Piofiore no Banshou -Episodio1926- ピオフィオーレの晩鐘 – Review / Summary

piofiore episodo1926

This is not a fandisk but rather a sequel to Piofiore no Banshou. There are three different types of episode types such as -BURLONE-, -ALTERNATIVA-, and -HENRI-. The -BURLONE- episode is the after story of the main five characters (Dante, Nicola, Gilbert, Yang and Orlok). -ALTERNATIVA- is based on the ~FINALE END~ of the original game where there’s an incident that occurs and the mafia all join together to find the mastermind. Lastly, there’s the -HENRI- episode which is the after story for Henri’s ending in the original game (this also ties together with the -ALTERNATIVA- episode).  There’s also an advent calendar type menu where you watch various scenes until you unlock the -ALTERNATIVA- episode.

non-spoiler thoughts

-BURLONE- Episode

Dante Falzone (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) 

Lily is still living with dante in the Falzone mansion. Laoshu is no longer present, but Fascists are appearing and the mayor of italy has been assassinated. Meanwhile, Lily looks for ways to be more helpful to Dante so after hearing from Nicola that Dante struggles with documents in english (since America is a big trade country for them) she starts to study English. She doesn’t tell Dante why, but she starts visiting the library more often in order to do so. One day, Lily meets a man from Rome named Raul who is a relative of Dante and Nicola. Dante requests to speak to him privately and he claims he’s just visiting Burlone. In reality, he’s from a fascist party working with Laoshu that is now Liu Fang Fui since Yang died. Raul’s goal is to murder Dante and take over Falzone.

One night, while Lily is studying, Dante comes in her room to help her. After helping her for some time, Carlos (the cat) rubs against Dante’s legs. This makes Dante reminisce about a cat that his mother had that he became close with when he was younger and he used to sleep with. He promises to help Lily again and kisses her goodnight. The next day, Lily goes out shopping and again meets a guy named Teo who insists on escorting after saying she reminds him of his sister (bitch not this again). Meanwhile, Dante and Nicola have issues smuggling from America and think they may have spies within Falzone. Because of this, Dante calls Lily and apologizes for breaking his promise.


Meanwhile, Dante and Nicola investigate Raul who is clearly trying to destroy Falzone and convince Nicola to betray Dante (but his love for Dante is too strong 🥴) but he just keeps Dante in the loop. Meanwhile, Dante finally makes time to have dinner with Lily. All the while, Dante gets hit on by the daughter of a Falzone member. This causes a fight between Dante and Lily since he’s annoyed at her for not being cautious enough since the guy named “Teo” she often meets could have ulterior motives. But then she points out that woman who flirted with him probably had ulterior motives and then runs out the door. Things are slightly awkward between them until Dante finally apologizes to Lily and gives her a rose.

After that, Nicola comes back from America after his undercover meeting with Raul and finding out about his motives. He tells Lily that they intend to purge Falzone of the traitors and that very night they make their move. Meanwhile, Dante goes into Lily’s room to check in on her. She pretends to be asleep but then calls out to Dante. She then pulls him into bed so she can fall asleep next to him. After that, Dante becomes busier but still tells Lily he wants to make time for her. While he’s in her room telling her this, Nicola knocks on the door. But Dante doesn’t want their time interrupted so he tells her to not say anything lol. After that, Nicola asks to speak with Lily and basically tells her Dante is in good hands with her and wishes them the best.


Lily tells him to not sound so ominous but he says you never know what’ll happen in the mafia! Lily tells him she’s glad he trusts her and Nicola says of course he does cause she’s like a sister to him. So Lily decides to call him “oniichan” which throws him off guard but makes him happy before he departs to America again. Meanwhile, Dante decides to have dinner with Lily and Gilbert since things have calmed down since they eliminated the traitors. On their way back Dante and Lily visit the church and encounter Henri there. He was helped by Dante previously when he was hurt and all of a sudden he says his role is to kill Dante (whut). He believes Dante would betray Lily eventually anyway and killing him would liberate her from her role as a key maiden.

In addition to that, Henri blames Dante’s father for his sister’s death since her love for him drove her mad. Sofia and Carlos also appear who try and explain the kind of man Dante’s father was and that it’s fair he wants revenge since he was a womanizer who led women on without really caring about them (albeit he actually did love his wife Beatrice). So Henri finally puts his gun down and silently leaves. A few days later, Dante finally gets the torta al cioccolato he promised Lily and so they eat it together in the living room. They both discuss their interests in movies and since Lily is reading english Dante recommends her to read the Great Gatsby. She also finally reveals she’s been learning English for the sake of helping him which makes Dante happy.

That night, Dante ends up getting drunk so Lily takes him to her room to rest and he ends up cuddling with her to sleep lol. After this, Lily ends up helping Dante with his piling paperwork of english documents. He repays her by making her a latte and secretly practiced so be could do so for her.  A few days later, Dante receives word that Gilbert may be in cahoots with Raul and is going to make a deal with him in Rome. He also wants to find out if Gilbert really does have connections to the Chicago mafia since they have been interfering with their smuggling of goods. So because it’s possible Lily may be a target, he wants to take her to Rome with her in order to protect her but also confirm his doubts about Gilbert.


So both Lily and Dante go to Rome and encounter Gilbert there. He tells them to meet him by some ruins to discuss what Dante plans to about Falzone and the mafia’s future. When they meet up, they get into a heated argument and start duking it out. Gilbert believes the mafia has no future so he should realize that it’s better if they look at their options. Dante doesn’t agree with him though so they argue until Lily gets so impatient with them she dumps a bucket of rainwater on them both to shut them up lmao. After this, Dante and Gilbert make up and Gilbert explains to Dante back at his hotel that Raul’s goal and the Italian government want the mafia gone. So their goal was to have Falzone and Visconti destroy each other. So they realize they need to take down Raul who spread misinformation to them.


The following day, Dante and Gilbert find Raul and kidnap him. Dante then tortures him until he gives information on the person who facilitated everything. In the end, Raul finally says it was Teo (who works for the church) who gave the order. But his intention was also to kill Lily and knows that she and Dante are in Rome. After hearing this, Dante immediately kills Raul. Meanwhile, Lily hears a knock at the door while at the hotel and gets suspicious. She checks the peephole to see that it’s Teo who just lets himself in. He calls Lily his “sister” before trying to kill her but Dante and Gilbert immediately appear to stop him. He ends up escaping and then suddenly Emilio appears (out of fucking nowhere) and says he’ll try to create an opening for them to apprehend Teo.

A few days later, Emilio tells Dante and Lily that Teo intends to meet then on the church rooftop at dawn. In doing so, they meet Teo who reveals to be Lily’s older brother. Apparently after Lily was kidnapped when she was a baby, her parents adopted a child that looked similar enough to her (so it’s not like he’s actually related to her though). In the end they were killed because of Lily’s existence as the “maiden key” which is why Teo hates her and Falzone (god these guys have dumb reasons to hate people huh). Then suddenly Henri appears and tells him well if Lily didn’t exist, then her parents wouldn’t have adopted him in the first place! (Insert pikachu surprised face).

Teo keeps going on about “woe is me” but Henri tells him to cut the crap and he’s just taking his misery out on Lily who has nothing to do with it in the first place. Teo doesn’t care either way and starts to attack Dante. Henri intervenes as Teo is about to try and stab Dante and gets stabbed instead. This creates an opening for Dante and he shoots Teo. Lily of course tries to tell him she doesn’t want him to die but he just jumps off the building to his death anyway and her words don’t make a difference anyway cause he hates her 🙄. In the end Teo and Henri die and Lily visits her hometown where she was born. Dante continues to be the capo of Falzone while Gilbert decides to leave Burlone and go to America. Dante also asks Lily to be his wife and they kiss.


In the bad end, Gilbert decides he’s going to take over Burlone for the sake of his family and tells Dante from there on out they’re enemies. So after the death of a Falzone member, Dante tells Lily he intends to go at war with Visconti and destroy it– or in other words, he kill Gilbert. But Dante hates that he has to fight against him since they considered each other friends and Dante struggles with fighting against him. Eventually Nicola comes back from America and persuades Gilbert to have Falzone in complete offense (since he knows Dante may hesitate). One day, Sofia is hurt so Dante and Lily visit the church.


During this, Visconti takes the opportunity to invade the Falzone mansion and kill everyone except Nicola. Dante starts to think it’s too dangerous to have Lily with him so he has her depart for Rome. But just before she can be escorted there she’s kidnapped and taken to Gilbert. There, he tells Lily his condition for working with the other chinese organization which was killing Dante, Nicola and her. Soon after, Dante arrives to save Lily and Dante and him fight. In the end, Dante has the upper hand and thinks he killed Gilbert. But just as Lily goes to Dante, Gilbert shoots her dead right before he dies. Henri then appears and Dante asks him to put him out of his misery as he’s mourning Lily and so Henri kills him. 


Thoughts: I think Dante’s route could’ve been better if fucking Teo didn’t exist. Like, what the actual fuck was that stupid ass pathetic sob story of this? I hate Henri but I’ll give him one thing, at least he made some damn good logical points when pointing out how stupid Teo’s hatred for Lily was (even if he too was illogical before). It felt like he was created for the sole purpose of Dante’s plot cause they couldn’t come up with anything else LOL. Aside from that, Dante’s route was “okay” at best. It’s biggest issue was the SAME damn issue it had in the first game — it starts off sooo damn slow. Idk why the pacing in his route is so terrible, but Dante talks a lot about politics and it was kind of a snorefest imo. I liked his scenes he had with Lily and I did think they were cute, but it’s hard to enjoy a route that had such a terrible sub character with a stupid backstory. I don’t know if I was even supposed to, but I did not feel bad for Teo one bit. He was stupid whiny shithead who literally blamed Lily for a stupid complex he had with his own pathetic life.

2021011118352600-48DEAB875FB6428E9CF8EAA902E8BC9BNicola Francesca (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)  

Lily is now living in the church while she often meets with Nicola at the Falzone mansion. The police are now on bad terms with the mafia since Roberto was killed by Nicola and the one person on good terms with Falzone–Marco (who was killed by Roberto) is now dead. One morning, Nicola wakes up to Lily trying to get him out of bed. He refuses though until Lily agrees to marry him which she says she will to get him out of bed. Unfortunately, Nicola is super busy all the time so he keeps having to cancel his dates with Lily. He calls her one day at the church to invite her to the Francesca home. Before that, Lily meets someone named Teo who tells her she’s a key maiden and if she wants to know more she should ask Dante or Nicola.

So Lily goes with Nicola to the Francesca home where Nicola does indeed spend most of his time with work. Lily starts to feel semi-useless but Nicola reassures her she’s fine just doing the things she’s been doing. So Lily finally brings up the key maiden stuff but Nicola decides to let Dante tell her more about it. After leaving the Francesca home, Dante explains to Lily about the key maiden. After this, Lily visits the Falzone mansion again to find Leo struggle to get Nicola out of bed. Lily decides to help and goes with Leo to his room. Leo gets a pillow to the face as soon as he opens the door but Nicola scrambles to get out of bed when he sees Lily lmao.

