Wand of Fortune R – Review


Considering I bought this when it first came out, I probably had time to play it I just never did because I was intimidated by the system. Anyway, here’s a quick review of this game. Not super detailed cause let’s be honest I’m sure there’s tons of reivews/summaries out for this game already.

As for general story, Lulu is an energetic girl who enrolls in a magic academy called Mills Claire and must pass an exam to graduate and become an actual magician. So basically, each route involves passing the exam whereas most scenes are just random events during the weeks you plan. Let me just say this system was a pain in the ass. I can see why people hate it so much. I know it was worse in the previous versions but they still make it pretty tedious for a VN.

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悠久のティアブレイド Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Fragments of Memory- Summary/Review


The FD for the original game that takes place both in-between and after. There’s “fragments” of the past which is in between 30,000 years or so, “after stories” for all original characters, and then there’s an “Eclipse” story which takes place after the “True End”.  There’s some fragments that I kind of skimmed over since it seemed irrelevant but I summed up some more plot orientated stuff.

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