi knows he’ll be punished by betraying his duchess, so she refuses to let him go and says she wants to stay with him. Minette is in shock after all he’d done to her she’d want to stay with him, but finally gives in. He tells her he’s finally glad he’s able to see the real Alice and says he’ll follow her wherever she goes no matter what.

Chapter 5

So Minette decides to accompany Airi even though he’s still under the duchess contract. Nevertheless, the queen’s guards find Airi amd Minette and escort them back to the castle. Minette apologizes for the situation and Rain accepts it briefly knowing his situation. So Airi goes to sleep immediately after making it back. When she wakes up, Minette is watching her sleep and says she looks cute and he loves her best. Airi responds with a confession and says she loves him too. This makes him completely flush in embarrassment and has to tell her to stop before he loses his shit lmao. He asks to kiss her but before he can, Rain walks in. Minette is all “Oh, hey dad” and he tells him he should knock before coming in lol.

During breakfast, Minette suggests making a medicine that may rid the effects of Luna’s condition. Its only a chance, but Airi tells him to try. Minette also explains to Rain everything that had happened thus far and apologizes again for what he’d done. Afterwords, Jack goes back to the white world to see Luna and Rain prepares a work room for Minette to prepare the medicine in. Meanwhile, Minette takes Airi back to her room to finish what they started and give her some lovin’.


Afterwords, Airi takes a stroll with Minette who’s taking a break from his research. Airi then realizes if Minette manages to make a medicine to help Luna, she wonders what she’ll do if Luna becomes queen again. Minette notices she’s troubled over this but tells her this is for the sake of saving her as well because he loves her. Just then, Minette’s contract heats up with him in intense pain; meaning his duchess is already looking for him. He tries to fight back as Rain and Airi tell him not to give up and Airi begs him to fulfill her wish. Finally, he snaps out of it but Rain tells him he should drink Airi’s blood to supress the contract. And so, after drinking Airi’s blood, he finally returns to normal.


Chapter 6

Snow puts up a barrier that blocks the Duchess’ contract so she can’t command Minette to do her bidding. Rain tells Airi that Snow is looking into resolving the contract but it’ll take some time to figure out. Apparently the duchess is actually really old she just used her age potion to make herself young again so she won’t leave her house. So Rain tells her to stop worrying and instead believe in Minette and do what she can. Meanwhile, the duchess leaves her house with the appearance of an old woman and makes two guys her slaves to act upon her revenge on Airi.


The next day, Airi invites Snow to eat together. On their way, they encounter Nello who informs them of the townspeople going out of control and demanding for Airi and Minette. Clearly the work of the duchess, Nello tells Airi to go look for Rain in the castle while they hold them off. When Airi gets back into the castle, she encounters Rain and he tells her to go to the room where Minette is since the barrier is there. When they do, Airi figures out its not really Rain who she’s talking to, but the duchess. Airi knew being in the barrier wouldn’t make her any safer since she’s not affected by her magic.

2017-07-11-203339[Why does he remind me so much of Howl here… Minette”s moving castle…???]

Still in Rain’s form, Misty tries to kill Airi. But right after, Minette appears and holds her back. He tells her he knew she would use a potion that would change her appearance since she wouldn’t want to reveal her true form. He splashes some sort of paralysis potion on her and she writhes in pain onto the floor. Then a black mist covers the area as she yells out how she won’t forgive them. Soon Rain arrives and the contract on everyone, including Minette, is lifted. Rain tells Airi that the duchess will be judged accordingly for her crimes. Its then Luna appears to retake her role as queen. She knows Airi doesn’t belong in this world and asks of she wants to return to the white world or stay in the black one.

White end


Airi decides she’ll return to the white world while Minette creates a medicine for Luna to get better. That is what she believes is best. So Airi goes back to the white world as if nothing happened and adapts back to her normal high school life. As time passes, Airi misses Minette and thinks she’ll never see him again. But low and behold, he appears!! Apparently he became a wizard under the queen just so he could back and forth between the white and black world. So now, he can see Airi whenever he wants! So he picks her up and he uses his magic so they fly in the sky like howl’s moving castle lmao.

Black End


Airi decides her happiness with Minette and protecting the black world is more important than anything else; so she wants to stay in the black world until Minette makes the medicine for Luna. So as time passes, Minette is finally able to make the medicine for Luna to suppress her power. Minette has become the Queen’s wizard and a member of the castle. Airi is in the white world since Minetye suggested she graduate first before coming back. So on the day of Airi’s graduation, Minette comes to pick her up. He shows her the cherry blossoms and gives her the ring back that he bought her before.

Bad Black End


Minette isn’t able to find a cure in time for Luna so Airi ends up awakening to her Alice power and drinks Minette’s blood. Unfortunately, she can’t control her urges and Minette becomes her blood bitch.

Bad White End

Airi goes back to the white world but isn’t able to see Minette anymore.

Thoughts: I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t really like Minette’s route. Hell, I didn’t even read his sub stories because his personality bored me. I honestly didn’t even mind him at first but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the constant drugging of the heroine. Like, yes, I do get that you can’t really help it because of your bitch’s duchess contract but I mean he did still fuck her over (cause everyone fucks Airi over in this damn game) and keep her trapped and drugged up. Also, just… ugh, Airi’s and his relationship was just kinda boring to me honestly. I felt like Minette’s “love” was feeling sorry for what he’d done to her and suddenly they were in love?? Idk, he wasn’t an awful character (Nello is prob my least fave) but sometimes he was just so predictable and not my type. Definitely one of the routes thats separated from the plot.

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