One day, Lily witnesses Leo get arrested by the police and reports it back to Falzone. She ends up getting Nicola visiting her at the church, telling her she should stay at the Falzone mansion for the time being. That reason being the police are purposely targeting the members of the mafia family to coerce them into confess any wrongdoings. So Nicola takes Lily back to the room she stayed in at the Falzone mansion. But Lily doesn’t want Nicola to leave her room so Nicola tells her to go ahead and take his clothes off (which she does) so they can bang LMAO. Meanwhile, Falzone is struggling to trade with their business partners because they don’t want to be involved with the mafia anymore.


Orlok then appears with info he gathered about the police targeting the mafia. After Roberto died, his father named Ernesto, who is from the fascist party, is influencing the police to arrest mafia members. The next day, they find out Leo was released after being detained by the police. Unfortunately, during a meeting with Dante’s business partners, police raid the meeting and arrest Dante. So with Dante in police custody, Nicola has to take charge as the underboss to get the situation under control.  One day, Gil asks to have lunch with Lily and Nicola while they’re out on a date. During this, Gil finds out that the Visconti mansion was burned down.

So Nicola let’s Gilbert stay at his private Francesca mansion in the meantime while letting Gilbert know that pretty much everyone who was in the mansion at the time died. They figure they need to be on high alert now since it’s highly likely the “mafia” is being targeted rather than just “Visconti”.So Nicola tells Lily to stay at his mansion for now to keep her safe. After this, Orlok visits and tells Nicola that Direttore was killed at the casino but it’s unknown as to who did it. They also realize Orlok is in bad shape after Josef was killed so they have him stay for dinner. That night, Lily asks about Nicola’s past and he tells her about how he indirectly killed his mother. Nicola’s mother Vittoria wanted him to be capo of Falzone so she put a lot of pressure on him.

Nicola made it clear he didn’t want to be capo and believed Dante was more suited for it. But his mother was desperate to the point where she planned to kill Dante. Nicola always expressed, even to Dante’s father, that Dante would be a good capo and wished his mother could meet Dante so she could realize that. He believed that when he told Dante’s father that his mother still wanted him to be capo, he figured out her plans and had her killed. Nicola came home as she was on the verge of death and she continued to say she wanted Dante dead so Nicola could become capo. In the end, Nicola didn’t call for help because he believed she would end up trying to kill Dante still (you’re that obsessed with Dante that you wouldn’t save your dying bleeding mother on the ground??? Lmao wtf).


Lily reassures Nicola that it’s not his fault and he had no control over what happened (but you don’t comment on the fact he watched his mom die 🤔). After this, Nicola has one of his mafia members named Fede  assassinate the governor (Roberto’s dad) so Dante can be freed from the police. Albeit, the man who did the assassination was shot dead on the spot. Lily finds this troubling since this person sacrificed themselves on Nicola’s order. Nicola also keeps a politician’s wife and daughter hostage for leverage to release Dante but doesn’t tell Lily this. Lily talks to Leo about the assassination but he tells her that Fede actually chose to do it himself and Nicola promised if anything happened to him, he would guarantee the safety of his family.

So thanks to the threats and the assassination, Dante is finally released and Nicola let’s the family he was holding hostage go free. Gil gets annoyed at Nicola for hiding these things from Lily but Nicola admits he’s afraid of Lily hating him. Lily even suspects Nicola is hiding something, but tells her he needs more time until he can tell her. Finally, Dante comes back to the mansion but ends up arguing with Nicola because he believes he can’t leave Burlone because of his “mission” as the relic protector. Regardless, Dante and Lily go to the church as a change of pace and meet Nicola there. Teo then suddenly appears as well and reveals Lily screwed over the church’s tradition by screwing Nicola instead of Dante (wtf lmaoooo) making her unqualified.


Regardless, Nicola is still related to Dante so Teo tells them that Lily could technically still have followed her “fate”. He also tells her that it doesn’t matter who she banged in their clan and that would had to happen anyway because of his blood connection to Falzone. In that sense, her love for Nicola is just a fake love fabricated for the sake of her duty (this is all obviously bs). Thanks to this, Lily is troubled and runs out of the church in angst. Nicola chases after her and reassures her that his feelings were always true regardless of “fate” or his inevitable connection to her. After this, Nicola and Dante discuss that without the church’s protection, it’ll mean the government will try to eradicate them. Nicola believes the best option is to leave Burlone but Dante still doesn’t know if he believes he should.

Nicola eventually brings up them getting married again which Lily thought was a joke. He assures her it wasn’t a joke and he does intend to get married with her. After this, Lily meets Two again when she visits the Falzone mansion. He gets pissed at her for “loving” Nicola after all he’s done and insists his love is fake. He aggressively grabs her wrist but then finally backs off saying she just reminds him of his sister. Somehow she takes this as his version of “worrying” about her (god what a joke I hate this guy like fuck off). After this, Nicola goes to Rome for about a week to learn more about the relics. In doing so, he finds out from Emilio he actually is qualified as a member of the Falzone–or grave keeper family. That being said, Emilio tells him the destiny stuff is bogus and it’s more the will of the people since other “key maidens” have ended up with other people before.


Eventually, Nicola returns to the mansion with cuts on his body after encountering Yang for the first time in a while. He was apparently alive and the one killing random people, including Direttore. Orlok intervened but when Nicola made it back to the mansion, a shocked Lily meets him covered in blood. When he wakes up, he tells Lily and Dante that he actually can unseal the relics. Teo misconstrued the info he forced out of Josef and then killed him. After Nicola recovers, Teo attacks Dante at the Falzone mansion. Upon hearing this, Nicola comes to the mansion with Lily to find Teo. He tells them he needs to kill both Nicola and Dante as an agreement so that the government won’t have their families killed. In other words, Lily would be a target (but he’s obvs he’s not trying to protect her so idk what tf he’s doing).


Orlok then intervenes and ends up killing Teo immediately after he hears from his own mouth that he killed Josef. Nicola and Lily then go to the ruins in order to unseal the relics and burn the entire place down lmao. Eventually Yang appears and Nicola kills him after fighting him. So Nicola decides he’s going to eventually go to New York along with Lily. The two of them visit the ruins and Nicola proposes to her there.


In the bad end, Lily is confronted by Nicola (after she’s sad by the fact fate may have brought them together) who bangs her to prove his love for her lol. Nicola considers going to America and intends to have Lily come with him and he officially proposes to her (since Lily thought it was a joke before). Nicola the decides to take Lily to the church so he can tell Sofia he intends to marry her. Sofia supports their marriage as long as Lily is happy and so they go to the church to exchange vows as practice for the real thing. Meanwhile, Orlok and Emilio get attacked by Yang on their way back from Rome to Burlone. Orlok is brought to Nicola’s mansion by Gil where he explains Yang attacked them and Emilio, who was supposed to tell them about the relics, supposedly died.


After this, Gilbert goes to get revenge on Yang for burning down the Visconti mansion. Nicola and Lily then hear that Gilbert is dead and find his corpse next to Yang’s corpse as well. Yang was no doubt killed by Gilbert but then someone else killed Gilbert. Orlok already speculates the one who killed Gilbert was an apostle from the church like him. They were being directed by the church and government to eliminate Falzone. Orlok is conflicted of his own mission and decides he doesn’t care what the church does and wants to help Falzone instead. So as some days pass, while Nicola, Dante, and Yang are out, a man Johann appears at Nicola’s mansion. He kills Nicola’s butler who’s trying to protect Lily and takes her hostage in order to lure Nicola there.


Johann straight up admits he killed Gilbert by stabbing him from behind after he killed Yang. After telling her this, Nicola arrives to save Lily. Johann and Nicola fight each other until both Dante and Orlok join the fight. Johann realizes he’s no match for all three of them together, so he takes Lily hostage and tells them if they’re move, he’ll kill her. Johann tells them that he’ll let her go if Nicola dies in her place. Lily is completely against it so before Nicola goes through with it, Lily escapes from Johann, creating an opening for him to be attacked. In the end, he throws his knife at her and stabs Lily before she can reach Nicola. Orlok kills Johann and Nicola goes to Lily’s aid. She ends up dying in his arms as he despairs over her death. After her funeral, Nicola decides to himself he’s going to join her in death after he makes preparations for Falzone and their departure from Burlone.

Thoughts: Ugh,,, I did not like this route. I honestly hated it. Nicola has always been my least favorite character in the game so I really wasn’t looking forward to playing his route at all. So no surprise I enjoyed Nicola’s route the least. But I think one of the main reasons is because it was so damn boring?? Nothing happened at all and they really just kinda redid Dante’s route in the first game by trying to incorporate the key maiden shit (insert Teo being a shit disturber). Also the plotline of Nicola hiding things from Lily was annoying because she got enough of that in the first game. Like holy shit seeing Lily having to sit quietly in Nicola’s manor without doing or knowing anything was both frustrating and boring af. Not to mention the addition of Teo just legit ruins the entire route (kind of like Dante’s route). And seeing how far Nicola is up Dante’s ass is kind of getting old. It seems like he will do ANYTHING for Dante but Lily is just his side piece. So low and behold when Dante got arrested, it lit a fire under Nicola’s ass. I’m sure if Dante wanted him to, Nicola would wipe his ass too. Idk, its like, they never delved into how “special” their relationship truly was when they were kids so when Nicola is so fucking obsessed with Dante to the point he’ll hold innocent people hostage (or watch his mom die) I just roll my eyes. But beyond that I just think his personality is generic and I was never a fan of him tbh (I also hate Teo & wish they trashed that fucker). 


2021011118350800-48DEAB875FB6428E9CF8EAA902E8BC9BYang (CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

So with Falzone and Visconti’s leaders dead, the two mafias are basically inactive. Albeit, Yang gets a letter from someone from Liu Fang Fui named Yuan who he apparently hates. One night, Lily finds Yang reading an English book and he tells her to come over (also reminding her to call him ‘Mao’ in private) to his bed and lays his head on her shoulder lol. Apparently he’s practicing learning English and can read and write it better than speaking. He then decides to give her a “english” lesson and has flirty time with her 🤪. After this, a man named Rui appears and asks to be Yang’s subordinate since he no longer has one (since Lee is dead). He admits to working under Yuan but apparently revealed it right away cause he didn’t want to bother trying to deceive Yang since he would figure it out anyway.

Regardless, with Yang trying to leave for London, he needs a replacement to take over in Burlone so Rui believes he would be suitable to do so. Yang agrees and so Rui becomes his right hand man while threatening to kill him if he does anything suspicious. Either way, Rui is still in cahoots with Yuan and gives him updates on Yang. After this, Rui starts doing paperwork for Yang who sets him up with the duties he gave Lee. Meanwhile, Yang is more busy than usual and ends up coming home late. One day, he sleeps in and when he wakes up Lily braids his hair for him. Suddenly, the man who sent Yang a letter named Yuan appears telling Yang an opportunity to kill someone named Tao has arrived.

