7’Scarlet – Toa Kushinada


Toa (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) is a cat-loving otaku who has cats follow him wherever he goes lol. He’s very clumsy and has bad vision. He often wears baggy clothes since its what he feels most comfortable in.

Toa invites Ichiko to go to the festival together after she sees him humming by the garden. When she meets him by a bench, he’s feeding a cat takoyaki. When they get to the festival, Toa is nervous at first since he’s not good around crowds. Ichiko asks what he wants to eat and they finally decide to buy yakitori. Afterwords, they sit on a bench and Toa tells Ichiko about the closed hot springs and the origin of Okunezato panda. First, there was a spring in Okunezato that was very popular but shut down due to some guy having a heart attack. Thanks to this, the owners were blamed. So the son of the owners created the Okunezato panda as a symbol for the town in order to try and regain customers. It wasn’t popular though and didn’t do anything. In the end. It only got recognized on the internet and got popular then. And no one knows what happened to the artist.

So they eat their yakitori and Toa says his is a little light on the flavor so Ichiko takes a bite of his. They both get embarrassed by this (acting like a bunch of cuties) and laugh. Suddenly Toa asks what time it is and when Ichiko tells him its 8:20, he grabs her hand on a hurry to take her up a hill. There, they can see a whole view of the town in addition to a great spot to see the fireworks start. He tells her its his secret spot where you can see the fireworks the best. So they both watch the fireworks and Ichiko notices they’re still holding hands too lol.


After the fireworks, Toa finally realizes they were still holding hands and immediately lets go after blushing and apologizing. Ichiko tells him he knows a lot about the town and Toa finally admits he’s actually from Okunezato and lived there until he was 14 years old. He had bad memories of the town (like kids making fun of him) but still couldn’t bear to leave the city since he enjoyed it so much. Ichiko tells him she thinks he’s a kind person and is sure there are people in town who like him. After they leave, Ichiko thanks Toa for inviting her out and Toa does the same. He anxiously asks if there’s anyway he can help with finding her brother, he’ll do what he can.

The next day, Ichiko finds Toa near the shrine. He greets her with her last name so he tells her to call her “Ichiko” since she calls him “Toa-kun”. He finally manages to but looks away at first lol. Finally, he’s able to call her “Ichiko-chan” and is so proud of himself when he does (its too cute). Anyway, Ichiko asks for Toa’s help and hopes he can tell her more about the town. He tells her that the hotel is the only one there so her brother must of stayed there. He also reveals that he was actually the boy who drew the panda and is the hot spring owner’s son. The Murakumo family, or Yuzuki’s family, used this accident as a way to shut down the springs since they disliked when visitors came to their town. Thats when Toa drew the panda but didn’t end up saving the inn. Now he hates their family for what they did.

Toa and Ichiko notice a commotion going on so they head back to the hotel. They find out someone fell from the mountain again. That night, the Okunezato occult group discuss the legend behind the island being shaped like a crescent. Yuki appears to tell them that he believes they should disband their group. That night, Ichiko goes downstairs to get a drink since she can’t sleep and ends up bumping into Toa. His glasses fell off though so Ichiko ends up seeing his face. She realizes that Toa is actually A-TO from the idol band Arc-Zero. As she’s in shock, Toa confirms it and says he actually visited to perform live. He tells her to promise to keep it a secret so she does.


Next day, Toa’s manager takes a visit to the hotel but Yua refuses to give her information of her customers. After that, Ichiko goes to visit Toa near the shrine. He shows her his school and admits he always liked to sing so he’d often sing alone near the shrine since the town didn’t have karaoke. He tells her that he was the one who decided to disband the group since he felt like he fulfilled his purpose. Its then he decided he’d have his first solo performance at his middle school in Okunezato. He shows her the auditorium where he’ll be performing in the gym. Suddenly, Toa leaves, saying he’ll be back. Its then Yuki notices Ichiko and asks what she’s doing on the school premises.

Toa, dressed as A-TO, appears saying that he invited Ichiko. His attitude is completely different and even Yuki finds his presence overwhelming. Suddenly Toa’s manager, Gamaki, appears and starts bitching at him for bringing Ichiko and says relationships are a no-no. Toa then decides to run away from her with Ichiko for fun and they reach the area where the tunnel is. He talks about one of his hit songs “Lovesick” and how he doesn’t believe he could make anything as successful as that. He then gets a call from his manager saying they’re trying to cancel his live performance because of the incidents occuring in the town. But Toa is completely against this and says he plans to do this no matter what since the success of his performance means everything to him. Ichiko tells him she wants to do anything she can to help him but he tells her that her being by his side has helped plenty. He then hugs her and confesses that he’s in love with her.


