7’Scarlet – Isora Amari

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Isora (CV: Amari Isora) loves cooking and is aiming to become a pastry chef. He has a bright and cheerful personality and working a part-time job at the Hotel’s Cafe.

Ichiko decides to go with Isora to the festival. Isora takes Ichiko to an area where they can see the fireworks better and where he can tell her the secret he promised to share with her if she came. He pinky promises with her so she won’t tell and reveals he was actually born and raised in Okunezato. He lied about traveling there and actually stayed there until he graduated middle school. It was then he left the town to become a chef. His parents even opened up a restaurant, but it ended up closing after Isora’s father died. His mother couldn’t maintain the restaurant herself and ended up working at the hotel in Okunezato. She got sick though and couldn’t manage the kitchen so it was left to Isora. He hopes to become an actual chef so he can take over his mother’s position and free her from he responsibilities.


Afterwords, Ichiko tells Isora about her missing brother and how he left without saying anything so she has no idea why he came to Okunezato. Isora confirms with her whether she’s never visited Okunezato before and she says she can’t remember ever visiting before. Isora says she reminds him of someone he met in the past but then changes the subject back to her brother. He tells her to be wary of getting too involved with investigating the town and never do things on her own since there are people who aren’t trustworthy. After that, they go back to the hotel and Isora invites Ichiko out the next day after work to investigate and see the town more.

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The next day, Ichiko goes to visit the cafe where Isora is working to wait for him until he’s done. It ends up getting much busier than he expected though and ends up asking Ichiko for help. He in return says he’ll make her a whole cake lmao. So Ichiko helps Isora in the cafe until closing at 4 pm. After that, Ichiko and Isora go to town and ask around about Ichiko’s brother. Strangely rnough though no one has heard of him and Ichiko doesn’t have any photos of him since he never liked having his picture taken. Afterwords, Ichiko and Isora go back to the cafe where Isora works his late shift.

That night, the Okunezato group gathers and Isora tells of one of the sevem wonders he heard about. Apparently there’s a will-o’-the-whisp type flame thats scene among the mountains. They always disappear though and there’s no traces of forest fires. They’re also said to be the souls of the dead. Yuki suddenly intervenes into the conversation to tell everyone he thinks its best if they disband their occult group. With the many incidents occurring and the possibility of a murderer among them, Yuki deems it too dangerous for them to continue. Yuki decides that they can continue the conversation later but Isora starts raging that it’d be better and safer for them to stop and Ichiko to leave. After an awkward silence, Isora apologizes for getting mad and they all leave to sleep for the day.

The next day after Ichiko’s shift, Hino invites Ichiko out to try and investigate some more. After that, they visit Isora while he’s working at the cafe. When Hino mentions they were together the whole day, Isora’s mood changes completely. He brings them a strawberry tart and Hino emphasizes that Ichiko can’t eat strawberries. But he suddenly tells them to eat it in a low voice, confusing them. They try to call out to him but he leaves. The next morning, a dead white cat that often visited was found. There was a strawberry tart near the bush meaning that the cat ate it and died. Ichiko remembers that she and Hino were given a tart by Isora but Hino suggested they give Ichiko’s to a cat.

Ichiko finds out that Hino felt sick so he went to the hospital. So because of this whole incident, Isora is suspected of poisoning his food. He claims he didn’t, and the others trust he’s telling the truth. But things are still awkward between him and Ichiko and he is no longer as energetic as he used to be. One night, Ichiko visits him at the cafe as he’s closing up. She tells him that she believes in him and doesn’t believe he’d ever poison the food he loves to make. Isora thanks her and is in a much better mood after speaking with her. He invites her out the next day so they can investigate her brother some more.

Next morning Hino is back from the hospital but doesn’t know the tart he gave to the cat killed it so Ichiko keeps it hidden from him for now. Afterwords, Ichiko sees Yuki who leaves to go shopping in town while waiting for Isora. He finally meets up with her and visits a few shops with her before heading to the lake. He encounters a kid crying and shows him a magic trick and gives him candy to cheer him up (lol yea take candy from strangers). After that he rides a boat with Ichiko. He starts talking about how its possible her brother could be dead and his body left into the lake. Ichiko flips and ends up rocking the boat, making Isora topple on top of her. Eventually he gets off from hovering over her and apologizes. After they leave, they go through a narrow pathway and Isora asks about her dislike of strawberries which she doesn’t remember why she has.