Yuan suddenly attempts to choke Lily saying he’ll get Yang a new “toy” but Lily tells him if she gets in Yang’s way she’s already prepared to die so he stops and Yang tells Lily to leave the room. After that Lan and Fei explain to Lily that Liu Fang Fui is made up of 6 executives that are all ranked and live according to the country they’re dispatched. “Tao” is ranked number 2 while Yuan is 4th. Lastly, Yang is ranked 6th. So a few days later, Yuan visits again while Yang is out and wonders why Lily is even there with Yang in the first place and as he tries to bring her face closer to him she whacks him away lol. After this, Rui comes back all bloody from a fight with Visconti and Lily tries to help him with his wounds. Rui (who clearly can’t stand Lily) gets pissed at her for saying she hates violence when the food and clothes she gets are all a result of the killings that happen in Laoshu.


Soon Yang comes back all bloody from a fight and ready to get down and dirty with Lily. Yang asks if something happened since he can somehow tell Lily seems different. She mentions Yuan visited and Yang tells her he most likely wants to kill him since it could benefit him. One day, Lily goes out with Lan and Fei but gets attacked by Orlok who’s trying to kill Lily. They manage to escape alive but when Lily tells Yang what happened, he wonders why the church is suddenly active and trying to kill her. But apparently the reason Orlok is trying to kill Lily is because Teo blackmailed Orlok to kill her or he’d kill Joseph who he reveals to be his father.

One day, Yang tells Lily he’s invited Yuan for dinner and requested her to attend. He constantly asks Yang to “borrow” Lily since he’s kept her around so long he wants to know what’s so special about her but Yang keeps refusing him. After their awkward dinner, Lily asks to hear about Yang’s past. Apparently Yang was born from a prostitute and sold as a baby. He was raised to steal, kill, and sell. It was Yuan who essentially raised him and gave him a name after seeing his killing skills (Yang also killed his father). Yuan also nominated Yang as the 6th executive of Liu Fang Fui because he helped him take the 4th position. Yuan’s plan is the kill the person in the 2nd rank to obtain his power and faction.


One day, Yang gets Lily to help him prepare a feast for Rui who’s made progress in his negotiations with London. Although he still gets on Lily’s case because he thinks she just lives there in luxury without having to worry about a thing. Lily finally snaps and tells him he’s being rude and needs to find a time and place to do it lol. Lan doesn’t hesitate to defend Lily and mention how hard she worked to make the food for him. After this, Yang addresses her concern for Rui and “jokes” about being jealous if she’s so concerned about him all the time. Lily thinks he’s lying but admits she’s been thinking a lot about how she feels and how she would be lonely if Yang started to get bored of her. Yang just keeps it vague as usual and smirks.

The next day, Lan and Fei get sick from overeating so Lily tries to do what she can to help them. Rui finally acts a little nicer to Lily and tells her he knows where he can get a chinese medicine to help them. On their way there, Rui asks if Lily is just to scared of Yang to leave but she tells him that’s actually not the case and she does have feelings for him. Albeit, she doesn’t know if the feeling is mutual or if Yang loves anyone. Suddenly, Orlok appears and attacks her and Rui. Lily throws sand in Orlok’s eye like Lan and Fei taught her (about self defense) and runs to a more populated area where Orlok wouldn’t attack. When Lily gets back, Yang makes a comment about Lily getting closer to Rui.

Lily finally has it with Yang’s bullshit and and Lan backs her up saying she went out to help them get medicine. Fei also agrees on how it was strange to see the two of them get along. So both Lily and Lan storm out saying that Lily’s going back home. After Lan tells her they should make him come pick her up himself, they go back to the church. Fei then appears and reconciles with Lan. Soon after, Yang appears and sits behind Lily. After a long silence, he surprisingly apologizes to which Lily spills her feelings on how it hurt when he asked her if she wanted to go home and how she doesn’t understand his feelings at all. He admits he didn’t expect her to be so disappointed and admits he said something careless. He then asks her to come back since he’s bored without her there lol.


After Lily comes back, Yang basically tells her he’s fine with her saying her true thoughts since a woman with more bite is more entertainment for him lol. Lily realizes she thirsts for Yang and says she wants to be spoiled and that she wants him. So they have a nice bang that night lmao. The next day, Yang questions Rui’s motives since he already knows he relays everything to Yuan. Regardless, Yang emphasizes that he intends to kill Yuan and Rui says he intends to pick a side when the time comes. After that, Lily follows Rui after she finds him going off somewhere. She witnesses him attacking Yuan until Yang appears and Yuan decides to stop fighting and leaves. Apparently Rui’s parents were killed by Yuan so he’s been trying to get revenge ever since. Yang knows he won’t be able to kill him with the skill he’s at now since Yang’s been trying to kill him for years. So, Rui instead asks Yang to kill him.

The next day, Yang drinks tea with Lily and the twins. Just before Lily can take a sip, Yang knocks it out of her hands and tells them the tea’s been poisoned. Although, Yang already drank it so he collapses not long after. Apparently the poison was for Lily since Yuan believed if he killed Lily, Yang would’ve finally helped Yuan with his plan to kill the 2nd rank of Liu Fang Fui. After bringing Yang to rest in his room, Rui explains that Yang is lucky to not have died from the poison and can only rely on his own strength to pull through. So while Yang has a fever and is clearly in pain, Lily stays with him the entire time, begging him not to die. Lan and Fei tell Lily to take a break from watching Yang so Lily goes to the rooftop. Suddenly, Yang appears which shocks Lily but she’s so relieved she kisses him as soon as she sees he’s awake. Yang then scoops her up and takes her to bed where they bang again.


The next day, Rui explains that the church no longer seems Lily useful now that she’s no longer a virgin because she’s the key maiden. And since the generations of key maidens can’t exist at the same time, they aim for her life. So after this, Orlok encounters both Lily and Yang on the rooftop. He tells them he’s going to kill Lily once and for all and so Yang tells him he’ll have to go through him first. After they fight, Yang gets the upper hand and kills Orlok. Not long after, Emilio visits Yang to basically tell him the church is changing its course of action and will no longer target Lily. He gives him background on the “Key Maiden” but Yang things all of the religion’s teaching are a load of crap and he gets what his cause Lily is his.

One night, Yang silently walks up to Lily and kisses her. He asks her if something’s wrong and so Lily finally realizes that she’s more scared of losing Yang than she is of him because of her feelings for him. So they bang until sunrise 🤣. The next morning, Rui tells Yang he got a letter from Yuan. Yang then suddenly requests Lily to go out with him for the day. In doing so, Yang buys Lily a lotus seed bun and then takes her gambling. Finally, he takes her to the church and tells her he intends to give her his answer in respond to hers. In addition, the letter from Yuan essentially said if he offered up Lily, all misgivings would be forgiven. It was also the church that asked Yuan to try and kill Lily. But he doesn’t intend to let Yuan have her since all of her belongs to him and he’ll be the one to decide if she lives or dies.

That night, Yang and Lily meet Yuan who’s waiting for them. Yuan is no longer under the church’s orders to kill Lily but intends to kill her for his own convenience. He also doesn’t care about Yang anymore and no longer wants a tool so sensitive to women. So both Yang and Yuan fight until Yuan ends up getting the upper hand. Just as he’s about to kill Yang, Lily runs in front of him and gets slashed instead. This creates an opportunity for Yang to kill Yuan. After Yuan finally croaks on the floor, Yang grabs Lily’s body and tells her to wake up. He tells her he doesn’t intend to let her die and that he should be the one to kill her.


In the true end, Lily is all patched up thanks to getting treatment immediately after she was hurt. Yang is now going to Chicago instead of London since he has now taken Yuan’s place as the 4th boss. Lily says she’s finally feeling better but when Yang tries to get down and dirty again she hesitates. She admits she doesn’t want Yang to see the scar she got from Yuan but Yang tells her he doesn’t care and her body, scars included, belong to him. After she shows him, he whispers that it looks beautiful but when Lily asks what he just said he’s like “I’m not saying it twice” lol.


In the bad end, Rui ends up getting badly injured when fighting Yuan. All the while Yang continues to make plans to eliminate him. One day, Yang invites Lily out to get food so after she eats it he “tastes” it for himself by licking her 🤪. So finally, Yuan appears and decides he and Yang aren’t as similar as he initially thought and that he’s going to kill Lily since he’s supposedly changed Yang into someone seemingly more human. So as the two of them start fighting, Orlok also appears and someone else from the church who’s working with Orlok kidnaps Lily. Yang orders Lan and Fei to fight Orlok but they end up getting killed by Orlok, while Yuan manages to injure Yang. Orlok and Yuan end up fighting each other since Yuan is pissed at the church, so Yang finds an opening while they’re fighting and injures Yuan just as badly as him.


After that, Yuan decides to leave while Yang tries to get Orlok to tell him where Lily is. He refuses, runs away, and Yang is left there himself. Meanwhile, the man who kidnapped Lily is named Johann and works for the church. Eventually Orlok appears and they explain to Lily they intend to kill her. The next morning, Yang appears while Johann disappeared someone. So the two of them fight until Yuan joins the fight and kills Orlok himself. Yuan realizes he has no need for Yang and decides he’ll kill him. But just as Yuan makes a move, he goes after Lily instead. Yang ends up grabbing Lily to shield her and taking a blow instead, asking if she’s hurt. But he no longer responds as Yuan just keeps slashing his back until both he and Lily are dead. In the end, Rui is killed by Yuan as well. 


Thoughts: When I first played Piofiore I didn’t hate Yang but I didn’t love him either. I actually thought his route was interesting. BUT MAN, I did NOT think he would be my fave after playing his route in this game lol. What can I say? His route had depth. I actually really liked it. I think Yang is really the only one who showed the most change and growth in terms of his character. That being said, he’s still no saint, but I actually like how he genuinely shows concern for Lily in vague but obvious ways. I won’t say that I think he and Lily “belong together” but I like their dynamic. I’m also just a big fan of his cynical humor (cuz I’m pretty cynical myself) but idk I guess I just warmed up to him somehow??? But besides that, his route was actually the most interesting and had GOOD SUB CHARACTERS! (not shit ones like Teo & Johann) Yuan is kind of just a more shitty Yang but is actually interesting to watch (in more ways than one cuz he’s hot,,, thanks tsuda ken) but he doesn’t have stupid reasons for it like Teo. Oh yeah and Teo wasn’t in his route AT ALL (bless this route). The bad ending was also interesting because it’s the complete opposite to what happened in the first game. Yang actually sacrifices himself to protect Lily. It’s in vain, but it’s interesting to see the theme of “Yang becoming more human” to be his downfall because Yang is much more strategic & doesn’t just jump into action anymore (now that he has Lily to protect). Anyway, I think Yang has just grown on me. And I like trash that talks back in a cynical way lolol (he made me laugh a lot in the alternativa route). 

Orlok (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

Orlok and Lily still live in the church in Rome and are trying to live peacefully. Unfortunately, Emilio has a mission for Orlok to investigate murders in Burlone since it’s someone within the church who’s not following orders. Orlok doesn’t want to bring Lily since he feels it’s too dangerous, but Emilio suggests he should do so since it’s the best way to keep an eye on her. So the two of them go back to Burlone and Lily reunites with Sophia and Elena after not seeing them for a while. They hear from Sophia that pretty much most of the mafia groups have lost their power in Burlone with Dante and Yang dead. Sophia mentions that Gilbert died as well after suffering a severe injury from the gunshot wound he got during their church fight. However, Gilbert suddenly appears after Lily and Orlok leave the church, confirming he was not actually dead.