The next day, Toa’s manager tells Ichiko to stay away from him and that he merely flirts with girls so she shouldn’t take him seriously. When Ichiko sees Toa that same night, she tells him she can’t meet him anymore. She doesn’t understand why he likes her and without a reason she can’t believe his feelings for her. Toa asks if his manager said something to her but instead of replying she runs away and apologizes. After that, she tells Gamaki that she severed ties with Toa and she’s absolutely pleased to hear it. A day later, Yasu finds out that Toa went MIA and skipped out on his rehearsal after having an argument with his manager because of Ichiko. When Ichiko finds out this, she immediately goes to search for him.

Ichiko ends up finding Toa by the tunnel and he tells her that it’s true he got in an arguement with his manager because of her. However, the rumor of the scandal about him dating a fan was false. He he couldn’t like her already being in love with someone else. She basically ended up stalking Toa to his apartment so he got his manager to tell her to get the hell away from him. Ichiko then asks why he picked her and he tells her its because she was kind to him even as his other appearance whereas no one else would talk to him unless he was in his idol appearance. Just as they’re about to leave, a strange group appears and pins Toa down saying “he’s the one”. They try looking for something on his body but can’t find it. Before they can continue, Sousuke intervenes.


Sousuke tells them to back down and says he’s not the dead person they’re looking for. The vigilante group back down and silently leave. As they head back, Sousuke explains that the group that attacked him was a group that believes in the living dead legend and were looking for a certain mark on Toa’s back to confirm he was zombie. Sousuke tells him that he saw his back in the baths before though and confirmed he wasn’t. Soon Sousuke leaves and Ichiko and Toa head to the school. Toa apologizes to Gamaki but tells her to never talk badly about Ichiko and to allow her to stay with him. She finally agrees so as long as he takes his work seriously.

The day before the live event Gamaki announces that the live will be cancelled due to the murders. Toa in shock, tells her to at least wait until the next day to confirm it in hopes the killer will be found. Later, Ichiko gets a note from Toa telling her to come to their secret place. So Ichiko goes to the hilltop that Toa showed her before. Instead of seeing Toa though, she encounters a man with a cat mask. He was the one who sent her the note and tries to stab her. Before he can Toa punches him out of the way. Soon Yasu and the other vigilante appear and the vigilante chase after the killer. Toa and Ichiko run for it and Yasu asks Toa for his autograph lol.

The next day, Ichiko meets with Gamaki and she reveals that the concert is officially cancelled since the culprit wasn’t caught. Toa talks with Ichiko privately and bring her to the shrine he often visits. He reveals thats where he first met her 12 years ago. She came to visit him often and never picked on him like any other kids did. She’d compliment his singing as well and thats when Toa fell in love. As proof, he shows Ichika the same marble he gave her as a kid. He tells her he believes its destiny they met again and finally they give each other their long awaited smooches. They bid each other farewell at the bus stop and promises to meet each other again.


True End (Unlocked after you do Yuzuki’s route)

After Kagura is arrested, he tells Ichiko that the undead will come to the hotel to try and kill her. In addition, Kagura wasn’t the one who killed Sousuke’s father so the killer is still on the lose. So, the Okunezato occult club decides to gather and discuss everyone’s alibi’s. Isora was seen by Hino in the kitchen around the time of the murder so he has an alibi. Both Hino and Sousuke were in the baths while Hino accidently went into the female one lol. And Yuzuki was sick which Yuki could testify for. Yua admits to not having an alibi and Ichiko tells them she was near the hill where the murder happened with Toa and remembers him saying he heard a voice.

After discussing this, Yuki decides to officially close their group and also reveals he was the leader and the one who essentially brought them together. Finally Yuzuki speaks up on how they can reveal the undead. First, they should have marks on their back that indicate how many people they’ve killed. The second method is putting them near fire. Just before they can test it out on everyone, Yua raises her hand and admits she’s the dead person. She explains that she killed Sousuke’s dad without knowing it was him. She claims he attacked her on the night of the festival but Yuki believes her story is strange and figures out she actually pushed him off the cliff instead.