When they get back to town, they hear Yuki is missing and never came back to the hotel after going shopping for ingredients. While Yasu is investigating the matter, Ichiko manages to convince Isora for her to go shopping so Isora can cook meals for everyone. After shopping though she decides to head to the middle school for more clues about her brother. She ends up spotting a black van they saw in the morning though and follows it, hoping she’ll find a lead to where Yuki is. She ends up in a dark alleyway and loses track of the car. Suddenly she’s attacked and her legs and feet are beaten by someone. She ends up falling unconscious and Isora finds her. He promises he’ll protect her and never let harm befall her again.


When Ichiko wakes up, she’s in an unfamilar room with Isora who treated her wounds. He brought her to an underground room where she can live in until its safe. It has a kitchen and bathroom so she’s able to live there and Isora brings her three meals a day. However, because of this, Ichiko loses track of time and has no idea how long she’s been in there or when its night or day. One day, Isora tells her of the situation outside and how Yuki is still missing. He gives her a change of clothes and says he’ll wash hers. When Ichiko protests and says she can, Isora tells her its fine since she’d have to leave to use the washing machine. Suddenly, Isora gets into a yandere mode and tells her no. Since last time she said she’d be okay, she got injured. So Ichiko finally agrees to listening to what he says.

So Isora continues to give Ichiko her meals and even goes into yandere mode and whispers if her hands got injured he could do everything for her like spoon feed her (kill me wtf). After hearing him say that her injury caused him to be able to take care of her like this, it raises Ichiko’s suspicions and she starts thinking Isora could be the one who attacked her and is now keeping quiet about keeping her locked up. However, she starts to doubt this thought as he continues to be nice to her. One day he accidently leaves the door unlocked when going to buy cooking oil. Ichiko notices this but decides to stay put.


In doing so, a man with a cat mask suddenly appears. He tells Ichiko he’s been looking for her and he was the one who attacked her and set up Isora to be guilty by poisioning the cat. Before he can kill her, Isora appears and stabs him with his kitchen knife. The killer ends up stabbing Isora in the arm but he overpowers him and knocks him to the ground. He starts punching him over and over with his injured hand and yelling how he won’t forgive him. Ichiko yells at him to stop since that hand should be used to make sweets, not kill. Isora then tells her about his past and how he met a girl that once ate his chocolate donuts when no one else would try his sweets (cause his mom was too busy). She was visiting while her parents her abroad and would meet Isora to try his sweets.


One day though he brought her a strawberry tart and it made Ichiko sick because he accidently used rotten strawberries without realizing. She was even hospitalised but when she got better, she still wanted to try more of the sweets he’d make. This is when Isora realized he’d fallen for her and did all he could to protect her. Because of this, Ichiko suddenly remembers her PTSD for strawberries and her memories with Isora. He soon falls unconscious though after telling her this and the room goes up in flames after the candles set the whole place on fire. Ichiko manages to drag Isora out of there and soon Yasu arrives to help.

After rhat, Isora is hospitalized and Ichiko came back to the hotel. Apparently Isora had told them all he was keeping Ichiko safe but wouldn’t tell where she was just in case one of them was the culprit. Yuki came back after being “abducted” to stop the live event. So, Ichiko goes to visit Isora in the hospital. He apologizes for keeping her confined but he just really wanted to keep her safe. She promises to never leave him and asks that he make her a strawberry tart next time so she can get over her dislike for strawberries. In the normal end, Ichiko questions why Isora is keeping her confined and Isora rages saying he can’t trust anyone at the hotel. So she stays there until the criminal attacks. When Isora’s hospitalized, Hino and Ichiko thank him and leave Okunezato.


Final Thoughts: I wanted to like this guy, I did… but I couldn’t get over his yandere attitude. At first he was okay, but when I reached the point where he was keeping Ichiko captive I just wanted to throw my vita. I can’t handle these type of characters because they think they’re doing the right thing, when in the end, they just make themselves look crazy. I get he was trying to protect her, but seriously? Locking her up in some underground room? I mean, even if you don’t trust anyone, you don’t exactly make yourself look trustworthy when you do shit like that. Even Ichiko started to suspect him which I totally get esp if you’re saying shit like “I WISH UR HANDS WERE HURT INSTEAD SO I COULD FEED YOU”. Okay, yeah… well, you’re too possessive and not my type, sorry.


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