Gilbert was actually hiding out and let the rumors of his death spread since it was easier to regain allies while his enemies figured he was dead. He also is interested in catching the person, Johann, who Orlok is after and wants to work together with him. Orlok is skeptical and wants time to think it over since he doesn’t know if he can fully trust Gil yet. One day, Lily and Orlok encounter Direttore who asks to speak with them and give them information on the status of Burlone. He then drops his casino owner act and tells them they can call him Direttore or Henri. So currently with Dante dead Falzone is pretty much gone, Visconti is working on building more business partners and may eventually move to Chicago when they can, and Laoshu has been destroyed with the parent organization Liu Fang Fui falling out of interest in Burlone.


Lily and Orlok continue to visit the church and make sweets together one day in the kitchen. Orlok tells Lily she has beautiful hands and Lily ends up losing her balance and falling on top of Orlok lol. After this, Orlok and Lily meet Raul, who is the new head of the Falzone family but intends to go in a new direction for the mafia group. Eventually, Lily and Orlok finally encounter Johann who tries to kill Orlok. He immediately leaves and tells Orlok he intends to kill him when he sees him again. Regardless, Orlok merely wanted to talk to him but he wouldn’t have it. According to Teo, Orlok killed Johann’s brother and became an apostle. So for his brother’s sake he intends to kill Orlok and become the next apostle.

If Johann wasn’t enough, even Leo is out for blood because of what happened to Dante and Nicola. Leo already heard that Orlok had returned to Burlone and wants revenge for Dante and Nicola’s death. Leo finally spots Orlok and tries shooting at him while he’s with Lily in town but is immediately stopped by Orlok who puts his dagger to his throat. Orlok tells Leo there’s no way he can kill him and to give it up since he doesn’t have plans to kill him (since he doesn’t want to kill people anymore). So now Orlok has to worry about three people on his ass; Raul, Johann, and Leo. Because of this, Orlok decides to work together with Visconti and trust Gilbert.


So Gilbert allows Orlok and Lily to stay at his mansion for now. Gil explains he was offered to join hands with Falzone but he doesn’t trust Raul so he hasn’t given him an answer yet. Meanwhile, Orlok gets along with Gil who could tell he was hesitant to trust him at first. One day, Lily and Orlok go out to deliver some paperwork that Oliver left behind and in the meanwhile get gelato together. It suddenly starts to rain so Orlok acts like a true gentleman and puts his coat around Lily. This makes Lily ドキドキ more and realizes Orlok seems even more cooler and mature than he did before. She tells Orlok this which makes him happy since he too has been feeling the same way around her.


A few days later, Orlok investigates an abandoned factory where he encounters Johann there who tries to kill him. Orlok of course is trying his hardest not to kill people anymore so he has to constantly fight him off without killing him. This just pisses Johann more who who won’t tell Orlok why he wants to kill him but says it’s for revenge. Eventually Leo appears to try and kill Orlok as well but just as Johann tries to attack Leo since he’s in the way, Orlok protects him. Orlok knows he won’t magically like him because he protected him but tells Leo he no longer wants to kill people anymore. After this, Johann runs away and finally Leo leaves too. Lily and Orlok rest at the church while Orlok tells Lily he now feels scared to kill.

A few days later, Lily and Orlok visit the library and Gil drives them there. When Lily gets out of the car, she trips and Gil helps her. Orlok sees this and gets slightly jealous so he tells Lily he intends to eat more so he can look more like Gil. But Lily tells Orlok he likes him the way he is and how he always holds hands with her so she can keep up with him which makes Orlok happy to know.  The next day, Lily and Orlok receive a letter from Henri telling them to meet him at the church late at night. They decide to go and find both Henri and Johann. Apparently Henri had their meeting set up for some reason so Johann could explain to Orlok as to why he wants to kill him.

Johann is a candidate for an apostle just as his brother was. Johann’s brother was apparently killed by Orlok during the “trial” on which the apostle candidates kill other candidates to see which one is the last one standing. Orlok apologizes for what he’s done but doesn’t regret doing what he had to in order to survive. Regardless, Johann is still bitter as fuck and leaves. Orlok and Lily then run into Emilio who gives Orlok some information on his background. He tells Orlok his father was in the church (he still doesn’t know Josef was his dad) and that he was from Germany. Orlok’s real name is also “Noah Silveri”. Orlok is surprised he forgot his real name but remembers that his new name was given to him by Josef when he was made an apostle. Because of this, he wants to continue to go by Orlok so it doesn’t seem like he’s running away from his past.


The next day, Orlok and Lily find out that Leo is also now staying at the Visconti mansion. Gil let him stay since he has no place to go but also knowing he can’t kill Orlok right now anyway. Leo still hates Orlok but is going to continue to find answer as to what he wants to do. So with Leo and Johann not currently a threat, Orlok decides to invite Lily on a date. They go near the beach and enjoy themselves for the most part until Raul suddenly appears again. He tells Lily that she’s the key maiden and that she’s technically part of Falzone. He tells her the mark on her chest is proof of that so she should consider living with him. Orlok is immediately hostile towards him but he soon leaves after telling Lily to consider what he said.

After this, Orlok is worried about Lily since she seems anxious about what Raul told her. Orlok reassures her that it doesn’t matter what her “role” is because she’s the Lily that he loves. So Lily asks for Orlok to stay with her as she goes to sleep (Orlok was taken aback I thought they were gonna bang LMAO) but he just holds her hand all night which is first base for them LOL. The next morning, Orlok gives Lily kisses and tells her he loves her and wants to continue to be with her. One day, after having dinner together, Orlok and Gil notice a commotion going on in the city and leave the check it out. Oliver and Lily are left near their car but are captured and forced into a car by someone while Gil and Orlok are gone. Orlok and Gil realize this too late so they go back to the Visconti mansion to make plans to find them.

So Gilbert, Orlok and even Leo head to the Falzone mansion to save Lily and Oliver. Gilbert heads to the dungeon to save Oliver who was tortured by Raul while Orlok goes to find Lily. Raul barges into the room he’s keeping Lily captive and claims that because of that mark he belongs to Falzone — or him. Thankfully, Orlok arrives in time to save Lily who’s almost raped by Raul 🤮. So Orlok escapes with Lily and meets with Gil as they both fight the Falzone members. Lily almost gets shot but then Emilio for some reason teleports in front of her and takes the blow instead. Meanwhile, Orlok realizes he has no choice but to kill in order to protect what’s important to him and kills Raul. After that, Orlok apologizes for continuing to sin but Lily doesn’t care cause she wants to be with him no matter what and they kiss.


Orlok then decides to settle matters with Johann who’s still technically after him. Orlok tries to talk to him but he immediately starts attacking. Orlok still has the upper hand and manages to disarm him. Orlok explains that he’s no longer an apostle and intends to live his life for Lily. He still doesn’t intend to kill Johann either and won’t kill by someone’s order anymore. Johann immediately loses interest in this “new” Orlok and decides he’s no longer going to persue him. In the epilogue, Lily and Orlok leave Burlone and decide they’re going to travel a lot. While they’re in Venice, they watch the stars together after eating.


In the bad end, Leo is convinced by Raul to join Falzone and get revenge on Orlok. Meanwhile, Orlok finds where Johann is hiding and tries talking to him. Johann wants to know why Orlok didn’t kill him before but he tells Johann he really doesn’t have a reason. Rather, Orlok doesn’t want to kill anymore. But Johann finds this ridiculous and if he gives up being an apostle someone will take his place and do the same thing he’s done. Regardless, Johann didn’t intend to fight him then and there and tells him next time they meet he won’t be so lucky. One night, Orlok and Lily cuddle together in bed since Lily can’t sleep and talk about things until she falls asleep.


The next day, Lily and Orlok look for Johann again but run into Leo instead. He tries killing Orlok but he’s no match against him so he ends up with Orlok’s dagger to his throat instead. Orlok insists he give up since he doesn’t intend to kill him, but Leo instead aims his gun for Lily and so this immediately forces Orlok to kill him. This obviously troubles Orlok who decided he didn’t want to kill anymore. Not long after, Emilio does his usual teleportation to places and poofs in the Visconti mansion to tell Orlok he’s going to need to kill Raul if he wants to protect Lily. Orlok agrees to do so if it means Lily is safe. One day, Johann infiltrates the Visconti mansion, telling Orlok he better get serious or Lily will die. Orlok realizes he’s a threat as well so he pretty much kills him right away.

Due to what happened with Johann, a member of the Visconti mafia was murderer while Orlok was there. Orlok feels bad about it so he leaves the Visconti mansion with Lily. So Lily and Orlok stay in Strano for now and stay at the abandoned home where Luca used to live. When Lily goes to sleep, she wakes up to find Orlok gone. He apparently already departed for the Falzone mansion and killed Raul. Meanwhile, Theo suddenly appears and tells Lily that it was him who told Emilio that it would be best for Orlok to kill Raul but Emilio still did so of his own free will. Orlok and Lily then go to the church to confirm with Emilio as to why he told him to kill Raul. Emilio says he wanted to be free from the curse of the relics and the key maiden stuff (I really still don’t get what tf he is).

Well, turns out Emilio was played by Theo like a fiddle cause Raul’s bloodline meant nothing for the relics I guess so Orlok killed him for no reason (but I don’t get how Emilio wouldn’t know this?? this honestly made no sense to me). Unfortunately, Theo catches Orlok off guard and stabs him from behind. He goes on about how he was the mastermind controlling Johann and Raul. But of course he adds that he hates Lily and shit before lighting the entire church on fire. He tells them they can both die in the fire and leaves. Orlok tries to tell Lily to run away on her own but she refuses. Lily also can’t move Orlok since he’s already lost so much blood but refuses to leave him. In the end, Lily holds Orlok close and tells him she loves him as they both are slowly engulfed by the flames.  


Thoughts: I feel so bad for Orlok because he really just didn’t get the route he deserved. I don’t think his route was terrible and it was more interesting than Nicola’s. But I wonder if it was just me… his route felt so SHORT??? One moment I was in chapter 1, the next I was in 4 and not much has happened. That being said, it didn’t feel like he got a lot of room for growth. I get Orlok is struggling with the sins of his past but the whole “not killing” thing just became temporary (well no surprise there when you had three people trying to kill you) and since Rosberg is dead you don’t even get a lot about his background (nor does he even find out he’s his father). I just hated seeing Orlok get these 3 minute “peaceful” scenes and then all of a sudden someone is trying to kill him (again). And Johann just felt like such an unnecessary character and lacked any depth (as most of the sub characters in this game). I think I would’ve preferred if there was more a rivalry with Leo and Orlok (since it made sense). I guess the only thing “new” I got out of this route was Orlok’s real name. I will say though, Orlok’s kiss CG was honestly really good and I’m glad it was in the true end instead of the bad end (like in the original game). Well, at least his bad ending wasn’t nearly as bad as his in the first game (just very bittersweet I guess). I never got a huge “romance” vibe from the two of them, but I do think they make a very cute couple. I just wish we could get more fluff with them. I think Orlok deserves better than this. OH, and btw, Orlok is the only character in this game Lily never banged LMAO. 