Yuzuki presses further and asks Yua if she’s really the dead person. He explains the undead probably appear due to their lingering feelings of looking for something before they died. He asks her why she came back to life since she should know but she refuses to answer. Even if she admits to being the dead person, she’d be exterminated by the vigilante group. He believes she’s covering for someone so in order to prove it once and for all, Yuzuki takes a knife and stabs himself in the arm. Yua’s reaction isn’t nearly as bad as Toa’s who’s screaming in terror. Toa is revealed as the dead person and never had marks on his back because he never killed anyone.

So, Toa finally admits to being the dead person along with being A-TO as well. Yua apologizes for not being able to protect him. Toa apologizes for deceiving Ichiko and meant to keep it hidden until he disappeared quietly. Apparently he died by falling asleep due to exhaustion while driving to Okunezato to meet everyone and ended up accidentally driving off the cliff. Next moment he woke up he was in the field of purple flowers and knew he was dead. He also had the urge to want to kill people and revived in clothes that he felt most comfortable in. After that, he checked into the hotel and thats when he met everyone.

The one who Toa confided in though was Yua. That reason being was because Yua is Toa’s twin sister. They’re faternal twins so they don’t look alike but were both born in Okunezato. However, the town had a sort of custom where twins are separated at birth. Toa was male so he stayed with his original parents but Yua stayed with her materal grandparents. So they grew up as strangers but their parents allowed them to meet 1 or 2 times a month. However, when their parents died it stopped. But when they were able to get cellphones in middle school they contacted each other again and became close. Even when Toa told Yua about him being dead, she believed him and asked if he wanted to kill. However, Toa resisted his urge to kill.


So the reason Toa stayed in this world was to perform his final concert and after that, he’ll leave the world of the living. For that reason Yua begs them to allow her to watch his final performance until the end. Toa also says when he hugged Ichiko, the urge to kill momentarily went away. Finally, Yua reveals the truth of Sousuke’s father’s death. She was following Toa and Ichiko on the day of the festival since it looked like they were having fun and knew that Ichiko was Toa’s first love. But she spotted Sousuke’s father following them so she followed him in fear of Toa being in danger. He ended up catching her and asked what she was doing. She came up with a lie that she was following Toa since she was suspicious of him and worried for her friend. When she admits to knowing about him and his group, Sousuke’s father left towards Toa. Yua immediately rushes towards him before he could and ended up pushing him off the cliff.

Sousuke also reveals that his father was the one who killed Isora’s. However, what happened was that Isora’s already dead father returned home. While Isora and his mom were in shock, the vigilante appeared and took his father away. All this time Isora believed it was dream and Sousuke apologizes on his father’s behalf. Nevertheless, Yuzuki tells Toa he can perform tomorrow. Toa’s body finally gives out and he collapses on the spot. Hino helps take him to Ichiko’s room where he and Ichiko stay there and she makes out with him, wishing they could stop time so it could last forever.


The next day is finally the concert. After Sousuke proves to Gamaki that his wounds have healed (due to being undead) Gamaki allows him to sing just one song which was Yuki’s suggestion. That night, they all prepare for Toa’s final performance. However, all the staff and even the band members left since the concert was essentially offically cancelled. But Toa still intends to sing a song called “Starry” acapella. Before he can perform though, Yasu appears and handcuffs Toa. He tells Ichiko that the dead shouldn’t be allowed to live and in the end he never believed that he wouldn’t be able to kill. Yua then appears and yells at him to let go. She ends up getting stabbed accidentally and Yasu runs out screaming. Regardless, Yua begs Ichiko to have Toa perform. When he does, he says goodbye to Ichiko as his body lights up and he disappears into the sky.


Final Thoughts: Ahhhhhhh, this route killed me.  (ಥ﹏ಥ) This innocent boy did NOT deserve the shit he had to go through. All I could think of is, WHY HIM??? Its weird he ended up being my fave because I didn’t think he was my type at first but when I did his true route, I realized HE WAS THE ONE. Of course he doesn’t get a happy end though. Doesn’t even matter if its the true end or not because the result is the same. (´Д`。)  He was so cute and precious; I honestly wanted him to stay in his otaku look lol. I felt like his idol persona wasn’t as cute and I preferred when he was stuttering or talking to cats lol. I was so surprised he was Yua’s sister cause that was a pretty interesting plot twist. One thing that weirded me out was Yasu though. I mean, his “betrayal” was random as hell and it doesn’t really build up to it. I guess its more he doesn’t agree with the dead being treated as normal beings but it was still a good way to trash his character haha.

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