Gilbert Redford (CV: Showtaro Morikubo)

A year after the case of Gilbert being excused of distributing counterfeit bills was solved, Lily is still with Gilbert and often visits the Visconti mansion. Lily was hiding the fact she was studying accounting with Oliver so she could be of help to Gilbert. This makes Gilbert happy to the point he has to grab her and kiss her 😂. But he wants her to tell all her secrets from now on since he wants to know everything about her. After this, Lily goes back to the church and gets a surprise visit from Gilbert as he hugs her from behind lol. He tells her he wants to talk to her and takes her to a bar. He tells her there’s been killings happening in Strano so he wants her to be careful.

One day, Lily makes plans to go on a date with Gilbert. She ends up meeting a foreign man who helps her when she’s getting harassed by some guy. Meanwhile, this same guy who’s an American named Eugene is trying to cut Gilbert into a deal to sell heroin. Gilbert immediately shuts the idea down and tells him he doesn’t trust him nor does he ever want to see his face again. Meanwhile, Lily stays at Gilbert’s mansion a few days but she can tell he’s clearly got something on his mind. Eventually, Gilbert entrusts Luka to find out if the man he talked to, Eugene, has left Burlone. After this, Gilbert tells Lily he’s going to leave for Rome to meet a business partner since he can’t do it at the casino anymore.

After Gilbert leaves, Lily goes back to the church as usual. That night, Sofia is stabbed by some guys trying to rob Falzone graves in the middle of the night. Gilbert immediately comes back to check on Lily and the situation. Fortunately, Sofia is recovering at the hospital and is told by Dante she’s expected to be discharged soon. One day, Lily is attacked while with Elena and is saved by Orlok who fends of some guy in a mask. Gilbert then asks Lily to stay at his mansion since he feels she’s unsafe at the church. Lily feels a bit bad for inconveniencing him (even though Gilbert doesn’t mind at all) Oliver then randomly suggests maybe giving him a reward for his help and Gil’s idea is sexy bath time together 😂.


Gilbert meets with Yang, Dante, and Orlok to discuss the killings happening in Burlone. Yang believes that a man named Yuan is conducting a lot of it and believes they should investigate his whereabouts first. Meanwhile, Eugene hears rumors about Gilbert dating a girl from the church and goes to visit the Visconti mansion. It’s there he encounters Lily and tells her he’s Gilbert’s father and his full name is Eugene Redford. He tells her he tried to support Gilbert with his wife but was a no good father so his mom eventually left with him. He knows Gil hates him, but he begs Lily to let him see Gil but she tells him he’s actually not even home so he tells her to keep their meeting a secret and leaves.

Not long after that, Gil already gets a visit from his father Eugene trying to sell him the drugs again. After realizing Eugene stole it, he realizes it could mean trouble for him trying to move to the Chicago mafia. Gil starts to show interest in buying it, but realizes his reluctance to show him the product means he just wants the money from Gil and doesn’t intend to return the drugs he stole. Gil angrily tells his father to get lost and so he leaves. After this, Gil reveals the person he who was visiting him was his father. Lily admits she met him before but didn’t know he was Gil’s father at the time. Gil tells her not to get involved with him since he knows he would use her to his advantage and Lily complies. Lily tries to ask more about it but Gil tells her he no longer wants to talk about it and leaves to cool off.

After this, Gil eventually apologizes to Lily for the way he acted and tells her that everytime his dad is brought up it really gets him heated. They of course make up easily and Gil reveals more about his past and how his family was poor so he polished people’s shoes as a kid. Gil also reveals he’s jelly when Lily’s with Oliver so Lily calls his “jealousy” cute lol. After they have a make up banging, the next morning, Gil gets a visit from Yuan. He requests the help of Visconti to destroy Laoshu and will also help him move Visconti to Chicago if he lets him have Lily. Gil obviously refuses and so he tells him he’s gonna have a target on his back for refusing his offer. After this, Gil relays what happened to Dante, Yang, and Orlok.


One day, Luca asks Lily to take him shopping for a book. In the middle of doing so, someone steals Lily’s wallet so he goes chasing after him. Luca and Lily and up encountering a man who killed someone so he tries to kill both Lily and Luca since they’re both witnesses to his crime. Thankfully, Orlok appears and saves them but then Eugene suddenly appears which makes this guy get annoyed to hight hells because he has to now kill all of them because apparently Eugene is his initial target. Thankfully, Lily and Luca run away and get back to the Visconti mansion where Gil is relieved to see them safe. Meanwhile, Eugene runs into Yuan who offers to buy his drugs as long as he does what he asks him to.

A few days later, Lily finds out that Gil is going to need to leave Burlone to Chicago sooner than he expected. This gives Lily some anxiety about leaving Burlone but ultimately realizes she wants to stay with Gil. Meanwhile, Gil finds out that Yang was attacked by Yuan who seems to be making his move. All the while Visconti members are constantly getting arrested and it’s only a matter of time it happens to Gil (which is why he needs to leave the country). One day, a man named Jack smashes through the window of the Visconti mansion to meet with Gil. He was the one who chased Lily and Luca since they caught him killing someone and stealing their money. He tells them he’s from Chicago and he’s been trying to track down and kill Eugene who stole the drugs from Chicago.

Apparently he just wanted to introduce himself so Jack leaves and tells Lily he better not tell anyone about what she saw or he’d kill her. After this, Lily decides to tell Gil that she intends to go with Gil to America and doesn’t want to leave him. The next morning, Gil tells Lily he needs to go meet an important business partner which will be important for their move to Chicago. Lily gives him a good luck kiss before he leaves and he does the same later that morning lol. That same day, Lily gets a call from Eugene to pick up something important. Lily declined and he immediately hangs up on her. Lily tells Gil about this later and he of course suspects he was up to no good and glad she didn’t go. Orlok then reveals that he found where Eugene hid the heroin he was intending to sell.


Unfortunately, the next day they find out the drugs have been moved. Lily then gets another call from Eugene asking her to come meet him again. Lily agrees to it in order to lure him out and get him to reveal the location of the rest of the drugs. Lily insists on going so she meets Eugene saying she’s by herself. Yuan then suddenly appears behind her and grabs her which causes Gil and the hidden Visconti members to reveal themselves (Yuan also bites Lily for some reason to try and taste her “sacred” blood LOL what). Apparently Eugene was promised by Yuan that he would buy his drugs if he lured Lily for him. But Yuan tricked him and already procured the drugs that he had stolen without paying him.


Suddenly, Jack appears and declares he’s going to kill his father, Eugene. So then the two of them have a sort debate about their relationship while Gil confirms that Orlok looked into it and Eugene is indeed Jack’s father; meaning Jack is Gilbert’s half brother. Not long after Roberto arrives with the police but they’re immediately slaughtered by Yuan who tosses Lily and makes his escape. Later that night, Lily and Gil have an angsty bang because of the situation with Yuan and how Lily’s life was in danger because of his father. The next day, Yuan sends an invitation to Gil and Dante to come meet him (requesting they bring Lily as well). In doing so, Yang and Orlok come as well.


Gil cuts to the chase and tells Yuan he wants to make a bet with him. Gil says he’ll make it worth Liu Fang Fui’s while if he allows him to work his way up in the Chicago mafia. Yuan tells him he will consult with Lio Fang Fui and consider it. After this, Gil and Dante meet in the church again and await Orlok to come as well. Orlok ends up appearing but immediately tries to kill Gil and Dante because the church ordered for him to kill them. Gil already knew this, but figured Orlok would struggle to actually go through with it. Orlok in the end can’t do it so his subordinates arrive to try and kill them instead. In the end, Orlok fends off the other assassins but ends up getting killed by them. Meanwhile, Gil, Dante, and Lily flee like Orlok asked them to. 

The next day, Gil decides to meet with Jack and gives him money to stop chasing Eugene ditch Chicago and move somewhere else. Apparently Jack never killed anyone and just steals money off of dead corpses (but when it comes to his job it’s a different story). After this, Gil and the others meet with Yuan again. He tells Gil he will agree to his offer since the mafia won’t last long in Burlone anyway. He intends to take over Laoshu though and take Yang out of the rank. Yuan also gives back Eugene and tells him he can to whatever he wants with him. Gil immediately becomes hostile and tells Eugene to never show his face to him again and really will kill him if he does this time. So Eugene agrees to leave for real this time.

Gil finally makes plans to leave Burlone while Dante intends to stay. Gil tells Yang to leave Burlone so he can cut ties with Laoshu and Liu Fang Fui since they were going to war with each other no matter what. In doing so, Gil promises Yang Visconti will support him. Yang decides to hideout in Romania until he eventually goes to America. So on the day Lily and Gil are to leave Burlone for Chicago, Lily’s family from the church bid her farewell. Luca also sees them off but tells them he intends to come to Chicago to join the Visconti mafia someday. Eventually, Lily and Gil make it to Chicago and come to their new Visconti base. Gil wants Lily to help him as he intends to make Visconti a big success in Chicago.


In the bad end, Gil has a hard time making negotiations to move Visconti to Chicago. He works on finding Eugene’s drugs but encounters Yuan who intends to use Eugene and Gil. Gil had already stolen Eugene’s drugs in order to try and mend things with Chicago’s mafia. Meanwhile, Gil and Lily take a late night stroll in the beach where Lily pours her heart out about feeling lonely lately because Gil has been so busy. Gil apologizes and intends to spend more time with her. A few days later, Eugene tries to get on good terms with Gil so he can get money and Gil can get connections to help him get ready to move Visconti to Chicago. Gil still doesn’t fully trust his father but decides to go along with it, knowing it would benefit him in the end.


After discussions with a business partner go well, Eugene, Lily and Gil are at a restaurant when they’re told the Visconti mansion is under attack. Gil forces Eugene to come along with him and there encounter Yuan who was behind the attack. With it being no surprise to Gil, Eugene was ordered by Yuan to lure Gil away from his mansion so they could attack. Yuan simply wanted entertainment so he helped Eugene  for the sake of seeing Gil’s reaction to him betraying him after just helping him. Yuan then gets Jack to kill Eugene in front of Gil and Lily. Albeit, Gil has almost no reaction (can’t blame him) so Yuan finds it too boring and kills Jack too. After this, Yuan tells Gil to show him where he hid Eugene’s drugs or he’ll kill everyone in Burlone.

Gil refuses and tells him he’s going to kill him first. Unfortunately, Yuan is too strong for Gil and even Dante who appears afterwords. Yuan decides to give them time to strategize and leaves for a bit. Gil works with Fei and Lan to take down Yuan. They manage to distract him to get a hit in but he goes after Lily and knocks her against a wall. Gil takes the opportunity to kill him but Lily falls unconscious after hitting her head.  In the end, Lily loses her memory and forgets about Gil. But Gil feels so bad about what happened to her, he decides to take care of her knowing her memory may not ever come back.  


Thoughts: Gilbert’s route was a really good change of pace because it stood out from the other routes and had a good balance of plot and romance. It also didn’t feel too edgy nor was the church really involved much so there really wasn’t any stupid subplot related to the key maiden. And another plus was that even though Gil’s dad was clearly a piece of shit, it was RELEVANT to his story.  I can appreciate a sub character (as shitty of a person they may be) that FITS into the narrative that is being written. The fact that this piece of shit dad was related to Gil is actually a really good contrast and gives more depth to Gil. I even remember him mentioning how it was his dad’s fault that he got blind in one eye (a beer bottle glass got in it or something) in the first game. Albeit, Jack was kind of a weird addition (Gil’s half brother) he was kind of entertaining I guess. I also really liked the romance with Gil though and was always looking forward to seeing scenes with him and Lily. Gil is such a gentleman and I think he strives to be the opposite of his dad. It’s clear how angry his dad makes him so it was nice to see these raw emotions from Gil. Overall, I just really thought this route had a lot to add to Gil’s character. It’s also really interesting to see Visconti shifting from Italy to Chicago so if there’s ever an actual FD, I can’t wait to see Lily and Gil in 1920s America.



So this takes place after the grand finale end in the first game. The mafia and Lily are gathered by Emilio who has them listen to a recording of a man calling himself “Phantom” who’s stolen an relic known as the “iron crown”. If they’re able to obtain it, Emilio promises that the church will influence the government so that the mafias will be able to live peacefully for 3 years without any interference from the Italian government. So they agree to do so and suddenly there’s a bang at the cathedral door. There, a record is left in a glass box and when they listen the record, the Phantom guy threatens the mafia if they don’t hand over the relics that are hidden in Burlone. Suddenly, there’s an explosion and they realize there’s been a bomb planted in the church and run out.

After this, since the church was blown up, the people were evacuated and now stay at a hotel provided by Falzone. Meanwhile, Lily is staying with Falzone at Dante’s manor. Not long after Dante tries to evaluate the situation, a record is sent addressed to Lily. When they listen to it, Phantom essentially threatens to kill people until they hand over the relics to him. This keeps everyone on high alert but they also wonder what the method is to unseal the relics is because apparently they need Lily, the key maiden, to do so. So a few days later, a naked decapitated body is found in a wine barrel along with a new record addressed to Lily. Marco manages to take the evidence before it can get in the hands of the police and brings it to Falzone.

After listening to the recording, Phantom again gives a weird creepy speech about how he likes beautiful things like Lily and how he killed someone who said they wanted to be bathed in alcohol (which is why they were in a wine barrel). He also gives a clue as to where the next recording will be and Nicola remembers the story “Phantom of the Opera”, realizing he’s acting out things related to certain parts of the play (such as the bombing). He also quotes from Shakespeare which makes Lily realize that could be a clue. They find the story “Twelfth Night” and clue together from the quote related to “sub rosa”. By checking a garden near the church, another body is found after being killed by method of “rat torture”.


Finally, Emilio visits to tell them the method of unsealing the relics. He tells them that the guard of the relics (which would be Dante) has to tie together with the key maiden (Lily). So in the nutshell, the have to bang. Yang finds this so ridiculous since it’s called a key “maiden” and the condition is that you need to not be a “maiden” anymore lmao. Even so, Dante refuses to use that method and Nicola wonders if perhaps there’s another method since it would mean it’s possible the relics could never been unsealed if his bloodline all died. So, they then discuss how Phantom said that “the Burlone relics weren’t supposed to exist” so them being gone won’t affect the church anyway. So if this gets out, it’s possible the church could turn on them anyway and give the relics to Phantom. Because of this, they ask Orlok to investigate the church.

[In case you’re wondering what Nicola looked like as a war soldier…]

So, Lily is given the option to either stay with Dante and Nicola with the Falzone, Gilbert with the Visconti, or with Yang and Orlok with Laoshu. When Lily stays with Dante and Nicola, she gets some new clothing and Dante tells Lily to hide the fact he sneaks sugar into his coffee lol. Dante also helps Lily to try and use a gun for self-defense and tells her to keep it on her when she goes out. Nicola tells Lily about his past and how he fight in the world war. One day, after doing extensive research on Falzone’s history, they decide to check out the Italian festival called a Sagra. Not long after, another record is sent to Lily. After listening to it, the hint is related to a story called The Merchant of Venice” where a villain called “Shylock” asks for a “pound of flesh”. So thanks to this hint, they find out a body was found in a butcher shop.


After finding the body, they listen to the next record that was near the body. Phantom mentions Nicola and how he would want his “hands” for taxidermy. Nicola realizes this is because he has military experience when he was in the war. He also apparently knew the 3rd victim as he was a war soldier himself. Albeit, the manner of death was different and they weren’t stripped of clothing. They realize that each person who died was in relation to each of them so far. So, without any clues to go on, they figure they need to consider trying to find him. So while Lily continues to stay with Dante and Nicola in the Falzone mansion, she attends a party with Dante. They don’t realize “Phantom” asked Lily to dance with her as he and Nicola both shoot him down.

One day, Sophia decides she’s going to do soup kitchen duties so Lily and Dante help her with it. All the while, Lily finds out Dante is terrified of birds. After an incident when he was 7, he tried feeding seagulls bit when he ran out of food they kept flocking around him and pecking him (yea I get that being traumatizing LMAO). After this, Lily goes with Orlok to investigate the ruins where the relics are. For some reason Yang tags along too leaving Lily and Orlok confused as to why lmao. Yang ends up trying to trash the place to find clues but Orlok has to keep telling him to stop LOL. Afterwords, they go to the library and find a forbidden area where more books are located. They don’t find anything but while Lily and Orlok are having a catch up dinner with Luka (the orphan kid) another record is sent to Lily.


After listening to the record, they make the connection to the story “Faust” and figure the next body is probably in a jail cell. Well, the next victim is an old woman who’s head is cut off and stripped naked with her body nailed to the wall. With this victim, they discuss the connections of Direttore (aka Henri who was in charge of the casino) to the phantom. One day, Gilbert tells everyone that he figured out the phantom’s “weapon” and that being “smallpox”. During the Pontiac rebellion, they used a bioweapon British passed blankets infected with smallpox to give to Native Americans. So in using a bioweapon like the British troops did in North America, Phantom wishes to infect all of Burlone. They know Phantom is most likely named “Sebastiano Galerie” and that Henri (or Direttore) had thought he had killed him when he burnt his mansion and assumed his identity. In reality, Sebastiano survived and was helped by an old couple until their mansion was burned in a fire. Unfortunately, they still don’t know what Phantom looks like so they can’t easily find him. All the while, the fascists in the government are looking to use the Burlone mafia as a scapegoat with the killings occurring.

As Lily continues to search the Library, Emilio appears and suggests looking at Augustine’s “confession”. When she pulls out the book, there’s a secret compartment in the shelf with a stone tablet inside with Latin written on it. So apparently the other “last resort” method to unsealing the relics is sacrificing 5000 people. Phantom most likely knows this which is why he’s trying to use a bioweapon to kill the people of Burlone. So, they listen to the 10th record which basically confirms that Sebastiano is indeed Phantom but a name he no longer uses. He mentions he also knew Henri as well but he confirms that he’s dead. So Phantom requests Lily come to obtain the 11th record.

After obtaining the 11th record, they find out that Phantom wants to resurrect Henri and that his workshop where he’s hiding is near a river where he could easily contaminate the water. Finally, Lily and the others find Phantom’s workshop and he congratulates them for finding him. They wonder why the heck he wants to resurrect Henri, the one who tried to kill him in the first place, but apparently he considers him his “cherished friend” for pretending to be him and wants to be the one to kill him himself when he brings him back.  In addition, he only killed the people he did cause he was having fun screwing around with everyone cause he’s just a crazy psychopath.



Meanwhile, all the mafia subordinates work to kill the traitors and Phantom’s men so they don’t contaminate the water. In the end, Phantom admits defeat and kills himself without giving many answers. Thankfully, Lily and everyone find the iron crown and being it back to the church. In doing so, the mafia has guaranteed peace from the church for 3 years. In Dante’s end, Lily stays in Falzone and Dante invites her to be his dance partner at a party. In Nicola’s end, he visits Lily who’s reading at the library and let’s her sleep on his shoulder as she gets tired. In Gilbert’s end, he visits Lily unexpectedly and basically admits he’s got feelings for her lol. In Yang’s end, he attends a party and encounters Lily there where he asks if she got all dressed up for him LOL. In Orlok’s end, he visits the church and ends up getting tackled by a dog who loves him lol.




In the F end, Lily ends up getting kidnapped by Phantom himself and he takes her to his workshop. He tries to convince her that the mafia is the same as him since they all kill but Lily is unconvinced since she sees the good in the mafia. Thankfully, Dante and everyone arrive in time to save her. In the end, Orlok retires from being an apostle (because of an injury after saving Dante) the mafias do their own thing while Lily remains at the church. On new years Eve, Lily goes out to town to celebrate and encounters all the sub characters like Elena, Roberto, Oliver, Luka, Lan, and Fei appear. Eventually the rest of the mafia appear like Dante, Gilbert, Nicola, Orlok and Yang to celebrate the new year.  


Thoughts: I think you’re meant to play this after all the other routes, but I actually did Dante’s route first and then did Alternativa. But I guess they got creative with this route because its definitely got a suspenseful, mysterious, creepy / dark vibe to it. I was honestly impressed with the amount of research that was clearly done because there was a lot of literature and historical references. But again, this whole story was pretty dark and intense at times & a lot of the descriptions were pretty damn gruesome. I have a high tolerance for it, but I can see it being a bit much to people who aren’t really into reading things like that (I was kinda surprised otomate could get that descriptive about gruesome murders LOL). But that eerie sort of aspect (especially with the usage of the record player audios) definitely made it interesting. I actually really liked the teamwork aspect as well since this continued off of when the mafia groups worked together. One of the neat things about this episode was that each character had their own ending / CG & also a scene depending on who’s place you decided to stay at. The endings were short but it honestly kind of made the route itself feel even longer and gave you some scenes with each character. Yang was making hilarious comments in this route at times LOL. But yeah, seeing all of the characters alive and getting along was a nice change from them all trying to kill each other. As for Sebastiano, he was a pretty intense psychopathic character and Okitsu Kazuyuki clearly had fun with it. I did feel like Lily had more of a role in this route though. It was nice to see Lily actually feel present in this route when she’d figure things out to find clues as to where record would be.

-HENRI- Episode

Henri Lambert (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Lily lives with Henri and orphaned children in France. The children all wonder what Lily’s relationship with Henri is and asks if they’re lovers or siblings. Well, they’re not and just live under the same roof. One night, Lily brings Henri coffee while he’s working on translating books and notices he’s wearing glasses. She compliments him since she’s never seen him with glasses on which he tells her his eyesight isn’t very good so he usually wears them when he works. After this, Lily goes to play with the children. Henri is apparently not really good with kids so he doesn’t really let them touch him (huh…). Henri usually works in his room by himself while the kids tend to play with Lily.

A few days later, Lily notices that Henri left behind some documents and the kids suggest she go find Henri and give him them. They also promise to give her and Henri a surprise when they get back. So Lily leaves and finds Henri in town. He didn’t actually need what she gave him but she and him decided to accompany each other for the evening. Unfortunately, as both Lily and Henri come home to the house, they walk into a massacre. Someone brutally murdered all the kids (yikes) and because there’s blood everywhere it makes Lily sick to her stomach. Henri is still pretty calm but warns Lily they need to check the house. They do so and find a bloody card, but then soon leave right after.

So Lily and Henri go to a cheap hotel where they hideout until Henri can find a place more safe. Lily is still in distress about what happened so she constantly asks Henri to stay with her. Henri comforts her and assures her they’ll find a place. He also blames himself for what happened since he believes his sins are catching up to him but Lily tells him it’s not his fault. So Henri tells Lily that it’s best they go back to Burlone for Lily’s safety but also because who ever murdered the children, are essentially asking Henri to come there with the blood card they left. If they don’t go back, it’s likely this person will continue to kill in the same crazy manner they did to the children. So Henri sends a letter to Falzone, knowing he’ll need the mafia’s help.

Lily and Henri take go back to Burlone and the first person they encounter is Emilio, who’s already wondering why they’re back since the mafia would be eager to kill Henri but he intends to speak with them since they’re meeting at the church. So Henri and Lily go to the church where Dante, Nicola, Yang, Gilbert and Orlok are all having a meeting in regards to Dante receiving the letter from Henri. Not long after, Henri and Lily arrive at the church and Henri tells them he wishes to speak to them regarding the situation going on in Burlone. As of recently there has been brutal murders of staff who worked in the casino and on their eyelids a cross has been etched on their skin. Lily realizes that this is the same thing that happened to the children that were killed as well.

Henri explains that the culprit is most likely Sebastiano Galerie, the man who’s identity he stole and whom he thought he had killed. So Henri asks to work with them all until they’re able to find and kill Sebastiano. He tells them that he understands they don’t trust them but wants them to hold of killing him until they at least find the culprit. So they all agree to it and leave the church. After this, Henri tells Lily he sent letters to Sophia so she was expecting her return. They go visit Sophia and Lily talks to her until she falls asleep. When Lily wakes up, she’s in the Falzone mansion. Apparently Henri made a deal with Falzone that he would return Lily to them as long as they protected her and went through with his proposition of finding Sebastiano.

Lily is surprised and upset at first but decides to go along with it since there’s not much she can do. Lily eventually explains to Dante and the others what had happened while she was with Henri and apologizes since it’s technically because of her Henri is still alive. Eventually Lily finds out through Orlok that Henri is staying in a house in Strano so she asks Orlok to deliver a letter she wrote to him. Nicola visits Henri and asks if he remembers about the past. Henri and him actually knew each other as kids and Nicola looked up to Henri like a big brother. However, they both tell each other that what they said as kids is now irrelevant and they were both willing to kill each other if need be.


Sophia eventually reveals she put sleeping pills in Lily’s drink as suggested by Henri so they could bring her to Falzone. Sophia was actually getting lots of letters from Henri about how Lily was doing and Sophia shows Lily these very letters. One day, Nicola reveals that Marco was attacked while on duty. This leaves them to suspect it’s because of his connection to Henri since he was in charge of the investigation of his sister’s death, Chloe. Meanwhile, Orlok continues to give Henri the letters that Lily is writing him.  One day, Sophia visits Falzone and asks them to allow Lily to see Henri. She manages to convince them so Orlok tells Lily he’ll bring her to meet Henri.

When Orlok brings Lily to where Henri is staying, he immediately tells her she should go back. Lily expected he would be frustrated that she came to see him, knowing it would be dangerous, but Lily continues to tell him she wanted to see him and wants to stay with him. Regardless, Henri still tries to push her away by saying she’s a hindrance until eventually he gives Orlok a piece of paper with something written on it. Orlok agrees to whatever it is and leaves. After Orlok leaves, Henri touches Lily’s hair and gives her a kiss on the head. He tells her he doesn’t believe she’s a hindrance but he didn’t want to get her involved. Lily asks why he kissed her and he tells her it was an apology kiss for making her cry.


After this, Henri brings Lily to a hotel to where they’ll be staying. When he sent Orlok away he got him to reserve a room for them. The next day, Lily and Henri enjoy a meal together and Lily thanks him for letting her stay but also bringing her clothes. Henri then tells Lily the situation going on and how her friend Elena was almost attacked but thankfully Gil prevented it. After this, the rest of the mafia had a meeting in trying to determine who the next targets would be. They believe it would be anyone who’s even slightly associated with Henri and figure Sofia or Leo would be best. But Henri believes because Elena wasn’t actually attacked, he would come back to finish the job.

It turns out that Henri was right and Sebastiano came to personally try and harm Elena. While he’s caught in the act, he holds Elena hostage while Henri and Lily appear. The moment Sebastiano sees Henri he expresses how pleased he is to see him and how he considered him trying to kill him a form of showing his love. This makes everyone realize this guy is clearly bonkers since he shows no resentment towards Henri. So with Yang and Nicola there, Sebastiano decides to let Elena go and manages to escape. They try to discuss his motives but realize it could just be a case of having a sick obsession over Henri. Eventually, Henri and Lily go back to their hotel.

The next morning, Lily receives a phone call from Sebastiano while Henri is in the shower. He tells her that he wants to get to know Lily since she’s the one who convinced Henri to continue to live and gave him the chance to meet him. He also tells Lily that Henri is only keeping her around because he sees her as a replacement for his sister. After he hangs up, Lily tells Henri what Sebastiano had said to her over the phone. Lily doesn’t believe that Henri sees her as a replacement at all though and Henri reassures her that it was her who picked him and not him that picked her. So now that Sebastiano knows where they are, they go to the Falzone mansion since Nicola invited them there the other day.

Lily and Henri go to the Falzone mansion  and meet Nicola there. Dante also finds out from Sofia that Silvio (his father) was with Chloe, Henri’s sister, at the time of her death. No one can confirm what really happened, but Dante can’t deny the possiblity of his father pushing Chloe of the cliff. Henri explains to Nicola what happened and not long after they find out Sebastiano grave robbed Chloe’s grave. That night, an invitation is sent to Henri to bring the key maiden to where the relics are in order to get back his sister’s remains. So Lily and Henri meet Sebastiano where the relics are. Sebastiano goes on to talk about his past in relation to Henri.

Henri met Sebastiano when he was 16 years old and decided he would use his money and status by killing him. Henri set his mansion on fire and burned Sebastiano’s corpse. Sebastiano actually survived though and was saved by an old couple. He had memory loss so it was until he killed someone he regained his memory about Henri and his obsession started. Sebastiano then killed the old couple by burning their mansion and set out to find out more about Henri. So now he’s been killing young girls who look like Chloe so he can use their body parts (what the actual fuck lmao). Sebastiano already burned Chloe’s remains except for her head which he intends to use for a base until he can find the perfect head for his recreated Chloe.

Unfortunately, if he tries killing Sebastiano, he’ll have one of his friends unleash a so called “gift” as he calls it, onto Burlone. So Sebastiano’s leaves unharmed and without returning Chloe’s remains. Henri remains calm but it’s clearly upset about it. So Henri and the other mafia leaders all meet at the church to discuss what happened. Henri explains how Sebastiano murdered the casino members to distract the police from the kidnapping and murders of the young women for the sake of his crazy Chloe doll. After this, Yang suggests to Lily she should use “seduction” as a way to make Henri feel better. Lily decides to try by suddenly kissing Henri when they get back at the hotel. This unfortunately backfires though and Henri rejects her.


When Lily tells him she loves him, he tells her she’s misunderstanding her feelings and she only feels this way because of her being vulnerable after having those children murdered. He tells her he does believe she has a genuine kindness but he also wants to protect her because he feels bad for her. This upsets Lily so she goes back to her room and cries. The next day, Lily and Henri pretty much interact normally while Henri gets ready to visit Visconti and Laoshu. He first visits Gil and asks him to investigate the Chicago mafia to see whatever tool he intends to use on Burlone is from America. They later find out while having another meeting that the thing that Sebastiano was talking about was using “mustard gas” on Burlone.

The church also believes Lily is no longer qualified as the key maiden so they want to kill her in order to quicken the birth of the next key maiden. After Lily leaves and goes back to see Sofia and Elena, Henri reveals to the rest of the group Lily is actually indeed still qualified as a key maiden. It’s then Emilio appears and explains the way for a key maiden to become unqualified is for her to bang someone who isn’t part of the gravekeeper family like Dante is. After hearing this, everyone is surprised to see Henri has lived with Lily for so long and they’ve yet to bang LMAO. Then it becomes a conversation of Lily needing to bang already so she isn’t targeted 🥴 (wtf is this game). So all of them try to egg on Henri by pretending they’ll sleep with her first if won’t (albeit the only serious one was Yang OMFG LOL).


The next morning, Lily asks Henri to go out on a date since he’s free the rest of the day. The two of them walk around the city and Lily gives her honest feelings to Henri. She tells he she really does love him, but will give up on him so as long it inconveniences him. Henri finally tells her he indeed does love her but tried to push her away because he felt he was too “dirty” to be associated with someone like her. Lily, of course, assures him she’s okay with the him who’s committed so many sins. When they get back to the hotel, Henri decides to tell Lily what it means to lose her qualification as a key maiden. So he basically let’s her choose between losing her qualification or not and since they’ll be a similar situation regardless. Lily of course chooses to lose it so they can finally bang.


The next morning, Henri and Lily meet with Dante and the others to discuss their plans. Sebastiano left the corpses of the eight woman he took parts off of and left them to hang in the plaza like marionettes on a stage (yikes). They all figure Sebastiano plans to attack the day Rosberg is planning to visit since that would be one of the most busiest days where the city would have a condensed crowd of people in the city. Henri tells them this is basically a message that Sebastiano is going to move soon. After everyone leaves, Yang comes back to give a bouquet of roses that has an invitation card addressed to Henri for him and Lily to meet him at his workshop.

Lily and Henri get a call from Sebastiano to come to get escorted to his workshop. He tells them the reason he killed the children and the casino staff was because they were all people that were with Henri a prolonged period of time which made Sebastiano jealous (lol wtf). He also wants to wipe out the Burlone mafia to kill anyone associated with him and keep Henri to himself 🤪. Sebastiano gives Henri a choice between giving him Lily and giving him his old and “new” sister (by using Lily’s head) or he’ll completely crush the remains of his sister. Henri legit shocks the hell out of Sebastiano after he tells him that he no longer cares about what happens to his sister’s remains because he’s moved on from his past.

This enrages Sebastiano to the point where he smashes up his sister’s remains and yells at Henri that he’s no longer beautiful if he’s not in despair. Sebastiano then grabs a knife and tries to stab Henri but he’s shot immediately by him a few times and killed. After this, the church promises to protect the mafia as long as they keep it a secret they were collaborating with Sebastiano to try and wipe out the mafia. Meanwhile, Henri decides to accept his fate since he made a deal with Dante that once this was all dealt with and over, he would allow Dante to kill him. In the end, Dante shoots a blank and tells him because of all he’s done for Falzone he’ll call it even. After this, Lily and Henri leave Burlone and promise to live their life together as limited as it may be.


In the bad end, Lily doesn’t attempt to try and seduce Henri. One day, Henri invites her out and they go to the beach and the library together. After this, Henri reveals to Lily the situation with the church targeting her because they believe she’s unqualified as the key maiden. But she in fact is qualified and needs to bang someone so she can be unqualified. That way the mafia can protect her and she won’t be used as a means for the church or the relics instead. Lily automatically wants to choose Henri but he rejects the idea and tells her she doesn’t need to make a decision right away. After Henri’s meeting with Dante and the others, Lily stayed home with Orlok guarding her. That same night, Orlok answers the phone to find out Henri is missing.

Dante immediately suspects that Sebastiano made his move and brings Lily back to the Falzone mansion. It turns out Sebastiano kidnapped Henri after overhearing him tell Lily she’s beautiful while they were on their date together. He figured that he would pick Lily over his dead sister which he won’t allow. He begins to “break” him by drugging him and not feeding him. He also tells him about when he killed the children and how it was all his fault. Meanwhile, Orlok has left to go back to the church since Rosberg was poisoned and both Dante and Nicola are arrested by the police. Another officer comes in later to arrest Lily, but it turns out it wasn’t really an officer but one of Sebastiano’s henchmen.

So Lily is brought to Sebastiano’s workshop where Sebastiano tells her that Henri is now his doll that listens to his every command now that he’s broken him. The more “honest” Henri also decided to come up with the idea of arresting Dante and Nicola too. So he brought Lily to Henri as a reward and leaves her with him, telling him to do what he wants with her. Lily tries to run away but Sebastiano locks the door from the inside. Henri pins her against a wall and whispers how much he loves her and rapes her. After that, Dante is tortured and his eyes gouged out until the point where he ends up dying before he can get bailed out.


Even once Nicola is bailed out, the rest of the mafia start dying one by one. Orlok is burned alive along with Rosberg while fighting off assassins. Gilbert goes to the plaza of the city and is shot dead as he tries to evacuate citizens and put all attention on him. Yang and Lee are killed by Yuan and the only one left is Nicola. So Nicola sets out for revenge and tracks down Sebastiano. He aims a gun to him but Nicola is shot instead from behind by Henri. Sebastiano notices Henri seems slightly sad so he gives him the key to Lily’s room. There, Henri takes Lily’s foot that’s in shackles and tells her he wanted to see her since something sad happened. Sebastiano figured Lily would’ve already been broken by now but decides he’ll start the breaking process now.  


Thoughts: So Alternativa and Henri’s route are kind of similar except Henri is alive in his own route. I felt like Alternativa was more fleshed out while Henri’s route kind of felt like a portion of it but not as interesting or intense. The one reason I couldn’t enjoy this route is because I never liked Henri nor did I ever understand why Lily would go off and live with this guy in the first place. Okay, maybe you want to get to know him, but why tf did you leave your hometown (a place she was clearly attached to) to live with him and a bunch of children in France??? It’s just kind of weird. Not to mention I didn’t forget how stupid his motives were in the original game and I never enjoyed his route (if you even want to call it that). Also the ultimatum of Lily needing to bang someone so she isn’t targeted is just so stupid I–…. (what the fuck this game sometimes i cant). I just really wasn’t feeling his “redemption arc” and quite frankly I can’t see why Lily would even fall for this guy in the first place. AND EVEN BEYOND ALL THAT, THAT FUCKING BAD ENDING. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I didn’t expect to get a CG with it either. Like, that’s great. Thank you Otomate; I hate you. Like shit, Sebastiano is a crazy bitch but DAMN. If I needed more reasons to hate Henri that sure as fuck was it LOL. I can also tell they made his route somewhat longer than everyone else. Probably because he didn’t get a “full route” in the original game. There was actually quite a few bad endings and I can’t remember all of them, but they pretty much all involved Lily getting killed by Sebastiano and in one of them Lily suddenly ends up in Sebastiano’s workshop and ………..gets her head sawed off to use it for her new Henri sister doll (which was made up of pieced together parts of young girls and he wanted to use Lily for the head) LIKE WHAT oMfG….OTOMATE YOU NEED TO CHILL FOR 5 MINUTEs.


Final Thoughts: I wasn’t intending on buying this game at first but I thought, “okay, I thought the first game was “meh” so maybe this game could give the story / characters more depth”. I wasn’t technically wrong, I mean, I did like this game more than the first one. Unfortunately some routes were better than others and the plot in half of the routes were kind of hit and miss. I didn’t feel like I gained anything from Nicola’s route, Orlok’s route was felt arbitrary if anything, Dante’s route wasn’t even really BAD per se I just really hated Teo, and Henri’s route wasn’t necessarily boring I just don’t like Henri and I hate him paired with Lily. I really just liked Gilbert, Yang’s route, and the Alternativa route. I guess that’s sort of half the game I enjoyed and the other half not so much. That being said, I don’t really think this game was bad. It actually improved on some things. One example, the story felt more engaging and less about trivial mafia talks that were really boring to read through. I like that there’s more action and less long boring talks. That was one thing about the first game I couldn’t stand. Still, the key maiden shit needs to be completely tossed out because even after beating this game I still don’t understand Emilio or whatever the fuck he is. I’d also really like to see a FD where Orlok gets some damn proper romance and Dante’s route isn’t so POLITICAL so I’m not falling asleep. Route ranking would probably be: Yang >>> Gilbert > Alternativa > Dante > Orlok > Nicola > Henri. 

Story – So as I mentioned, there’s three different story episodes that have their own set plot based on the end of the route of the original game. This is a sequel so it elaborates more on the story and characters rather than the romance of the characters. The -BURLONE- Episode had all the original character’s after stories. In my opinion, half of the routes suffered from different things. While some routes really added depth to the characters and story, some fell flat on that regard. I wasn’t super engaged in all routes as some had better content and structure than others. Then there’s routes that suffered from a sub character that wasn’t well incorporated in the story or there wasn’t a lot of depth to the characters added to what was already there. If you have about 6 chapters worth of content, you have room to give more growth for these characters rather than have an arbitrary plot that really doesn’t add much substance to the characters. I was actually impressed with the -ALTERNATIVA- Epsiode because it was an engaging addition to the story that added in a lot of suspenseful, horrific aspects that made it interesting to. I also want to note that Lily felt very present in this route and actually had her own input and observations. In addition, each character had different individual scenes and a corresponding ending that included a CG. The –HENRI- Episode was really just a watered down version of the Alternativa episode, albeit you could say it was more engaging than some of the main routes. Unfortunately, because of the first game, the romance feels somewhat forced and the “redemption arc” of a character lacking depth isn’t something I personally find interesting. The bad ending also definitely left a bad taste in my mouth about Henri, so while I wasn’t a big fan of him in the first place, I couldn’t bring myself to like his character.

Characters – So there is a large addition of sub characters in this game and I can easily say most of them are either badly incorporated or just plain intolerable. I’ll admit there are a few sub characters that add depth to the story (Yuan for Yang’s route, Eugene for Gil’s route). There is some growth for some of the main characters (Yang in particular) so you get to see more sides to the characters. Unfortunately, some characters just don’t feel like they have more growth or depth to them and the story of the route itself just becomes arbitrary because it doesn’t feel like it added much to the the character’s storyline. That being said, the main characters don’t get any worse (well… except Henri…) in the sense they are insufferable in one route and fine in another. If anything, there’s a lot of “teamwork” between the characters and a lot of the time you’ll see Gilbert befriending everyone and forming an alliance. So, at the very least, the main characters are no longer trying to kill each other (that reason being a lot of the routes a chunk of them are already dead LOL).

Visuals/System – The system is pretty much the exact same as the original game except there’s a flow chart where you can actually easily see the cut offs of each route and scene. There’s also an Aria feature where it would flashback to a scene in the first game in the LI’s POV. But it honestly kind of felt… pointless? I mean I guess it was kind of interesting to see the LI’s POV for a scene in the first game but I kind of hate it when it has a wall of text over the grey background. As for the CGs, the one downside to having CGs separate in a different episode or ending is that it makes it feel like the main route doesn’t have enough CGs. There were 2 CGs in the Alternativa route and 2 in the bad endings. The main reason this is annoying is because there’s 6 chapters per route so you’re already on chapter 3 wondering when you’ll get your 2nd CG. But anyway, the CGs themselves were okay though I guess, pretty similar to the first game. 

Music – I didn’t pay much attention to the music in the first game but the opening theme was definitely as catchy as the first game’s was. I also find I end up liking the bad ending songs more than the true ending songs because they tend to be more upbeat lol. The background tracks are pretty much the same but there was one remix of a track that was pretty banging if I do say so myself.

Final Thoughts:  This is clearly one of Otomate’s cash cow titles and while I personally don’t think it’s one of the best otome games I’ve played, it wasn’t terrible. If I compare it to the first game, I think the writers did a better job of actually writing a more interesting story in certain aspects. It certainly still fell victim to the “revenge for sibling” (or rather in Teo’s case, revenge on the sibling) trope a million times but fortunately didn’t destroy every route for me. I definitely think using a “revenge” trope is getting old for this game and they really need to come up with a better plot device. There’s 6 chapters per route but I found for some of the routes it felt dragged on and things only happened by the end of chapter 5. That wasn’t really a bad thing for a few routes (Yang and Gilbert for example) but for others it felt like not much was happening and no proper development for the characters were had. I wouldn’t have considered Yang my favorite character until I played his route in this game and it really helped build his character. This game’s length is probably about the same as the first game but it felt quite long. I wasn’t really playing it non-stop but it took me a while to finish.

I try to give my unbiased opinion in terms of the game quality, so my own enjoyment of the game may be different than someone else’s. That was kind of the same with Piofiore, but I mean, Piofiore 1926 definitely feels like a sequel. Overall, I mainly liked Yang and Gilbert’s route, but I think if you’re a fan of the first game you’d still enjoy this one as long as you were okay with those dark / edgy themes and whatnot. I definitely wasn’t bored the entire time I was playing (I was more bored playing the original game LOL). Personally, I look forward to seeing a FD if not for the fact that I really want to see how “fluff” moments would look for Yang or hell, even Orlok. I think Orlok needs the most fluff out of anyone because his routes are too depressing LOL. Well, at least the bad endings in this game are pretty tame, imo. A lot of them just feel like “typical” bad ends and they aren’t too extreme (except Henri’s… oof…).

I do want to emphasize that this game can get a lot darker than the original one. It’s not so much the main character’s routes but really just Alternativa and Henri’s. The antagonist in that route is a psychopath so there’s a lot of descriptiveness about victims and how they were killed so it’s rather grotesque. Obviously there are otome games that can get pretty dark but Otomate usually doesn’t go over-the-top dark unless I guess its BWS or Dialovers (then again I never played those games so … idk). Usually that’s rejet’s territory I guess? So if you’re uncomfortable with ((*TW rape, death (of children), gore)) then this game is definitely not for you (*the rape is in one bad ending though and there isn’t any other sexual violence aside from an attempted assault). I don’t want to completely spoil, but if anyone is interested in playing the game themselves in Japanese or an eventual English release, it’s probably best to know the CW / TW.

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